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    I'd like other's opinions on what they think of the timeline of Ven. Fr. Holzhauser's
    'Prophecies and the Seven Church Ages' found below:

    Holzhauser's Prophecies and the Seven Church Ages
    Venerable Father Bartholomew Holzhauser was born in Laugna, Germany in 1613. He experienced ten visions and explained the Seven Church ages, particularly about the fifth Church age of affliction, desolation, humiliation, and poverty that we now live in. He also had visions of the sixth Church age of Peace that few Catholics have heard about, but Mary, Mother of Jesus who appeared at Fatima and Medjugorje asserts a future time of Peace. He states that the seven Church ages reflect the seven churches related in Revelation and have time fames or periods of time decreed to them.

    Seven Church Ages

    The seven Church ages described, are a correlation to the seven churches from Revelation in Chapters 2 and 3. Although these seven churches reflect a variety of meanings, each church also reflects a period of years, unfolding in a chronological order of Church history to its completion. This information is based largely on Venerable Holzhauser's visions.

    First Church Age
    Christ and the Apostles to Pope Linus and Emperor Nero 4 BC – 79 AD
    Second Church Age The Days of Persecution 79 – 314
    Third Church Age Pope Sylvester to Pope Leo III 314 – 795
    Fourth Church Age Pope Leo III to Leo X 795 – 1520
    Fifth Church Age Pope Leo X to a Strong Ruler and a Holy Pope
    This is the present Church age of Sardis coming to a close. 1520 – 2038
    Mary reveals 10 Secrets (events) to unfold, 2019 – 2038
    that Includes: First 3 are admonitions and are good events from God 2019
    Next 5 are punishments and are a recoil of our sins upon us 2019 – 2038
    Last 2 are chastisements directly from God 2037 – 2038
    • The Great Catholic Monarch (strong ruler) rises up taking back Europe in the late 2030s.
    • The Holy Pope with a sign of redemption on his forehead will reign in 2038 and afterwards.
    • St. Bridget exclaims: " the world will cry, Woe " in the year 2038.
    Sixth Church Age A Strong Ruler and a Holy Pope to the birth of Antichrist
    This is the future Church age of Philadelphia
    After the 10 secrets (events), Mary claims a "certain period of peace" on the earth.
    It will be the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    Holzhauser says – All Nations will be united in the Catholic Faith
    • Under the protection of the great Monarch and his Successors
    • He will submit everything to his authority,
    • He will show great zeal for the true Church.
    • The Monarch will break the empire of the Mohammedans
    2038 – 2383?
    Seventh Church Age Birth of Antichrist to end of the world
    This is the last Church age of Laodicea
    The Two Witnesses, Elijah, and Enoch will be sent back to earth
    The Coming of Christ on the clouds
    The end of the Gentile Church
    A time for the Jewish People in the last Church Age
    Last Church age is 1000 years or longer
    Final coming of Christ
    2383? – 3483?
    The Fifth Church Age started in 1520 and will end in 2038
    "The fifth (Church age) period is one of affliction, desolation, humiliation and poverty for the (Catholic) Church. Jesus Christ will purify His people through cruel wars, famines, plagues, epidemics, and other horrible calamities. He will also afflict the Latin Church with many heresies. It is a period of defections, calamities, and exterminations. Those Christians who survive the sword, plague, and famines will be few on earth. Nations will fight against nations, and will be decimated by internecine (characterized by great slaughter) dissensions. Are we not to fear during this period that the Mohammedans will come again, working out their sinister schemes against the Latin Church?"2 "During the fifth period, we see only calamities and devastation, oppression of Catholics by tyrants and heretics, executions of kings, and conspiracies to set up republics"3 "A great lament will come over all mankind and only a small batch will survive the storm, the pestilence and horror."4

    At the end of this fifth Church age, humanity will have no choice
    but to go back to living directly off the land.

    A remnant of people will be left on the earth at that time,
    mostly from the Catholic Faith.

    The Sixth Church Age will start in 2038; ending in about 345 years
    Of the sixth Church age: "The Powerful Monarch, who will be sent by God, will uproot every republic. He will submit everything to his authority, and he will show great zeal for the true Church of Christ. The empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up, and this Monarch will reign in the East as well as in the West. All nations will come to worship God in the true Catholic and Roman faith. There will be many Saints and Doctors of the Church on earth. Peace will reign over the whole earth because God will bind Satan for a number of years until the days of the Son of Perdition. No one will be able to pervert the word of God since, during the sixth period, there will be an Ecumenical council which will be the greatest of all councils. By the grace of God, the power of the Great Monarch, the authority of the Holy pontiff, and the union of all the most devout princes, atheism and every heresy will be banished from the earth. The Council will define the true sense of Holy Scripture, and this will be believed and accepted by everyone." 5 "The Great Monarch of the world will create new laws for the new mankind and will cause a new age to begin, in which there will be only one flock and one Shepherd, and peace will be of long, long duration, for the glory of God in heaven and earth..."6

    The sixth Church age is a time of a genuine 'Period of Peace' that Mary, Mother of Jesus speaks about at Fatima. The Early Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church, Venerable Holzhauser, and other saints speak of this age of Peace as well.

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    This fits surprisingly well with other Catholic Prophecy:
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    I really like Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser's prophecy of the 7 ages of the Church but I don't agree with the dates(years) that "After The Warning" has associated with the last 3 ages. I believe that in the video that Padraig posted a priest presents the idea that the 7th age will only be 3.5 years long. I agree with this idea.

    In addition, I am not certain when the 6th age will begin or when it will end but I do believe that we are very close to the beginning of it. This is just my feeling that the 6th age is not 20 years away but much closer to beginning. I think that "After The Warning" believes that St. Bridget of Sweden's following prophecy must occur in 2038 and I don't agree with this premise. It is also important to note that St. Bridget did not give the year 2038 in her prophecies as it appears "After The Warning" is stating.

    I think that it is possible that celebration of Easter may be moved by the Church before the year 2021 and therefore I believe that 2021 could begin the 6th age of the Church or possibly some year between now and then. Since April 25th falls on a Sunday in 2021, I believe that it is possible that the Church could move Easter to that date and therefore St. Bridget's following prophecy would come true in that year - 2021,

    "When the Feast of St. Mark (April 25) shall fall on Easter, the Feast of St. Anthony (June 13) on Pentecost, and that of St. John (June 24th) on Corpus Christi the whole world shall cry, Woe!" (These feasts concur in 2038 but would also concur in 2021 if Easter is moved before that year).​

    My idea is a bit of a stretch but this is what I believe will happen. Only God knows.
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    I have noticed that Eastern Orthodox Easter dates are late in April, often.
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    Very clever.
    I never thought of that.
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    I remember Pope Francis spoke about it once a year or so ago
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    sparrow, I thought that you might be interested in the following video. I posted it on MOG in the past as others here may have also. I wish that the charts in the video were a little more visible but I still think that the priest in the video presents a very good discussion on The Seven Ages of the Church. At the 33 minute mark he states that the 5th age will end with a chastisement as per Venerable Holzhauser and in 2013 when the talk was given this priest thought the chastisement could be 5 years away. My feeling is that the chastisement has begun and may culminate in 2021 since there are many prophecies which state that a war will last 4 years. Of course, I'm not certain about anything.

    In the video, the priest also states that the 6th age won't last long, around 25 years as per Our Lady of La Salette, "25 years of abundant harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the woes". This could mean that our descent begins 25 years after the chastisement and no one knows how long it will actually take. At around the 39 minute mark he states that the last age, the 7th age, will be 3.5 years plus 45 days (1335 days). The priest admits that he is not certain of the timings that he suggests but I really think it is worth your time to watch this video to get a different perspective than the one that "After The Warning" has presented.

    If you are short on time you may want to watch from the 33 minute mark through around the 40 minute mark.

    In addition, the following site has a lot of information regarding Venerable Holzhauser's Seven Ages of the Church. You can go to the drop down menu labeled "Prophesy" and then select "Apocalypse (Unsealed)" or here are the direct links to
    The Apocalypse
    First Age
    Second Age
    Third Age
    Fourth Age
    Fifth Age
    Sixth Age
    Seventh Age
    The Three Woe’s.

    PS- I need to watch this video in it's entirety again, I think that much of it is far more relatable now than it was 5 years ago imho.
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    The length of the Last Age seems to follow the time frame given in the Book of Daniel I think
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    I agree about the dates that After the Warning uses. And I remember hearing talk of moving the Easter date as well.. so you never know! Thanks for your input.
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    Thanks Carol55. I will watch this.
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