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    Tyburn Convent in London has put together an insert in their Christmas Newsletter with prayers to St Joseph. There are also a couple of beautiful bookmarks, which aren't online, sadly. Anyone wanting to have a hard copy of these prayers can photocopy the 'insert' pages from here


    Note that on the last page of the Newsletter they offer 'Protection Packs' with blessed salt, holy water, a candle and holy card, asking for a donation only. Most of us will have these things in the house, but perhaps a pack like this would make a nice little New Year gift for a Catholic family member?

    St Joseph is known as Terror of Demons and so we at MOG will want to invoke him fervently in his year, which began earlier this month.
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    Pope Francis just signed a deal with Netflix for his new book “Let Us Dream” which has no mention of Jesus Christ, the Catholic religion or a stance on abortion. What in God’s name is he doing making money of Netflix after they released “Cuties” a pornographic movie about 11 year old girls? And why does he obsess about politics and sociology? When he released the McCarrick report, he attacked ARchbishop Vigano and a previous Pope, when in fact, Archbishop Vigano is the person who reported that Cardinal.He also refused to have an audience with the Archbishop of China who wanted to discuss persecution of Christians in China, but was glad to meet with multimillionaire NBA players who wanted to discuss “income inequality” and gave him clothing with BLM on it.

    He is not a Pope. He is the Devil Incarnate leading people like yourself to hell.
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    Thank you Clare, the St.Joseph prayers are beautiful. :)
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    There have been numerous times on this Forum that our deep disappointments in Pope Francis have been expressed. I just finished reading this Apostolic Letter; it is insightful and beautifully written. I think it would be peaceful to share the blessings of this letter without replaying all of our misgivings and warnings!

    A blessed Christmas season to all!
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    I pray that in 2021 St Joseph will help get our churches open, keep them open and give strength and courage to all priests and bishops. Also, give us the strength and courage we will need in 2021.
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    Major Apparitions of St. Joseph Are Approved
    By Raphael BenedictSeptember 11, 2019No Comments

    Bishop Supported Major Apparitions of St. Joseph Along with Mary and Jesus in Brazil.
    Many know about approved apparitions of our Blessed Mother. But only a handful realize that there were apparitions in Itapiranga, Brazil from 1994-1998 in which St. Joseph appeared along with Mary and Jesus.

    In January 2010, after much study, prayer, reflection, observation and seeing the growth in the faith life of thousands, the local ordinary, Bishop Carillo Gritti declared a Decree of Worship favoring the Itapiranga appearances and in an earlier document called it of “supernatural origin.”

    In another document he stated that considering the manifestations of the Virgin from 2005-10, who has called upon devotion to the three Sacred Hearts: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a first step has been taken to build a new sanctuary with the certainty that it will be a place for pilgrimages, and the conversions that only God by the intercession of Mary can operate has been thus far for him and enlightened souls, reason enough to see in these visions and messages the finger of God (translated form the Portuguese).

    With that Church approval, St. Joseph took another step in which he continues to receive the prominence he deserves as the one man from all eternity God chose to head the Holy Family. In 1962, his name was added to the first Eucharist prayer in the Mass, and in 2013, on his May 1 feast, Pope Francis had St. Joseph inserted into all other Eucharistic Prayers.

    First, a little background. In 1994, while a student in Manaus, Brazil, 22-year-old Edson Glauber received an apparition of the Blessed Mother with Jesus and St. Joseph. The apparitions continued when he returned to his hometown of Itapiranga which is about 650 miles southwest of Sao Paulo and about 880 miles from Rio de Janeiro. Another 770-plus miles southwest happens to be the site of other approved apparitions in San Nicolas, Argentina.

    Edson’s mother Maria do Carmo would also receive some apparitions. Bishop Gritti, who died this past June, met with them several times. He celebrated Mass publicly at the site of the apparitions and helped to build the sanctuary there.

    Mary appeared under the title of “Queen of the Rosary and of Peace.” Much like Fatima, her messages stressed the need for conversion, praying the Rosary, Mass, Confession and Holy Communion and penance to save the world mired in unbelief and sin. She and Jesus urged devotion to St. Joseph’s Most Chaste Heart.

    Sample Revelations and Promises

    St. Joseph’s major revelations began Mar. 1, 1998. He spoke about devotion to his chaste heart and made the first of several promises. He began, “My dear son, Our Lord God has sent me to tell you about all the graces the faithful will receive from my Most Chaste Heart which Jesus and my blessed spouse wish to be honored…Through devotion to my Chaste Heart many souls will be saved from the hands of the Devil. God our Lord has allowed for me to reveal to you the promises of my Heart.

    “Just as I am fair and righteous in the sight of God, all who have devotion to my Heart will also be chaste, righteous and holy in His sight. I will fill you with these graces and virtues, making you grow every day on the road of holiness.”

    Next day, St. Joseph came with the Child Jesus who reclined on his heart. Joseph revealed that God wanted to give countless graces through devotion to his heart. “My son and Lord Jesus, that I brought up here on earth, with a father’s love, desires that all men practice devotion to my Heart, for all those in need of graces from heaven.”

    In prior apparitions, the Virgin Mary and Jesus affirmed to Edson that Joseph has been given great power and glory and in this times God wants people and the world consecrated to the Heart of St. Joseph.

    Then came a second promise.

    “I promise to all that honor this Most Chaste Heart of mine and who do here on earth good deeds in favor of the most needy, especially of the sick and dying for whom I am a consoler and protector, to receive in their last moment of their lives the grace of a good death. I myself will be to these souls their petitioner to my Son Jesus and, together with my spouse, Most Holy Mary, we will console them in their last hours here on earth, with our holy presence and they will rest in the peace of our hearts.
    “Just as you saw my Son Jesus repose His head on my heart, this way myself and my spouse Holy Mary will take these souls to the glory of paradise, in the presence of their Savior, my Son Jesus Christ, so that they may repose, and incline themselves to His Sacred Heart…”

    Dire Warnings

    St. Joseph did not shy away from the state of humanity’s hearts. He explained “how sin spreads in a such a strong way! Men let themselves be led by the most insidious wiles of the Devil. The enemy of salvation wants to destroy all men so that, this way, all will be lost. He is envious and hates the entire human race. So many go through trials and temptations that the enemy of God throws at every moment, this way trying to destroy men’s mortal souls that were created by God.”

    St. Joseph revealed a prime attack against us, something which has increased since 1998.

    “The means that he most utilizes are the sins against holy purity, because purity is one of the virtues most beloved by God, and in this way Satan desires to destroy the image of God present in each creature through this virtue. And it is because of this, that God asks all humanity to have devotion to my Chaste Heart. He wants to give men the grace to overcome the temptations and attacks of the Devil in their day-to-day lives.”

    St. Joseph can protect us in these attacks. His litany calls him ‘most chaste” and “terror of demons.” St. Joseph made this promise. “The invocation of my name is enough to make demons flee! I promise to all the faithful that honor my most Chaste Heart with faith and love, the grace to live with holy purity of soul and body and the strength to resist all attacks and temptations by the Devil. I myself will preciously protect you.”

    He said the grace would also be for their family members in need of divine help.

    Hope for Sinners

    St. Joseph desires all sinners to be converted and saved. “Many are those who are distant from God because of their grave sins. Many of those, my children, are in that state because they let themselves fall to the wiles of the Devil. The enemy of salvation makes them think there is no solution, nor return, because they have despaired and have not trusted in divine mercy. These will be easy targets for the Devil.”

    But he says to “all sinners, even those who have committed the most terrible sins, to trust in the love and in the forgiveness of God and to trust in me also, in my intercession. All those who trustingly have recourse to me will have the certainty of my help to recover the divine grace and mercy of God.”

    Not wanting sinners to despair, he promised those who trust in his most pure Heart and devotedly honor it, “the grace to be consoled by me in their greatest afflictions of the soul and in the danger of judgment, when by misfortune lose divine grace because of their grave sins. To these sinners, who have recourse to me, I promise the graces of my Heart for the purpose of amendment, of repentance and of sincere contrition of their sins. Now, I say to all sinners: Do not be afraid of the Devil and do not despair because of your crimes, but come throw yourselves in my arms and take refuge in my Heart so that you may receive all the graces for your eternal salvation.”

    Help with Today’s Problems

    St. Joseph focused on life’s difficulties and offered consolation. “My Son Jesus, through my Heart, wishes to impart to all men his divine blessings. I know many of you suffer many great difficulties because, in these last times, men no longer love or help one another but live with their hearts full of pride, falsehood, lies, intrigue, ambition, backbiting, pettiness, and many wrong things that are the consequences of living far from God.”

    St. Joseph said to all who honor his Heart and trust in him and his intercession, “I promise they will not be abandoned in their difficulties and in the trials of life. I will ask Our Lord to help them with his Divine Providence in their material and spiritual problems.”

    To mothers and fathers consecrating themselves and their families to his Heart, St. Joseph assured help in afflictions and problems, and assistance with raising up their children.
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    Sin: Consequences & His Protection
    The spouse of Mary did not ignore the current world situation which in 1998 was still 18 years from the multitude of today’s multiplying spiritual chaos.
    He emphasized, “[M]y Son Jesus is very indignant with the sins of humanity.

    “He desires to pour his divine justice upon all men that do not want to repent and continue obstinately in their sins. Look, my son, I hold his right hand, preventing Him from pouring out his justice upon all humanity. I ask Him, through the graces of my Heart and for being worthy to live by his side, taking care of him with the love of a father in this world, and for Him having loved me with the love of a son, to not chastise the world for its crimes, but for all my little ones who honor and will honor this Chaste Heart of mine, should pour out his mercy upon the world.”
    The world’s many sins call humanity to repent and do penance, he said, “because God receives continued offenses from ungrateful men. Today there are so many outrages, the sacrilege and indifference by all men. It is because of this that so many calamities like war, hunger and disease occur and so many other sad things man has suffered because of man’s rebellion against God.”
    St. Joseph made clear rebellion’s consequences. “God lets men follow their own paths to show them all, without him, they will never be happy. He lets men go through so much suffering, to also show them the consequences sin brings to their lives and so then the divine justice punishes humanity because of their obstinance in not being obedient to God’s Will.

    He pointed out humanity is “increasingly obstinate in their crimes” because of concern for worldly pleasures “rather than the love of God and his Commandments. But God’s justice is close at hand in a way never seen before and will come about suddenly upon the whole world.”
    That should shake us, yet this most powerful saint extends a hope-filled solution. All those who honor his Chaste Heart “will receive the grace of my protection from all evils and dangers. For those who surrender to me will not be slaughtered by misfortunes, by wars, hunger, by diseases and other calamities, they will have my Heart as a refuge for their protection. Here, in my Heart, all will be protected against the divine justice in the days that will come. All who consecrate themselves to my Heart, honoring it, they will be looked upon by my Son Jesus with eyes of mercy, Jesus will pour out his love and will take to the glory of his Kingdom all those I put in my Heart.”

    First Wednesdays — Request & Promise

    When St. Joseph appeared on the first Wednesday of March 1998, he had a special request. With the First Friday and First Saturday devotions, he was giving us a companion devotion. He said,

    “On every first Wednesday of the month, my Chaste Heart pours numerous graces on all who rely on my intercession. On these Wednesdays, men will not receive a shower of simple graces, but very strong torrents of extraordinary graces! I will share them with those who honor me and rely on me, all the blessings, all the virtues, and all the love I received from my Divine Son Jesus and my spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary while still living in this world and all the graces that I continue to receive in the glory of paradise.”

    The request came with his great “promise to intercede before him for those who come to me, honoring this Heart of mine. I will give them the graces to be able to resolve the most difficult problems and urgent necessities, that to the eyes of man seem impossible, but that, through my intercession to God, will be possible. I grant the graces of my Heart to all sinners so they may convert.”

    (St. Joseph had made this same request during Our Lady of America’s apparitions in March 1958, asking us to recite the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in memory of his life with Jesus and Mary and the love he bore them and sorrow he suffered with them, plus receive Holy Communion with the love which he received the Savior and each time he held Jesus in his arms.)

    Confirmed by Wife Mary

    At the end of her husband’s appearances, the Blessed Virgin Mary made a promise herself. “All who honor the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph will benefit with my maternal presence in their lives in a special way.”
    “To those who ask of his Heart with trust, I promise to intercede before the Eternal Father, my Divine Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I will obtain for them, from God, the grace to reach perfect sanctity in the virtues of St. Joseph, this way reaching the perfect love in which he lived. Men will learn to love my Son Jesus and myself with the same love as my Most Chaste Spouse Joseph, receiving the most pure love from our Hearts.

    “My Son Jesus, my Chaste Spouse Joseph and I are at your side. Fear nothing, because our hearts will protect you always.”

    Reward for Spreading Devotion to St. Joseph

    There is yet something else St. Joseph said that’s we shouldn’t disregard.

    “[A]ll those who propagate the devotion to my Heart, and practice it with love, have the certainty of having their names engraved on it just as my Son Jesus’ cross and the “M” of Mary are engraved on it…”

    After all, “That all may spread devotion to my Heart, it is God Himself who asks it.

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    Thank you Purple Flower, I had heard of Itapiranga and Edson Glauber but didn't know how prominent St Joseph is. I'm so grateful to you for telling us about this! I wonder if there are any devotions produced in honour of St Joseph's heart?

    I have a copy of this lovely little book about St Joseph. I think it's out of print now but is worth looking out for. It has prayers at the back as well.


    Fr Calloway has written a book on Consecration to St Joseph which is widely available.
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    I haven't seen that first one, but I own the second. My husband and I began reading it together back in September but got sidetracked by the holidays. We will be restarting it shortly, along with beginning the First Wednesday devotion in January! I'm so excited, particularly because i had a special devotion to St. Joseph in my early 20's, where he answered every spiritual request I went to him for. I had read a book about him (I can't remember the title) and was very drawn to him.. perhaps a grace given through my mother, who prayed a special prayer to St. Joseph at my bedside every single night as I grew up.

    A few days ago, I looked on Etsy to find a plaque of St. Joseph to add to my prayer table, and when I came across a certain image of St. Joseph with the child Jesus, tears started pouring out of my eyes. I've looked at it several times, with the same reaction of tears. So I bought that one! I'll see if I can share the image here. It's so beautiful, and really portrays the strength and protection of St. Joseph.
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    Attached Files:

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    How beautiful. I love your personal testimony about the efficacy of prayer to St Joseph. I'd never really considered him which I'm sure is an oversight as when I was younger I yearned for a loving father figure. Last night I hunted out a box of little statues I'd never found a place for and there were two of the Holy Family, both wooden. I have a number of carved wood statues from Germany and I think these may be from there. So now I've got them out. Single statues of Joseph tend to be expensive if they are at all nice so I'm glad I found what I already had.

    The 'Go to Joseph' book is very small, so only pick it up if you can find it cheaply.

    Here's a question to consider: In 'Go to Joseph' the author states that when Joseph learnt that Mary was pregnant, he at no time believed it due to fornication. So what did he think then? It took an angel in a dream to reassure Joseph that the child was from God. Before that, Joseph was going to privately annul the betrothal. I am not sure I understand the logic of the author.
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    Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerick explains it well in her visons these are on you tube, type in "the life of St Joseph according to Blessed Ann Catherine Emerick".
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    I wonder how any followers of the current pseudo catholic cult (the new age holiness) inspired by the writings of Lusia Piccaretta, are able to reconcile, this year's dedication to St Joseph?!
    Are they aghast and what do they say?

    This year we contemplate St Joseph's supreme holiness! He was chosen by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to guard and protect the word made flesh and His most Blessed Mother; and we are exhorted to implore his power and protection under his many titles including the terror of demons!

    However in contrast to true Catholic teaching, the cult of Luísa Picaretta, teaches that Lusia who died in 1947 at the age of 81 is holier than St Joseph and all other saints before her!?!
    Is this years dedication to St Joseph a thorn in the cults side?

    What happens to the so called catholic "Jesus, Mary and Lusia" webs sites and blogs? Do they continue? Additionally what about the new age wicca sites of Lusia Piccaretta! how do they align the St Joseph's year to their beliefs ?

    Do they quickly assert a new teaching, by either adding or retracting from Luisa current writings? Its all very intriguing.

    Do they all simply say that a year dedicated to St Joseph by Our Holy Father is of no consequence? Adding that a year dedicated to Lusia Piccaretta will be proclaimed in the future by a someone who is considered to hear the voice of Jesus?

    St Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray for us throughout the year of 2021, but especially pray for the soul of lusia Piccaretta and her followers. May God have Mercy. Amen.
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    I wonder if anyone who knows the writings of Anne Catherine Emmerich could post some of her passages about St Joseph? I would love to learn more about him. As for Luisa Piccaretta, I haven't read any of her writings, but I'm always cautious about any movement which seems to involve a personality cult of some kind. God should be our chief focus and Our Lady as a guide to the life of holiness.
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    St. Joseph's name is written 56 times in the Book of Heaven (Luisa's writings). These are just a few of the times Jesus spoke about St. Joseph whom He loved beyond our understanding:

    “My daughter, I will give him (Luisa’s Confessor at that time) Heaven as recompense, and I will count him as the office of Saint Joseph and of my Mama, who, having assisted my Life on earth, had to go through hardships in order to nourish Me and assist Me. Now, since my Life is in you, I hold his assistance and sacrifices as if my Mama and Saint Joseph were doing them again for Me.”

    “In the grotto, Saint Joseph never left Me without the light of a little lantern at night; here in the Sacrament, how many times I remain in the dark also at night!”

    “But who were the spectators? Very few; and in the room of Nazareth the only spectators were my dear Mama and Saint Joseph.”

    “In the Incarnation I placed Myself at the mercy of my dear Mama; as I was born, Saint Joseph too was added, to whom I gave the gift of my Life.”

    “And just as I chose Saint Joseph to be together with Me and my Mama, as our cooperator, tutor and vigilant sentry for Me and for the Sovereign Queen…”

    “Then there was my dear father Saint Joseph who acted as a father to Me, and I felt all the joys which he felt because of Me.”

    “…and the Virgin Saint Joseph as my custodian, who acted as a father to Me, and who was so poor that he needed to work in order to sustain our lives.”

    “But in order to be able to say that I had my Kingdom, and to rule, I had to have ministers; and even though I had Saint Joseph as prime minister…”

    There are so many more times that Jesus spoke about him, but I am unable to post them all right now.
    Have a happy, blessed New Year!
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    continued from above:

    “And just as I did not depart for Heaven, but in the exile I remained in the midst of creatures, only with my Divine Mother and with Saint Joseph who knew Me very well and I formed their paradise on earth…”

    And this was a prayer that Our Blessed Mother taught Luisa to say (and also us): Today, to honor Me, you will come onto my knees and will recite fifteen Glory Be’s to thank the Lord for all the graces He granted Me up to the fifteenth year of my life, especially for having given Me the company of a man so holy, as was Saint Joseph.

    This also from Our Blessed Mother: “Now, you must know that for your Mama, for dear and sweet Jesus, and for Saint Joseph, the little house of Nazareth was a Paradise.

    Luisa herself was devoted to St. Joseph and said many prayers to him,

    “Most Holy Virgin, lovable Mother, come to my aid, obtain for me from your sweet Jesus and mine, grace and strength in order to do this obedience. Saint Joseph, my dear protector, assist me in this circumstance of mine.”

    “My family did not see him; I feel all numb and cannot defend myself, nor can I ask for help. Jesus, Mary, my Mama – help me! Saint Joseph, defend me from this danger!”

    “My ‘I love you’ flows in the water You drink, in the food You take, in the air You breath, in the rivers of love that pass between You and your Mama and Saint Joseph, in the prayers You do, in your ardent heartbeat, in the sleep You take. Oh! how I wish to be near You, to whisper to your ear: “I love You, I love You…. O Please! let your Kingdom come”.”

    Dear Saint Joseph, pray for us!
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    What you present above are noble thoughts; however, you and I know that Luísa categorically states that Saint Joseph lived only in the reflection of the divine will and moreover, Luísa states several times in her writings, that she is holier than St Joseph and all other saints that lived prior to her.

    So by presenting the above for consideration you are highlighting some of the many contradictions in Luísa’s writings.

    I suppose that the contradictions of Luísa’s writings in regard to St Joseph have surfaced again, is due to this precious year of dedication to St Joseph and additionally over this last month I have come across the nativity novena of Luísa that you posted on your thread the “new and divine holiness”.

    I was disturbed by Luísa’s Novena!, which is in clear contradiction to the teachings of Catholic Church! Below (in brown) is some of the content of Luísa’s short Christmas Novena!

    Luísa’s Christmas Novena, as posted on the "new and Divine holiness" thread! Luísa reports Jesus saying the following...

    *Inside Mary’s womb was an ‘abyss without end’ of suffering.

    *Look well at my little Head surrounded by a crown of thorns which, while cruelly piercing my skin, makes Me shed rivers of very hot and bitter tears from my eyes. These thorns, my child, Oh how cruelly they pierce Me a long coronation of nine months!

    *And as if this were not enough, it is not possible for Me to move even a hand, finger or foot. I remain immobile either because of the excruciating crucifixion I undergo, or because of the restricted space in which I live. I bore this continuous crucifixion for nine months!

    *What suffering I am enduring! The tight quarters of my prison give Me no room to move and produce untold anguish. The lack of light does not let Me see, gives Me much pain, and takes my breath away, breath which I must receive slowly through the respiration of my Mother.

    By the sixth hour of her meditation Luísa explains... “In this way Jesus, in anguish and pain, continued to narrate what his little Humanity suffered from pain, immobility and tortures in the womb of his Mother". Luísa is now in the womb of Mary, with Jesus (which is a lovely meditation of course) but Luísa reports Jesus saying……

    *"My child, do not leave me in such solitude and obscurity! Do not desire to exit from my Mother's womb

    * I was completely happy in the Bosom of my Father. There was no good that I did not possess but I divested Myself of every joy and felicity, My most ardent desire is to escape from my Mamma's maternal womb

    *This inestimable design of mine reduces my little Humanity, still unborn, to a state of agony so great as to make Me reach my last breath of life.

    *My Mamma's maternal womb was rendered so painful that I no longer felt capable of staying away from creatures.

    *My child, this Ninth Excess of my Love was none other than a continuous agony, from the first instant my Divinity entered the maternal womb to take on human spoils and there hide the Essence of my Divinity.

    * Know that had I not been helped by you, before it was time to emerge into the light of day, I would have been consumed by the excess of this new Love. Look intently at Me in the maternal womb. See how pale I have become. Listen to my agonized voice that grows always more feeble. Feel the palpitations of my Heart, which once beat fast but now is almost pulseless. Refrain from taking your eyes from Me. Look at Me well, because I am now dying.

    At the end of her meditation Jesus exclaims to Luísa,

    * 'In life, you will be the “all loving one” of my burial and, in death, you will have the “optimum part of my glory”. The end of Luísa novena

    I, like most Catholics, I believe, look to the Catholic Catechism, the magisterium, scripture and the teachings of our saints and doctors of the Church for our teachings. I have found that nowhere is it stated that Jesus was in agony while in the womb of Mary, in fact it is quite the contrary.

    In the book, “the Glories of Mary”, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, quotes the writings of Saint Athanasius, Saint Albert the Great, St Bridget, St Augustine, St Ambrose, St Bernard, St Bonaventure, Saint Gregory of Nicomedia and many more and we read that God the son, flew from the Eternal Heaven to occupy the Paradise of The Blessed Virgins womb!

    In St Louis De Montford's, "True devotion to the Blessed Virgin", we read specifically in stanza 18...
    God the Son came into the Blessed Mother's virginal womb, as the new Adam into his earthly paradise, to take his delight there and produce hidden wonders of grace. God-made-man found freedom in imprisoning himself in her womb. He displayed power in allowing himself to be borne by this young maiden. He found his glory and that of his Father in hiding his splendours from all creatures here below and revealing them only to Mary. He glorified his independence and his majesty in depending upon this lovable virgin.

    De Montfiord continues in Stanza 33... Saint Augustine, surpassing himself as well as all that I have said so far, says that in order to be conformed to the image of the Son of God "all the predestinate, while in the world, are hidden in the womb of the Blessed Virgin" where they are kept, nourished, cared for and developed by this good Mother, until the day she brings them forth to glory after death, which the Church calls the birthday of the just. This is indeed a mystery of grace unknown to the reprobate and little known even to the predestinate!” (True Devotion to Mary, n°)

    Mary is the ark of the covenant; the New Jerusalem; the house of Gold; and I firmly believe like the saints and doctors of the church that while in the Blessed Virgins womb, God the son and the Blessed Trinity Himself (because where God the son is, so too is God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit), the three persons of the Blessed Trinity found in their masterpiece being the Blessed Virgin Mary, consummate adoration, contented rest, sublime peace, absolute Joy and pure perfect love.

    God delighted in listening to the humble and exultant prayers of the most pure virgin, as well as the gentle beat of the Immaculate Heart, He was protected and shielded from all the evil intent of mankind, nourished not only through the purity of her holy and untarnished body by also by the Immaculate purity of her unblemished heart and soul.

    I think the main reason I am so disturbed by the Christmas Novena of Luísa that you posted, is because we know what our Lord explained to Sr Lucia of Fatima in May of 1930! Jesus said, there are five principle blasphemies and offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary which require reparation.

    These are:

    1. Blasphemies against her Immaculate Conception;
    2. Blasphemies against her Perpetual Virginity;
    3. Blasphemies against her Divine Maternity;
    4. Blasphemies by those who openly encourage indifference or even contempt in the hearts of children towards His Immaculate Mother, and
    5. The dishonouring of her images.

    Hence we are called to make the 5 first Saturdays reparation to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and to defend our Lady's Divine Maternity.

    I thank God for the Holy saints and Doctors of the Church that have did this through their writings and of course the Holy Catholic Churches Dogma's!
    You and me as Catholics are called, to not only make the 5 first Saturdays but actually live a life of defending and upholding the Majesty of Our Blessed Mother’s Divine Maternity! against all who blaspheme, defame and belittle the Blessed Virgin's Divine Maternity, these blasphemies against Our Lord's Mother offend and injure Our Lord's Divine Will and His Most Sacred Heart!
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