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The State of the Faith in Ireland Today: How do you see it?

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Roger Buck, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    I agree with you DeGaulle, my thought on it too was they have no business bringing scandal to the Church.
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  2. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    Anti-Christ is real :(

    It only makes sense the created one would want to be like God. So, he will also have a son. Seems the world is heading in that direction. Some of the nonsense we see at major events... seems to be a way to introduce him to the world. It only makes sense, evil is growing. Not sure how many of us will see the final battle. But yes there is a human/spiritual son of the devil. I think there are millions waiting for his arrival. The interesting part is those people think they will benefit from a world anti-christ. The created one cares about NO-ONE. He will try to destroy all and have loyalty to non. I think its funny...that powerful people think they will run the world. They will be the first to be removed. We are living in a interesting time. Im sorry to say once our generation dies out... the world will never be the same. We might be the last generation that believes without seeing.

    A time of miracles is at our door step.

    May Gods Will be Done
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  3. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

  4. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    This is the separation. The Irish Catholic Church vs The Roman Catholic Church. We will see more and more of this. Bishops and clergy will have to take sides. Many think Pope Francis is at fault but he is not. Lesbian eucharistic ministers is blasphemous. I feel sorry for the couple in the story...they should not be leading this fight. It is our Bishops and the Vatican that must take a stand. But everyone must understand, the moment our Bishops take a stand...then the lawsuits begin and the government gets involved. Once the government, forces us the accept this, then we will become the bigots.

    That is when the true Church goes underground. So :(

    This is just the beginning.

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  5. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Latest on Athy: Parish curate speaks out
    Published: 14 September 2016
    15th September 2006, Our Lady of Sorrows

    Dear Editor,

    I write to clarify my position regarding my appearance on a video taken in Athy church. I was one of the five priests, a curate, con-celebrating Mass in St Michael the Archangel’s Church Athy, last Saturday evening on the 10th September 2016.

    My intentions first and foremost was to celebrate the Eucharist which is the source and summit of our community’s Christian life. This Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was also in appreciation of Fr Tim Hannon’s 50th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination and to mark my own departure from the parishes I have happily served over the past three years.

    I was not present to promote or condone same-sex ‘marriage’ or what appeared to be the apparent triumphant and victorious return of our musical directors which seemed to become the focus of the evening. In my opinion, the Mass was hijacked to support the cause of same-sex ‘marriage’ which is clearly in breach of Catholic Church teachings.

    How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?

    This breach was displayed openly and in a very public manner from the holy sanctuary. I felt very uncomfortable about this as I had not given my blessing to such a union. I am not been harsh but simply following the teachings of the Church, that we all serve.

    The ladies in question have a very important leadership role in the Church but decided to enter into a civil same-sex marriage which blatantly contradicts and challenges the teachings of their Catholic Church, and the instruction of Pope Francis. To me, this defies belief ? Is it not a contradiction to our faith? How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?

    Commercial companies have best business practices and policies they expect members to follow and if one or more blatantly breach these practices - it would not be acceptable. Likewise you don’t walk into your local branded supermarket and expect to encounter staff behind the counter wearing another branded supermarket’s T-shirt informing shoppers there is better value down the road? Would that be considered responsible leadership within such a company? I believe we must lead by example as did Jesus Christ who taught us; Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me (Matt 16:24). To deny oneself is to do the will of God, here on earth as it is in Heaven (Matt 6:10), and not to follow our own human will and standards.

    As Catholics let’s not fool ourselves on how this works

    In Baptism through our spiritual rebirth, we are privileged through the gift of faith, to enter into a new spiritual family with God as our eternal and spiritual Father, marked for eternal life. We should understand that to follow Jesus is to belong to this new family, a family with stronger ties than human flesh and blood. We enter into a new order of loyalty and commitment to him before each other. It is a family bound in love and obedience to the Word of God. That Word became Flesh manifesting and revealing itself in Jesus who came to define Truth and instruct us how to live our lives according to God’s will: and not our own will. Pride can prevent us surrendering to divine will.

    I felt Saturday evening’s principal purpose of the Mass was grossly lost and I regret my participation simply because my presence as a priest appeared to give credence to surrounding events, which was misleading. I participated in the Mass with good intentions. I was not consulted in any form or manner regarding the girls renewed presence on the sanctuary to lead the choir that evening.

    I can understand non-practicing Catholics ignoring Church rules but practicing Catholics to ignore them is mind-boggling? Surely, it makes sense for practicing Catholics to be in full agreement with the teachings of their Church? St. John Paul II in conjunction with the future Pope Benedict XVI wrote in 2003 that all Catholics are obliged to oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions and where such unions are given the legal status and rights that belong to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty. My position is very clear, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman only.

    I write this letter because as a Catholic priest and a spiritual father, I have a moral obligation and duty to express my opposition to same sex unions, regardless if it is recognised by civil law, or by certain members within a community who ignore divine law. I was anointed to give witness to the Truth, based on Jesus’ teachings. The institution of marriage in God’s eyes, is exclusively reserved between a man and a woman. Why? Because the Catholic Church teaches us that God’s plan of sexual complementarity, or a relationship in which two or more different things improve each other’s qualities and fruitfulness, belong to the very nature of marriage.

    Given the natural complementarity between a man and a woman and their natural procreative potential of their union through marriage, God does not allow same-sex unions to be any way comparable to his creation or interpretation of marriage and family. Men and women are equal as persons and complementary as male and female. Through marriage, a man and woman use the “sexual faculty” to become one flesh and potentially produce children. This is impossible to enact naturally in a same-sex ‘marriage’ union. Our bodies are gifts from God.

    Sometimes we forget, or choose not to understand, that in the sacrament of baptism our bodies were transformed into God’s temple where He lives and dwells as our divine Guest. St Paul wrote that; We are not our own; we were bought with a great price. So we are called to glorify and bear God in our body (1Cor 6:20). As responsible adults we have to come to our senses (Lk 15:17) and get real. When we call God, Our Father (Lk 11:2), we are called to act like his true spiritual daughters and sons. If we are pleased to call him Father, let him in turn be pleased to call us his children by not insulting his teachings and instructions.

    It may appear as an old argument but it is still very valid in today’s world, we should live like the temples of God we are, so that it can be seen that God lives in us. No act of ours should be unworthy of the Spirit. All our thoughts and actions should be heavenly and spiritual. Jesus said; Those who honour me I will honour, and those who despise me shall be despised (1Sam 2:30).

    Each individual has their own vocation however, priests, nuns, religious and all gay people are called to a high order to serve God exercising chastity - abstaining from sexual activity - and remaining celibate - by not marrying - as a sacrifice to our Father. This can only be done by collaborating with God’s grace, dispensed by Mary. Certain people find this absurd because sex is the source and summit of their lives. People including priests and religious who publicly denounce the divine gift of chastity and celibacy betray their identity and vocation - deprived by God of his spiritual sight and hearing. To put forward the argument that a Catholic same-sex ‘married’ couple may be living as sisters or brothers distracts from the fact that they live in a state of disobedience and non-recognition of God’s divine law. Not mine but thy will be done (Luke 22:42). Jesus is the altar of his own sacrifice and we are created by God to be spiritual altars on which we are called to offer the sacrifice of a holy and pure life.
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  6. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Everyone is welcome in the Catholic Church

    It is never too late to make a radical change in one’s life. God the Father in his divine mercy constantly awaits the return of the prodigal child. A gay man or woman does not offend God or the Church, it is acts of sinful and selfish behaviour that offends God. Our bodies are created to give worship to our Creator and our lives become an act of adoration in spirit and truth. To defile the body is to hold the whip again at Calvary, to be the one stripping Jesus at the foot of the Cross.

    God’s purpose in adopting us as his spiritual sons and daughters is to transform all our relationships where we enter into a new order of loyalty and commitment to Him, first and foremost. In certain circumstances people become consumed with its efforts not to offend certain members of society as a priority while ignoring any offence suffered by God our Creator. We are called to live our lives as true disciples, in anticipation for the next life to come. We are all called to be victors over many trials, tests and temptations in this valley of tears. It will be well worth it when we, with God’s grace, we qualify to share his divine life in heaven. Faith is our response to God’s call. Like Mary the Mother of God, each of us are called to be sacred vessels for the Word made Flesh within us. This is no accidental occurrence as we were all chosen from eternity in the mind of God, and brought forth into human existence, from our mother’s womb and prepared by God for himself so that our souls magnify the teachings of the Church by living our faith.

    Yours faithfully in Christ, Fr Brendan Kealy

  7. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

    It's obvious that now, the bishop has to intercede, and bring this to an end. Otherwise, they will not be celebrating the Mass of Our Lord, they will be celebrating the end to Jesus' admonishment, "and sin no more." Shameful. We must do reparation for this one too.

    This is a direct demonic attack on the Church.
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  8. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    This whole episode is a disgrace. Where is the bishop? The church leaders have a lot to answer for.
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  9. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    The big cheer at the end of the video was the congregation effectively giving the "two fingers" and supporting them. Scandalous.
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  10. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    If every parish sinks to this, what do those who do not consent do? Where can we receive the sacraments?
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  11. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    Fallen Saint could be right, this could be the beginning of a split between the true and false Church in Ireland. I personally would feel very uncomfortable if this was in my parish.
  12. Light

    Light Principalities

    "Catholic Ireland" has fallen so far, so quickly.
    St. Patrick Pray for us!

    God Bless
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  13. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Principalities

    Dreadful scenes, personally I don't agree with clapping in Church anyway...
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  14. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The Bishops of Ireland generally fall silent on moral issues but you will hear them on social issues.

    I think we have headless "chickens" as Bishops in Ireland.

    Woe to them come judgement for they lack backbone and are lukewarm.

    Too comfortable in their jobs and mansions.

    No bishop has publicly challenged or criticised Enda Kenny or other Catholic politicians for promoting and legalising abortion.

    Yet, Donal McKeown, the Bishop of Derry, has dressing down pro-life campaigners, ‘You can't hate people into loving life’, and ‘screaming at one another is not acceptable from people who are pro-life’. Totally unfair caricature. Pro-life Catholics rendered as haters in one sentence.

    Archbishop Diarmuid Martin quickly challenges those who are orthodox as being fearful and insecure and of being “trapped in traditions without fully realising it”. In a speech his Excellency publicly referred to a young curate as representing “a very conformist and closed Catholicism”.

    Yet not a word about the heretical and apostate Association of Catholic Priests. Half of Ireland's priests belong to this protestant organisation.


    Martin is quick to throw stones at orthodox clergy. But we are still waiting to hear Archbishop Martin’s response to one of his own priests publicly declaring from the pulpit that he was a homosexual and that he intended to vote for so called same-sex “marriage”. Fr Martin Dolan not only publicly repudiated the Irish bishops’defence of marriage he also later used the media to directly challenge doctrine over homosexuality after the same sex “marriage” referendum. The Irish Times reports that the Dublin priest took issue with archbishop’s comments that the Catholic Church needed a new language in light of the vote in favour of so called same-sex "marriage", “With great respect, it is not a new language that we need but a new way of being and living.”

    The problems are so deep and embedded that one is prone to despair.

    Get used to clapping in Church.

    Soon those who believe the faith of our fathers will be outcasts in our own villages, towns and cities. Many are already outcasts in their own Church.
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  15. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    "...“a very conformist and closed Catholicism”."

    The ironic question is 'who is the conformist here?' It is Martin and his colleagues who conform enthusiastically to the liberal agenda and who close themselves off from the Truth.

    The future appears to be this heretical, apostate Church. Will its Masses and Sacraments still be valid for those of us who remain with the Church of the Ages and, if not, what are we to do?
  16. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Principalities

    Anyway I think we live in an era where the hierarchical role of the Church is diminished in the sense that we don't have the 'belt of the crozier' to guide us in our actions and actually, mostly, thats a very good thing. We shouldn't be hanging around waiting for the bishop to sort things out, we should form that lay organisation that Anthony Murphy is proposing.

    So anyway what should that lay Catholic pressure group champion? Personally a few things spring to mind:

    a) A call for the restoration of altar railings and their use in the sense that people should kneel when receiving. Thats what I would criticize about the church in the video, its hard to retain a sense of the sacred about the altar when its not even clear where it begins or ends? This could be combined with Cardinal Sarah's call for ad orientem masses, after all he is the Vatican official in charge of this area.

    b) A call for the withdrawal of support by Catholic schools for 'non directive' religious teaching and explicit type sex education. Personally I think the one subject modern man is very well educated on, and he gets refreshing lectures and videos constantly, is sex! And this would be true enough even for the very young but in any case this type of education, as now taught, seems to corrupt more if anything.

    As regards 'non directive' religious teaching the fact is that they teach a kind of comparative religion in Catholic schools now, where Buddhism and Hinduism have an equal say with Christianity whereas we have a vast gap in our knowledge of proper Catholic theology these days.

    c) And to address the basic issue that arose in Athy it should be the case that a code of practice, in their personal lives, should be adhered to by anybody that officiates at an altar at a Catholic mass.

    The point is that you cannot be a priest or religious and have a gay marriage for example, because they have to abide by certain rules, and traditionally in the past they were the only adults at the altar at mass. But now we have a vast range of Eucharistic ministers, Ministers of the Word etc on the altar and realistically in that place they are now being held up as role models - to the young especially - but yet there seem to be no rules underpinning that.

    Of course the last thing anybody wants to have too much of a 'throw the first stone' attitude to these ministers, we are all sinners and whatever rules are there should accommodate that but allowing these ministers to be in gay marriages - or non Church recognized second marriages - is going too far I think.
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  17. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    [QUOTE="Paddy O Keeffe, post: 143516, [/QUOTE]
    Paddy sez: "We need a new Lepanto."
    I have no doubt, and soon, that Paddy will get his wish and, I'm guessing, there will be many little-n- big Lepantos worldwide where people of Faith ... all Christians .... and I believe others! ... will band together to defend themselves from Manifest Evil ... and with God and the Saints' Help ... Prevail .... and like the Lepanto of Old it will be a Battle of Prayer & Blood ... Get Ready!!
    ... and Yes I'm an Old Retired Curmudgeon, History Major and Man-at-Arms!

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  18. Light

    Light Principalities


    I am unfamiliar with this. Can you provide more information?

    Anyway, I like your a,b & c proposals

    God Bless
  19. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Principalities

    This is Anthony Murphy:
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  20. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    If anyone wants to see how bad the pro-abortion campaign is in Ireland is they should look at their new video they released. I hope it doesn't cause offence, I just thought people should see how bad it is. They also attack the Church a lot in it too.

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