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We have crossed a line

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Advocate, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Virtue

    Virtue Angels

    I've been loosely following earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. since 2010, and I think Dean is right about this. In the past few years we have had a few earthquakes that were much bigger (a 9.0 magnitude in Japan in 2011, and an 8.8 magnitude in Chile in 2010, both of which actually shifted the earth's axis slightly). Both were quite stronger than the 8.1 in Mexico, as devastating as that was. I also believe a few years ago we had more volcanoes exploding, as well.

    With that said, I still find it useful to catalog significant events as I did in my earlier post. Although the recent disasters have not been as big (even hurricanes Irma and Harvey were only something like the 8th and 19th most powerful hurricanes, although I never found out how strong Maria was), there are still some interesting patterns, such as the Marian theme and the fact that they are pummeling the same area. I do think we will have bigger and stronger disasters in the future, but there is still something to discern in the patterns of weaker disasters. No matter how strong Maria technically was, it still destroyed Puerto Rico, and there was serious talk of bringing the people to the continental U.S. It calls to mind some prophecy somewhere of nations being totally annihilated.

    As for what time we're in, I can't say with any certainty. My hunch is that we are in the last throes of the devil's grip before the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, but that the minor and major chastisements are still to come. As bad as things have been--and there has been a crescendo at least in the number of disasters if not in the strength of disasters--I, too, think they could be much worse. But, for all I know, prayer has mitigated the disasters and we are in the minor or major chastisement. In the meantime, I will continue to take note of what occurs and make sure I get to Confession.

    **Edited after researching the Japan and Chile earthquakes.
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  2. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Let's talk about earthquakes for a moment. A website known as the Big Wobble recently published an article that included two extraordinary maps. The first map showed the number of major earthquakes from January 1900 to January 1917, and the second map showed the number of major earthquakes from January 2000 to January 2017. The difference between the two maps was startling to say the least.

    © the big wobble
    © the big wobble
    It is becoming extremely difficult to deny that something is happening to the crust of our planet, and many are becoming concerned about what we could soon experience if the level of seismic activity continues to rise.

    We already talked about Mt. Etna, but a much greater threat in Italy appears to be awakening under the city of Naples. A massive supervolcano known as "Campi Flegrei" is close to a "critical state", and if it erupts the consequences will be beyond catastrophic.

    More:https: //www.sott.net/article/344087-Is-something-strange-happening-deep-inside-the-Earth
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  3. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Maybe Dean is thinking of my post #2926 on the following thread http://motheofgod.com/threads/signs.7937/page-147#post-185821 which shows that the number of large earthquakes has greatly increased since around the year 2000 but during this year, 2017, we have not seen an increase beyond that.

    Some people believe that the great earthquake from scripture could have been the earthquake from 2004 which killed nearly 228,000 people due to a related tsunami. I think it is very difficult to be certain when we think we have matched an event with a prophecy in our current times unless it is a very specific prophecy.

    My feeling is that God always wants our attention and maybe more so now if we are in fact on the verge of a man-made tribulation. I also think that most, if not all, MOG members are already giving God their attention.

    I believe that what is going on in the Church in regards to the confusion caused by AL also has the attention of many people here. Cardinal Burke is expected to put forth a formal correction of the Pope very soon (I think) and tensions are very high. Most members on MOG are very concerned but they know it is in God's hands.

    Personally, I am trying to stay with approved prophecies as much as possible. I find it very overwhelming to read through all of the new unapproved prophecies but I do appreciate that there are members who are following them.

    I found earthquakes, hurricanes and/or floods mentioned in the prophecies of the following seers in case you would like to further research them:

    Monk of Premol 5th century
    Saint Hildegard 12th century
    Sister Jeanne le Royer 18th century
    Saint Nicholas Fluh 18th century (hurricanes)
    Ecstatic of Tours 19th century
    Sister Elena Aiello 20th century (hurricanes and floods)

    I am not certain about any of these prophecies but I found them in Desmond Birch's book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph and I found a website which contains some of them, http://catholicprophecy.org/

    I hope that this helps.

    PS- The following unapproved prophecies have peaked my interest, Our Lady of Garabandal, Alois Irlmaier, Saint Paisios and finally, Bruno Cornacchiola/Tre Fontane/Our Lady of Revelation which also mentions an earthquake, http://www.jesusmariasite.org/globa...asy-invasion-of-italy-destruction-in-vatican/

    PPS- I think that fire falling from the sky (Volcanoes?/Comets?/Asteroids?) will be the very last chastisement before the Second Coming.
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  4. AED

    AED Powers

    Honestly for me it is a distraction. I am trying to focus on right here right now with prayer and mortification. Not easy since I am a lazy slug but by God's grace I have my hand to the plow.
  5. Fiat

    Fiat The Good Shepherd

    Dean, I'm looking for a quote or comment from an approved/alleged visionary (not a lame discredited one like Bayside) who stated that once the calamities start, they come on ferociously. Do you recall anybody saying this? I could swear I've read it somewhere. I know the US has had it rough the past couple of months but is it rough-enough to be in the tribulation category? Having, personally, not been in a tribulation, how bad does it gotta be?

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