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    There is a whole tick list regarding the Anti Christ going back to the very beginnings of the Church. If you wanted to you could look them up an apply them to a particular individual. A for instance, born of a Jewish Mother with the power to work miracles. He is kind of the Mirror image but in reverse. So that while Jesus was totally good the anti Christ will be totally evil, even from infancy. Where Jesus was born of a Virgin , the anti Christ of a Prostitute and so on.

    But the Anti Christ does not appear until the Final Battle between Good and Evil, Armageddon. I believe we are centuries, perhaps millenium away from that yet.
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    I would never have thought of him as charming or charismatic either, but it seems that among world leaders, including in the middle east, he is very well liked indeed. Diana even talked about how charming he was :eek:. Maybe he's the type that is charming and charismatic in the flesh, who knows. I certainly don't see it myself either. I'm not convinced that he is the AC either. It's another hypothesis to consider, that's all.
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    I’m not sure why, but I have a hard time hearing “poor holy father”
    Edited to add…. Maybe I do know why but I suppose it doesn’t need to be said.
    Edited again to add
    I prefer poor mother church.
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    Yes, but in the sense that we pray for poor sinners everyday, from the worst who are at the very brink of damnation to all of us poor sinners, it makes sense.
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    “Blessed are the poor in spirit”
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    here in Argentina 50% of older people dislike him because he was a militant of (he now denies it) Puerta de Hierro, a right-wing populist group(peronism)
    the other 50% still dislikes him, but they accuse him of being a collaborator of the military junta (this is totally untrue)
    hes not popular in the local country :confused:
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    So it looks like 100% of Argentinians hate the man.

    No wonder he hasn’t gone back to Argentina since his election.

    At least there he has reached unanimity.
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    I went to confession yesterday. Getting prepared for it.
    I hope I will be ready...
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    The signs are here. Fr Gobbi made a lot of sense, when he said todays Antichrist is the one written about the most in scripture. The last one is hardly described.
  10. Byron

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    It’s certainly plausible. This monarchy is filled with Masons. And then we have the Rothschilds. Why wouldn’t England be a Babylon?
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    Not wishing to put any emphasis on Kathleen Keating, or promote her in any way - but she did say one thing in the above video which struck me. She said that the AC wants to blur the distinction between the true Church of Christ and the Anti-Church. And that made me think about King Charles. Here we have the Head of a large Christian Church (the Anglican Church of England) who is also a Mason, and has been proposed as a candidate for the AC. Admittedly, we are not talking about the Catholic Church, but could this not be viewed as a step towards blurring the distinction between the true Church and the false Anti-Church? Especially since we see the heretical moves towards what looks like Anglicanism occuring in the Catholic Church.

    But I say this with great sadness, having lived in England for a long time. I came to see the beauty of the Monarchy. I know that the majority of people in England or the UK are not Monarchists. However, when I look at Monarchists I see a reflection of how people should approach God, with great awe, humility, respect, even fear. A willingness to go to the ends of the earth to present oneself and one's community to the Monarch in the best and most subservient light as possible. The great love of the Monarch for it's people - but a love which is also a very tough and demanding. It is, I think, a model for how our relationship should be with God. Not a mushy relationship, expecting to sit in the presence of God all the time, asking for top seats, like James and some of the other disciples.

    Unfortunately, the Monarchy appears not to proclaim this love between the Monarch and its people to be that which is, or should be, the model for the Covenant between God and His people. One thing I did find very edifying about the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, was that it was proclaimed that once her staff was broken in two, she was being committed to the earth - not as Monarch - but as a humble Servant of God.

    Personally, while I deplore King Charles' policies on various subjects, I do find him extremely charming and polite, soft-mannered, defined by a kind of enticing mesmerism. At least that was how I perceived him when he was Prince. So there is something in me which is drawn to the Monarchy as a representation here on earth of how I should approach God, and of the love I should have for my country, my community and my neighbour.

    There is also the whole cruelty of the British Imperialism which has been centered around the Monarchy. And the fact that the Monarch (QE II) signed into Law the abortion regime in England and Wales etc.

    So yes, I find myself speaking out of both sides of my mouth again. Perhaps this is the nature of the spiritual battle we find ourselves in.

    Padraig posted this before but it portrays for me that love about which I was speaking.

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    Very thoughtful post
    If I may add my thought…..the Anglican Church has been affected by Modernism. The 1920-something Book of Common
    Prayer is no longer used in the mainstream church. Blessing of homo relationships, etc. “when the world and the Church are one….”
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    It makes sense
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. He was a complete unknown to us in the USA . Also, we have little understanding of Argentinian politics.
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    If Father Blount is correct he's probably giving us weeks or months warning not years. I think this because it's a HUGE historical, Biblical announcement.
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    Exactly HeavenlyHosts. This was what I was referring to when I said:

    "the heretical moves towards what looks like Anglicanism occuring in the Catholic Church."

    I was thinking about the moves in the German Synodal Way, the French Bishops who want to change the Catechism to accomodate LGBT ideology, similar moves in the U.S., less emphasis being given to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the fading out of Corpus Christi public worship etc. All things which make the Catholic Church look more like the Anglican Church.

    I am very aware of the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus in St. John's Gospel where He prays that we be one. And I do think we must strive to be one in Spirit and in Truth. But we should not jettison the teachings of the Catholic Church in order to achieve this Ecumenical objective.

    I do want to discuss further about the struggles I am having to make sense of what is happening and where we are headed and what we must do.

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