There is a plot to dethrone Pope Benedict

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    There is a plot to dethrone Pope Benedict
    Dec31 by The Editor


    by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

    And no, I am not talking about the events leading up to February 11, 2013.

    The Plot
    I am speak about the plan moving through sections of the Roman Curia right now to “solve” the problem of a “Pope emeritus”. I have this on the word of a very highly respected member of the Roman Curia who told me of it.

    The enemies of Christ realize that this title proves that the resignation was never complete and therefore that Pope Benedict never renounced the Papal Office at all, and is still the pope. That means Bergoglio’s entire reign of terror was uncanonical, a fraud, of no value, not legally binding on the Church in anything.

    They cannot tolerate that. So now they feel confident in removing “the evidence of the problem”.

    I wonder whether there are different points of view here. Do some want Benedict to stop calling himself “pope”, signing as the “Pastor of Pastors, Pope Benedict XVI” (Benedictus XVI P.P.)*, wearing the white cassock and skull cap? Do others go so far as to want him out of the Vatican and no longer cared for by the Head of the Pontifical Household? Do still others want a “canonical” solution which pretends or keeps up the pretense of a valid resignation?

    I believe dissent on this matter is visceral, right now, in the Vatican. The Head of the Vatican Police seems to have been a partisan of the group which holds that Bergoglio has no valid claim, since, when he tendered his resignation this fall, Bergoglio demanded of him that he mention, in his letter of resignation, that he recognizes “Pope Francis as the Successor of Saint Peter”, a textual statement which has nothing to do with a letter of resignation per se, but which proves that Bergoglio is on the war path to punish anyone who thinks otherwise. (Did Sodano’s sacking have anything to do with this? — I do not know, but he certainly does know of the controversy since there is nothing going on in the Vatican that he does not know through his many clients there).

    And do not doubt it. The whole Roman Curia knows that Benedict is still the pope and that in their haste they were wrong in presuming that he resigned the office of St. Peter in February 2013. I make this claim on the basis of the human reactions I get when discussing this with learned partisans of the Bergoglian regime. It’s a topic with which they are very familiar and know precisely what to say and not to say to pretend otherwise. They also employ their most forceful anger against those facts and points-of-law-in-application which directly address the problem. It’s such a hot potato, that few are even willing to speak about it. And some even run away when they see you coming, if you have requested to speak with them on this topic.

    Their hope is that most of the laity are dopes and will keep eating up the propaganda that their handlers in the press and social media keep putting out: Shut up! Do not think about it! It does not matter! You are seeing things! You are a heretic and a schismatic if you say otherwise!** The Revolution, in the minds of the Bergoglian party, must go forward. They have to have approbation of all that is evil and the utter destruction of the Church which claims to be founded by the true Jewish Messiah. That is the end game.

    The Battle of 2020
    Pope Benedict XVI for his part has made it quite clear that his “yes” to accept the Papal Office is a “forever” yes. There is thus going to be a battle, and it will break out in 2020. Catholics who love and remain in communion with Pope Benedict need to go on the war path.

    We need to identify and contact the 40 to 70 Cardinals, whom the Vaticanista, Edward Pentin, said in 2017,*** were inclined to call an imperfect council to remove Bergoglio on the grounds that his claim to the papacy is vitiated by some canonical problem, whether heresy, schism or invalidity.

    We need to mobilize Catholics to financially support any effort which is necessary to defend the person of the Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict.

    We need to keep up the heat on the partisans of error: those devilishly bold individuals who lie in public and are willing to say anything to keep you from realizing

    1. that in Canon Law the Latin word munus HAS NEVER meant MINISTERIUM,
    2. that Pope Benedict NEVER SAID HE RESIGNED the petrine munus
    3. that Pope Benedict NEVER AFFIRMED THAT HE INTENDED to resign the petrine munus.
    4. that the Cardinals and journalists are not infallible, when they say the contrary of nn. 1, 2, or 3.
    5. that the Cardinals, journalists, and Bishops have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to interpret the act of renunciation of Feb. 11, 2013 as an act of renunciation of anything other than ministerium.
    Those who are telling these lies are all getting hefty salaries from someone. Those who are calling out the liars get salaries from no one. That should tell you which side is from God and which is from Mammon. As public liars and frauds, they have no right to be seen for what they are not: honest men who are intellectually respectable or reliable. For more than 6.5 years they have marshaled no arguments against the canonical invalidity. And yet they insist that they should be listened to!

    Operation Portugal
    We need to organize Catholics in Portugal to prepare a place or places of refuge for the Pope, if He should chose to flee Rome, since, as Our Lady hinted in BOLD LETTERS during the apparitions there, “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved.” And all who know their Catholic theology well, know that that implies that Portugal will at the very least remain in communion with the true Pope, if not be a place of refuge for him and His valid successors, if needed.

    May the Holy Saints of the Knights Templar**** in Portugal and their devotees in our own time MOBILIZE.

    May we all do our duty now in the most important battle, in the Church, to come in 2000 years.


    * Which clearly indicates he has in his own mind never resigned or intended to resign the Papal dignity, despite what some Cardinals are conjecturing.

    ** This plot to dethrone Benedict is thus evidence that their propaganda has been just that. It has served to hide the evidence from public view, it never was an honest denial.

    *** See the timely report by Fred Martinez at

    **** I mention this Order because it took refuge from an unjust suppression in Portugal and was refounded there in the 14th century. There are thus many faithful Catholics devoted to their memory, in Portugal, and I pray they become the network for helping Pope Benedict.
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    Gosh. It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood film.
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    whenever I see the words "financially support" it is a red flag . . .
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    I always just ignore that stuff.. I have never seen so many calls for donations as I have this year!
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    This Br Bugnolo is “on a mission”
    This is the second or third article by him to try to push the agenda that Benedict is still Pope. The problem I have with him is that his articles are full of generalities about certain Cardinals. It does read like a movie script. There are no real facts naming the names of those whom he claims believe like he does. I say run.
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    The false prophets are raining down like a hail storm at the moment.

    As Jesus said they would.
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    Must start reading those MDM messages again ;):confused::rolleyes: (sarcasm intended)
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  9. Fatima

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    My 2020 Prediction
    • Pope Emeritus Benedict remains as he acknowledges, resigned.
    • Radical Trad's will keep insisting Benedict is Pope.
    • Pope Francis continues his assault on church teachings, diminishing what has been taught and held before him (apostolic traditions) schism continues its path forward.
    • Church globally in upheaval from within.
    • Catastrophic astronomical and natural disasters events begin with great collateral damage globally.
    • War and rumors of war continue (Matthew 24) but the end is not yet. [6] And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. [7] For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places: [8] Now all these are the beginnings of sorrows. [9] Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for my name's sake. [10] And then shall many be scandalized: and shall betray one another: and shall hate one another.
    • The rest of Matthew 24 commences in 2021.
  10. Immaculata

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    Did any of you on this Forum ever suspect Pope Benedict of heresy ?

    I only properly came back to Church and started properly paying attention to all the heresies everywhere during Pope Francis's papacy, so while Pope Benedict was holding the seat I never really looked into him much. But as many are saying Pope Francis is only a result of Vatican 2 and other various events which led up to this point, I was thinking that surely Pope Benedict played a part in getting the church to this stage. I recently came across some articles which may be from sites you wouldn't recommend, but nevertheless if the articles are correct then Pope Benedict would not be a solution at all to the current crisis. He would just be dismantling the faith in a different way, and maybe with a bit less vigour than Pope Francis.

    The article I am referring to is this -

    As you can see, it is referring to Pope Benedict's very own book, so it is not just an accusation but a clear example from Pope Benedict's very own words.

    Judging by the words in his book, it appears that Pope Benedict's silence on many of Pope Francis's heretical acts may be because he is in full agreement with Pope Francis rather than some sinister plot by the modernists to keep him silent. Though of course, the modernists are well capable of such sinister activities all the same.
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    I don't buy one bit of what you have written. More propaganda by those who cannot see that what has been taking place, most likely started, as Pope Leo XIII stated, when he gave the Church the prayer to St. Michael. Some Trad's in the church are trying to tie any pope they can to the problems in the church, but can't see the trees through the forest. Pope Benedict was and is a very holy learned priest, bishop, cardinal, pope and now Pope Emeritus. I believe he will be declared a saint after he fulfills the "bishop in white" of Fatima. We are at the end of the age, which will prophetically fulfill prophecy from Genesis 3:15 through Revelations 19 and 20, where the remnant will find themselves in the era of peace in the fulfillment of our Lord's prophetic Prayer, which he taught us to pray, where his kingdom will come and his will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. Pope Emeritus Benedict will have a big part in the fulfillment of prophecy and will go down in history as a great saint. We won't have long now to see what I have written come to fruition. Others will disagree and that is fine.
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  12. Immaculata

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    Did he or did he not write them things in his book ? Is the article lying about what is in his book ? If that is in his book, did he ever recant of those beliefs ? If that is what he wrote in his book, then it appears that he denies some basic truths about God.

    I have also been reading a bit more today. It appears that Pope Francis may have possibly learned his respect for Islam from Pope Benedict.
    In his general audience on 20th of September 2006 he stated - "I hope that in the various circumstances during my Visit - for example, when in Munich I emphasized how important it is to respect what is sacred to others - that my deep respect for the great religions, and especially for Muslims, who "worship God, who is one" and with whom we are engaged in preserving and promoting together, for the benefit of all men, "peace, liberty, social justice and moral values"

    On the 25th of September he again states - , "I should like to reiterate today all the esteem and the profound respect that I have for Muslim believers, calling to mind the words of the Second Vatican Council which for the Catholic Church are the Magna Carta of Muslim-Christian dialogue: " In the rest of his speech, he continues to fawn over the muslims without calling them to conversion to Jesus Christ.

    Pope Benedict prays with Muslims in a mosque -

    Is it not a sin for Catholics to attend services of false religions ?

    One quote which is mentioned in the link in my previous post is - Pope Benedict states in his book - “‘Ascension’ does not mean departure into a remote region of the cosmos but, rather, the continuing closeness that the disciples experience so strongly that it becomes a source of lasting joy” (p. 281). The article ends with 4 valid questions.

    The more I read of Pope Benedict, the more he sounds like Pope Francis.
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    Yes remember i brought it up 3 things last month that i was puzzled

    1, 4 nameless (but renowned ) exorcists call. No update from them to date.

    2. Fr Michel - his use of mix and mash prophecies ....... on the level of scaremongering.

    3. Akita Nun Sister S no update from her which was understandable cos she and nuns feeling pressure from church authorities to shut up.

    Why did that all happen around at the same time more or less? was it a diversion tactic or a distraction for what?

    Hopefully 2020 may bring a prophecy free year to you all.:)
  14. Bella

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    These aren't prophesies. They are descriptions of what is already happening, mixed in with some of your own opinions and a hefty sprinkling of conspiracy theory.

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  15. Bella

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    Jesus did warn us about these fruitcakes
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  16. Don_D

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    Isn't that interesting? Go further and you will find yet more and more of the same. I think most people are under a spell when it comes to these men and critical thinking goes right out the window.

    I think as well that in spite of not praying or worshiping with Muslims that we actually have some common ground with them that is unique to other faiths. I think many will convert and be Baptized.
  17. Carol55

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    The negative talk about Pope Benedict doesn't surprise me because I believe that if something very grave happens soon many people especially protestants will call PEB the false prophet and PF the antichrist. For the record, I don't believe that they are the FP and the AC but I really think that others will say this.
  18. Dolours

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    God the Father is pure spirit, therefore, wouldn't any reference to His right hand be metaphorical?

    There isn't a huge difference between what Pope John Paul 11 said about Heaven and what Pope Benedict said. I'm not sure that there is any difference. Pope John Paul spoke about Judgement, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory during his general audiences in July and August, 1999:-

    Pope John Paul (and evidently Pope Benedict) emphasised what Heaven and Hell will mean spiritually. The essence of eternal happiness is unity with God (the Beatific Vision) and separation from God's love is eternal suffering. They don't seem to address what happens the resurrected body after the last judgement. But they're talking in terms of the cosmos - the universe. God is not confined to the universe which He created, therefore, Heaven and Hell as well as being a condition could also be actual places outside the created universe and beyond our human comprehension. We simply don't know what would be the definition of "place" outside the universe. Jesus and Mary have human bodies which exist somewhere but they are glorified bodies and we won't understand the true meaning of glorified until after our own death and judgement. We'll also find out then whether Enoch and Elias have had glorified bodies since they were taken to Heaven.
  19. Irishguy2

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    This. Thats why they get away with it re PF and previous popes.-> papolatry.
  20. Byron

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    Ummm well we should go back in time and study who Benedict was during Vatican II. It will surprise many. He was not as conservative as we thought he was. I was always surprised that he was one of the few who actually came up with the project of changing pedophiles through psychology in the Church. He may have had good reason, but I always thought it was so naive coming from someone so brilliant.

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