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The Revelation 12 Sign - WCWTS

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Carol55, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Sep to Dec? Why then. And it can’t be this year, it has to be even right?
  2. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    2017=5778 or (2+0+1+7)=10- even numbered year
    2018 - even numbered year
    2019=5780 or (2+0+1+9)=12- even numbered year
  3. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    So 3/4 of all years this century is an even year? I don’t think so. Talk about stretching to find a may to make anything work.
  4. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    No 3/4, but 5/8.

    I recommend to see the Directorium of Liturgical Year. Every liturgical year begins in Advent but its number is of next calendar year.
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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers


    I know some people don't like talking about dates and I am not making any predictions but on November 13th Venus will be in conjunction with Jupiter. This is not so unusual except for the fact that it is occurring on the 13th of the month and of course, this year is the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions in which the 13th of the month is significant.

    From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_conjunctions_(astronomy) : November 13, 2017 06:10:03 Venus 17' north of Jupiter 13.8° West .

    What also makes the timing of this conjunction interesting is that it occurs 50 days after the Revelation 12 Sign, the Woman Clothed With The Sun, if we use the date of September 24th for the actual occurrence of the sign. We also know that the Holy Spirit came to the disciples 50 days after Christ resurrected.

    This particular Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurring on 11/13/2017 is being watched by many people since it occurs 777 days from the last blood moon of the tetrad in 2014/2015 and the number 7 is thought to symbolize divine perfection or completion in the Bible. The following chart is from Daniel Matson who made this discovery.


    Finally, this is from another "watcher",

    Another thing I found interesting is that this conjunction takes place at the VERY EDGE of the boundary for the constellation Virgo. In a few short days after this conjunction both planets will be out of Virgo (The Woman)... leaving only Mars in the constellation. Mars is often the planet of War... so perhaps this indicates war in Israel after the church departs? I am not saying this is the birth, but just another type of exit from the woman and potentially another piece to the puzzle. It could be something or it could be nothing, but I thought I would share.


    So will anything significant happen on 11/13/2017, I have no idea but I thought that I should mention this anyway.

    God bless you.

    PS- Maybe it's the date of the Formal Correction. The Woman Clothed With The Sun is thought to be the Church in addition to being Mary and Israel, this is from Pope Benedict. So, maybe Mars entering the Church represents the conflict that will occur as a result of the Formal Correction.
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  6. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Carol I mean no disrespect at all!!
    your argument is strong. Any lurkers who are reading this I wouldn’t worry. Not that we should ever be worrying. But I’m very confident we will wake up on the 14th looking for the next date.

    Not the part you wrote but the next part I find slightly disturbing. Too much astrology
  7. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Whenever I see these posts with interesting signs in them I always wonder what it means. I always want to more deeply understand or think that it is a harbinger of some kind when the simple truth is that these signs may be far above my understanding and I am like a child when looking at the heavens. Simply in awe of God's majesty.

    I really love the stars and the heavens. I have often wondered when the wise men came to understand the sign given of Our Lord's arrival if they received a vision or a dream to help them understand. I am sure they were much wiser than the vast majority of men of our time.
  8. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Dean, Thank you. I suppose that part of your post refers to some of the text on Daniel Matson's graphic. I am absolutely not suggesting that I support his predictions. His graphic is not even drawn to scale, lol, but it helped demonstrate that there may be something special about November 13th in relation to the Church.

    Don, Thank you also.

    My guess for the Formal Correction occurring on that date is because it makes sense that Cardinal Burke would move forward before Advent and possibly even before Thanksgiving. For all we know he may have moved forward with the correction already, maybe it will become public on the 13th. I do believe that he is going to in fact move forward with it because he stated that he would and on 10/15 he also appeared to be giving us a sign that he would. https://romalocutaest.com/2017/10/1...of-st-thomas-more-a-heads-up-to-pope-francis/ http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edwa...enerates-relic-of-the-head-of-st.-thomas-more
  9. Heidi

    Heidi Archangels

    God does put signs in the heavens. What you wrote is NOT astrology. Astrology is things like horoscopes, where they are using it to predict the future and leaving God completely out of it.
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