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Welcoming Refugees

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by mothersuperior7, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. I know I am going out on a limb starting this thread, but the inevitable is coming I'm afraid and I want to start a dialogue. First question...What if this is the test for the year of Mercy that we have been preparing for?
    Question two: What are we going to do that takes us out of our comfort zone and strips us of ourselves? (no, a clip and a gun and a moat do not count)

    Now read this: Pope Francis said today: "When you claim to be Christian and you turn away refugees you are, in fact, turning away Christ. You are Peter who at the trial says "I do not know this man!" You deny Christ in your midst. Please repent, open your heart, receive Christ in the refugee. Not only for their sake but your own also. For when you pass from this life and you stand before the gate of heaven, Christ will stand and say "You refused me, and now, I do not know you. You belong to the goats and only sheep shall enter."

    How are we going to keep fear from taking over our lives??
    I wrote this tonight and I know some of you might think I am crazy, but I already have a family of a mom and dad and six children living with the four of us (two teens and my husband and I.) The mom is pregnant and due in April. We have invited them to stay until after then. We will see.

    Its called, "A Crack in the door". https://theheavenlygaze.wordpress.com/

    Here is one of our Diocesan priests speaking on what the Church teaches regarding immigration and defending ourselves. Its very informative and he explains it well!
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

  4. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    MS, I am so torn here... I agree with you that we cannot leave them out in the cold with no where to go... but stories like this also scare me, and I think should scare most... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...got-Europe-papers-stadium-suicide-bomber.html

    If we take in 100k, there will be Isis terrorist in the group. Most who they send over will not be on our radar, they are smart enough to do that...

    At the same time so many need help, and we need to help them..

    So what to do? I think we need to take them in, but we cannot let them just roam free.

    Take them in, give them food and shelter, but we need to use an old military base or something to contain them. There is to much real danger to just let them all be free.

    Again, im torn, this is really hard
  5. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    Yes!! We must help those in need ... it's The Lord's Orders ... but I"m sure he does not expect us to sign a Suicide Pact in the process. We have become Pawns at the hands of evil politicians who only care about the next election cycle, power and wealth. You don't have to look far to find examples of misguided immigration policies that are destroying the fabric & safety of host countries! That and a casual perusal of Islamic history since the 8th Century tells us that we must be very, VERY careful. If it was up to me the policy would be: Immigrant Christian Refugees First as to my knowledge there are no Christians in ISIS and Christians, quite simply, will not survive in the Middle East near term. Have a NATO Coalition to carve out a "Safe Zone" in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere for refugee camps. Failing that: Immigrant Muslim women, children and old men would be next in line. Young Islamic men of "Military Age" would require serious and lengthy vetting!
    Of course! None of the above is or will happen as it does not match The Template of the aforementioned evil politicians or the godless socialists and/or PC Useful Idiots that surround/support them! So.... What!!?? We are then back to THE STORM that is unfolding before our eyes! Let us Pray that Charlie J's "Vision" of The Storm is correct with six months of horror at the height , "only" 26 Million dead ("standard" battle stats would also mean 75 Million wounded) and Divine Intervention with Our Lady in the lead role!
    So ......... What are you doing to PREPARE!!??
    1) Hope that all the SIGNS, Seers, Prophecy, Apparitions and Nightly News is just BS.
    2) Hope that God, for some unknown reason, is going to keep you safe, pink and warm whilst all around you are not!?
    3) Or ..... ?????????????????

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  6. Heidi

    Heidi Archangels

    I read yesterday that the reason there are very few Christian refugees coming is because they are not welcome in the UN camps. The Muslim refugees have taken over the UN camps and make anyone entering them swear allegiance to the caliphate. And, in order to be considered an official refugee with the capability to be resettled somewhere like the U.S., you have to be registered in a UN camp. So, the Christians are on their own, sadly.

    Yes, we need to help people, but a lot of these Islamists are ungrateful and condemn us at the same time they are taking our help. They have no intention of adhering to our rules and culture.....they feel they are entitled by virtue of their religion to our things and our land, everything. They should have to go to other Muslim countries. Make no mistake, their intent is to take over the world......and they will eventually do it.....just look at the demographics. Unless God intervenes.
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  7. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    Why should there be a need for refugees. If Isis is ended where they are then these people would not have to flee. What is the world waiting for. End this group. Sadly there is a much bigger plan and play at hand that makes for the simple solution not to be happening.
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  8. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    That is the answer. Yes, we need to help them but not by aiding and abetting their displacement. We need to help them by solving the root of the problem and eliminating ISIS
  9. Indy

    Indy Praying

    The root of the problem is to stop destroying one sovereign country after the next. We are now receiving the fruits of our greed.
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  10. MMM

    MMM Guest

    If you are afraid of Syrian refugees you just might be a little too absorbed in the propaganda and fear mongering. You likley have a better chance of dying by shark attack (more likely hearly disease/cancer/accident/robbery/natural causes) than muslim terrorist. (or terrorist pretending or promoted as muslim) The media does a great job of trying to associate muslim and terrorist as the same thing. They arn't. I disagree with their religion but I'll take people one at a time to assess their good or bad nature not as an entire population.

    This divide and conquer is coming from the globalists who are surely satanists. This is the big picture source of evil, top down IMO. Don't just look at the chess peices but who owns and runs the game. It's not as random as people think. Even real, random terror is used as a propaganda tool. They want every nations boundries torn down and with enough fear, false flags and propaganda along with a global money system, global environment system, global health care system, global justice system it is happening.

    Don't spend too much time worrying about these things is my advise. They are fully outside of your control. Get in a state of grace, reley on God even in the smallest of ways. Know that your mother, the Virgin Mary is watching and is intervening for you and your family.

    I refuse fear, that just isn't how I am going to live my remaining days.
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  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    MMM, you need to read the Koran where you can see first hand how deadly the situation really is. The Rescue is our only hope.

    We are obliged under obedience to Christ to welcome the stranger and help if required; but we don't need to be door mats waiting for execution by these enemies of Christianity and civilisation.

    I believe we should be making muslims aware, we are doing this because we are asked to by Jesus, He is the one we should ask them to thank for everything we share with them.
  12. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    I prefer to deal with reality and the reality of the situation is that the radical muslims have a plan and they are going full force on it now. A friend posted this on Facebook today, these are the facts of what the muslims believe:

    Talking about whether all Muslims are terrorists is stupid. Talking about the fact that at least scores of millions and perhaps hundreds of millions of Muslims support terror is smart, and necessary. Do the research yourself. Or start here:
    <> Pew Research (2010): 15% of Indonesians believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified.
    Results from Pew and elsewhere:
    <> 34% of Nigerian Muslims believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified.
    <> 16% of young Muslims in Belgium believe state terrorism is "acceptable".
    <> Populus Poll (2006): 12% of young Muslims in Britain (and 12% overall) believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified. 1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.
    <> Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
    35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).
    42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).
    22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).
    29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).
    <> Pew Research (2011): 8% of Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified (81% never).
    28% of Egyptian Muslims believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified (38% never).
    <> Pew Research (2007): Muslim-Americans who identify more strongly with their religion are three times more likely to feel that suicide bombings are justified
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  13. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I was more appalled to read of the 73 year old disabled pensioner who was beaten and robbed in his own bed, and has since died. The story appears below this on the page linked.
    But I suppose a poor old pensioner doesn't count for as much as a poor muslim man.
    What a world we live in.
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  14. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Although I believe the west has a lot to answer for I do believe Islam to be a great danger to the world and to Christianity. Islam is Anti-Christ and must be replaced by Christ.
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  15. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I agree that it is our Christian duty to help our neighbor, but there are limits. If my neighbor is homeless I don't have to give him my house. A country needs to worry about it's national defense as well, part of that is not letting streams of unknown people illegally enter your country. If the West wanted to we could easily take out ISIS. It would only take a couple of divisions of ground troops. But nobody wants to. Truly helping the refugees would be freeing their homeland.

    What I'd like to know is where are all of their Muslim neighbors? Why does it fall to the Europeans to help. The massive influx of Muslims into Europe is going to be the ruin of Christian civilization there. It is widely talked about in the Arab world that they are not going to conquer Europe by the sword but by immigration and out-breeding the indigenous people. Once they get over 50% of the population Muslim they can vote democracy out and vote Sharia law in. The demographic estimates for this happening place it in the next few decades.

    Help the refugees, yes in every way possible. Give them a free pass to take over Europe, no way. Compassion doesn't mean be a door mat.

  16. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    Ideally, one might distinguish genuine refugees from those who are not. The greater part of History and countless current events point to the real suspicion that the latter represent an invading army. When a country is invaded is it obliged to help and shelter the invaders? As for the genuine refugees, perhaps they should be relocated in camps in Saudi Arabia, a country that claims some leadership of the Arab world and can well afford to contribute to at least some of the cost. This would be more appropriate for the refugees' eventual resettlement in their home country once it is passified. To leave them in Europe would be to strip Syria of a vital part of its future and unassimilable groups will only lead to future civic chaos and war in Europe.

    With regard to the claims of some that our "fear" is an over-reaction, I for one am not in fear, but I do feel concern for those who may suffer if this Islamisation of Europe isn't stopped. The continuing immigration combined with the relative demographic trends make it inevitable that two immiscible populations will eventually come into conflict, with a real possibility of indefinite civil war. Now, is the best time to call a halt. Procrastination will only exacerbate the outcome.
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  17. Timothius722

    Timothius722 Archangels

    All I know is the Globalist which is code word for Satanist/ Masonic/ Jewish Illuminati are awful happy at how their " Multi Culturist " plan is evolving... or is that devolving. George Soros is laughing himself to the bank. Europe is already lost...it will descend into permanent chaos. The US is lost...it too will descend into permanent chaos. Not doing any prophesying...just doing the math. The Satanic/ Masonic/ Jewish Illuminati are just fore runners of the anti-Christ...remember the warning by our Master about the " Yeast of the Pharisee's". Pope Francis has it right...the only chance we have is introducing them to Jesus. We do this in responding as Jesus would. The" Year of Mercy" is our trial to respond in like kind to a prayer we say every Sunday..."forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". Man it's hard being a Christian sometimes.
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  18. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    It sounds like you are a "disciple" of the Theory of Managing Decline of the West. So............ expect to take & absorb Muslim attacks. What are a few thousand deaths in a nation of millions! We deserve it anyway for all our Capitalist Imperialism .. Right!!?


    PS: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/jihad-in-america-list-of-muslim-terror-attacks-since-911.html/
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  19. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Crew, I believe BHO classified most of these since 2009 as workplace violence o_O

    Nov. 5, 2009 – Muslim gunman Nidal Malik Hassan, an Army psychiatrist, fatally shoots 13 people and wounds 30 others at Fort Hood, Texas.

    This next one happens all the time at work ...

    Sept. 25, 2014 – Alton Nolen is accused of beheading a woman in Moore, Oklahoma. Co-workers reported that Nolen had been trying to convert them to Islam. Nolen reportedly used “some Arabic terms” during his attack and had an interest in beheadings. Nolen told a judge, “I’m Muslim. My question is, do you have any Muslims that can represent me as a Muslim?”

    - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/jih...-attacks-since-911.html/#sthash.cEegfpZU.dpuf
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  20. If anyone is interested....my last post had a homily on just what the Church teaches about this subject. Feel free to listen to it...


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