“5 Reasons Christians Love Putin!!!”

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by BrianK, May 12, 2023.

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    What he means is what he said, no more and no less. What you choose to read into his meaning says more about you than him.
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    as you know, I'm not trying to label Putin as the only bad ruler on the planet, I'm basically saying that Putin combines elements of Christianity and Communism as if they were one homogeneous thing and he didn't say that Lenin is a saint (and neither did I claim that) and yes that there is no difference between the corpse of this diabolical leader being exposed for his legacy and the veneration of saints and I am very concerned about the advance of early sexualization in the west, abortion and homosexual activism (which is why I am so critical of the confused teaching of the current papa) However, that does not stop me from denouncing the evil that would be a New World Order led by Russia and China as an alternative to the West (which would also be a prototype of the kingdom of the Antichrist).
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    I am guilty of misinterpreting statements by the current pontificate that are intentionally ambiguous to undermine the teachings of the Church, as he has done countless times, calling into question Catholic doctrine on homosexuality and even denying basic tenets of the faith such as the resurrection of Christ and the existence of hell in interviews with his great friend Eugenio Scalfari ?
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    I just want to make it clear that if I'm criticizing Putin's mistakes, it doesn't mean I'm embracing the mistakes of the West. Two things can be antagonistic to each other and still be evil in their essence, as exemplified by the destruction of great Babylon by the hands of the Antichrist and its 10 kings in Revelation 17.
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    Based purely on the clip from the video you posted I don't see how you came to the conclusion that Putin is combining elements of Communism and Christianity as one homogenous thing. Nothing he said is blasphemous. Some of it is in error but there's no blasphemy. for all we know, he may believe that the two are homogenous but he didn't say so. He claims to be an Orthodox Christian. We will be judged by the the measure we use to judge others. It's easy for us to see how Putin errs but we weren't raised and educated in Soviet Russia. We aren't leading a vast, diverse country with a Communist rump and a population many of whom, Communist or not, view Lenin as a strong leader who modernised their country.

    I share you concerns about a China/Russia led New World Oder although it's the prospect of Chinese dominance that bothers me most. In all honesty, I'm equally worried about a new world order dominated by Western leaders. Which is better:

    - a world dominated by post-Communist Russia gradually making its way back to Christianity and a promise from Heaven that it will be converted, in conjunction with China, a Communist country where the vast majority of people have yet to be evangelised and where Christianity had been growing, or

    - a world dominated by nominal or apostate Christians and Jews who knowingly distort the Judeo/Christian message of mercy to promote all sorts of evil as good, including blatant Satanism, as they grow more totalitarian with each passing year?

    I don't know. That's why my choice is to shake my head at both their houses and seek refuge in the only house Jesus told us specifically that he would build - the Church built on Peter the rock,
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    You misinterpreted that particular statement. I only quoted what the Pope said about Communism. There's more to the statement that's worth reading, Pope Francis gives us plenty of reasons to criticise the way he leads the Church. We don't need to nitpick his every word searching for evidence of heresy. That would be unChristian.
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    I know that. We're all trying to navigate our way through troubled times. I have in the past been a far more vocal critic of Pope Francis than anything I have seen from you. After a while (and repeating the same sin in Confession) it dawned on me that I wasn't helping the Church but was serving the purpose of those who jump on his peculiar statements as some kind of proof that previous Popes have been wrong and if this Pope can change Church teaching, future Popes can make more radical changes.

    I know that Putin is no angel. For all I know he could be evil. It's just that I have read some odd claims on this forum by people who seem convinced that Putin is a devil and Zelensky a Saint. There was even a claim that Zelensky is a good Christian. Now, he might be well intentioned but he's an Ashkanazi Jew who may or not be a believing Jew. He has some strange talents and I understand he is uniquely talented on the piano but a baptised devout Christian? I doubt it,

    Time now for me to bow out of this conversation. I'm worn out typing all these messages. I need to pray more and argue less. I never even got to tell folk on most of the prayer threads that I would be praying for their intentions - not even on the thread started by Aed. I prayed anyway but it's only right to let people know that we will add our prayers to ease their burden,

    Before I go, I suggest that you read the content of the following links. One is a book with references to links between rich and powerful Americans and Russian revolutionaries like Trotsky and Lenin. And not just Americans - some of America's relationship are extra special to this day. I saw references to the book on a Polish website, was half convinced but somewhat sceptical. Then I read an article about how American companies and their technology helped build Soviet Russia. Quite a list of household names. Control was the name of the game then as now.

    Here's the book (it's only about 180 pages) https://www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/Sutton_Wall_Street_and_the_bolshevik_revolution-5.pdf

    And here's the historical article from American heritage: https://www.americanheritage.com/how-america-helped-build-soviet-machine

    That's it. I'm out. Will dip into the forum from time to time but will try my darnedest to not log in. Sorry for being so long winded. God bless you and all on this thread.
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    I wish you would reconsider.

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Incidentally here’s Colonel MacGregors latest assessment of the war.

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    Don't go. Your posts are full of clarity and sound reasoning. We need your voice. Stay!
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    I disagree. We need to be aware of heresy.
    But I want you to stay, Maria. You are a valuable member.

  11. Oh, I thought Whatever is a guy... :LOL:
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    thought the same about Sam for years:cautious:
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    I was listening to EWTN this morning and they mentioned the Arian heresy. Arius was finally going to be reconciled with the Church but he died on his way to receiving Holy Communion.
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    HH did he die as a heretic?
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    There were bishops who did not want to let him back in because they did not trust Arius. I am not sure about it. I do know that Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman believed that God struck Arius dead.
    There is a lot of info online about it. I think probably EWTN has a reliable account.
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    :):D;):coffee:Sorry - Female! I took the name of Sam for Samwise Gamgee, the little hobbit who was not good enough perhaps to carry the ring, but who in the end carried Frodo and the ring to Mt. Doom.
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    Good explanation. I did figure it out, although I thought it was short for Samantha.:LOL::X3::coffee:
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    Me too! :LOL:
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    (y) Glad to know I wasn’t the Lone Ranger on this.
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    At about 41 minutes:
    Fr. Blount describes a vision he had about 2 years ago wherein he first saw a huge army of Oriental armed soldiers marching by him in a field in the Northeast US. Half an hour later he saw another huge army, this time of Russian soldiers march by. The other priest with him saw both visions too. He said the Virgin Mary showed him that this was what was in America's future very soon unless everything starts changing in our country. He says God cannot protect a country that slaughters its children. There will be a chastisement as predicted at Fatima unless our country repents. He says we must pray and sacrifice, and the rosary is the solution.

    He then notes that the Russian (Putin) and Chinese (Xi) leaders have now formed an alliance .

    At about 51 minutes :
    Fr. Blount tells a story of being a child of 6 and touching a stovetop burner after his mother had warned him not to and being badly burned. About this he says, "God is warning the world. He is warning the United States of America, he's warning the European Union, too, by the way, and the Church....and we're not listening. We're putting out our little hands and touching things that are going to burn us.....We need to wake up. It is very, very, very serious."

    In my opinion, in addition to promoting atrocities like abortion and child mutilation, the US and EU governments are actively provoking war with the countries that will chastise us .
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