Alert: Volcano eruption in La Palma could result in mega-tsunami

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    Thank you….hearing one can be hospitalization so long is actually hopeful now because his vitals are bad and it feels like it could be soon….maybe not if others are in for weeks….maybe we can get the ivermectin yet…
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    Wow Beth. Sorry your BIL is so sick. Will definitely pray for him at Mass this week.
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    Beth I only just saw this. Praying right now
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    Joining my prayer to yours.
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    Prayers up, Beth!
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    May God restore your brother-in-law’s health.
    I wonder if the doctor would be receptive giving him some other medication and vitamins. I know Ivermectin is probably the best but maybe there might be something on this list.
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    Beth prayers for your loved ones to get better.
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  12. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Prayers Beth if all else fails and you cant get the Ivermectin at least try Neem ..
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  13. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Latest news ........... NEED TO KEEP AN EYE ON THIS (y)(y)

    The lava flow from the volcano in La Palma, in Spain’s Canary Islands, is close to reaching the sea, its natural outlet.

    This situation is of concern to authorities as the reaction of lava in contact with saltwater “could lead to explosions and the emission of toxic gases,” according to the crisis team at the Canary Islands Volcano Emergency Plan (Pevolca).

    An exclusion zone has been established in the sea, running parallel to the coast, and extending from Puerto Naos in the south of the island to Las Viñas beach in Tazacorte in the north. On land, security forces will prevent access to the area
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    Just thought I'd bring this once more to our attention. This thing started spewing on the feast day of la salette. Let that sink in. I'm still allowing a bit of suspension of belief or naive incredulity or even cognitive dissonance. Is the house on fire....the house was on fire it's now cinders :eek:
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  15. Rose

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    I will be praying for him, Beth and I hope that he will make a full recovery.
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  16. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Just came across this....

    Father Lorenzo Curbelo's (the village priest of Yaiza canary islands) personal account of the eruption

    "On the first day of September, 1730 between nine and ten oclock at night, the earth suddenly opened near Timanfaya, two miles from Yaiza. An enormous mountain emerged from the ground with flames coming from its summit. It continued burning for 19 days. Some days later, a new abyss developed and an avalanche of lava rushed down over Timanfaya, Rodeo and part of Mancha Blanca. The lava extended over to the northern areas to begin with, running as fast as water, though it soon slowed down and ran like honey. On September 7, a great rock burst upwards with a thunderous sound and the pressure of the explosion forced the lava going northwards to change direction, flowing then to the north west and west north west. The lava torrent arrived, instantly destroying Maretas and Santa Catalina in the valley.On September 11, the eruption became stronger. From Santa Catalina lava flowed to Mazo, covering the whole area and heading for the sea. It ran in cataracts for six continuous days making a terrible noise. Huge numbers of dead fish floated about on the sea or were thrown on the shore.Then everything quietened, and the eruption appeared to have come to an end.

    But on October 18, three new fissures formed above Santa Catalina. Enormous clouds of smoke escaped, flowing over the whole island, accompanied by volcanic ashes, sand, and debris. The clouds condensed and dropped boiling rain on the land. The volcanic activity remained the same for ten whole days with cattle dropping dead, asphyxiated by the vapours. By October 30, everything had gone strangely quiet.Two days later, however, smoke and ashes reappeared and continued until the 10th of the month. Another flow of lava spewed out causing little damage as the surroundings were already scorched and devastated.A further avalanche started on the 27th, rushing at unbelievable speed towards the sea. It arrived at the shore on December 1 and formed a small island in the water where dead fish were found.On December 16, the lava, which until then had been rushing towards the sea, changed direction, heading south west, reaching Chupadero which, by the following day, had turned into a vast fire.This quickly devastated the fertile Vega de Uga, but went no further.New eruptions started on January 7, 1731, with spontaneous fireworks embellishing the sadness and desolation of the south. Powerful eruptions with incandescent lava and blue and red lighting crossed the night sky.

    On January 21, a gigantic mountain rose and sunk back into its crater on the same day with such a terrifying sound, covering the island with stones and ashes. The fiery lava streams descended like rivers towards the sea with the ash, rocks and dense smoke making life impossible. That lava flow ceased on January 27.But on the third day of February, a new cone threw out more lava towards the sea, which continued for 25 consecutive days.On March 20 new cones arose, with more eruptions continuing for 11 days.On April 6, the same cones erupted again with even more fury. And on the 13th, two more mountains collapsed into their own craters making a frightful sound.By May 1, the fire seemed to have burned out, only to start up again the following day, with yet another new cone rising and a current of lava threatening Yaiza itself. By May 6, everything was quiet again and remained so for the rest of the month.However, on June 4 an enormous land rift took place which opened up three new craters and accompanied by violent tremors and flames which terrified the local people.The eruption once more took place near Timanfaya. Different openings soon joined into one and the river of lava flowed down to the sea.A new cone appeared among the ruins of Maretas, Santa Catalina and Timanfaya. A crater opened on the side of a mountain near Maso spewing out white fumes which had never been seen before.Towards the end of June, 1731, all the western beaches and shores were covered with an incredible number of dead fish of all species -- some with shapes which islanders had never known before.In the north west, visible from Yaiza, a great mass of flames and smoke belched forth accompanied by violent detonations. In October and November more eruptions took place which worsened the islanders fears.

    On Christmas Day, 1731, the whole island shook with tremors, more violent than ever before. And on December 28, a stream of lava came pouring out of a newly risen cone in the direction of Jaritas. It burned the village and destroyed San Juan Bautistas chapel near Yaiza".
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  17. Adoremus

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    Wow. That is an amazing testimony. The news here reports that the volcano erupted on the 19th, as though it's past tense, end of story. This could really just be the start it.
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  18. Denise P

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    Prayers going up for your brother in law for a speedy and full recovery , Beth.
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    Oh Beth, prayers...of course.
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  20. With my prayers...

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