12 Medjugorje pilgrims killed bus crash

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    Prayers for all of these souls.
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    A tragedy in one sense--but in another sense they are now with Our Lady. To be brought home to heaven from a pilgrimage is to my mind a great grace.. But prayers for all concerned and their families.
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  5. may their souls rest in peace

    A Medjugorje website posted that on this day, the Feast of the Transfiguration, a miracle happened in 1981
    On August 6, 1981, the word MIR (peace) appeared written in the sky and seen by many people.
    It was on that day, during the apparition to the visionaries, that Our Lady gave her title for the first time, saying:
    I am the Queen of Peace
    Father Jozo stated:
    “I remember when we saw the word MIR (peace), written in large letters, shining in the sky above the cross on Mount Krizevac. We were shocked, unable to speak. Nobody dared to say a word. Slowly, we recovered. We realized we were still alive. "
    The following is the testimony of a villager named Sime Dodig:
    “It was Thursday, August 6, 1981. I left the house to go to Jurisa's fountain for a bucket of water. It happened at 18: 00-18: 30. Suddenly I saw, high in the sky, like a strip of blue color, on which were large letters. Then I was seized with great fear. Two students were nearby, Ivan Prlic and Marijana Zubac.
    I shouted, 'Children, do you see some letters in the sky?'
    'We see them', the children said with amazement ...
    At first I was afraid. But I immediately recomposed myself and saw that the word MIR was actually written on it. We, all kneeling, prayed aloud the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory, and other prayers. I started prayers and the children continued them ... "

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