6th Seal of Revelation bad news for Ireland

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    Our Lady of the Roses, spoke of the "Ball of Redemption" could this be it finally arriving? Earth changes regarding the earths electromagnetic shield appear to point toward the beginning of a pole shift. A pole shift would see the words of Paul John Paul 2 come to pass, millions drowning within minutes.

    Here are some interesting facts indicating what is heading our way.



    What do you think, are the chemtrails there to protect us, or there to keep us ignorant of another solar system having entered our solar system? Is Nemesis the destroyer here at the other side of our sun? You decide.
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    "A pole shift would see the words of Paul John Paul 2 come to pass, millions drowning within minutes."
    On that note, I had an eery dream last night that there was a massive tidlewave and I remember the figure "900 million dead" came into my mind when I was dreaming for some reason. I don't know if it was significant or not.
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    The catholic community in Puerto Rico have had a dream shared by thousands or more of a meteor strike next to the Gulf of Mexico or thereabouts. An airport worker in Puerto Rico said he witnessed the government bring in waterproof body bags by the ton, and hard reinforced plastic coffins/caskets. The dreams may be the Mercy of God preparing them to examine themselves and attend Confession, Mass and Communion before it occurs. Considering the poles are moving rapidly at times and the seismic activity has increased, this could point to the presense of another massive body in proximity to earth and the sun.
    A worker at one of the big telescopes reported another solar system enter our solar system at enormous speeds and suddenly stop. I could be way off but my heart tells me this could be the Hand of God at work extending the Time of Mercy of which Our Lady speaks of so often.
    This guy Terral Blackstar (his youtube name) is a follower of Jesus Christ, he is worth checking out. Comparing charts of earthquake activity among many other things, he is attempting to pinpoint the black star, it can't be seen with a normal telescope, only with infrared, it is the collapsed binary star that is the twin of our own star Sol and which revisits our solar system every 3,600 years or so. Terral is free of ego which keeps him honest, and he encourages his viewers to have faith and trust in our Beloved Saviour Jesus Christ.
    The vatican was warned of the Suns evil twin returning and they appeared to dismiss it as nonsense, but they built the South Pole Telescope, the satellite IRAS and the lucifer telescope in Arizona, all of which see in (infrared) which would indicate someone attempting to locate something that gives off a tremendous amount of heat but very little light. This describes Nemesis, the collapsed binary star which is twin to our own.


    God bless you all...
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