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Where Are We At Now With Prophecy and Signs of our Times?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Fatima, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Now that Obama is out of office and Trump is in office it is a fact that at least two alleged prophecies have failed. 1) Charlie Johnson 2) Natan's NDE prophecy on Obama being Gog.

    This being said, one has to ask where are we at with other prophecies? Can we trust any of them? Should those who followed these prophets and their prophecies hang their head, perhaps like some may have did when Nineveh was not destroyed as Jonah predicted? Did God hear the cry of the faithful and reward the their faith, penances, prayer and trust and give pause to his justice? Has America been given its Nineveh moment and will other countries like France and Germany follow suit? So many questions, yet know one can answer with true assurance what the mind of God is at any moment in this regard.

    One thing is true at this moment and that is there is some renewed sense of hope here in America that faith, common sense and a willingness to roll up the sleeves of this government to undo socialistic/communistic agenda's that our politicians have put on course for the country in the past several years. One more thing is true, at all times, and that is Satan is more clever than all the world put together (as he is the prince of this world) and he still has a plan as well. He sees a battle lost with some of his useful idiots now gone in the government, but it seems likely their will be others to fill their shoes.

    So where does this leave us at this time in God's plans? Surely all of us are most concerned with what goes on in the house of God, his Church. This has always been my greatest concern, as when it is falling we all fall and when it rises the whole world rises. The schism within the church unfolding rapidly at this moment should concern us all. Father John Hardon SJ, told us in his men's retreats 30 years ago that the church then was in schism defacto! It seems the 'defacto' is now is entering full bloom.

    Secondly, if anyone has eye's to see and ears to hear they know apostasy of the faith is growing leaps and bounds. Just look around your empty pews in Church. Look at the old age of the parishioners (I am not speaking of the few of you that have found one church in your populated city, but the average church in every town and city). One only has to attend any number of Catholic homilies and listen to social justice homilies one after another and never hear one on sound doctrines/teachings of the faith, as this might upset the money basket.

    Thirdly, look at the lawlessness within every place in the world. Uprising, godless killings, war and rumors of war from nearly every country with weapons of mass destruction. This by itself could change the face of the world we have known.

    Fourthly, look at mother nature and all its bubbling fury. Birds and animals falling dead with no explanations. Earthquakes and volcanoes heating up and erupting all over the globe.

    Bottom line, prophecy is being fulfilled and while some of the specifics did not come to fruition (at least as most of us would have anticipated) we are deep into Matthew 24 on the tribulation that was foretold. We had better keep fasting and praying and not get complacent, as if other prophecies like those on Obama that did not come true, will not come to fruition at any moment. These are uncertain times with much evil lurking in our midst.
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  2. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Let's ask this.. when is the last time a prophecy was correct? I know there are a lot of defenders of the other ongoing ones right now. But when you call for grounds to shake and volcanoes and earthquakes for every country once a week, I don't call that prophecy. Yes they may have great messages about being closer to God, but so did Charlie. His message was fine, he was just wrong. The message for these other ones is fine too, but what are they really saying, times are bad? That could make me a prophet too because I can tell you that.

    We have real issues with morality in our world today. We have real issues in the Church with messages from the top that are NOT as clear as they should be. But none of that means the end times are coming.

    Has anyone read Jimmy Aiken's book on Revelations? http://shop.catholic.com/understanding-revelation-decoding-the-bible-s-most-mysterious-book.html

    Many of you probably know Jimmy from Catholic Answers Live. He things most of revelations that we look for signs happened in Roman times and we are looking for things that have already happened.

    The ONLY one right now that I have any faith in, and it may not be as strong as it was a few years ago is Garabandal... ok and Medjugorje maybe. But any other one I have no faith in right now.
  3. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Where are we now with prophecy? I hope "we" are:
    • More skeptical
    • More open to hearing views of those who disagree
    • Less nasty in responses
    I also hope there will be fewer X-Files science/Art Bell theology threads with doom from outer space, etc. Many of these skate dangerously near New Age beliefs and are unworthy of a purportedly Catholic website.
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  4. Little Me's Big Brother

    Little Me's Big Brother 1.21 jigawatts

    Fatima and Akita (y)
    Garabandal, Medjugorje, Padro Regis, Julie Whedbee, Verne, Alex Jones, and Bo Bo the circus chimp (n)
  5. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    God is not limited to speaking his plans to church approved only prophecy. There should be no doubt about this. Prophecy is not essential to ones faith, it is given for us by God to forewarn and prepare, lest one be left out of the ark when the water rises in our own environment. Furthermore, scriptures do not only talk about the great apostasy within the church, but many other events from natural disasters, war, plagues etc.. that the world will have to deal with. To close ones heart, eyes and ears to hear what God is revealing is not wise IMHO> I like what Peter B said long ago, and that is to check what you are reading along with the consensus of church prophecy as a gauge to its credibility. Charlie's and Natan's specific message on Obama was not held with this consensus of alleged prophecy, as was not MDM or LTTW. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water as it pertains to Amos 3:7 "for surely the Lord God reveals his plan to his servants his messengers".
  6. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

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  7. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I have said it many times, but I would just reiterate here, I would advise people to stick with approved prophecy. Don't look to the "prophet of the month". I am not saying that there are no actual apparitions happening right now. What I am saying is that there are probably A LOT more false ones than real ones. How are we to know the difference? We really can't. Besides that, honestly the approved apparitions and prophecies are a heck of a lot more interesting that the unapproved ones anyway.

    My personal opinion is that the devil is "flooding the market" right now to drown out any true messages from Our Lord and Our Lady like Fatima, Quito, etc. Also he is trying to take away the time we should be spending in prayer and attending to our daily duties.

    At the very least please put these messages into different categories. Put the approved ones first and the unapproved in a much lower category. That is what I do. I do not say there are no actual prophetic things happening now, but I would not change my life around because of what "Joe's Angel" is telling him. You honestly have no idea who you are taking directions from.

    We know all we need to know from approved prophecy at this point:
    -Prepare spiritually and physically for hardships ahead.
    -The coastlines and areas near large bodies of water are unsafe.
    -There may be great wars, famines, plagues, etc. - be ready for them with food and supplies if you feel called to.
    -We are to do lots of prayer and penance, penance, penance!!!
    -Do your First Fridays and First Saturdays! - This is of utmost importance for you and your loved ones.
    -Trust in Mary, this is Her time.
    -Honor the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts together now. I don't think there is much more pleasing to God right now. You can even do an enthronement in your home.
    -Stick to what the Church has always done everywhere and always. Don't lose your faith in the confusion that is to come.
    -Try to become a saint. Be humble. Love. God will always shine His grace on the small ones.
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  8. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I don't read Natan in the same category as....Charlie Johnston?? Really! Obama did execute the beginning of the big war in the illegal (security breach in and of itself) and fraudulent "deal" with Iran that has enabled them to continue on in their nuke goal to, if possible, destroy Israel as well as the U.S. (their "other" satan). And that did take place in 2015 to everyone who hasn't been paying attention as to that major effect. This deal is backed by all other nations within the UN who thus have also enabled the future ease of disarming their mutual enemy, Israel. And that enabling continued with one of the last actions by Obama with huge future repercussion for Israel, leaving them completely abandoned, and super charging all of the other nations who were just waiting for the U.S. to anoint their mutual hatred for Israel and given them the excuse for a future attack. And that of course came via the "Security Council"!

    People can be purists....that's probably why the simple and less educated are chosen for the vessels for God's warnings for such messages have meanings that are blocked by those with only "educated" traditionally framed expectations. One great thing JPII did was to emphasize REASON with Faith (so it's not just blind faith that only thinks when given permission from a cleric who in so many cases themselves have purposefully missed the mark when it comes to discernment of the yet unknown. Such "anointed" clerics who themselves are often scared to death to touch anything within private revelation with a ten foot pole often dismiss really important messages simply because they want it officially buried as fast as possible to make their lives easier).

    Obama IS responsible for such major forced agreements with repercussions into the future and may just find his next "gig" in another major position within this NWO or CIA enabled completion of what is currently a done deal for Israel, except for what Trump could possibly mitigate....and such "mitigation" may be what forces him as well into the Middle East fray if defense of Israel alone becomes necessary within his Christian responsibilities. So when the final "boom" occurs it will be seen as having had its beginning with Obama who joined with the other nations against Israel "officially". When that takes place or comes to pass depends on the evolving scenario up until those wicked and illegal deals already inserted into history by him are actualized. Gog and Magog include a "person" and the land he represents. Obama from the beginning has represented truly the lands outside of the U.S. or namely, our sworn enemies' territories more than the U.S. He can now continue to represent the intentions of those lands as his own in truth. From the beginning Obama has always represented those lands who have had destructive intentions against the U.S. His family and personal connections have always represented the same. So Obama being seen as the one who leads all the nations against Israel has had its initiation through what only the U.S. alone could do through him at the time.
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  9. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I think much of what you say is wise. Most are deceived easily it seems. However, All should pay attention to prophecy and put into practice what is taught in deepening our faith. The "unapproved" messages of Kibeho, which few adhered to and a million were killed in 90 days for lack of adherence to them, were basic Catholic teachings of prayer, penance, fasting and spreading the gospel message. Warnings of grave consequences, like many today, for not putting into practice the aforementioned is what I fear is likewise happening in the Church today. Its called indifference or apathy to what heaven is calling all to do at this grave moment prior to the great purification.
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  10. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    It is surely possible that Natan misunderstood Omaha's roll as it pertained to Israel. When I first watched his NDE video and he mentioned Obama as Gog, I did not believe it. It is possible that he put some human/worldly understanding to what he was shown. I wished Rabbi had gotten more specific with him on this issue. I would have liked to dug a little deeper into exactly what he was show as it pertained to Obama. If the UN, which Obama was clearly the linch pin to the anti-Israel resolution, and what becomes the destruction of Israel is what he was shown him, then clearly he is still believable. But, Obama can no longer lead the US troops against Israel with the 70 United Nations, as he is not longer commander and chief. Guess we will never know the details of his vision.
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  11. Verne dagenais

    Verne dagenais Principalities

    I think we are at the moment of the Akita prophecies. That prophecy should be enough to cause reflection. The signs are straightforward and just looking with open eyes is all any of us needs.
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

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  13. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Thank You :)
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  14. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

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  15. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    What you said is correct. All approved prophecy was unapproved at one point. It all has to start somewhere.
    We should not despise prophecy. We should just be wary of it :)

    If people are truly interested in prophecy I think they should study the guidelines the Church uses. They have been looking at these things for 2,000 years.

    One basic rule of discernment the Church uses that I have found most helpful is that true messages from Heaven are usually infrequent and few words are conveyed. Mary, a saint, angel, etc. will appear only a handful of times with very important messages. They don't just keep appearing every day and shoot the breeze.

    Voluminous amounts of messages are a good sign that it is a deceptive agent at work.
    Two reasons are given for this:
    1. The devil loves to hear himself talk.
    2. If he buries us in false messages it will be a job in itself sorting through them all and eat up the time we might be spending in prayer, attending our family, etc.

    Another good rule of thumb the Church uses is that true messages from Heaven don't talk about the mundane.
    Do the messages mention cell phones? The stock market?
    These are not the concerns of Heaven.
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  16. djmoforegon

    djmoforegon Archangels

    What we really don't know is how powerful the globalists and their shadow government really is. In my opinion, it is still very possible for Obama to finish what he has started. His power and goals have not changed but just gone underground. It is still possible for Natan's nde to be realized. I believe we are called to prayer and sacrifice for the safety and conversion of Israel with or without Natan.
  17. AED

    AED Powers

    Praetorian, I think you hit the nail on the head. I am of the opinion that our safest stance is to remain skeptical and as you say we have no idea where "Joe Angel" is getting his directions from. It's probably healthier to follow St. John of the Cross who warned that we should leave all such things alone. Flee from them. (and he had many supernatural experience as did St. Teresa of Avila and she offered the same advice!!) It's so hard not to get sucked in--we all want clarifications and warnings and reassurances with things in such turmoil. This recent latest debacle has shown me to just leave it alone. Unless official Church authority speaking in the name of the Roman Catholic Church through the local Bishop says "it is worthy of belief". :cautious:
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  18. jerry

    jerry Angels

    When i find a suitable thread i would be grateful if you could respond to a question i pose there. Thank you in advance. :)

    In particular :One basic rule of discernment the Church uses that I have found most helpful is that true messages from Heaven are usually infrequent and few words are conveyed. Mary, a saint, angel, etc. will appear only a handful of times with very important messages. They don't just keep appearing every day and shoot the breeze.
  19. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I surely will if I am able Jerry.:)
    Did you have a question here?
  20. jerry

    jerry Angels

    Posted in the Restriction of another Medjugorje seer thread. Thanks.

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