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Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Joan J, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    I have had unknown trouble saying the Rosary daily. I have prayed about it often asking for the needed grace or whatever. So today the idea came to me to limit my time here for a week & not post for the same. Replace that with a Hail Mary each time I'm inclined to post a comment or get on.

    With everything going on & coming, I feel compelled as we all do to pray more.

    Speaking of which, I want to ask prayers for another friend having very big marital problems. It's my neighbor. They have been some of the best neighbors. But she told me this week he has moved out, initially under the guise of setting his mom's affairs after she passed in March. Truth is, he is an alcoholic. She also discovered (was warned) he is also using cocaine! A neighborhood friend pointed out he was stoned, recommending she check his car. Sure enough, a baggie of white powder. He has become verbally very nasty to her, not wanting her around at all. She knows it's the intense shame he feels.

    They are not outwardly Christian & blended have 6 kids! She does believe in God. Her ex is over a lot to help. Her kids have joined friends at church youth group.

    The kids range from 11 - 18 ish.

    She is a dear friend. Loved my mom!

    They have been Bernie supporters. Yet she may be open to learning of other influences.
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    Will pray, I'm trying to cut-down on my internet time as well.

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