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Trump Transition/Post-2016 election

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by Harper, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Little Me's Big Brother

    Little Me's Big Brother 1.21 jigawatts

    In my not-so-fun dealings with the Heavenly Father; he will always fix everything for the betterment of all people. For instance... the great flood: when God purged the earth of all beings, all of those people who, at one time or another, believed in God, may have turned to him and asked for forgiveness when they realized the inevitable. Lets guess 50% (and this is totally a guess) of the people had a vague idea of God and they asked for forgiveness; God's purging of the earth netted him 100% of the souls that once believed in his teachings and many converts! And to think, this is when the humans of this world were at their absolute worst!.. over 50% of the souls on earth! Would 50% of the souls on earth now be going to heaven without the Divine Intervention?
    (I sure hope this makes sense)
  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Jennifer's message from Jesus tells us what a war with Korea will look like as follows:

    Per the request of Jennifer's Spiritual Advisor the following messages is being reposted:

    7:43 PM

    My child, I say to My children that mankind relies too much upon himself and it is there that you become the victim of your own sinfulness. Heed to the Commandments My children for they are your entrance into the kingdom.

    I weep today My children but it is those who are failing to heed to My warnings that will weep tomorrow. The winds of spring will turn into the rising dust of summer as the world will begin to look more like a desert.

    Before mankind is able to change the calendar of this time you will have witnessed the financial collapse. It is only those who heed to My warnings that will be prepared. The North will attack the South as the two Koreas become at war with each other.

    Jerusalem will shake, America will fall and Russia will unite with China to become Dictators of the new world. I plead in warnings of love and mercy for I am Jesus and the hand of justice is soon to prevail.

  3. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Isn't perfect contrition required for forgiveness of sin in the absence of confession to a priest? I wouldn't be confident that fear of imminent death followed by an eternity in hell amounts to perfect contrition http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04337a.htm

    The flood was armageddon for anyone not on the ark. Their watching the ark float away as the water rose about them is kind of a forerunner to followers of the AC seeing Jesus coming on the clouds accompanied by the angels. Do you think that those who have followed the AC will be forgiven when they realise they chose the wrong side? Won't their repentance be too little, too late because (a) fear of death and hell rather than hatred of sin through love of God would be imperfect contrition and (b) they won't have time to go to Confession. Apologies if my questions are too legalistic.
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  4. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Yes, perfect contrition focuses on grieving for having offended our loving Father, rather than fearing the fires of Hell, so yes, you are right on, Dolours. Not legalistic!

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
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  5. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Thanks Mario. There seems to be a move nowadays to make hell out to be empty of anyone except fallen angels or an invention to scare people.

    That said, I'm conscious that it is possible Jesus will reach out to people as they are dying. Pure love being so hard to resist and respond to, perhaps people will be repulsed by their own sins and want to love in return. Perhaps prayers for sinners like the Fatima prayer and especially praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for those about to die results in extra graces to help people recognise and respond to God's love at the crucial moment. A lot of ifs, buts and maybes but I hope to benefit from someone's prayers if I die suddenly without having been to Confession.
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  6. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    These people need to work for a living:

    Scaramucci: People Inside White House Are Plotting To Remove POTUS Trump (VIDEO)

    President Trump’s war against the pervasive Deep State is slowly ratcheting up, as talk of Special Counsel Robert Mueller being fired is discussed inside the White House and Press more and more. The Deep State isn’t pleased. During a panel session at the Aspen Security Forum, Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan could barely hide his contempt for President Trump, suggesting an executive branch decision to fire Mueller should result in the removal of the Commander-in-Chief. In other words, a coup.

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  7. Little Me's Big Brother

    Little Me's Big Brother 1.21 jigawatts

    Without getting too much deeper in the weeds on this... Noah preached for 100 years about God's wrath and impending flood. As the ark floated away, I'm sure many realized the error of their way and asked for forgiveness. As for perfect contrition and the requirements for it; I don't put restrictions on what God does. He can forgive anyone for any reason.
  8. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels

    The video at the end is well worth watching although an hour long. The part referenced is at 43 mins into it. The entire interview ought to have been called interview with the deep state, or deep state on display because both these men are using misdirection the entire video just as Clapper did in his testimony while lying about spying on ALL Americans. He should be in handcuffs.
  9. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Interesting .....one of the chosen targets by the Red Dragon

    Devoutly Catholic Guam Celebrates Mass Amid N. Korea Threat

    Across Guam _ where nearly everyone is Roman Catholic _ priests are praying for peace as residents of the U.S. Pacific island territory face a missile threat from North Korea.


    There hasn't been any widespread anxiety among Guam residents, even after Pyongyang vowed to complete a plan to attack waters near the island by mid-August.

    Monte Mesa, who is vice-chairman of the Guam Visitors Bureau, said the Mass at Blessed Diego de San Vitores Catholic Church in Tumon was comforting. He said after the crowded Mass the message from the readings and the gospel "tell our people that God is in control of what is happening and if we have faith and believe in God all this rhetoric and war possibility here on Guam will be taken care of by God."

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  10. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels

    I would love to know what exactly our intelligence agencies have been doing while all this has been unfolding.


    North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

    North Korea’s success in testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears able to reach the United States was made possible by black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines probably from a Ukrainian factory with historical ties to Russia’s missile program, according to an expert analysis being published Monday and classified assessments by American intelligence agencies.

    The studies may solve the mystery of how North Korea began succeeding so suddenly after a string of fiery missile failures, some of which may have been caused by American sabotage of its supply chains and cyberattacks on its launches. After those failures, the North changed designs and suppliers in the past two years, according to a new study by Michael Elleman, a missile expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

    Such a degree of aid to North Korea from afar would be notable because President Trump has singled out only China as the North’s main source of economic and technological support. He has never blamed Ukraine or Russia, though his secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, made an oblique reference to both China and Russia as the nation’s “principal economic enablers” after the North’s most recent ICBM launch last month.

    Analysts who studied photographs of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, inspecting the new rocket motors concluded that they derive from designs that once powered the Soviet Union’s missile fleet. The engines were so powerful that a single missile could hurl 10 thermonuclear warheads between continents.

    Those engines were linked to only a few former Soviet sites. Government investigators and experts have focused their inquiries on a missile factory in Dnipro, Ukraine, on the edge of the territory where Russia is fighting a low-level war to break off part of Ukraine. During the Cold War, the factory made the deadliest missiles in the Soviet arsenal, including the giant SS-18. It remained one of Russia’s primary producers of missiles even after Ukraine gained independence.

    But since Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was removed from power in 2014, the state-owned factory, known as Yuzhmash, has fallen on hard times. The Russians canceled upgrades of their nuclear fleet. The factory is underused, awash in unpaid bills and low morale. Experts believe it is the most likely source of the engines that in July powered the two ICBM tests, which were the first to suggest that North Korea has the range, if not necessarily the accuracy or warhead technology, to threaten American cities.

    “It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine — probably illicitly,” Mr. Elleman said in an interview. “The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.”

    Bolstering his conclusion, he added, was a finding by United Nations investigatorsthat North Korea tried six years ago to steal missile secrets from the Ukrainian complex. Two North Koreans were caught, and a U.N. report said the information they tried to steal was focused on advanced “missile systems, liquid-propellant engines, spacecraft and missile fuel supply systems.”

    Investigators now believe that, amid the chaos of post-revolutionary Ukraine, Pyongyang tried again.

    Mr. Elleman’s detailed analysis is public confirmation of what intelligence officials have been saying privately for some time: The new missiles are based on a technology so complex that it would have been impossible for the North Koreans to have switched gears so quickly themselves. They apparently fired up the new engine for the first time in September — meaning that it took only 10 months to go from that basic milestone to firing an ICBM, a short time unless they were able to buy designs, hardware and expertise on the black market.

    The White House had no comment when asked about the intelligence assessments.

    Last month, Yuzhmash denied reports that the factory complex was struggling for survival and selling its technologies abroad, in particular to China. Its website saysthe company does not, has not and will not participate in “the transfer of potentially dangerous technologies outside Ukraine.”

    American investigators do not believe that denial, though they say there is no evidence that the government of President Petro O. Poroshenko, who recently visited the White House, had any knowledge or control over what was happening inside the complex.

    On Monday, after this story was published, Oleksandr Turchynov, a top national security official in the government of Mr. Poroshenko, denied any Ukrainian involvement.

    “This information is not based on any grounds, provocative by its content, and most likely provoked by Russian secret services to cover their own crimes,” Mr. Turchynov said. He said the Ukrainian government views North Korea as “totalitarian, dangerous and unpredictable, and supports all sanctions against this country.”

    How the Russian-designed engines, called the RD-250, got to North Korea is still a mystery.

    Mr. Elleman was unable to rule out the possibility that a large Russian missile enterprise, Energomash, which has strong ties to the Ukrainian complex, had a role in the transfer of the RD-250 engine technology to North Korea. He said leftover RD-250 engines might also be stored in Russian warehouses.
  11. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels


    But the fact that the powerful engines did get to North Korea, despite a raft of United Nations sanctions, suggests a broad intelligence failure involving the many nations that monitor Pyongyang.

    Since President Barack Obama ordered a step-up in sabotage against the North’s missile systems in 2014, American officials have closely monitored their success. They appeared to have won a major victory last fall, when Mr. Kim ordered an end to flight tests of the Musudan, an intermediate-range missile that was a focus of the American sabotage effort.

    But no sooner had Mr. Kim ordered a stand-down of that system than the North rolled out engines of a different design. And those tests were more successful.

    American officials will not say when they caught on to the North’s change of direction. But there is considerable evidence they came to it late.

    Leon Panetta, the former C.I.A. director, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the North Korean drive to get workable ICBMs that could be integrated with nuclear weapons moved more quickly than the intelligence community had expected.

    “The rapid nature of how they’ve been able to come to that capability is something, frankly, that has surprised both the United States and the world,” he said.

    It is unclear who is responsible for selling the rockets and the design knowledge, and intelligence officials have differing theories about the details. But Mr. Elleman makes a strong circumstantial case that would implicate the deteriorating factory complex and its underemployed engineers.

    “I feel for those guys,” said Mr. Elleman, who visited the factory repeatedly a decade ago while working on federal projects to curb weapon threats. “They don’t want to do bad things.”

    Dnipro has been called the world’s fastest-shrinking city. The sprawling factory, southeast of Kiev and once a dynamo of the Cold War, is having a hard time finding customers.

    American intelligence officials note that North Korea has exploited the black market in missile technology for decades, and built an infrastructure of universities, design centers and factories of its own.

    It has also recruited help: In 1992, officials at a Moscow airport stopped a team of missile experts from traveling to Pyongyang.

    That was only a temporary setback for North Korea. It obtained the design for the R-27, a compact missile made for Soviet submarines, created by the Makeyev Design Bureau, an industrial complex in the Ural Mountains that employed the rogue experts apprehended at the Moscow airport.

    But the R-27 was complicated, and the design was difficult for the North to copy and fly successfully.

    Eventually, the North turned to an alternative font of engine secrets — the Yuzhmash plant in Ukraine, as well as its design bureau, Yuzhnoye. The team’s engines were potentially easier to copy because they were designed not for cramped submarines but roomier land-based missiles. That simplified the engineering.

    Economically, the plant and design bureau faced new headwinds after Russia in early 2014 invaded and annexed Crimea, a part of Ukraine. Relations between the two nations turned icy, and Moscow withdrew plans to have Yuzhmash make new versions of the SS-18 missile.

    In July 2014, a report for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace warned that such economic upset could put Ukrainian missile and atomic experts “out of work and could expose their crucial know-how to rogue regimes and proliferators.”

    The first clues that a Ukrainian engine had fallen into North Korean hands came in September when Mr. Kim supervised a ground test of a new rocket engine that analysts called the biggest and most powerful to date.

    Norbert Brügge, a German analyst, reported that photos of the engine firing revealed strong similarities between it and the RD-250, a Yuzhmash model.

    Alarms rang louder after a second ground firing of the North’s new engine, in March, and its powering of the flight in May of a new intermediate-range missile, the Hwasong-12. It broke the North’s record for missile distance. Its high trajectory, if leveled out, translated into about 2,800 miles, or far enough to fly beyond the American military base at Guam.

    On June 1, Mr. Elleman struck an apprehensive note. He argued that the potent engine clearly hailed from “a different manufacturer than all the other engines that we’ve seen.”

    Mr. Elleman said the North’s diversification into a new line of missile engines was important because it undermined the West’s assumptions about the nation’s missile prowess: “We could be in for surprises.”

    That is exactly what happened. The first of the North’s two tests in July of a new missile, the Hwasong-14, went a distance sufficient to threaten Alaska, surprising the intelligence community. The second went far enough to reach the West Coast, and perhaps Denver or Chicago.

    Last week, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists featured a detailed analysis of the new engine, also concluding that it was derived from the RD-250. The finding, the analysts said, “raises new and potentially ominous questions.”

    The emerging clues suggest not only new threats from North Korea, analysts say, but new dangers of global missile proliferation because the Ukrainian factory remains financially beleaguered. It now makes trolley buses and tractors, while seeking new rocket contracts to help regain some of its past glory.
  12. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

  13. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    Today I was able to hear a portion of President Trump's speech in the aftermath of the deadly riot in Virginia
    He decried racism and said that we are all children of God
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing
    It is GREAT to hear that
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  14. Mark1

    Mark1 Angels

    ...I agree. I was amazed. In watching and reading all sorts of news, what really amazes me is that I'm seeing two presidencies; One is the one I read about and see, where Trump is trying to protect religious liberty, create jobs, fix healthcare, end wasteful spending, and cut out all the PC stuff here, and as part of foreign policy. And yet, watch or read the news, or listen to those on the far left in and out of Congress, and it's like they are reporting on an entirely different, dictator-like president. It's very scary, that reason has left half the country. To disagree on issues, or details, is one thing. But what I'm seeing is an attempt by the left in this country to completely demonize and destroy Trump, and anyone who may agree with him on one or all issues. In my opinion, they've become the very villains they claim to be against.
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  15. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    You are exactly right
    Separation of the sheep from the goats in the spiritual sense which is becoming more apparent as time goes by
    They are digging a pit and falling into it
    Like in the Book of Proverbs
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  16. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Archangels

    Proverbs 26:27
  17. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels

    Indeed they are. Remember, we are living in a day when the evil of this world will kill God's children and believe with all it's heart that it is carrying out the will of God.
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  18. Jarg

    Jarg Archangels

    Do you hace the link to the speech?

    I went by Trump tower today and there were people demonstrating - didn't like the atmosphere. The anti Trump bigotry is off the roof now because Charlottesville.
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  19. Don_D

    Don_D Archangels

    Here's a video of it Jarg.

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  20. sunburst

    sunburst Archangels

    I was driving through Virginia on Saturday on a road trip from Florida and happened to past three convoys of military tractor trailer trucks and each truck had a metal enclosed container on it's bed,...I would have to say they were about 18 ft long and about 14 ft high. I noticed they were marked explosives. Three convoys of about 7 trailers transporting these metal boxes containing explosives:cautious: I remember thinking that we should be ready for anything as something very serious can unfold at any time with N. Korea. Also unknown to me at the time there was that riot going on in that same state.
    It is so sad seeing all the division that is taking place in our country.
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