A Look at that "1990 Prophecy" as a whole.....so far at least

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    Yes. It should be so obvious. That makes me question where he is coming from. Priests with impeccable spiritual credentials have said what you say Mark. I say What is up with M. Brown.
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    I have always been a bit wary of the 1990 prophecy. For one thing, it seemed vague enough that it could be said to have 'predicted' any number of future events - 9/11 being often referred to. The more recent 'locutions' were given during the pandemic. It wouldn't take a genius to know in March that things were about to change... a 'simpler way of life' has been experienced by most people - viz, the upswing in gardening and baking bread, etc. I'd be more impressed if there had been a prophecy around, say, the middle of last year warning people to prepare because a virus would soon cause universal lockdowns. The difficulty I have with prophecies is that you can only know if they are genuine after the event (ie with hindsight) because most aren't specific enough.

    This doesn't mean that I don't believe in prophecy. I do - but so many seem like generalisations which could fit any number of outcomes.
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