A true story about a girl who talks to Jesus.

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    ... Another, very interesting thing. This girl says that each of us has a robe. If such a person is close to the God then this robe is so bright, it shines. But if we move away from God, this robe becomes darker. And that we have wings, like angels, that are pointed upward. And the Lord Jesus explained to her that these wings show us the direction to heaven. That we are all supposed to be heading there, to heaven. But there may be stains on those wings, such large black dots. And they signify some sins, some evil that is present in our lives ...
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    ... Of course, this is all some kind of image that this girl received from the Lord Jesus. For example, she once said that when she plays with children in the yard, some of them have these black dots on their wings. And these are children who are 4, 5, 6 or 7 years old. There is a boy, her friend, with whom she often plays and he has two large black dots on his wings. She once asked Lord Jesus why her collage had such black dots. Jesus answered her: "the first black dot indicates his hatred for girls. And the second black dot is related to the fact that this boy often runs around the yard shouting: I have the power! I have the power!". And this is the kind of evil that this child is unknowingly doing. Once the mother of this girl asked her: what about your daddy ? After all, he is far from God, he does not go to church and does not pray. The girl then became sad and says: his robes are dark and there are very large black spots on his wings. The woman asked : then what should we do to make your daddy love The Lord Jesus ? The girl answered what the Lord Jesus told her: "We should pray for him, The Lord Jesus wants us to pray for him a lot". Then this woman said: I haven't prayed for 20 years, so now I can pray until I die. She's really praying a lot. She says, she prays three Rosaries a day, and this is just the introduction. She begins with this. She says she prays all the time. That whenever she can, she prays in her mind while she cleans or cooks. She has confirmation that every word of prayer spoken in faith is effective. Do you remember that movie we watched yesterday "Demons of Sex", those exorcism excerpts ? When the priest said "The Our Father" and "Hail Mary". And every word of prayer was like a bullet aimed against the devil, who with every word made the sound of someone being wounded. When we say the rosary or a single word of prayer, it is as if we are shooting against Satan. So it's worth praying. When this woman and her daughter were praying for her husband, then the little girl said that the black dots on her dad's wings were getting kind of smaller, and his robe was getting lighter. This is another very important lesson for us, that whenever we pray for another person, first of all this prayer is always effective. This prayer always brings a little light and God's grace into that person's life. They once asked the Lord Jesus if the man would be able to accept this grace and not waste it. And the answer was: "if you pray in faith, he will accept it". This is the power of prayer. One must not falter. It is wrong to say that there is no point in praying for someone. Many of you say you want your loved ones to return to God, what should we do ? Praying for them! But for many of you it seems so obvious that you ask: but what else ? There is nothing more you can do! This is the greatest thing you can give them. Once this woman wondered when her husband walked away from God, at what point did it begin. After all, he wasn't always like this. And the Lord Jesus said to her daughter: "It happened through the music he listened to". It began in high school. It was very dark, satanic, heavy metal music referring to darkness, to violence, to Satan. Some people scoff at this saying: how can listening to music affect me ? It does. It is like drinking poison. You can drink consciously or unconsciously but the poison will affect you. A few months ago at my Mass, the altar boys made a mistake and poured paraffin (which is poured into the candles) instead of wine. I drank it, I didn't know what it was. Maybe this is some strange wine made. I'm a teetotaller and don't know much about alcohol, I thought maybe it was some weird kind of wine. When my hands started shaking during the distribution of Holy Communion, I thought I must have drunk something abnormal. So knowingly or unknowingly you can be poisoned. It's the same with the bad music ...
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    This is fascinating and I thank Tomekos for sharing it.

    I have to be honest and say that the idea of God assigning new parents to the souls of children whose biological parents will not be saved bothers me. There is the issue of free will and the hope that even the most hardened sinner will be saved. I agree, we don’t know the mind of God who knows all things but as WTW says, it’s not something we have heard before. Also, this idea tells us that Ola’s mother will be saved as she has been assigned spiritually as mother to children in heaven. We all hope and pray for final perseverance but in this case it’s not necessary, we are told. Having said that, I don’t know enough about the theology of hope to have an informed opinion.

    Otherwise I’m happy that this child, like St Pio, is seeing angels and saints at an early age.

    A while ago I was lent a book called Angels in my Hair. It is about a woman who allegedly sees angels. I read it and wasn’t convinced her experiences are from God. But as Michael Brown says ”for your discernment”.

    There’s no doubt that children are often more close to the supernatural. I have a sister who doesn’t practise the Faith and one of her children claimed to see people who had died. I don’t think she still does now she’s grown. Obviously we aren’t safe unless under the mantle of Mary.
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    I don't know whether these apparitions are true or not, but as far as being told in advance that someone will or won't be saved, there's no theological problem with that. The person makes all the choices that lead them to where they will go, but God sees what will happen in the end so already knows. This knowledge does not negate free will, since He's not forcing the path; He just knows it.

    When Lucia in Fatima asked Mary if she and her cousins would go to Heaven, Mary said yes. She did say Francisco would have to pray many rosaries first, but she already knew where they would end up and had no problem telling them.
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    There are many mysterious things in spiritual reality and sometimes we don't know how to relate to them. It is wise not to believe any thing uncritically even if it seems to come from a good source. You are right, the issue of assigning parents to some children in heaven is perplexing to say the least. However, it made me think more deeply and conclude that if this is true, it means that God treats relationships and feelings between people in a special way. That we can only speak of love as such when there is someone who loves and someone who is loved. Probably like many believers in God and for me, the Trinity was something of a mystery. What is the point of God in three persons? Why this complication?
    And I remember being amazed to discover that if God were a one-person entity then we would not experience love as we understand it. For what would we be experiencing? Love for ourselves? God being a one person entity could only love himself. And being created by God we could only love as He did. This was a shocking and joyful discovery for me! Now the point of the Trinity seemed obvious to me! God is the love that results from the relationship of Persons who love and are loved. Then I also thought that the existence of a one-man God would be unacceptable to me. What good can you expect from a narcissistic person ? But back to the relationship, after this experience of understanding the meaning of the Triune God it was much easier for me to think about the Trinity than before. For example, seeing people in love, or a mother who shows love to her child, immediately came to mind - this is love that has its source in the Holy Trinity, love of person to person. Now let's go back to the children in heaven whose parents don't get to heaven. There is a relationship there that God eternally intended:

    Father, Son, Daughter, Mother.

    It is God's design. And that relationship will last forever. Perhaps God wants such a relationship for everyone who will be in Heaven. Could there be anything in Heaven that is incomplete, that departs from God's pattern of the most beautiful relationship between loving people? We know how much children from orphanages want to call the people who visit them "mommy" or "daddy", hoping they will become their parents.
    This is only my consideration. I was simply trying to find some explanation for the fact of such an adoption, if at all what this girl says is true.
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  6. Yes, it is funny that a child St. Pio thought that ordinary people were also seeing angels too until he was proven wrong...
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    Indeed ‘assurance of salvation’ is something the evangelicals believe in. It’s what ‘being saved’ means. I was converted through evangelicals and remember the days after I accepted Christ were so very happy compared to how I felt before. The Catholic view is that we shouldn’t presume too much. For one thing it leads to complacency and reduced motivation to do good.

    I’m not sure that the little girl’s anonymity is to protect her from drug gangs or why is Jaime giving his name? Isn’t he now also at risk? I would think it’s to mainly avoid the circus that surrounds mystics. If her bishop knows who she is and hasn’t forbidden making the events known that’s good enough.
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    ...This was the moment in this young man's life when he began to distance himself from God. He stopped trusting Him, stopped praying. He was growing hostile to the church, to the faith, discouraged. And that was kind of the beginning of the end (of his relationship with God). So the Lord Jesus said: pray for this man. It so happens in life that whenever we pray for someone who is drifting away from God, not only does that person not improve, but he becomes even worse, more aggressive. We must realize that the devil is trying to discourage us from such prayer. And as long as he has access to that person, he will do anything to make sure we don't pray for that person. To convince us that it doesn't make sense. And when this woman started praying for her husband there were more and more arguments and quarrels. And whenever those parents argued, that little girl always cried a lot. She said that when her mom and dad are arguing she sees a lot of snakes coming out from under the ground and slithering between these parents. But they also attack us, children. Arguments between parents always attack children, always affect them. This woman once asked: Lord Jesus, why is this happening ? I try so hard to get him for you, and he doesn't change. I don't know what to do anymore. And one time this woman and her daughter were sitting in the kitchen. And this little girl says to her mom:
    - Mommy, the Lord Jesus is standing by the wall and shows his hand to the heart hanging on the wall (18:20). " I
    The woman asks her daughter: but what's the matter ?
    - That you should love daddy. That you have to respect daddy.
    And after some time she understood what she should do about it. Namely, she realized that she had no example of loving a man. This was not the case in her family home. Mother's Day was celebrated, Women's Day was celebrated. But there was no Father's Day or Man's Day. And she brought that into her own marriage: disrespect for a man...
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    ... Probably not consciously, but she repeatedly emotionally hurt her husband, and no guy can stand it, to not be respected in his own home. And he begins to run away from this house, to close himself in some kind of mental shell. He begins to seek the company of colleagues because he doesn't want it, he can't accept it. And this woman understood that. Of course, it can be said that respect must be earned (that woman thought so too). But it is not evangelical. Nowhere in the Gospel does it say that love is for the one who deserves love. Not so. There is the First Letter to the Corinthians, there is the Hymn to Love. There is nothing there about such love. It says there that love is patient, that love can forgive. This is the Gospel, to love unconditionally. Love when your spouse can't pay you back. Convince him with your goodness and love for God. And this is what the Lord Jesus said to her: if you love him and pray for him, not only will you convert him to me, you will also restore him to yourself and win his heart.
    One evening after 10 p.m., this woman was lying in bed and trying to sleep. And she ponders: tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and he will surely forget it. And it'll be like every year: I will have to force some wishes and flowers. And we'll argue again. And as she lay there thinking, she grew more and more nervous. And suddenly someone knocks on the door and her little daughter comes in and says:
    - Mommy, the Lord Jesus asks you to bake a layer cake.
    - But why the layer cake ? It's late.
    - Because the The Lord Jesus says that this layer cake is to be for daddy.
    - But why for daddy?
    - Because the Lord Jesus wants you to bake a layer cake for him.
    And she then associated it with their wedding anniversary.
    - Well, then I'll do it in the morning because it's late.
    - No, the Lord Jesus says you should get up and bake a layer cake for him now.
    So the woman rolled out of bed, and she and her daughter baked this cake around midnight. They put the cake in the fridge. The next morning, her husband returns from his night shift. He sits down at the table because he wants to eat something else before he goes to bed. Then the woman and her daughter smilingly put a cake in front of him. Surprised and confused, he realized: a wedding anniversary! But of course he didn't admit that he forgot (which guy will admit to some mistakes, none!). He, of course, pretended to remember, planning to surprise his wife around noon or evening! He later returned the favor. He quickly went to Poznan, bought some presents and it was a very nice day...
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