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Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Mar 5, 2021.

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    Someone from Derry who was on an online forum years ago used to say You'll never get into Heaven by backing out of hell. I don't know. A fear of hell is motivating I'm sure but the list of saints posted who see the greater majority of people as damned is depressing
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    I seem to recall Our Lady in Medjugorje told the seers the vast majority of souls go to purgatory
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    I suspect that what Our Blessed Lady might actually have said was that the vast majority of souls who get to heaven pass through Purgatory first.

    That very,very few souls go directly to heaven.
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    Yes that's how I recall it.
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    Actually no, I see now these are two different statements. I will see if I can find what she said
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  7. But it is also so comforting when St. Alphonsus continually ends his sobering teachings with hope-filled, loving prayers to Our Lord and, most especially, Our Lady which bring closure to each and show us the real reason for his sharing it all in the first place: to warn us how real is the danger of hell, and just how powerful and loving is God’s Mercy to a sincerely contrite and repentant sinner.
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    It does pierce the soul. In the Way of Divine Love Sister Josefa too saw souls falling into Hell but then Jesus said "Let me show you the souls entering heaven" and she saw wonderful streams of souls from purgatory or directly going to heaven. We must never give up on Our Lady. She will pull us in by our bootstraps if she has to and Jesus has made so clear in His words to Sister Josepha and Sister Faustina that He is Mercy itself and will do everything possible to bring us back to His Sacred Heart. Not to be presumptuous at all but we must not despair either. And our prayers for our loved ones are heard. I know this experientially.
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    This is my feeling and experience as well.
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    There used to be an Oncology Consultant in my last Hospital who having to deal with Cancer on a regular ongoing basis had to tell people that their illness was Terminal and give them a prognosis as to how long they had to live.

    The only problem being that he had big issues dealing with death, for what ever reason. So when the poor patients came into his office he'd be very brusque with them, tell them abruptly they were going to die in however many months and send them packing often in a State of semi hysteria and shock.

    The secretaries and nurses knew this and used to encamp outside his office to comfort and support the poor guys heading out of the office in a state of collapse.:)

    The Truth is such a strange thing. Often very difficult to handle one way or an other. Nowadays we hear at every Funeral that nearly everyone who died was a saint and therefore needs no prayers. Everyone makes mistakes rather than sins . That everyone will get to heaven and there is no such place as Hell.

    Would that Oncologist have been better not telling people the truth about their illness and approaching death? Of course not ; they needed to know.

    On the other hand he was wrong to hit them in the face with it at a million miles an hour.

    I think the problem nowadays is that we live in a Society where everything is thought to be the best in all possible worlds. Talking about things like hell, well they just won't take. Our Western culture won't swallow it. People won't even use the word Cancer or death

    It's the same as telling people they have cancer and that they are going to die. Many, many people simply refuse to believe it. They can't and won't take it in.

    It's the same when we talk in a real, this is going to happen, this exists way about hell. People simply cannot take it in. They can't get their heads wrapped round it.

    But as with Cancer, the fact that we might not believe it, does not make the Cancer go away. Reality is objective reality no matter how we may feel about it. Our Feelings do not make the truth vanish.
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  11. Yes to all!

    All this sobering truth makes me constantly want into run into the arms of Our Blessed Mother!
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    The greatest danger, I believe, is putting the vehicle of our spiritual lives on cruise. There is the danger that good habits turn into mere routine. I am tempted to look at good habits as guarantees. It is always helpful to read one of the greatest of saints, Paul, and commit to pressing forward! The race is not over until it's over!

    Philippians 3:12 Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. 13 Brethren, I do not consider that I have made it my own; but one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

    In fact, every plenary indulgence I've come across has that famous escape clause: necessary detachment from sin. So my conclusion is to avoid plateaus and let love propel me to the heights!

    2 Tim 4: 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith!
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    I believe this too AED:
    “And our prayers for our loved ones are heard. I know this experientially.”
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  15. Blizzard

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    Yes! This is what the Mother of God said.

    It makes perfect sense. God is just but also merciful. He is not a vengeful tyrant!

    So lets not be discouraged.

    Saints or theologians who said otherwise simply.... got it wrong!
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    Blizzard, I think you are right, that God is not a tyrant. Jesus I trust in You. I can look back at my own life and I have experienced the most tender mercies from Him.
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    Reminds me of something I saw long time ago (it might have even been here)
    “Its not surprising that their is a ‘stairway to heaven’ and a ‘highway to hell’ “

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