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    I am sad that a wonderful site for learning about the causes for new saints seems to not be updated anymore...

    I hadn't visited it in a couple of years but it is a wonderful site listing the venerable, servants of God etc. in the process of canonization. If you need a miricle, you can find your saint here waiting to intercede for you. They each need miricles accredited to their intercession...


    If anyone knows of a similar site please post it.
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    It is helpful to explore the site. There are pages with the various servants of God categorized by level of aproval, date born etc. With pictures and brief descriptions of their lives etc.

    Here is one example...


    Hit the red arrow near the bottom of page to continue the list of "saints"

    Here are some very recent causes being investigated... they also contain links to websites devoted to each cause...

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    I have often wondered when Our Lady at Garabandal refers to a young Male martyr of the Eucharist if perhaps it is one of these thousands who are yet to be canonized....

    Or perhaps an obsure canonized saint that is typically not listed on websites for a particular day, but you can find them if you dig really deep...there can be many, many saints for each and every day of the year.
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    "SERVANT OF GOD Darwin Ramos was a street child who lived in Manila (Philippines) who was afflicted with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He died in his youth and in spite of his poverty and illness, he was a master of Joy for those who knew him. Since his death in 2012, his reputation for holiness has not diminished and his life has been an example to emulate for many Catholics. The diocese of Cubao (Philippines) has opened the cause of canonization on 28 August 2019. More and more people ask his intercession and have testified to many favors received."
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