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This year's consecration

Discussion in 'Consecration to Mary.' started by PotatoSack, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    Hello everyone!

    It is that time of year again...time for consecration renewal. Although I am renewing my consecration as I always do, this year will be different. I have felt called in prayer to take a break from the forum. I will miss this journey with you all tremendously and really struggled over whether to start the break after the consecration or now, but I feel Our Lady pulling me in a different direction for a while, so I must follow her lead.

    But of course I hope everyone renews their consecration or does it for the first time. I think it is especially important now, given the state of the world and troubles in our church. The only way to avoid getting lost in the confusion or deceived is by making ourselves smaller than a peanut and never leaving Our Lady's side. We must be firmly planted under her mantle, and the best way to do this is by consecrating yourself to her and then devoutly living that consecration daily. It is truly the antidote for our times. So don't forget everyone, start the consecration on April 10th for your consecration on the 100th anniversary of Fatima!!

    I will miss you all and think of you often. I have been and will continue to pray very hard for everyone on this forum and especially for Brian and Padraig. I ask you to pray for me as well.

    God bless and may the peace of Jesus always be with you and may you always feel our heavenly mother at your side!
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  2. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    We will miss you Potato Sack!

    You haven't been posting as much lately. I know you have been praying about what is going on in the Church and the forum. You must do what you feel called to do though. I hope this is just a break "for now" and I look forward to your return. I was going to wait to mention this until the weather was a bit nicer, but since you might be going for a while I will mention it now. I was going to see if any of us "northeasterners" wanted to do a get together at some point when the weather is more clement. I know there are several of us up here. Just PM me if you have any interest (anyone else can too) and I will keep you in the loop. ;)

    May your consecration and time away be fruitful in prayer and may Our Lord and Our Lady watch over you.
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  3. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Praetorian and others,

    I have asked PotatoSack's permission to cut and paste entries from last year's Consecration, so that we can begin the Consecration on April 10th. As we did last year, both Saint Louis de Montfort and Fr. Gaintley's daily entries will be included. It would wonderful if any of you wish to join me to sign-up before we start next Monday. I'm excited to be back after a month's break and look forward to any words of insight and wisdom the Holy Spirit gives you on our journey together.

    I will try to control my Irish tongue which is too often in warp speed!:LOL:

    And remember, each renewal of our Consecration provides the graces we need today! :D

    One more important note, an insight from another member on sabbatical, KathyK: [I'm] offering it for every child given to our Blessed Mother by Jesus. Let's get every one of them into the ark before the door closes!:cool:

    Safe under the Mantle of the Immaculate Heart!
  4. Mario

    Mario Powers

  5. Florida Panther

    Florida Panther Jesus through Mary

    I will be joining, thanks Mario and Potato Sack.
  6. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Good to hear from you Florida Panther. I'm going to start a new thread with a more understandable title. Maybe more members will respond. By the way, I have a brother in Sarasota and a son in Ave Maria. Are they anywhere near you?

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  7. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    Hi Mario. I would like to join in the Consecration. Is there a format to follow? Thanks.
  8. Florida Panther

    Florida Panther Jesus through Mary

    Thanks Mario. I'm near Ft. Lauderdale. Ave Maria is about an hour or so across Alligator alley from me. Sarasota is about 3 hours away.
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  9. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Hi Shae,

    We'll be following the same format as was done last year on the 2016 Forum Consecration to Jesus through Mary thread found in the Consecration Sub-Forum. You can review that thread to better understand how things were done, however, the thread for this year is entitled, 2017 Consecration to Jesus through Mary. This is a 33-day commitment and each of us must choose between St. Louis de Montfort's "program" or that of Fr. Gaintley's. The last three years I used Fr. Gaitley's because it includes reflections from the writings of St. Louis, plus Sts. Mother Teresa, Maximilian Kolbe, and John Paul II. I was thoroughly blessed, but thought this year I would like a change of pace. So do check it out! Tomorrow is day 1.

    Thanks so much for joining in. You make us the Three Musketeers for the moment: Florida Panther, Mario, and Shae!:):rolleyes:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart.
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  10. Mario

    Mario Powers

    See my reply above to Shae for a clarification of where we will start tomorrow! Yahoo!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Another candidate here Mario. And don't forget PotatoSack will be with us in spirit making 5 so far. :)
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  12. Mario

    Mario Powers

    So true, Julia, and I'm so glad for another familiar face to join in. Every new addition brings joy to the Heart of Our Lady. May our entrustment into her care grow ever more deeply.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  13. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Jesus, I Trust In You!"

    Count me in. Just got back from Medjugorje yesterday and I am eager to make the consecration for the first time.
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  14. Clare A

    Clare A Archangels

    Me too - this is the fourth one I've made....
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  15. maryn

    maryn New Member

    I would also like to take the opportunity to renew my consecration
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  16. Marie-Lou

    Marie-Lou Guest

    I would like to renew mine also. :)
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  17. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    I'm in, too. I previously followed Father Gaitley's method so am happy to try the de Montfort version this time.
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  18. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Love th
    Love the idea of getting together with the northeastern gang, Praetorian. I will PM you next week once Easter has passed.
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  19. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Sounds good Cathy. No rush, I thought we could do it some time this summer when the weather is nicer. I'll probably start a thread at some point to see if people are interested. I know there are several of us up here. :)
  20. Rita Marie

    Rita Marie New Member

    Hello, I just learned of the Consecration to Mary, through Beckita's blog, starting today. Is it too late to join?
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