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Third Purification by Fire Is Coming

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by garabandal, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Your reference to Frank Rega's article of review of Steve's book I applaud. I have found the summations by Frank Rega to be marvelous. He uses his own complete readings and digestions of Luisa's writings and expresses them, in a type of summation, with his great gifts for such graspings of the essence. I've liked his other earlier writings on other topics as well. One comes away with a deeper, fuller gift of insight. This help then also can be understood by those who would not be able to fully get through the more scientific laboratory of the truths contained within this newer teaching of mystical humanity, having to separate the truths contained within with individual analyses. I've seen many people getting off on tangents who have tried this, rather tying themselves in knots on portions of the whole until the parts take over rather than grasping the spirit of the new life itself.
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  2. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    From Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi
    "The Holy Spirit will come as a heavenly dew of GRACE AND FIRE, which will renew all the world. Under His irrestible action of love, the Church will open itself to live the NEW ERA OF ITS GREATEST HOLINESS....." "The Holy Spirit will come to establish the glorious reign of Christ..." "With His divine love, He will open the doors of hearts and illuminate all consciences. Every person will see himself in the burning FIRE OF DIVINE TRUTH. IT WILL BE LIKE A JUDGMENT IN MINIATURE. AND THEN JESUS CHRIST WILL BRING HIS GLORIOUS REIGN IN THE WORLD." #383 May 22, 1988
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  3. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Dear Earthtoangels,

    I know you and many people here at MoG believe in the writings of Lusia Piccaretta. I wish I could understand her writings in the way you obviously are able to, without it compromising or confusing your catholic faith. We are lucky to have the ‘Divine will’ thread, that all can go to; to ponder Lusia’s new revelations. Her writings seem to be very useful for some people; I suppose it helps them understand God’s Infinite Love and Our Lords most meek and humble Heart.

    I think it is better for those of us who are very small and bewildered by Lusia writings about the new era and many of her other new revelations that we find a way of actually living in the Blessed Trinity’s Divine Will, without it compromising our faith.

    I am so happy that I have found the writings of St Elizabeth of the Blessed Trinity. St Elizabeth explains, humbly and succinctly how most saints from the time of Christ, have accepted the call to live in the ‘Blessed Trinity’s Divine will’. I see these saints as truly the first born sons and daughters of the Blessed Trinity’s Divine Will, as God has a unique and an infinite Love for every child He creates in His image. Additionally, in Elizabeth’s writings I see the human will as beautifully active in its submission.

    Even though St Elizabeth died 40 years before Lusia, St Elizabeth understood that living in God’s Divine Will, never compromises the body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist as the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. This is where many Catholics need edification because I believe we first need the Blessed Eucharist to be able to live in the Divine Will and this teaching can be found in St Elizabeth’s writings.

    Here is one of St Elizabeth poignant and humble letters......

    I love to penetrate beyond the veil of the soul to this inner sanctuary where we live alone with God. He wants us entirely to himself, and is making there within us a cherished solitude.

    Listen to everything that is being sung . . . in his heart. It is Love, the infinite love that envelops us and desires to give us a share . . . in all his blessedness.

    The whole Blessed Trinity dwells in us,
    the whole of that mystery which will be our vision in heaven.

    I am “Elizabeth of the Trinity”—Elizabeth disappearing, losing herself, allowing herself to be invaded by the Three...All day long let us surrender ourselves to Love, by doing the will of God, under his gaze, with him, in him and for him alone. . . .

    And then, when evening comes, after a dialogue of love that has never stopped in our hearts, let us go to sleep still in love. And if we are aware of any faults, let us simply abandon them to Love, which is a consuming fire, and so do our purgatory in his love!
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  4. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Elizabeth of the Trinity is another great one to study in order to begin to grasp this new gift of the Divine Will. She is beautifully amazing, I think, in her simplicity to be His "Praise of Glory". It is written, I believe it is in Fr. Iannuzzi's writings, that St. Elizabeth at least partially lived in the Divine Will. In fact such points of light are what, in the beginning of my interest in this, drew me to discover more about this new explanation of God's intentions for His children. It's like one should put aside, at least for a moment, one's own already established and pre-conceived notions about God esp. in the arena that attempts to limit Him due to our own defections since the fall....and imagine just what it can mean to be able to accept what He originally intended for His creation and never stopped desiring....to share everything about Himself with us through a willing desire to "fuse" with Him!! As an old comedienne used to quip...."it's bigger than both of us"!!!
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  5. josephite

    josephite Powers

    I believe St Elizabeth lived fully in the Divine Will. So this is one of the areas where I get confused with Lusia's writings and her new revelations.

    I cannot make the distinction between partial living in the Divine Will and fully living in the Divine Will; Yet, I have read explanations from a number of sources and even those written by Lusia herself and still cannot understand!

    It seems to me that the reasons given about why great saints like St Joseph, St Padre Pio, St Elizabeth, St Francis, St Mother Theresa etc were not fully Living in the Divine Will but only living in the reflection of the Divine Will or partially living in the Divine Will are not based on any Church teaching that I can grasp!

    This is a dilemma for me as Living in the Divine Will according to Lusia, does not relate to sin [as Lusia states herself, she is sinful] or on sanctifying grace as our church teaches or on offering our sufferings in union with Jesus on the cross or on the charisms given by God.

    I am confused by the above however I am happy that you and many others are able to grasp Lusia’s teachings.

    God Bless.
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  6. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Lynne, I realise Father Hardon would have read the writings of Lusia, otherwise he would not have been able to comment on Lusia's writings.
    It is good that Sr. Marie St John was able to make, Lusia's books available to him and I would be interested to know if in his letter of, Blessings to Sr Marie, he renounced his findings.

    Father Hardon is well respected as is apparently Father Iannuzzi, however both differ in their conclusions about Lusia's writings, I suppose it is a wait and see as to who is correct.

    I don't know of a Mr Steve Patton nor of his wonderful rebuttle of the false statements made by Fr. Hardon, I would also be interested in reading this as well. Thank you
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  7. AED

    AED Powers

    Beautiful Josephite. Beautiful. I too am a very little soul. This really speaks to me.
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  8. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Jesus LOVES the small, little children! Luisa once asked Him why He chose her and He replied that He couldn't find anyone smaller than her. I do appreciate your comments, and in His time Our Lord will reveal to you the simplicity of His Words through Luisa. Of course, as many have stated, there are other writings on living in the Divine Will (as opposed to doing the Will of God), that you could or may have already read. You only need to ponder the difference as to this great Gift that God has chosen to give us in our days. God bless you.
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  9. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Actually, as I understand this new and comprehensive gift, it is only Luisa who fully lived this Divine Will since she was chosen to write about it, as it happened to her, in order for others to learn of it. In fact she balked in her human nature and understanding of her littleness as not being fit to accomplish such a request. She was told that she must in order to serve the others who also must come to this understanding after her. It wasn't just about her! Those others, beloved saints, by their gifts and offerings of selves were given a share of this but they could not fully fuse themselves into this new expression of the revelation of the Mystical Humanity as it wasn't given to them. It's not that others were kept from being included fully but it wasn't given to them as such a gift but in their cases there could only be the choice of personal offering which by its very nature involves their human natures' decisions to act, to obey, to suffer, etc., in a sense the ego was still involved. This new gift (or renewal of what was always intended), as lived by the first parents until the free will chose otherwise, is a fusing with acceptance and learning while experiencing it. It's a new way of "seeing" I suppose.

    When one lives in the Divine Will, that one effects, or can effect because of the Power of God's Will included in that, the universe, and return all to the Father as it was intended to do from the beginning. In a sense it is like when a "living host" receives Jesus in the Eucharist He Himself is receiving Himself and that is the perfection always intended with nothing outside of this! The Father can act when He sees the Son, Who Himself returned everything to the Father, totally, in such human "hosts" of His Divine Will. I would say then that such great saints fulfilled other missions for their particular purpose perfectly but not this new Life as it was yet to be expressed and more than likely waiting for and building upon the sacrifices of such great saints until this "gift" of the Divine Will finally came to be for others. It's indeed a mystery. You can just read what Luisa went through; how she had to wait for her Lord to act and accustom herself to "how" He acted and why. She learned how she could effect His Heart with her pleadings for others for whom she wished Him to act in order to change things to come that would cause suffering, etc. But we learn through her that such devotees of the Divine Will do indeed effect God's tender Heart in His Son so much that for His Will to be accomplished He had to leave Luisa and such pleadings in order to fulfill this Will or He could act otherwise if that were possible. She learned then that this Will went beyond the limitations we wish to put upon it due to our humanity. That is why we still do not know actually what is involved in this Mystical Humanity of Jesus. We relate to his fully human suffering and know/believe that He is fully Divine/God but the fullness of comprehension of this must come as a gift in His time. Perhaps that is why there is such a purification involved before this new period of living in the Divine Will, fulfilling the prayer given by Jesus for this, can come to be. There can be no memory or connection to the type of thinking that came with the past after this time. All indeed will have passed through what must come via the Holy Spirit for ourselves to be "re-created" and this known earth to be renewed. I think the preternatural gifts must come to pass during this transformation. But through Luisa's writings we can become more acquainted with why this has to be. As was stated by Jesus in scripture there was much more to be explained to us but that He could not do that then so the Spirit would follow in order to open these new truths. The Church learns as well with the Spirit's movements in our time even about itself! God continually shares.....He doesn't compare as we should not do as well!
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  10. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Yes, very well said. I would add that the Acts done in the Divine Will become eternal acts which affect all - past, present and future. And why is this? Because they are done by Jesus in us. We need only to enter into that eternal mode - it's like a drop of water in the ocean; the water does not disappear but the ocean does all. We are that drop of water and Jesus is the ocean. Also, regarding "memory", Jesus tell us in Vol. 12 (Feb. 22, 1921):
  11. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    At the Creating Fiat, the intellect of man remains as though enraptured - and how many things he comprehends of Me and of how I love him, as I am hidden in all created things to make Myself known and to give him love to make Myself loved. In the Fiat of Redemption, his memory remains as though enchained by the excesses of my love in suffering so much to help and save man in the state of sin. In the third Fiat, my love wants to display even more; I want to assail the human will, I want to place my very Will as support of his will, in such a way that the human will will remain not only enraptured, enchained, but sustained by an Eternal Will, such that, making Itself prop for the whole of man, he will almost be unable to escape It. The generations will not end until my Will reigns upon earth
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  12. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

  13. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I have attached Steve Patton's Defense of Luisa's writings. I had thought Steve mentioned Fr. Hardon, (I read this many years ago) but actually it was written in response to Fr. Staples and Fr. Most. Nevertheless, Steve responds to all the errors that have been written about Luisa and this includes the errors of Fr. Hardon. It is quite lengthy, but it is here for all who wish to know the truth: God bless you. Lynne
    Steve Patton; M.A. Theology Franciscan University of Steubenville; M.S. Carnegie Mellon University; J.D. University of Pittsburgh

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  14. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    This is the note I have that fell from the Passion book written by Luisa:

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  15. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    I was thanking Josephite for the information that she posted, it is always up to us to discern for ourselves.

    I am not up to speed on Luisa Piccarreta's prophecies but I found the following on Emmett O'Regan's site about Father Iannuzzi.

    Update on the Status of the Writings of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi Saturday, 25 November 2017

    Archbishop of Trani Confirms Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi has Breached the Moratorium on Luisa Piccarreta Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    I have a lot of reading to do before I can converse on this subject and at the moment I really don't have the proper amount of time to invest to do the necessary reading but maybe at some future date this will be possible.

    Thank you all for the information.
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  16. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Carol, I could send you Fr. Josephs letter regarding the lies Emmett O'Regan said about him, but I need to get approval from Father before posting it on this blog. Unfortunately this may take some time as I believe he is out of the country right now. Father Joseph is a very holy Priest who has written several books on the subject and also, his dissertation on Living in the Divine Will was approved by three Theologians at the Pontifical University in Rome. I don't have the time to continue defending Luisa, the writings, or Father Joseph. Just pray to Jesus and He will lead you in the right direction. God bless you.Lynne

    Please read this: https://dsdoconnor.com/the-slander-...by-emmett-oregan-of-unveiling-the-apocalypse/
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  17. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Emmett O'Regan claims to have at least studied Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic in preparation for writing his book on the Apocalypse. And that subject itself concentrates on that which isn't as yet the time of living in the Divine Will. I don't think he's realized that basic point and so continues to talk past those who have. In order to encourage any trust in his challenges to Fr. Iannuzzi he might at least have included Italian....esp. in that Italian dialect to which Fr. I had to become proficient in order to attempt his helpful translations and proper interpretations of Luisa's writings!! Otherwise he has to stay in the balcony shouting from afar with his personal ad hominem attacks against Fr. I since any criticisms of any value would necessitate a much more in depth scholarly background for himself in order to even begin any equal analyses of the real "meat". Of course such self reflection involves the virtue of humility. It may be just a lack of foresight on Emmett's part that such an argument of his also impugns the Pontifical University that is authorized by the Holy See which approved of Fr. I's most scholarly dissertation on the topic.
  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    The very title of this thread is an important one to ponder upon. What is coming demands an ultimate purification as has never happened in the history of God's creation. With so much truth know to man, through the Son of Man, it has much demands for a world who has this truth so accessible. But, as well documented in the past 2000 years, mankind has overwhelmingly chosen the world to appease their desire for money, sex and power in lieu of what God commanded, love. The overwhelming majority of making simply has lost whatever faith they once had. So here we are at the height of evilness, which brings upon us the dreaded Antichrist and era of purification. A purification of ALL evil is what brings about the 3rd Fiat of God and the promise of Genesis 3:15 with Mary crushing the head of Satan and our Lady of Fatima's ultimatum of an era of peace.

    It is all being revealed to anyone who has opened their hearts and ears to hear. But, many of the still faithful are to absorbed in the battle to see what comes from it. There time is almost exclusively spent identifying all the pitfalls of the pope and his minions and not on studying what God has revealed through his messengers, his prophets about what he is doing to bring about the Era of Peace and Living in the Divine Will. This purification by fire is necessary to root out all evil in the smallest of cracks that they have crawled into. Satan, the Antichrist and all their minions will not be able to hide on the terrible day of the Lord or the 3 days of darkness, which will completely purify the world and ready it for the Eucharistic reign of the Divine Will. It is not simply an eradication of bad humans, but of every form of evil, both within the visible and invisible world. It has to be for what God has always had in his mind to take place from the fall of angles and man. It's coming whether we understand it or not.

    This is what Our Lady told Fr.. Gobbi, and what he himself has said:

    “Tongues of fire will come down upon you all, my poor children, so ensnared and seduced by Satan and by all the evil spirits who, during these years, have attained their greatest triumph. And thus, you will be illuminated by this divine light, and you will see your own selves in the mirror of the truth and the holiness of God. It will be like a judgment in miniature, which will open the door of your heart to receive the great gift of divine mercy…” (546d-g, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”)

    Fr. Gobbi: …the obstacle is sin – individual sin, social sin, sin set as the norm of action. All of this sin is a rejection that we make; it is a barrier that we place, because of which the Eucharistic Christ cannot manifest his divine power. But when Satan is cast into hell, when the door of the abyss is closed and the power of Satan is destroyed, these obstacles will be removed. Then will Jesus in the Eucharist explode. He will manifest Himself in all his power; we will see Him beyond the species; (Jesus once told me “And you will see Me as I Am”) we will feel Him because He will work within us most powerfully as God, because in the Eucharist Jesus is present with the fullness of his divinity in our midst! And as God, He will then succeed in transforming our hearts; He will succeed in transforming souls; He will succeed in transforming families; He will succeed in transforming nations…Finally, after so many years of division, and after so many (almost useless) efforts of ecumenism, the unity of the Church will be achieved and we will truly have the Eucharistic Reign of Christ within us.

    Fr. Gobbi: “... it is only the veil of the species that keeps us from seeing Him…
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  19. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Sorry if I am repeating something that has already been offered here.....haven't gone back and reviewed every comment....and some other threads have evolved to include alternative threads' topics.

    Fr. Gobbi's Teaching on this "Intermediate" or "Second" Coming:

    Our Lady's message to Fr. Gobbi #435 b-f - I Reveal My Secret - Anniversary of the Last Apparition of Fatima, October 13, 1990:

    "Today I announce to you that there is about to be born the new Church of light, which my son Jesus is forming for Himself in every part of the earth, so that it will be ready to receive Him, with faith and with joy, in the proximate moment of His second coming. The glorious reign of Christ, which will be established in your midst, with the second coming of Jesus in the world, is close at hand. This is His return in glory. This is His glorious return, to establish His reign in your midst and to bring all humanity, redeemed by His most precious blood, back to the state of His new terrestrial paradise.

    That which is being prepared is so great that its equal has never existed since the creation of the world. Prepare yourselves with humility, with faith, with intense prayer. Prepare yourselves by gathering together, each and all, in the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate heart. Prepare yourselves in silence and in expectation.

    I reveal my secret only to the hearts of the little, the simple and the poor, because it is being accepted and believed by them. For this, Jesus is working powerfully in these times, to prepare His coming in the lives of the simple, the poor, the pure, the little.

    With a small number of these children, the Lord will soon restore on earth His glorious reign of love, of holiness and of peace."

    In a talk which Fr. Gobbi gave at a 1996 international clergy retreat, he shares his own understanding of this second (intermediate) coming of Jesus:

    "Traditionally, we have always identified the return of Christ in glory with the "Parousia", when He will come as Judge, since there has never been any in-depth theological study on this topic. This is also the case for other truths which are believed, but about which no in-depth studies have ever been made. Of late, these messages which refer to Christ returning in glory to this world have given rise to a more serious theological study on this subject.

    …Sacred Scripture and the Fathers of the Church speak clearly of a glorious coming of the reign of Christ into this world, apart from the one at the end as Judge! …

    Brother priests, I think then, that on this theme as well we are in full accord with Sacred Scripture and with the teaching of the Church. We must indeed open ourselves to this new perspective. I was told that the following question was addressed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: "Is the return of Christ in glory to be interpreted as his return for the Last Judgment, or rather on this earth?" The answer was as follows: "the Church has never taken an official stand on this subject, therefore one can interpret either way.".


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