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Vassula and Medjugorje

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by mothersuperior7, May 8, 2014.

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    Dear listeners, you are listening to TLIG radio and here is the news for this week.

    At Easter time, between April 15 and April 22, 2014, Vassula gave her testimony in Medjugorje, invited by the Director of “Ave Maria Pilgrimages”. Our Virgin Mother first appeared to six young children in Medjugorje on June 24, 1981 and has continued appearing for 28 years. The many messages of Our Lady can be summarized thus: conversion, prayer, fasting, faith, peace and reconciliation. Many people have testified to a holy change of heart through Our Lady in Medjugorje.

    TLIG people who united to celebrate Easter in Medjugorje and hear Vassula’s witness, came from USA, Japan, Norway, United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. There were about 32 people with the “Ave Maria Pilgrimage” and about 35 TLIG friends from Czech Republic, Romania, Scotland, England, Brazil, France, Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Norway and Greece.

    During this time, Vassula had a private meeting with Vicka, one of the visionaries, and shared with her about her mission and the TLIG messages. TLIG friends united in celebrating the Masses of Holy week. Most of them climbed Apparition Hill and many climbed the Mountain of the Cross, reciting rosaries and praying the Stations of the Cross.

    Vassula had two meeting in Medjugorje. Despite there being no announcement for the first meeting, about 100 people attended, including some Franciscan nuns. Opening the meeting, Fr. Petar referred to the message of Medjugorje and that we are living in days of grace and mercy. Vassula talked about the unity of the Churches and the essence of her mission.

    Vassula’s second meeting took place at Padre Pio Casa where about 210 people attended. The audience seemed amazed by what Vassula had to say. Afterwards, many people approached her to ask questions, to ask to be blessed and to have photographs taken with her. The president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, His Excellency Zivko Budimir, attended Vassula’s speech and met her in person. Prior to her meeting, Vassula was interviewed by a Croatian journalist for an online News Link called “Glas Brotnja”.

    Vassula said she felt that the Virgin Mary had called her to go to Medjugorje and that this pilgrimage was a present from Our Lady.

    Dear listeners, thank you for listening to TLIG radio news! May Our Lady keep you safe under Her mantle.
  2. My Crown Of Glory Will Be Offered To Me From The East
    Unite The Dates Of Easter

    December 7, 1994
    Yahweh, how long will this exile last?
    But I know that Yahweh is tender
    and as tenderly as a father treats his child
    so Yahweh treats me.
    Pull me out of the calumnies they have spread about me
    for You are my Arbitrator.

    lean on Me! I, Yahweh, will console you ....

    My seedling, I have formed you in My Courts to become My Echo and My powerful mouthpiece; a sword for My Enemy;
    do not be afraid; was it not I, Yahweh, your Abba, who rescued you? do not be afraid, you are Mine and I am known to protect My Own .... should your oppressors hold assemblies against you, I will be with you; or should they falsify My Message, calumniating you, for My Name's sake I will reveal more and more My Son's Holy Face on yours2 to your society, as foretold;

    your oppressors will not drown you; I will always lift you to delight My Heart! should they assemble altogether as one great force to crush you, you will not be crushed, because you are precious in My Eyes; the Spirit of Wisdom and insight was promised you to stir up your heart and those of others; 3 have you not taken in account My triumphs?

    from the depths of My being, I, Yahweh, love you; let your oppressors come forward and explain to Me your knowledge of My Knowledge ....

    listen, daughter, for your sake, I will bring your brother from the East to honour My Name; take courage now; a shoot of hope will spring from My Eastern House; while the people will be bullying each other, while human pride will be growing to a bursting point and while your lands will continue to be infested by a spirit of rebellion, corroding like gangrene in My Western House, remember, what I, God, have told you long before this happens:

    My crown of glory will be offered to Me from the East;

    it is on account of this that I need your co-operation, daughter, your immolation for My House; your hardships will be many, My child, but bear them with dignity to honour My Name and through these, in the end, I will triumph; I will raise My offspring from the Eastern House to bring forward unity and in the end all the nations will assemble under One Name ....

    - in the beginning4 My Son asked you, daughter, which of the two houses were more important, your house or Our House; your answer honoured Me, and I turned then to My angels and told them: "for thisanswer coming from a corpse, 5 I will hasten her recovery and her cure will cure many .... I will confide in her the Interests of My House and she will become My theme of joy, My pleasure and My song, and I will send her out to proclaim in My Name My Messages of Peace and Love to all the nations of the earth, to the saints as well as to the sinners: 'hear from Heaven, repent and forgive! if you return to God and praise His Name and pray without ceasing you will be forgiven!' this will be her theme;"

    ah yes! My Vassula, I knew you before you were born and I knew I would be sending you in the middle of Plague; 6 this is why, I and you made a pact from the beginning to prepare you for your mission; 7

    (Later on, I was called by Yahweh to continue this message, and add this part.)

    .... for you are among those I am sending for this great war you had seen in the vision I had given you in the beginning; the battle of My Great Day8 against the three foul spirits who ape My Holy Trinity, forming themselves into a triangle [​IMG] 9 these three foul spirits taking a corner each are alias the dragon, the first and the second beast; the great dragon, the primeval serpent known as the devil or Satan, will continue, only for a very short time now, to lead the world astray; and the power and the authority he is giving to the beast, together with the second beast alias the false prophet, will be brought down and I shall triumph;

    this is why I had asked you that as soon as you were born, to fast10 .... I made your soul swear an oath before My Altar, to remain in the dark for three days and three nights;

    now then, tell this generation how I abhor their wisdom, and although they have become more like wild animals than saints who are to My likeness, I still burn with love for them; I am your God and you, generation, although so anxious to defile My Name, you are My offspring; the days are coming when one will say to the other: "how I envy these dead, how I wish I was one of them .... why was I among those who were like a brand snatched from the blaze?" today I am speaking in the heart of My Sanctuary: "the word that I announce is not for your condemnation but to restore your soul and save you;"

    and you, daughter, whom I have chosen, I will help you, this is a promise from the Holy One; I will put with you an angel who, when you run you will not grow weary, when you walk never tire, for he will carry you on his wings, and I, for My part, will renew your strength;

    courage, daughter; I bless you;


    Jesus Christ what can I do for You?

    love Me .... let your heart be My fragrance, fragrance that will draw My House into one, fragrance that can bring My shoot from the East to call out: "the Amen wants His Promise to be fulfilled, the Risen Christ is at our very doors with sorrow in His Eyes .... for we have doubled His agony, His Cross, and His Crucifixion;

    "the Holy One is at my doors, Brother, 11 like the Appearance to His disciples, He tells me: 'peace be with you; as the Father sent Me I am sending you, 12go now and meet your Brother and unite the dates of Easter, then I shall give you the gift of love and restore your sight; I do not want you to perish in your own folly; double indeed is My grief; double is My groaning; go now and alleviate My pain, brother, go and glorify Me by unifying the dates of Easter;'"

    Vassula, in the end Our Two Hearts will triumph;


    1 Satan and his like.
    2 Phenomenon that happens whenever God wants. Even on video-tapes it happens.3 True, many, many conversions. Miracles. And in spite of calumnies and strong persecutions, the Message is well spread in the world and known. Translated in 29 languages by volunteers.4 Back in 1986.5 Spiritually dead.6 7 By having my eyes shut for three days and three nights. My eyes were not opening.8 9 The sign of the Beast where we see this delta on buildings and in letters on buildings, as well as other places.10 My eyes did not open for three days and three nights when I was born.11 Roman Catholics.12 [​IMG]Jn. 20:21.
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  3. February 5, 2004
    daughter, I have wrapped you in a robe of light to show to this generation My Glory; have you not read that I use the winds as messengers and fiery flames as servants? a single day in My courts, a few drops of My Blood on them, a single glance from Me and a blessing with anointed oil and they are ready and sturdy as a rock to go out and address My Word to the world; the assembly of the holy ones in heaven accompanies them to swiften their feet; I, Myself, shepherd them while hastening on the way we are to go; ah, Vassula, I am the Resurrection and the Life; all I have given you in written form is an effulgent spring that purifies body and mind, soul and heart, cleansing tar and soot; I, the Christ, have the power to transform your entire being from darkness into light;

    for the past eighteen years I have been speaking to you in your heart through the power of My Holy Spirit; My Merciful Odes that hold within them mystical revelations and instructions, are for you and for this atrophic generation; they are a gift from the Father, from Me and from the Holy Spirit; We did not speak in a manner philosophers speak, but as friends do; the treasure I have revealed to you in these messages is Myself... My daughter, I had asked you in the beginning of My call to you to make haste and run to your brothers and sisters to share this divine treasure with them in which I reveal My Glory and My Mercy; I had asked you to summon everyone, no matter who they were, or from what creed they belonged to, and stir them up from their sleep; some, as you have seen, responded to Me with great zeal, willing to practise even an ascetic life; others though, have failed to understand Me and rejected Me for no reason, affecting others as well that surrounded them; I have given you, My Vassula, lectures of Byzantine spirituality as well, yet even those who say they worship Me, calling themselves Byzantines deprived themselves willingly to step into the palm of My Hand and recognize Me; then grossly rejected My blessing and My grace... they claim they know everything but they know nothing...

    to encounter Me, when I am manifesting Myself through Light is a prodigy; nothing is impossible for God; so, you 1, brother, of the Eastern Church, I ask you:

    - can I, as God, unfold My Mysteries to man if I so wish? - can God, in your times manifest Himself to man through a ray of divine Light and that man can perceive it through grace?
    - you attribute true religion to Orthodoxy, has then Orthodoxy ever rejected the possibility of divine Instruction given to man through the Light of the Holy Spirit?
    - tell Me, My friend, what is the peak of the mystical life you are talking about? is it not the intimate and personal encounter with Me, the Christ?
    - can man perceive My Knowledge 2 on his own? no, indeed no, My Knowledge is perceived only through the light of the Cross which makes all things that are invisible to the eye, visible, and luminous; it is only through the Eye of your redemptive Instrument that one can see all Its bearings;
    - what is then to know Me and understand Me? and what is the relationship between God and man?
    - can I, as the Christ, award the fullness of My grace to those who sincerely seek grace?
    - you have performed many tasks daily, but I earnestly would like you to find refuge in My Heart, have your repose in Me, your God...
    - can I, as God, in your so aggravating times, manifest My grief to man, and to whom I please, sharing with him My concerns?
    - do not delude yourself and say, "it is impossible for a simple man to obtain the treasure of the Holy Spirit!" who are you to judge Me? what is dust to provoke Me? undoubtedly, everyone in the end will be judged and will have to answer for all that he has done or not done;
    - have you, who scrutinize Me, ever tasted Me, like David 3 ?
    - are you sure you are possessing Me and yet you do not recognize Me in My speech?
    - learn to say: "I have learnt how to possess God, He who fathered me, He made Himself known to me, yet without ever losing His transcendence! He who encompasses all beings possesses me as well and has now, in my nothingness, ordered all things within me to be according to His divine Will..." then, having said this, you must tell Me, My friend, what is it like to have discovered Me within you? what was it like to have lifted the Veil of the Bridegroom and discover My Divinity? allow then My Holy Spirit to invade you with His Light and turn your soul into a Cathedral!
    - can any man reach, while on earth, the ineffable and purest virtue of impassibility without Me having visited him by Fire?
    - and if indeed I passed through a city 4, would it go by unnoticed? or would My passage not enflame the entire city?
    - have you not read before that I can guide My people and reveal to them My Will without notifying man?
    - is it evil when the Bridegroom comes to this generation to draw souls closer to the flames of Love of His Heart and enshroud them in Me to enable them to rule with Me, their God? I solemnly ask you, what have you done with the Scriptures? are they not My reflection? how is it then, if you say you know the Scriptures, you do not recognize Me in this work? how is it you so easily contradict the truth?
    - can a man who is spiritually dead understand the Scriptures putting them into practice unless he is alive? if a man understands the Scriptures and My sayings that are reflecting My Image, he would not say: "Scriptures are enough for me and the sayings of the Fathers of the Church..."

    in these times of grace, I present Myself as Mercy; I have not come to add anything new, or contradict the Scriptures and the Tradition of My church, nor have I come to raise a new church; but I have come to renew My creation and resurrect the dead seeds to a Life in Me; I have come to embellish My Church that I bought with My Own Blood, enrich it and fill it with divine Light; I have come with Mercy to unite My Church; learn that everything is under My Sceptre;

    1 The Lord gave me a specific name of a sacerdotal soul who lives in the USA and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church
    2 Wisdom3 David of the Psalms4 metaphoric: our Lord means 'soul'
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