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    Hi Everyone

    Can everyone please help out with this...... this is the following email I got a good friend of mine is one of the organizers and I'm helping her promote it. If you do get a priest on board please come back to me to confirm priests name, the time and place.

    This is a movement from the grassroots up, asking individuals and priests to consecrate our 8th amendment to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart on Dec 8th. In much the same way as you can consecrate yourself or your family, we can consecrate our 8th amendment to her protection.

    In terms of our aim, it is very spiritual. Without God's grace through Our Lady the 8th will be repealed, sooner or later, because its a battle of good against evil really. Every spiritual effort is a blow to the enemy, which is why rosary on the coast was so great - but we need to continue that holy war. There are great organisations out there changing hearts and minds, we aren't competing with them - this is for people who are pro life and know its a spiritual battle, to step it up a gear in terms of intercession. So its more spiritual than material.

    Nevertheless, public prayer has a particular power and importance; its is a testimony, a pledge, a statement, it unfurls a banner in a way private prayer does not. And has a value in God's eyes for that reason, especially when done for an equally public cause like this.

    So our plan is very simple in many ways, but the further it goes the better, the more voices rise up on Dec 8th.

    Here's the wish list:

    If each person can go to their local parish priest, or any priest, and ask him to lead his congregation on Dec 8th in consecrating our 8th amendment to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

    If he will do it, let us know if possible (which parish, maybe the mass time, or priest's name). We can update FB and it encourages others.

    I attach the prayer (colour version, 2 per A4, double sided). And a poster which can be put up in church porches or local areas if a location is confirmed.

    If there are any further questions please let me know. Legion of Mary Mater Dei is already on board and out their asking priests. We're hoping the Bishop will circulate it through the parishes, the Bishops in Kilmore and Killaloe diocese have done this. We do have parishes dotted round Ireland joining in as well, where priests have been approached as outlined above. If you have any further questions let me know.

    Further info is on our FB page facebook/consecratethe8th

    God bless


    Thank you everyone.

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    Here is poster for it if needed.

    This can be done anywhere in world not just Ireland

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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Bright Blue Rose, you may not have been following the thread, 2017 Consecration preparation for 8th December. I have decided to offer the Consecration on that day petitioning Blessed Mother to consecrate the 8th amendment in the Irish constitution to her Immaculate Heart on that day with the help of God.

    Last year our Parish Priest told us we should ask Blessed Mother for a special favour on 8th December between 12 midday and 1 pm. It appears this is a very grace filled hour on that special day. Don't know if you are aware of this. You might like to get someone else to confirm the promise is for real, cause Julia gets her wires crossed sometimes. LOL Anyway it would be awesome if the Consecration can be done at that time on that day. I will try to do it. I am not in Ireland by the way. Could ask our Priest; but don't hold your breath waiting for a positive from him.

    God give you all success with your efforts.
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    Thank you. To be honest I'm not great with using this forum I'm still trying to get a feel for it. Thank you in advance for doing the prayers and letting me know about the specific hour
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