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The State of the Faith in Ireland Today: How do you see it?

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Roger Buck, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    These wretches make a lot of noise and it is easy to be brave behind a cloak of anonymity. Some of them probably get excited at causing people to be shocked. There are two respectable responses. We could take them out like the Muslims would or just ignore them until their short attention span exhausts itself. I suggest we reject the Muslim method, firstly because Catholics wouldn't be allowed get away with it but primarily because it would be unChristian.

    The real persecutors are and will be sober secular civil servants. Most public services worldwide have been completely infiltrated by cultural marxism. They will implement a soft persecution, as with the Christian bakers. To remain Catholic will make it difficult to be other than poor. I would certainly try and provide for the future, while one can, in order not to be dependent on any state payments because these will probably be made conditional. It would be best to be self-employed, but avoid careers such as bakeries, hotels, restaurants, printing and so on. Of course being an orthodox priest or bishop will be a superhuman challenge. I doubt if they will execute anyone because they are familiar enough with Christianity to be wary of the dangers for them.

    Ironically, the Muslims may come to our rescue, to some degree. They are not far off achieving control of the balance of power in the EU and demographics will soon ensure they will. They won't be the majority but they will have sufficient say to modify matters of treating religious minorities. I would be confident they hate the secularists far more than Christians and will not stand for the kind of persecution the liberals crave, even if it is not applied to them. The average Muslim's moral worldview is closer to ours than to the secularists and most of them are not of the ISIS extreme.
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  2. Paddy O Keeffe

    Paddy O Keeffe New Member

    A small remnant kept the faith alive in Israel from David to Christ. That is all God needed to bring us the Word Incarnate. Jesus was an outsider from the beginning, born in a stable. Only 2 people recognised him in the temple, Simeon and Anna, perhaps the temple was full at the Presentation, but God only needed 2 witnesses. Yes, the faith will deteriorate further in Ireland, but do not despair, God only needs a remnant to keep the faith alive. Our Lady has her little armies all over Ireland praying the Rosary. The Rosary saved us in the Penal days. This remnant will be dovoted to Our Lady and obedient to the Pope and the Magisterium. Like Lepanto in 1571, the much smaller Christian fleet defeated the Much larger Muslim fleet against all the odds and saved Europe from beind Islamised. The feast of the Holy Rosary on the 7 th of October is about the power of the Rosary. Catholicism in Ireland is overwhelmed by a tsunami of secularism and a culture of death, we're being outnumbered by insurmountable odds. It's a David and Goliath battle, but it took only one stone to kill Goliath. We have the Rosary and Our Lady. She will crush the head of Satan, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We have to be like Abraham and walk blindly in faith and trust.
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  3. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    The Holy Father is due to visit Ireland in 2018. There is already a backlash in the media about it, unfortunately . So much for an inclusive society that represents all sections, including Catholics.
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  4. AidanK

    AidanK New Member

    It's now obvious that as Novus Ordo attendance is shrinking, traditional Tridentine Mass attendance is on the increase

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