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Where is God?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Where Is God? He's no longer around to reverse extreme evil. He is not around to guide and protect a national destiny originally dedicated to Him with which he desired to transform the world. America and the judiciary caved to the bullies, atheists, abortionists, pornographers, and dissolute to drive Him from our homes, schools, entertainment, military, and national life.

    God has not bought forth these things and we will not survive His absence. Evil, chaos, disorder, confusion, never contracts, it always expands unless met with a godly opposing force. He will no longer bind up our wounds, but let us have our way as we hurry along on the path of self-destruction. It is going to be a rough ride and many will not finish the journey well.


    That the Father would allow this poor humanity to continue on its course of self-destruction, much like the prodigal son. It is not the prospect that fire may fall from heaven that is troubling to me, but that men themselves would rain down fireupon each other with their nuclear weapons; that we would continue The Great Poisoning of our children and grandchildren; that Islam would continue to spread its Jihad against freedom; that ethnic cleansing would continue to rage; that Satan would continue to possess and inspire lone terrorists; that pornography would continue to destroy our young men and fathers; that the Church would continue to compromise and quarrel; that progressive governments would continue to re-write the natural law while banning freedom of speech and religion; that corporations would continue to exploit and manipulate; that economies would continue to oppress and enslave. No, it is not the Father in Heaven who I am afraid of, but what man himself can and is doing to himself.
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  2. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    The diabolical disorientation is all around us. God is withdrawing and allowing man to continue shutting Him out, to our peril. He will step in to stop us from destroying ourselves, but how bad will it get before that happens? I have a new grand-baby and it is a tad worrisome thinking about her future. I do trust in God by putting possible future chastisements out of my head and trying to live one day at a time. But the thoughts still creep in... All we can do is pray, pray, pray.. and trust!
  3. God is everywhere.
    That's a fact that all Catholics need to remind themselves of.

    In addition God is omnipotent so nothing happens that is not willed or permitted by God.

    Prayer and trust in Gods goodness to humanity is essential.
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