A Decision I thought I wouldn't make

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Mario, Sep 3, 2021.

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    Marino Restrepo speaks of this in his latest "living the faith" podcast. It is worth a listen.
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    I'm not sure of the context of your question, Whatever. The Vatican has ruled that receiving on the tongue is the traditional and preferred way of receiving Holy Communion. Normally, a Bishop has no grounds to impose such a restriction on his priests. Earlier in the pandemic, it was argued that receiving in the hand is medically safer than on the tongue, but I don't know if that is scientifically true.

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    I thought the context was clear. Take, for example, the attached report: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/u...ey-make-scene-to-receive-communion-on-tongue/

    Did the Vatican statement not say that the faithful have the right to receive Communion on the tongue? If so, does Bishop Stika's conscience take precedence over the faithful's right to receive the Sacrament? And what of a priest in his diocese whose conscience led him to give Communion on the tongue?

    All this has me wondering whether there is something in the consecration process that gives a Bishop a special insight into a person's heart where he knows that someone exercising their right to receive on the tongue is merely making a statement of personal piety?

    As far as I know, there are still parishes where Communion on the tongue is not an option. I don't know whether that's due to a Bishop's mandate or whether the priests have taken it upon themselves to rule out Communion on the tongue. Full disclosure: I prefer to receive on the tongue but if I'm at Mass where that doesn't appear to be an option, I receive in the hand. I don't ask and don't make a fuss but I pass no judgement on anyone who would insist on receiving on the tongue.
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    Let me make a clarification. When I was ordained, my bishop gave me faculties, first and foremost, for serving as a chaplain. And so I have been doing for 3 years. This is all fine and good. New York State, however, has now ruled effective 9/27/21, that any caregiver serving in hospital or nursing home, be they therapist, nurse, home health aide, doctor, or chaplain, must be vaccinated. So if I make a personal stand against the vaccine, I will be refused entry into the very facilities where my Bishop has told me to serve as chaplain.

    Bishop Lucia may not have authority to demand I take the vaccine, but he has instructed me whom to serve. I suppose I could ask him to change my faculties to serving in a parish, but that would result in the Church (translated 'me") abandoning scores of elderly Catholics with no pastoral care. I wish it were all in my head, but God's elderly would be negatively impacted.

    I'm unsure you fully understood that.

    Safe in the Father's Arms.
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    I’m beginning to see more of these articles around the country where vaccines are being mandated for workers. I wonder if states will allow more request testing as an alternative?

    I’m a volunteer on a Board for an organization that provides care for the developmentally disabled in group homes as well as day treatment. We already have a shortage of workers and from what we can tell, it will get worse on 9/26 as several more workers will not get vac and therefore cannot work. Tough issues

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    Goodness, I can't imagine having to submit my vaccination status to the church to take part in communion. What a scenario to consider.
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    Thanks for sharing this, I'd like to listen to this one. Where does he broadcast his talks? I don't see them on YT or on his website.

    Editing to add: just found the talk here:
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    I can relate to many of these posts as well as Mario's decision. I live in Washington state and our Governor has mandated with very little recourse vaccination for all state employees. He has been especially strict on religious exemptions and required basically a secular inquisition take place if one is requested. If one has received a vaccination as an adult (this is an actual question asked during this process) they are disqualified as an example.
    My wife works for the school district and falls under this decree by our governor. She works with children. I am disabled and I can not work or even drive let alone walk much of the time. We have two daughters still in school. Her employment provides our health insurance which is basically for me because I am so ill most of the time. The medications I take are not covered under medicare and are so expensive we could never afford them otherwise.
    My wife did not bat an eye and has received her first shot. I have thought about this a lot and I have to admit, if I were still the primary support for my family (I was for many many years) given the Church's stance on this issue I would not hesitate if it were me.
    We have to remember that God is in charge. We are not offering incense to Zeus here no matter what some people on the internet are implying. Nor is this the mark of the beast. We are all trying to take care of our families, remain true to our conscious and fulfill our vocations. It bothers me especially that our governor is able to declare an emergency and basically wipe out our individual and collective rights with the stroke of a pen in the name of safety. This is a huge red flag to those of us who value freedom and liberty. Yet here we are. It also bothers me that this is being used as a wedge to continually divide all of us.
    In spite of being vaccinated (or not) we can still fight. The next step will be the vaccines continued ineffectiveness and requirements for vaccine passports. We must resist this as much as possible in spite of our decisions to be or not be vaccinated. Then it will be ongoing requirements to receive more shots due to "variants" just as we are seeing in other countries already.
    I am hoping that while all of this is transpiring lawsuits will be filed against our governor and possibly a stay will be granted while it makes its way through the courts. One I know of has failed because the union who filed it decided to cave to his demands for concessions they reached in negotiations. Maybe, my wife won't need to receive her second shot. She doesn't want it but she is being coerced into taking it at the expense of her family which is just wrong.
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    Glad you found it. He is very compelling. If you get a chance listen to his personal testimony. He has quite a story.
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    This is a ghastly situation all the way around. I am sorry Don that you and your wife must go through this. I am sorry your governor is being such a tin pot dictator. We are all in a nightmare scenario these days it seems .
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    Such rulings show that the Bill of Rights is in shreds. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves and could probably generate enough electricity to meet the country's energy needs.:rolleyes::mad:

    Come Lord Jesus!
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    Well, I just saw posted on Twitter a video clip for 9 News New South Wales that a vax pass is going to be required now to attend church services. Imagine that.


    The thing most might not be aware of is that the vaccination rates for most of the states in AUS are under 40%. So in spite of the lockdowns most are declining the shots. According to the video the only way to avoid the continued lockdowns through the end of the year for NSW is to raise the rate above 70%. They are basically threatening to lock down NSW through Christmas. I think we can expect to see quite a reaction to this. We should not sell the Aussies short, they are putting up a fight.
    I theorize that their government is being heavily coerced (just like the US) by China to throw out their citizens rights in the name of the public "good".
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    What disturbs me the most is the utter disregard for truth. You show them the facts and the figures and the science and they brush it away and repeat the lie. I remember years ago we use to say in the pro life movement that when the science catches up and proves its not just tissue but a real baby then they will have to admit what they are doing us murder. Well....no. the science caught up with new ultrasound imaging and DNA studies and what did the pro aborts say? It doesn't matter if it is a baby. We still have the right to kill it.
    TRUTH HAS NO MEANING TO THESE PEOPLE (yes I am shouting;)) from Pro aborts to antifa to democrats--- truth means nothing!!! Its gone. Rational argument is gone. Its all Pontius Pilate now: "what is truth?"
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    Spot on AED.
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    It's a reprehensible, unlawful and ultimately immoral position you have been put in. No doubt. Not a thimble of incense is my response. We will all eventually be faced with these decisions with the dire consequences that follow. The Church is commissioned to preach the Gospel even in the face of tyranny and outright evil. The leadership has abandoned the faithful to the wolves by and large. We need to be more worldly shrewd and play them at their own game. Not a thimble of incense.
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    This is hideous. Josephite and her family live there. I have cousins living there. (In NSW )
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    Malachi how is your father. I am almost afraid to ask. I have been praying for him every day. I am hoping "no news is good news."
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    This is something I bring up to my brother who is away from the faith sometimes. I asked recently in conversation, "But don't you want to know the truth? Do you care what's true?" His response was that he might care at some point but he has enough on his plate right now (waiting to hear if he has a job) that he doesn't need something else to worry about. He said he wants to relax, play video games, and not think about anything he doesn't need to right now.

    This kind of thinking is so foreign to those of us who live and breathe our faith and always have our end goal of Heaven in mind, but it is common, I think, for many (if not most) people in the world. Being caught up in worldly concerns and pleasures is a full time job that doesn't leave time for truth-seeking. The path of least resistance is just doing what the world tells you.
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    Or whatever keeps us from hearing the still, quiet voice of God calling us.
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  21. HeavenlyHosts

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    I do feel abandoned. There are some good shepherds and priests but they are outnumbered. But the Good Shepherd knows His sheep.
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