75 to 100 Years: Expiring Soon?

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    Pope Leo XIII said that the devil would be given 75 to 100 years to destroy the church

    It is basically accepted that the time given to the devil began with Communism or 1917

    So firstly 75 years after 1917 is 1992

    1992 is three years after the fall of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe

    That is, communism began to fall in 1989

    What that means is God gave a break from communism to the world three years earlier than expected which is to say 3 years before 75 years which is year 1992

    In a similar vein 100 years from 1917 is obviously 2017

    But nothing substantial happened in 2017 to make us really say that the chastisement began

    However if we note that God gave a break to the world three years early from communism then it is possible that when the 100 years are up God will give an extra three years of Grace to convert of what would have otherwise been a chastisement in 100 years or 2017

    And behold 3 years after 2017 Is 2020 and lo and behold things are happening with the pandemic with the riots with the dismantling of police and with statues toppled and agendas
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