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Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Peter B, May 28, 2015.

  1. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Having discussed the ongoing Zaro/Ischia apparitions occasionally on the forum, and given that the messages to the alleged seers Simona and Angela on the 8th and 26th of each month are not translated into English anywhere, I will try to post translations here on a 'for your discernment' basis (as ever). My sense is that doing this is legitimate given that the local ordinary Mons. Pietro Lagnese is clearly taking the phenomenon seriously, having established an official diocesan theological/scientific inquiry by public decree on August 15th, 2014, soliciting testimonies of healings etc. Obviously if the outcome of this inquiry is negative then we can remove the thread, but I have to say that of the current batch of Italian purported apparitions and locutions, what I have studied of the Zaro material thus far strongly suggests that it merits attention. The messages appear to be substantially convergent with the international 'prophetic consensus'. It is perhaps worth noting that they usually begin with the words 'May Jesus Christ be praised', which in itself is at least a guarantee that they cannot be diabolical in origin.
  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Thankyou, Peter
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  3. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Madonna di Zaro. Message given to Simona, May 26th 2015.

    Today I saw [our] Mother all dressed in white, with golden edges to her garment; the veil on her head was very thin and studded with small golden points of light, around her head she had a crown of twelve stars, the mantle on her shoulders was light blue with golden edges, her arms were open in a sign of welcome; in her right hand was a long Holy Rosary, her feet were bare, resting on the world.

    Praised be Jesus Christ

    I am the Queen of heaven and earth, Mother of all peoples; I come to you to take you to the Redeemer; I am the means, not the end. He who comes to me, does not come to me, but to the One who sent me, the One for whom all is possible.

    My children, I come to take you all to my and your Jesus.

    Children, great catastrophes will befall this land[earth?], now increasingly attacked by evil. My children, now evil is spreading through it, surrounding it, hanging over it.
    My children, great catastrophes will strike, but do not fear, I am with you always, whether you wake or sleep. I breathe your sighs, I mop the sweat from your brows, I wipe the tears from your faces, I am always with you and I love you with an immense love.
    My children, strengthen yourselves with prayer, hold the Holy Rosary firmly in your hands.

    My children, make Holy Confession often: it reconciles you to the Lord; if you can, participate every day in the Holy Mass and feed on my Son.

    My children, I still ask you for prayer: hard times await you, my children, but do not fear, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. There will be great signs in the sky and on the earth; entrust yourselves to my Heart and I will lead you all to my and your beloved Jesus.

    I love you, my children, I love you.

    Now I give you my holy blessing.

    Thank you for having come running to me.
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  4. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Madonna di Zaro. Message given to Angela, May 26th, 2015

    This afternoon [our] Mother appeared all in white, the edges of Her garment were golden. Her arms were open and in her right hand was a long Holy Rosary, on her head a crown of twelve stars, [with] the world under Her bare feet. The edges of his cloak were held up by many little angels singing a sweet melody. [Our] Mother was happy, but very preoccupied.

    Praised be Jesus Christ

    Dear children, thank you that today once more many of you have answered this call of mine.

    I love you, children, I love you immensely and if I am here once again among you in my blessed woods, it is in order to save you.

    Little children, today I ask you once more to pray: pray from your heart, not with your lips. Little children, prayer is not a chant, but (a) praise to God.

    Learn to pray with the heart, free your head from all that keeps you bound to the goods of this earth; learn how to pray and to make your heart beat with love for my Son Jesus.

    My most beloved children, it is very important that you pray in your families, that you pray every day, because as the body needs food in order to maintain itself, so your soul needs to sustain itself through prayer, confession, the Eucharist.

    I ask you, children, not to omit any of these things; it is important that you learn to live as good Christians. Then, besides all this, [good] works must not be lacking.

    I ask you to listen to me! I am your Mother.

    Today I am passing among you in order to touch you, to heal you, to wipe your tears and wipe the sweat from your brows. Today, little children, I grant you many graces and give you conversion of the heart. I ask, I knock, but you [have to] let me come in, do not leave me begging, let me become the Queen of your hearts, in order that I might grant you Peace.

    Today I am healing many young people, the neurologically ill, a person suffering from multiple sclerosis, someone suffering from a serious heart disease, a person who can not have children and people affected by serious and incurable illnesses.

    Finally, I prayed the Our Father together with [our] Mother; She blessed everyone in a particular way, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen
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  5. Heidi

    Heidi Archangels

    Thanks for posting this, Peter.
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  6. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Thanks to yourself and Andree for going to all this trouble.

    It is kind of sad to think that without these translations we would never know.:)

    I am a little surprised more translation into English is not done at a lot of these places. You'd think it would be the very first thing folks would think off; to get them out there....

    I suppose they have other things on their minds.:)
  7. Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Guest

    The Feb. 8 2015 message to Simona was serious. The imagery she saw was something we should pray about. In the message it seems that so much rides on the decisions Pope Francis will make.
  8. andree

    andree Archangels

    Thanks Peter for translating these. I've heard about Zaro in France through someone with good discernment and have read a bit about the history of these apparitions, the visionaries and the many fruits. I just wanted to add that Sulema also has several messages asking for prayers for Pope Francis so that he will make the right decisions and also for Pope Benedict who still needs our prayers even as our Pope Emeritus.
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  9. Messaggio della Madonna di Zaro del 08.03.2015 - dato a Simona

    "una grande scissione ci sarà in essa (Chiesa), soffrirà molto e con essa tutti i veri cristiani, i miei veri figli, coloro che mi amano con amore vero."

    "There will be a great schism in the church and the true christians, who really loves Me, will suffer a lot..."
  10. Messaggio della Madonna di Zaro del 26 giugno 2014 - dato ad Angela

    "Pray a lot for Pope Francis, hard times await him..."

    "My daughter, there will be in St. Peter's a serious and tremendous division: see the walls are stained with blood, the blood of the martyrs; there will be an uproar. If you do not pray, all of this will happen very soon.

    "The dome of St. Peter's was full of smoke. Peoples in turmoil gathered in St. Peter's, people in riot. There were races that clashed with each other. It was dark, there was no light, many fought and many were lying on the ground lifeless. The dragon passed among the corpses and laughed; He was very happy. People were trying to talk to each other, but they don't understand each other. The earth was shaking, trembling all over."
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  11. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Message of Our Lady of Zaro, June 8, 2015 – given to Simona

    I saw our Mother all dressed in white, with a long gray mantle embroidered with tiny points of light that came from her head down to her feet and was wrapped around her; around her head was a crown of twelve small and very bright stars small, her right hand rested on her chest and her left towards us, as if her hand was held out to us.

    Praised be Jesus Christ

    "My dear children, I love you, but alas, my children, my heart is torn to see that you have not yet opened your hearts to the Lord; you are still hardened, you are still looking for the futile things of this world, you are still not finding time for prayer.
    My children, how long will the Lord wait? How much longer will he grant me the grace of coming down among you?
    My children, humanity is now in jeopardy, influenced by evil, distant from the love of God.
    Convert, my children, open your hearts to the love of God the Father, learn how to live the gospel, to follow it and put it into practice; the gospel is the light that illuminates your path that leads to my and your beloved Jesus.
    My children, do not always be putting off the time to pray; prayer is necessary now to draw closer to the Lord, to learn to be His children, to walk on the road that leads to your salvation, that passes through my Immaculate Heart so as to reach to most loving heart of my Son.
    He gave His life for you, for each one of you, for your salvation.
    My children, God the Father, in his immense love, created you all free, and I, as your mother, want your salvation, so I keep calling you to prayer: for you, for your salvation. I love you my children, I love you.
    Now I give you my holy blessing,
    Thank you for having come (running) to me."

    Message of Our Lady of Zaro, June 8, 2015 – given to Angela

    This evening I saw our Mother all dressed in white; the edges of her dress were golden. The edges of her dress were not only golden, but seemed to glisten, as did the great mantle wrapped around her it was [like] a veil but resplendent. She had a large closed scroll in her hand and a long white Holy Rosary, which came almost all the way down to her feet. Under her feet was the world, with the serpent upon it, which our Mother held firmly with her right foot; on her head was a crown of twelve stars, and to her right was Jesus on the Cross. His body was meagre, the flesh in tatters, and he was sweating blood; on his head was a crown of thorns, and the blood of Jesus was falling to the ground; beneath the cross there were many people who were shouting out to be healed: "Blood of Jesus, heal us." Many voices could be heard shouting this.

    Praised be Jesus Christ

    "Dear children, this evening I once more come among you to heal and convert you.My children, I ask you to pray greatly for the conversion of humanity. Pray with insistence, I need your help. Beloved children, look at everything they did to my Son Jesus so many years ago, but alas also continue to do. Every time that you blaspheme, you not only stray from him but put him back on the cross. For each Communion made in mortal sin, you not only eat your [own] condamnation, but you continue to mock him; for every sin against the Holy Spirit, you ensure that the gates of the underworld open, and thus you are destined for eternal Hell.
    Please, my children, do not put my and your Jesus on the cross again. Adore the cross, place yourself in adoration before it, in front of the tabernacle ... it is there that the greatest graces come, that is where the heart opens to God and is flooded with love and graces.
    Jesus is truly living in the most Blessed Sacrament of the altar and it is there that he waits for you night and day, in order that you might be converted.
    Please learn to pray the Holy Rosary; do not just move your lips but make your heart throb with love.
    I love you, little children, I love you immensely, and I want all to be saved."

    Finally our Mother blessed everyone.
    In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    source: http://cenacolimariapellegrina.blogspot.fr/
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  12. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    I like the exhortations to pray the Rosary, to go to Mass and to Confession. These gentle reminders are what I expect to hear from the heavenly realm and seem to me to lend a bit of credibility to an apparition. I am a bit leary of the ones that omit reminders of the necessity for spiritual advancement and prayer.
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  13. Jada

    Jada New Member

    I want to thank you Mr. Peter B. These messages are so beautiful yet dire in their context! May The Blessed Virgin Mary bless all on the Mother of God forum.
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  14. Peter B

    Peter B Powers


    Message of the Madonna of Zaro given to Simona, June 26, 2015

    I saw Mother all dressed in white, with the crown of twelve stars around her head; her arms were open arms in a sign of welcome, on her chest was a heart surrounded by the crown of thorns, her bare feet were resting on the world and under her right foot there was the old enemy in the form of a serpent.

    May Jesus Christ be praised

    "Dear children, I love you, I love you immensely. My children, I am happy to see you gathered here in my blessed woods; I receive your prayers and place them at the feet of God the Father.

    My children, God, the Father of immense mercy, loves you with an infinite love, He knows each one of you and loves you.

    My children, I come to bring you a message of love and to warn you of what can happen, to put you on your guard, so that you may open your hearts and entrust yourselves to the Lord.

    Children, whatever trial you may be living, offer it to the Lord, say your "yes", your "here I am" in complete freedom; nothing is imposed on you, but requested with immense love.

    My children, open your hearts to the grace of the Lord and He will do wonders in you.

    (Then I saw Jesus on the cross and a soldier struck him in the chest with a spear and came out blood and water. Then Mother continued)

    Behold my children, my beloved Jesus gave his whole self to the last drop of blood for you for your salvation; my children, nourish yourselves with the blood and body of my and your beloved Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, confess so as to be forgiven. My children, there is no sin so great that it cannot be forgiven if you approach the Lord with a contrite and humble heart.

    Ask forgiveness humbly and with love through holy confession.

    My children, as the Lord forgives you, forgive your brothers, do not bear grudges, do not be irate and hostile, but open your heart to the Lord and He will flood it with true love and will give you the strength to face any difficulty.

    I love you my children!

    Now I give you my holy blessing.

    Thank you for having come running to me."

    Message of the Madonna of Zaro to Angela, June 26, 2015

    This afternoon, Mother appeared as Mediatrix of Graces and Queen of All Peoples. Mother was dressed in a very pale pink dress, her mantle was emerald green and completely enveloped her. On her head was a queen's crown and in her hand was a large rosary of light which she held with both hands. The chain was very large and the beads were big and made of light.

    May Jesus Christ be praised

    "Dear children, thank you that today too you have responded in large numbers to this call of mine. I love you, little children, and I desire for each one of you to be saved.

    Most beloved children, I beg you once more to surrender to God and allow His grace to enter into you.

    Children, I beg you once more not to waste words when you pray, but do it with your heart. God already knows every little thing and every request that you want to make to him. Please, open your hearts and be converted. Children, the world is now increasingly under the dominion of evil. Please, children, God has a great project of love for each one of you that he wants to realize with you and for you.

    My children, today I come to you as the Mediatrix of graces in order to give you all the graces you need.

    My daughter, I ask you once more to strengthen yourselves with prayer, reciting the four* [sets of?] mysteries of the Holy Rosary every day, to feed yourselves with My Son Jesus and to confess with greater frequency, so that you might be firm in your faith and not fall into the enemy's net.

    Pray for the Church and for my beloved Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ.

    Today I give you all a special blessing and bless all the priests and religious men and women present here."

    In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    [* It is not clear whether "quattro misteri" is simply a mistake or means the four sets (including the Luminous mysteries)]

    Message of the Madonna of Zaro given to Angela, July 8, 2015

    Tonight Mother appeared all dressed in white; the edges of the dress were golden, on her head she had a crown of twelve stars.
    In her folded hands was burning a tiny flame, and a long all-white holy rosary reached almost all the way down to her feet.
    Her feet were bare and rested on the world, on the world was the enemy [looking] like a dragon with its mouth wide open. Mother held it firmly with one foot (her right); it had a long tail which flapped strongly. Mother had on a great white mantle; beneath it were hundreds of people praying the holy rosary.

    May Jesus Christ be praised

    "My dear children, thank you for having responded this evening in large numbers to this call of mine.

    My children, I love you, I love you immensely and my greatest wish is to see you all saved.

    Little children, today I come to you as the Queen and Mother of families.

    Children, please pray for families and in families; be a light that shines in the darkness. Teach children to pray the holy rosary, be true domestic schools; do not be afraid of being judged - they also judged My Son Jesus, but he did not pull back: He gave His life for you.

    My children, you see this little flame that I have in my hands, do not let it die out: you are children of the light, not of darkness ... the darkness will not win this battle, but help me, hold the holy rosary tightly in your hands and pray . Through prayer you can defeat every kind of evil. The holy rosary is a most powerful weapon, and I have told you so many times; all these years, through my presence, I have invited you so many times to use it. Please do not use it as a talisman, but as a chain of love that opens the door of God's heart.

    Today I am passing among you and l give you all a special blessing, but above all I bless the families."

    In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Message of the Madonna of Zaro given to Simona, July 8, 2015

    I saw Mother, she had on a very pale pink dress, a pink belt at the waist, a light blue cloak on her shoulders, a white veil on her head and around her head a crown of twelve stars, arms open in a sign of welcome, and with both hands she was holding a holy rosary made of drops of ice; her feet were bare and rested on the world, crushing the head of the old enemy in the form of a serpent.

    May Jesus Christ be praised

    "Dear children, here I am coming among you once more.

    My children, seeing you here this evening fills my heart with joy; I welcome your prayers, I lay my hands on the heads of some of you to heal you both physically and spiritually.

    My children, open your hearts, allow the grace of the Father to enter, let the Holy Spirit blow who shapes and moulds you.

    My children, place your right hand on your heart and listen to your heartbeat; the heart of God the Father beats in unison with yours, because He loves you, he loves you with an immense love; do not reject His love, let yourself be rocked by His immense love like newborn babes in the arms of their mother.

    My children, once again I come to tell you that hard times await you; I tell you this my children, not in order to scare you, but to make you understand that this is no longer the time to waver, and to wait, but the time to decide, to decide whether to be with the Lord or against Him. There are other roads , other routes, or you are with him or against him.

    My children, the time of doubt, of "but" and "if", is over, now it is time to decide; you can no longer be lukewarm, remaining between the two choices is no longer granted to you: either with the Lord or against [Him].

    I love my children and I want you all to be saved.

    My children, pray, convert your hearts, entrust yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and be not afraid.

    Children, I give you a special blessing, I also bless all those whom you carry in your hearts.

    Thank you for having come running to me. "
  15. The phrase in red truly struck me because I've been bringing Holy Communion at the hospital and people only seldom are interested in the Eucharist. And yet everyone, even non Catholics, are after a Rosary. Regrettably I often feel it is used as a talisman ...

    Blessed Mother, help us to convert our hearts so that we will invite to conversion by our live!
  16. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    noun (pl) -mans
    a stone or other small object, usually inscribed or carved, believed to protect the wearer from evil influences
    anything thought to have magical or protective powers
  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I notice here that Our Lady comes , Crowned with Stars and with Satan under her Feet. This is a clear reference to the Book of Revelations. The strong implication being that we are living in the world the events foretold in scripture.

    It may be a little childish but I always pay special attention to the way Our Lady is dressed , I notice how on each occasion she comes robed differently and in a special way. This reminds me of the Liturgy of the Church were the priest comes out each day vested differently. When I was young and used to prepare the vestments in the sacristy I used to love this bring out the chausible in different colours.

    St Gertrude and St Mechtilde, her spiritual daughter, in their visions of heaven spend a very great deal of time describing how the souls of the just and the angels are robed in heaven. There is a message too in how Mary is robed each day, I suspect.


    'A wonderful vision is recorded in which St. Gertrude assisted at a mystical Mass in Heaven while the priest was offering the Holy Sacrifice in the convent church. Our Lord, true Priest and Supreme Pontiff, was the celebrant; the saints and heavenly hosts acted as ministers and choir. At the elevation of the host on earth, Our Lord in Heaven rose from His throne and presented to God the Father, with His Own Hands, His Sacred Heart under the form of a golden altar. Thus St. Gertrude learnt that the sacred liturgy links Heaven and earth, the Church doing for Christian souls below what the Saviour does above. The oneness of the spiritual life on earth and in Heaven is indeed the supreme lesson of St. Gertrude's mysticism and the key to many of her visions. 'She soars to Heaven,' says Aubrey de Vere in the course of a beautiful panegyric on St. Gertrude, to fmd there in a resplendent form, the simplest of those truths which are our food on earth . . . Her special gift was realisation; what others admitted, she believed; what others believed, she saw. It was thus that she felt the co-presence of the supernatural with the natural, the kingdom of spirit being to her not a future world, but a wider circle clasping a smaller one. From this feeling followed her intense appreciation of the fact that all earthly things have immediate effects on high. If a prayer is said on earth, she sees the sceptre in the hand of the heavenly King blossom with another flower; if a sacrament is worthily received, the glory of His Face flashes lightning round all the armies of the blessed. That such things should be seen by us may well seem wonderful; that they should exist can appear strange to no one who realises the statement that when a sinner repents there is joy among the angels in Heaven.''

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  18. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Deep reflection by St Gertrude. Thanks.
    Intresting you quote Rev 12, Mother Angelics show today is on Rev 12. St Michael and the war in Heaven was over our Lady as Queen of Heaven.

    originally aired sept 29,1998
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  19. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Simona-July 8th! Post # 14.

    My children, the time of doubt, of "but" and "if", is over, now it is time to decide; you can no longer be lukewarm, remaining between the two choices is no longer granted to you: either with the Lord or against [Him].

    My heart is so convicted. There is no time to spare. The thunder of the Storm is now heard and in the west are dark clouds. The time to speculate is over. We must share the love of Jesus, now! Yes, fulfill your daily responsibilities, but offer them all to Our Lady! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray and fast!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  20. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Message of Our Lady of Zaro given to Simona, July 26, 2015

    I saw [Our] Mother dressed all in white, with golden edges to her dress, holding a Holy Rosary, with on her head a white veil and the crown of twelve stars.

    Praised be Jesus Christ
    "My dear children, here I am once more coming to you as Queen of heaven and earth; I come to bring you a message of love and peace, I come once more to ask you for prayer, prayer for my beloved Church, which is now surrounded by evil and, alas, evil has penetrated into it, like an evil that corrupts and consumes everything.
    Pray, my children, pray.
    Dear children, still you persist in seeking faith, hope, love on wrong roads, on roads that lead nowhere.
    My beloved children, the only true way which leads to peace, to love, is Jesus, truly alive in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar; there is no other way!
    If only you understood, my children, how great the love of the Father is for each one of you.
    My children, God the Father has a plan of infinite love for each one of you, open your hearts and let yourselves be moulded by the Lord's love.
    I love you, my children, I love you immensely, if only you understood this!
    Now I will give you my holy blessing.
    Thank you for having hastened to me."

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