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  1. Scolaire Bocht

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    I wonder if what was said at Akita might be already happening in a way:
    This is an account of a confession from an Irish online forum recently which I wonder might show that the true priests in Ireland seemed to be oppressed by others who accept 'compromises'?:
  2. Bartimaeus

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    There's a lot in that one story.
    I definitely think anyone (lay or consecrated) advocating for the teaching of church is marginalized / scorned.

    However I think it might have benefited the soul in question more if he had been absolved of the sins for which he genuinely repented, and told to pray about the other aspects in his life for which he still felt no repentance.
  3. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    "The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres.'

    I always think of Fr Gruner when I read this.
    I'm sure this applies to thousands of marvelous priests devoted to Her.
  4. Torrentum

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    I also read this confession story on another site and got the impression that the person, while they were sorry for their sins, had absolutly no intention of amending his life, therefore making absolution impossible.
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  5. Clare A

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    The young man going to confession seemed to think that the church should accommodate itself to the spirit of the world, in the non-judgmental manner of modern therapy. Clearly, he had a bad experience, but the priest confessor rightly felt that he could not absolve someone in a state of wilful mortal sin. His style was abrasive and unloving - St Louis de Montfort was known for his gentleness in the confessional, so it's not necessary to be harsh with obdurate sinners who don't realise that they are doing wrong.

    There is a pride in declaring that the church has no moral authority because some of its priests have behaved shamefully - you could say this of any organisation. I could declare that I don't want to obey the laws of the land because many of our MPs have stolen from the taxpayer, lying about their expenses, landing some of them in prison.

    It is very hard for people who are immersed in the secular mindset to understand how the church thinks. Pope Benedict has been saying that it won't work to present church teaching as a set of 'thou shalt nots'. It's a challenge to present orthodoxy in a way that people can see makes sense. Only yesterday my husband asked me why the church doesn't like IVF and I don't think he was convinced by my answer.
  6. Adoremus

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    I find it so difficult to talk to anyone (other than people who are fully on board with Catholic teaching) about ANYTHING to do with faith or the teachings of the Church. It's incredibly frustrating to even try to talk to them because, essentially, we are not even speaking the same language. In my experience, what it boils down to is that they either do not understand or simply do not accept the concept of sin. If they understood or accepted the concept of sin, there would be at least some common ground from which to begin a conversation about Church teachings, but when they refuse to accept that there is such a thing as sin, or that certain activities or life choices are inherently sinful, the whole conversation just breaks down.
  7. Andy3

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    This person should be thankful that it wasn't St. Padre Pio in the confessional. Though I agree with a softer approach potentially for someone trying to come back to the church and back to the confessional but what is a priest to do if the person confessing obviously has no intent to truly repent of their sins or feel wrong in their sins. This individual clearly wants the church to bend to his lifestyle and now is angry that this priest would not bend to what he wanted. I applaud the priest that was harsh in the confessional and sadly feel bad for the priest that told him otherwise. We need tough priests to deliver tough news and not weak ones who are trying to mold the church to the modern world. Now maybe this priest could have been harsh and then explained why he was being harsh but remember, this is not the priest in confession it is Jesus. I feel that the priest in this case knew the heart and soul of this man and the harsh approach might have begun to make this individual think about truly confessing and coming back to the church but sadly the next priest he went to changed that initial work being done in this person's soul.
  8. garabandal

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    God Bless them all when the Warning comes.

    They will understand the holiness of God and fall to the ground in despair or repentance.
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    Years ago I had a young woman rent an apartment from me who was getting married in 12 days. Both her and her fiancé were moving right in. I let them have it knowing they would soon be wed (the apart is on my home's property and I usually don't allow unweds to live together there. ) Anyway, she told me how since they were getting married Catholic she had tried to go to confession, and the priest asked her if they were currently living together. She admitted they were (much like story above) and the priest told her " I cannot absolve you today. You must get out of and repent of your mortal sin or the gates of hell are open to you" Well boy was she ANGRY!
    Of course she expected me to sympathize with her which I did not. I told her the priest was right. Well she stomped out of my house in a tiff as I expected. About 5 days later she called me and was crying. She had had a COMPLETE change of heart and actually asked me if she could sleep in my spare bedroom until she was married that weekend.:) She apologized saying she knew that I hardly knew her and it was a lot to ask of me but of course I was happy to oblige! She said that she was fuming for days over that priest's words and suddenly she realized that the reason she was so angry was because he was right. She always maintains that he saved her life by telling her the truth. And so it worked again........."and the truth will set you free" :coffee:
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    Well thank God you and her priest were not afraid to tell her the truth. I cannot tell you how many Church weddings I have been to where the couple were living together right up until the night before the wedding (including members of my own family) and NOTHING WAS SAID. In some cases the couple had confession beforehand and the subject of living together was not even raised as an issue. It really leaves me flabbergasted!
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  11. kathy k

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    My guess is that any lukewarm / marginal Catholic would perceive truth told in the confessional as abrasive and unloving.
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  12. MMM

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    So the person believes in confession and the Catholic churches authority to absolve sin but doesn't take the time to humbly reflect on all the sins they have especially the mortal ones before going in? The pride coming from that account is almost hard to bear. A priest can tell when a person is just going through the motions and when they truely have reflected deeply on the state of their souls. The priest through Jesus is absolving all sins during confession provided the major ones(!!!) are humbly presented even if the person continues to be unable to stop after. When it's clear venial sins are being sought forgivemness for when mortal ones exist how can the priest (or Jesus) possibly give absolution?? Cheers to this priest. The holy spirit asked that question and the purpose is rightious. The confessional isn't a get out of jail free card. You have to be serious about the process or you really don't belong there.

    I don't believe even had the priest absolved all sins the unconfessed ones would still remain, if not get worse and more entrenched.

    I've been there, in a state of mortal sin and it was a process to overcome. My wife and I are both catholic and attend mass. This almost cost me my marriage. It turns out my wife struggled with a similar sin at the same time. Had it not been for our faith and belief we are join for life by Jesus himself we would have never survived. Now we are stronger than ever, thanks to God's grace BUT He made us suffer greatly in the process to recover our relationship. I recognized this suffering now as an earthly payment for my sin(s). What a life lesson.

    It took repeated confessions (some poorly done early on) until Jesus finally gave me absolution. It was only once I truely humbled myself and truely sought His real mercy did I get past it. The grace of forgiveness came upon me and I felt it and knew I was forgiven. This sad time is what grew my faith though. No one will ever make me doubt God is real and Jesus forgives us after He did this. It was after this I consecrated myself to Mary. She has given me the strength to resist what I was unable to resist for many years.

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  13. kathy k

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    Often the first step in conversion is anger.

    How many will embrace that anger, and join the enemy's ranks after the warning?

    I have a strong sense that the few weeks we have after the warning to minister to our brothers and sisters will be the most crucial time of our lives, when we have the potential to bring Jesus the greatest gift he desires, after our own will, and that is souls. I imagine lines circling the churches, with clueless people seeking confession. And I imagine us, the little army of our Lady, working the crowd, bearing the mercy and peace of Jesus and speaking the Word, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to them.

    Lord, make us perfect representatives of Your mercy in the coming days! Make us fearless and obedient to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, that we do not disappoint You when it matters the most! Make us Saints, and big ones, and quickly!
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  14. padraig

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    Padre Pio was asked one time if he was not concerned about the people he chased out of the confessional. He said, 'The god ones always come back!'

    When I had been away from the Church for many years and came back the first thing my Spiritual Director said on seeing me was...'The good ones always come back'.

    The old saying is, 'The hand that hurts is the hand that heals'. The truth will always hurt like salt in a womb . but, if accepted is always cleansing.

    I heard the other night a story about Padre Pio. A lady came to him in confession and he refused her absolution and chased her, because, he said she had not told all her sins.

    The lady returned home in a temper, but when she looked down the well at home she saw the face of her baby whom she had aborted many years before. Of course she returned to Padre Pio and confessed.

    No age accepts the truth easily but in our own age we have totally lost the sense of sin and so I am afraid in many
    cases we would not know it if it jumped up and bit us in the ass.

    Hence The Warning.
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