Why the Traditional Latin Mass and not the Novus Ordo Mass

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    A Review of the Mass of the Americas
    [​IMG] Mark Nowakowski November 27, 2019

    An excerpt from the article, (with emphases being mine - SgC):

    "That EWTN would televise such a work in the context of the traditional liturgy, and that it should be so highly anticipated, well attended, and enthusiastically received online by pre-eminent experts in sacred music, is proof of the significance of the event and the power of sacred music and traditional liturgy. So many Catholics yearn for this to be the normal life of the Church again and are ready to do a great deal to support such a renewal.

    Implicit in this liturgy and great composition is a powerful invitation: for those looking to renew the dwindling audiences for Catholic mass media, as well as those looking to sponsor events capable of renewing our society, you just can’t go much better than beautiful authentic Catholic art, music, and architecture married to the Mass of the Ages. This is the only future where triumph is possible, and this future will get here all the faster if the relevant patrons and gatekeepers in our culture heed the call to support authentic renewal. The liturgy is, after all, the mother of every other good the Church can accomplish.

    In an era of so much bad news in the Church, what can be said about what took place at the Shrine? Perhaps here we see that God is still in charge of His Church, will send us the balm we need to persevere through dark days, and will ultimately affect the necessary renewal for the continuation of authentic Catholicism in his own time and way. Perhaps it is in these continued gestures of loving fealty — a beautiful Mass, a faithful homily, a composer toiling toward the pursuit of Beauty, the thankless work of rebuilding one institution after another, which will echo in the darkness every time, moving things slowly, through the Blessed Mother, toward the renewal of our beloved Mother Church."

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