5 years of Laudato Si

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    Five years of Laudato Si -- ecological conversion.

    Catholic evangelisation Pope Francis style --

    Bishops in the Philippines have been fighting coal-fired power plants. American Catholic nuns and their partners in Ghana launched a plastic recycling program to reduce waste and increase employment. The U.S. Conference of Bishops, citing Laudato Si', has opposed the Trump administration's rollback or repeals of key environmental regulations.

    The Global Catholic Climate Movement is another example. Launched as Laudato Si' was released, it has grown to encompass 900 Catholic organizations in dozens of countries. The organization has spearheaded some of Catholicism's most visible climate actions, from faith-based youth climate strikes to persuading a growing number of Catholic institutions to pull their investments in fossil fuel companies.
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    Every time I think about this all that comes to mind is this quote from St Anthony.

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    We can also take a light hearted approach.



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  4. Francis should immediately resign as pope. I’m sure he’ll fare extremely well as chaplain at the United Nations. Yeah he wants the environment to “take a rest.” I’ve never heard him wanting Planned Parenthood to “take a rest.” He should get a man of the year award from the EPA and a man of the century award from Greenpeace.
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    Yes. A very sobering statement from a great saint. He was shown many things about our "latter days."
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