1 Corinthians 1:17

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    1 Corinthians 1:17

    "For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power."

    About the meaning of this biblical passage: in addition to the action of the Holy Spirit, does the simplicity of language influence people to accept the preaching of the gospel? I would like to know the opinion of the forum members on this.
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    Thanks Luan for raising this great question. I look at this verse in context of the chapter. Imo , Paul is saying it’s not relevant on who baptized these early Christians/ they are not followers of the disciples but of Christ. And I think he also is saying preaching is again not dependent upon any human being ( some are good orators, others not). What is central is actually Christ - the good news is Christ himself/ Christ died and rose for each person/ that’s the “simplicity “ of the message.

    i often think Who does God choses to do his work- often the weakest and least likeliest. He chose Abraham, Moses, David to build his first covenant. And then Jesus chose and not very learned fisherman to build His Church. I think he does this to show it’s Him not through any human effort or skill that Results in His Will being done.

    Thank you again for asking this question. It’s always helpful to listen and learn how the Word of God concretely speaks to each of us.
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    Love the question and the answer by miker. My response is similar-Paul obviously talks a lot about suffering, and carrying our crosses. Suffering increases prayer which ultimately leads us to falling into the will of God. Which in turn will help salvage souls. One of my favorite examples of this in the Bible is when Jesus' disciples saw the man born blind and asked who sinned, him or his parents. Jesus not only says that sin wasn't involved for this man to arrive in this situation, but inversely says that this man suffers in order to give glory to God. Meaning, as miker alluded to, the meek, humble, and pure of heart are the best representation of the power of the cross because they themselves are seen carrying their own cross. As a personal example, I have a speech impediment and certainly cannot preach the gospel with wisdom and eloquence, but the suffering I've gone through because of it has produced many rosaries, those of which I would never have recited if I didn't go through personal suffering. And thus, because of the effects of my cross and many other's like me, Jesus' cross will never lose power.
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  4. AED

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    Beautiful Andrew.
    You are in good company.. Moses had a speech impediment. But God wouldn't let him off the hook. And look what Moses accomplished.
  5. Mario

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    I have cerebral palsy (CP) on my right side caused by lack of oxygen when my Mom was giving birth. As I was growing up, I was an easy target to be made fun of and that left a bitterness in my heart. CP was the reason for why I was where I was!:mad: But when the Holy Spirit impacted my life at the age of 23, and the Love of Jesus healed the alienation in my heart, suddenly CP became my greatest asset! Now I could look at the heart-pain in others and empathize with them, for if Jesus could even heal my heart then what heart can't He heal?:ROFLMAO:

    So yes, in Christ, when I am weak, then I am strong! Alleluia!:love:
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    Andrew and Terry - you are both powerful witnesses - thank you for sharing your crosses. We live in a world that says avoid the cross- dont pick it up. And your witness is the opposite- take up your cross and follow after me (Christ). It leads to Heaven/ even Heaven here on Earth despite of the challenges.
    I love that verse Terry- when I am weak I am strong. When it’s all just hands up - turned over to Christ- that’s when we are as powerful as we can be.

    Thanks again for sharing
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  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    Everyone has something that makes them less than perfect. This is a less than perfect world. But God can and does make us whole.
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    The Cure of Ars used to do Sunday School with the children but many, many adults used to come to listen to the saint. One of them was asked why he went and he said the words of St John touched the heart because all that he said came from his own heart. Heart speaks to heart in the meeting of waters.

    One of the great gifts of the internet is that on utube you can watch a number of great Catholic speakers at your leisure.

    I think at the end of the day we touch hearts more by what we are than by what we say.

    One of the visionaries at Medugorje asked Our Lady why she was so beautiful? She answered, 'I am beautiful because I love'. Love speaking to love is heart speaking to heart.

    I could name a number of my favourites.

    Mother Angelica.

    Fr Linus Clovis.

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

    Fr Ripperger.

    The Fathers at Sensum Fidelium.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

    I would say they usually all have one thing in common in that they are all very holy, some even saintly and they mostly tend to talk from the heart. Now and again one or two of them tend to move a little from the heart to more intellectual, more cerebral, more political or other realms. But their best talks came straight from the heart in very simple touching style.

    Jesus talked like that with great simplicity but incredible depth. If you listen to Our Lady's messages from places like Lourdes and Fatima, they are the same. A mother talking to her children very simply but from the heart.

    Such a way of talking requires great humility for the person doing so knows that they are merely instruments of the Holy Spirit and allow God to use them like musical instruments of love.
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