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    This is where we are headed under this Pontificate --

    On February 4, 2019, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayyeb signed the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.

    Signed during the first-ever papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula, the declaration calls for people from around the world to rediscover and recommit to living out values that support a more peaceful future for all. In doing so, it includes reflections on the challenges of contemporary society and the role of religions in furthering world peace.

    The formation of the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity and the construction of the Abrahamic Family House are just the first examples of what the declaration has inspired. Ultimately, the aspirations outlined in the document are for all people of goodwill from all faiths, belief systems, and cultures with the hope that many others will be inspired to undertake acts of peace around the world.


    Higher Committee of Human Fraternity unveils design for the Abrahamic Family House

    David Adjaye designs trio of temples for multifaith complex in Abu Dhabi

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    It is clear Pope Francis does not believe that the Catholic Church is the One, True Church established by Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls.

    Mark 16: 15-16: "He said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned."
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    This reminds me of a prophecy by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich:

    September 12, 1820

    “I saw a strange church being built against every rule…No angels were supervising the building operations. In that church, nothing came from high above…There was only division and chaos. It is probably a church of human creation, following the latest fashion, as well as the new heterodox Church of Rome [one world church of the False Prophet], which seems of the same kind…”

    “I saw again the strange big church that was being built there (in Rome). There was nothing holy in it. I saw this just as I saw a movement led by Ecclesiastics to which contributed angels, saints and other Christians. But there (in the strange big church) all the work was being done mechanically (i.e., according to set rules and formula). Everything was being done, according to human reason. I saw all sorts of people, things, doctrines, and opinions. There was something proud, presumptuous, and violent about it, and they seemed to be very successful. I did not see a single Angel nor a single saint helping in the work. But far away in the background, I saw the seat of a cruel people armed with spears, and I saw a laughing figure which said: ‘Do build it as solid as you can; we will put it to the ground’.”
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    So it seems. And so many of our clergy are acting like he is a re-incarnation of Jesus. It's frightening. Looking for a church praying the Rosary online last night, there was one in Limerick (I think it was a Redemptorist church) so I decided to pray along with them until the priest announced that he would be reading passages from Laudato Si for the meditations. I don't know what those passages were because I turned it off and prayed my Rosary alone. We seem to have gone from people praying the Rosary being denounced as bead counters to the incorporating the holy Rosary into pachamama theology. Maybe whatever passages that priest used were in line with the Catholic faith and somehow helpful for mediating on the mysteries but how can anyone be sure of that nowadays? I'm taking no chances on the Holy Rosary being used to promote the gospel of Jeffrey Sachs and George Soros.

    Similarly, just now I was uniting with an online Mass from a church in Cork. After telling us that the feast of the Ascension was moved to Sunday because society is secular and it saves people having to rush from work to catch a bit of Mass, the priest announced that he will be praying the long prayer written by Pope Francis because it's the anniversary of Laudato Si. Christ's ascension has become a moveable feast but the anniversary of Laudato Si is all important. I'll have to look for a more traditionalist church for Mass this evening.

    The SSPX are looking very attractive these days.
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    If the SSPX were fully regularised it certainly would attract many.

    I suspect they are fearful of doing that.
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    This was becoming a heated issue in the Presbyterian denomination (my last). I first noticed it in 2013 (Boston Marathon bombing), and it picked up speed in 2015: Presbyterian ministers (online; our pastor did not) calling for special protections for Muslims while criticizing or outright denouncing Israel. An official gathering of PCUSA rejected Israel as a sovereign country in an official letter, while that meeting (in a big city out east) hosted an Imam who gave a prayer.

    Books published of how Christianity is like Islam.

    Well, as a woman, I cannot agree. I don't have to wear a burkha, I'm not subject to involuntary "body modification," and I don't risk getting stoned to death for making eye contact with a man not my husband. :whistle: Because where I come from, everyone makes eye contact.
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    It gets even better:


    Some highlights:

    Pope Francis appeals for Laudato si’ Year, releases special prayer
    Pope Francis urges everyone to take part in the just-opened Laudato si’ Year, and releases a special prayer to accompany the celebration......

    The Pope invited everyone to take part in the Laudato si’ Year, which is promoted by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and runs from 24 May 2020 until 24 May 2021.

    Special prayer
    Pope Francis also announced a special prayer dedicated to the Laudato si’ Year.

    He encouraged everyone to pray it.

    A Vatican News English-language translation of the prayer is below:

    Loving God,
    Creator of Heaven, Earth, and all therein contained.
    Open our minds and touch our hearts,
    so that we can be part of Creation, your gift.

    Be present to those in need in these difficult times,
    especially the poorest and most vulnerable.
    Help us to show creative solidarity
    as we confront the consequences of the global pandemic.
    Make us courageous in embracing
    the changes required to seek the common good.
    Now more than ever, may we all feel interconnected and interdependent.

    Enable us to succeed in listening and responding
    to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.
    May their current sufferings become the birth-pangs
    of a more fraternal and sustainable world.

    We pray through Christ our Lord,
    under the loving gaze of Mary Help of Christians,

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    They are beautiful buildings. But looking at the last photo of, I am assuming the Christian "temple", it looks so sterile. It looks devoid of anything that would capture my attention for prayer. When I have traveled and went into some the of the grand churches, the cathedrals in Europe it has always drawn me "up". The churches of old seem to be built to glorify God with all the beauty. Even small Catholic churches, simple ones, you feel the presence of God. Of course this is the Eucharist so God is present. Architecturally the above church does not glorify God.

    Of course we can all pray anywhere and feel the presence of God but it looks like a conference hall or meeting room. Where are the saints? The angels? Our Blessed Mother? Jesus on the cross? Where anywhere in this beautiful sterile room is anything that connects me with my faith?

    And the concept of Abrahamic house just screams that we are replacing God with Abraham as a compromise so we can all get along. Luckily I will never travel there so it certainly is not on my bucket list.
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    Exactly my thoughts! The person who designed this had to water things down to try to appeal to everyone. That's fraternity for you. :barefoot:(n):(:cry:

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Giver of the Holy Spirit, have Mercy on us all!
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    I am hearing echoes of Lord of the World. As I recall in that novel they built a huge new edifice for all religions.
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    It’s a closed system.
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    Like a hospital's "chapel" here. It's featureless and polished with "nature" sorts of motifs, and those few and not striking.

    I actually doubt this Abrahamic Family House will be a success. How many (seriously) Jews want to visit Saudi Arabia?? Maybe more than I'm aware of (seldom traveling, and never abroad), but I kinda doubt it's lots.

    Is certain to attract Muslim extremists (they're never hospitable).

    Protestant Christians do not get along (despite their often putting on airs of being a big happy brotherhood).

    I wouldn't want to visit ever on "just" the basis of being female alone. Could I traipse into the Church wearing culottes and a short-sleeved shirt, with dyed red hair blowing in the open breeze*? Probably not. :whistle:

    *not my dress nor hair -- just sayin'.

    I outgrew the "Kumbaya" mentality years ago. Humans outside of grace don't get along, and sometimes within grace we don't either. ;)

    Denial of human nature is dangerous.
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    Indeed. I've been thinking of Mac, may God rest his soul. Whatever about the status of the SSPX, Mac protected his children from being indoctrinated with pachamama theology. There's something to be said for that.

    All the "mercy" talk is just that - talk. I remember going to Confession some time after the Abu Dhabi statement and before the pachamama idolatry. I had myself tied up in knots feeling guilty about publicly criticising the Pope and was determined that from then on no matter what I thought I would keep my opinions to myself. So, I confessed that although I believed the Pope was a heretic, I was sorry for saying so in public. The priest wasn't best pleased and said that the Pope certainly wasn't a heretic. So I asked him was he telling me that nobody is condemned forever and that God wills a plurality of religions just as He wills a difference in the sexes. Exasperated, he said "this is Confession" to which I replied "yes, Father, and I'm confessing that I'm sorry that I criticised the Pope in public but not that I think he's a heretic". With that, he stood up, walked around the screen and said "Do you think you're smarter than the Pope?" Rather than have a row, I took my leave. It took me a long time to drag myself back to Confession.

    I still can't figure out what he meant by "smarter" than the Pope. I only know what the Church has always taught - Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Even allowing for invincible ignorance, I don't see anything particularly smart in figuring out that God willing a plurality of religions is a contradiction of that teaching. Evidently, that priest thinks that smart people like the Pope know something different, but that sounds more like gnosticism to me - some secret knowledge that only the specially initiated are privy to. It certainly doesn't include mercy for those of us whose baptism didn't include the initiation - unless of course we're someone like Martin Luther who, 500 years after calling the Pope and the papacy the Anti-Christ, had a postage stamp issued by the Vatican in his honour.

    These are strange times indeed.

    Incidentally, I posted elsewhere this piece from Wikipedia about the lady on that Higher Committe (formerly head of UNESCO):
    "Irina Bokova is the daughter of the communist politician Georgi Bokov, editor-in-chief of Rabotnichesko Delo, the official newspaper and organ of the Bulgarian Communist Party.[6] By descent Bokova is Bulgarian.[7] Bokova graduated from the First English Language School, and then went on to graduate the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, preparing young apparatchiks from the entire Eastern Bloc for future tasks such as diplomats and agents under the control of the KGB.[8] Subsequently, she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, starting in 1977 as a third secretary and eventually becoming acting minister (ad interim) between 13 November 1996 – 13 February 1997. In 2015 German newspaper Die Welt discovered an error on her UNESCO biography page,[9] where she was named the minister, and not the ad interim. When it came to public the error was immediately removed.[10]

    Bokova was a member of the Bulgarian communist party until 1990, when the party was renamed in Bulgarian Socialist Party, and her membership was cancelled, after changes in the law that year required that employees of several ministries, among them Foreign Affairs, should not be members of any political party.[11] Bokova was two terms member of the Bulgarian Parliament – the first term in 1990-1991 during the 7th Grand (Constitutional) National Assembly, elected as a majoritarian representative[12] with the Bulgarian Socialist Party list, and the second, during the 39th National Assembly, in 2001–2005, with the Coalition for Bulgaria list"

    She must be one of the fruits of the consecration of Russia.
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    That explains it. Thanks for letting me know.

    Do you know what it means to become part of God's gift of Creation? Does it mean that the first humans weren't created by God after all? If so, what are we while we wait for our prayer to be answered? Children of a lesser god from a parallel universe? Fr. Sosa must have found the Apostles' tape recorders. Maybe they'll be released with the rest of the Third Secret of Fatima.
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    I am sorry Dolours that you were treated so appalingly by the priest in the confessional. These are difficult times.

    The idea that God wills all religions is heretical and we are not bound by the Pope's personal opinion.

    Traditional groups such as the FSSP are becoming more and more attractive as each day passes.
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    Coronavirus followed swiftly on the heels of the Pachama idolatory. No coincidence in my opinion. God will not be mocked even by the vicar of Christ.

    The Churches are shut. But one positve side effect is at least there are no sacrilegious communions.

    I sense a certain silence in heaven as the saints hold their breath for the direct intervention of God that will shake modern man to the core.
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    Please pray for the priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope.

    They are the bridge to heaven for us.

    But many are on the road to perdition.
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    Yes I agree. I’d be gone like lightning if it was in full communion.

    The NO church is gone fully cra-cra in recent years. Here’s an example of a NO corona baptism. Apparently this was not a joke:

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