A Decision I thought I wouldn't make

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    That is goods news. There are some good anti inflammatory protocols you may consider starting before and during the shots if you feel you must take the vax. It's worth some research. When they say don't take anti inflammatory drugs before vaccine cause they won't work as well I think it means you should with these ones. (Opinion not medical advise)

    My daughter just got 6 tubes of horse paste, (ordered from Amazon US to Canada) now we have lots with the liquid I have. We discussed some protocols if we felt we had to take them. In my opinion, avoiding the clotting and inflammation is key because my immune system is going to attack all those millions (billions?) of healthy cells programmed into spike protein cells.

    My daughter did a lot of research on it but I don't have any links myself right now.

    Praying God intervenes and wiser heads prevail for everyone.
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    Lit a large candle today before Mass for the intentions of Canadians especially but all of us who want to refuse the vaccine. Praying at Mass and in rosary.
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    Somebody posted on Fisheaters that some people are getting a tetanus booster in an attempt to delay having to take the covid vaccine because there's some kind of protocol that there should be a three months delay between the two vaccines.. You can't believe everything on the internet so it could be a load of baloney but there would be no harm checking it out. I think the person was talking about Italy so, even if it's true, it might only apply in that country.
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    Dr. DeMello, in a recent video, gave details about his successful treatment of covid patients. Ivermectin is only part of his protocol and he only uses it for two days. Here's the video:
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    Dear Mario,
    My knees are already pretty much buggered, not to do with that. So, no worries! :)
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    The following is the text of my exemption request:

    September 20, 2021

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am personally sincere and hold with religious conviction that the relationship of human fetal cells in the development of covid-19 vaccines, whether direct or indirect, violates my conscience. Therefore, I claim a religious exemption concerning any requirement to receive the covid-19 vaccines provided by Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson, and any future similarly developed vaccine. I am thankful that such freedom as clearly expressed in the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution has been defended in the recent injunction by Judge David Hurd in Utica, NY.

    Chaplain Terrence O'Loughlin
    currently serving locally at University Medical Center and Iroquois Nursing Home
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    Thanks for a sneak peek. I kept trying to write mine and it always ended up being a page long which I thought was too much! Nice way of putting beliefs succinctly!
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    Prayers answers, brother. God is good. And now the Truth is being brought to the light for all to see because Truth always comes to light. Spread it far and wide. Not on social media. Text it, email it directly to all family and friends. They will block the Truth and attack O’Keefe and Project Veritas like rabid dogs and that’s how you know it’s the Truth https://www.projectveritas.com/news...oes-public-with-secret-recordings-government/
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    Just to let you know, there is an update on the initial decision by Judge Hurd mentioned above. He is dismissing oral arguments; they must be in writing.


    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Yes. My guess is the judge is trying to avoid theatrics that the press could take advantage of :cautious:.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    Thank you for the prayers, everyone; as of right now, things are crashing down, both facilities pushing back. The nursing home first stated they wanted another signature from the Diocese (a delay tactic the hospital is also taking), but now say they won't allow me to come in unless the case I mentioned is decided definitely against NYS (appeals could take months!). I thought the injunction would help, not hurt. I feel like the Lone Ranger without Tonto!:rolleyes: Praise God, anyway!

    I did have a fruitful Sunday at the nursing home, praying with a family whose loved one had died an hour before I arrived. I had double digit visits that kept me busy. God was good! One day at a time!

    Lord, let not this ministry (not my ministry) bite the dust. Amen!:notworthy:
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    Praying for you.
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    Worse case scenario could you/would you submit to a weekly rapid antigen test? Here you can get done at many pharmacies for $40 or buy 25 test and do at home for $13 each ($16 after tax and shipping) This is the approach we are presenting my sick mother tomorrow to hopefully make her feel comfortable around us. Yes, it will cost money but happy to go through this hoop instead of getting vaccine.
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    Thanks, MMM, up to this point, I've been tested weekly at the nursing home. But, some good news: The deacon who supervises all deacon chaplains has researched the bioethics and says he'll go to bat for me! Suddenly, he is the Lone Ranger and I'm gladly demoted to Tonto!:ROFLMAO: A little encouragement goes a long way! Thank you all for your prayers!

    Safe on the Father's Lap!
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    Deacon, we now know why they got rid of Cuomo. this was a bridge too far for even him

    The new demonically disorientated woman in charge of your state just stated no religious exemptions. within a matter of days it will be shot down in court and she’s bringing in the National Guard to replace you and others.

    Rest easy, the National Guard will have a chaplain do your job.

    Pray about what our Lord wants you to do now you’ve got a lot of souls to help. I’m sure of this! Pray about what our Lord wants you to do now...transition and let our Lord lead you to the souls He wants you to now help, do not submit to the beast system: https://amp.dailycaller.com/2021/09...-legitimate-religious-exemptions-kathy-hochul
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    Terry I will "bring" you to Mass with me tomorrow. May Our Lord sort this out for you quickly.
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    The hypocrisy of this new Governor is beyond even the Cuomos! She basses her argument on fact that Church leaders are saying vac is allowed. Funny (not really) when Church leader say no abortion and no same sex marriages then they are ignored. Unfortunately, the Governor does not even get (or maybe she shrewdly does) what it means to be against your deeply held religious beliefs. It’s personal. It does not need to be “validated” or “approved” by a bishop or even a Pope! For Pete’s sake it’s in the CCC - abortion is an intrinsic evil- cooperating in it is against Church teaching. This is fact. What is “personal” to a degree is how each of us assess what cooperation means vis-a-vis development of a vax using aborted fetal cells or testing with these cells. The Pope and bishops are ok with that but many other Catholics are personally opposed. It crosses the line. And you don’t need a bishop or Pope to sign off on that. :mad:
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