Ways of practicing custody of the mind and overcoming inconstancy.

Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by RosaryWielder, Jan 14, 2020 at 2:41 AM.

  1. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Archangels

    At this point, I’m pretty sure I know what I need to do in order to overcome my sins, the problem now seems to be that I’m inconstant about it. Especially in regards to my intellect, I have difficulty with custody of the mind and imagination.

    Can anyone give me tips of certain things to do on a natural level to give me greater custody of the mind and imagination, and overcome my inconstancy?
  2. Lumena

    Lumena Archangels

    Try Exodus 90.
  3. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Archangels

    I can’t, I don’t have any young male parishioner friends at my liberal parish. Also I have already tried many fasts including the one this last Advent, and I can’t fast from the internet now, as I have an online university course I need to work on.

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