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The prophetic paintings of Maria Magdalena Hafenscheer

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Blizzard, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    Additional description about this very interesting painting:



    Here we no longer see "the darkness." The purification of humanity is accomplished. The era of materialism has passed. A bit to the left of the central part of the picture we see that gold and jewelry are buried, but the cross is raised and honored again . In the explanation of the picture we read:

    Woman in penitential dress: repentance and penance. Futility, pride and materialism are no longer present. For the reconstruction of the world there is no technology or complex machines. Craftsmen are greeted with jubilation. There will be few animals; only small livestock. With primitive means houses, or huts are built. The mountains are barren. Bread is baked in the open, blessed and distributed. They reuse old dented buckets. Spinning and weaving are done by hand. Children learn to be moderate and are happy with the simple toys that are given to them. There is a great exodus from the cities. People are carrying their own suitcases (On the left of the center of the picture).

    On the right part of the picture you see how parts of ruins are carried away . The material is reused. In the background there are three male figures who bury corpses in a mass grave.

    In the firmament: Christ blesses men and their work. He also blesses the earth and everything that grows.



    Fiery beings , burning with love, faith and humility move towards God, hovering to meet the spiritual sun which is Christ.

    The pure waters are the tears of men. On the waters of purification stand two crystal boulders representing humility and purity.

    In the rock of humility (lilac) is contained the great world Cross of suffering and salvation. But the cross is also the symbol of faith; and the green shoots that are on the cross indicate that faith will grow in the future.

    In the other crystalline mass, that of purity, a flaming heart, the great love that embraces the whole world. It incessantly asks God for help and mercy, which is granted.

    Both of these crystal rocks guarantee firmness towards the good. One day they will form the foundations of the new era: that of a period full of harmony, peace, brotherhood and pure love of God.

    Love for your neighbor will bring together men and peoples.
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  2. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come


    Just thought some newcomers to the forum might enjoy these prophetic paintings.
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  3. Byron

    Byron Archangels

    Oh if you wouldn't mind may you please tell me the story?
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  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think I can see an asterioid shower in the sky?

    ...and the Church is more than a Church but a Marian Refuge?
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  5. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    Glad to. See below:




    We occasionally discuss reputed miraculous photographs, and one of the more interesting in a while is a duplicate of a "photo" [left] that was kept in a frame in the bedroom of famed mystic Maria Esperanza of Caracas, Venezuela (currently up for beatification). According to a source who saw it there and spoke about it with her family (Maria died on August 7, 2004), the photograph had been taken in the 1950s by a friend of Esperanza's who likewise had mystical gifts. As the account is passed down, it seems the woman, who had longed to know what the Lord looked like, was visiting the Holy Land when she felt compelled to have a companion point a camera over the Jordan River, resulting -- allegedly -- in what is in the photograph. However, we did not hear this from Maria herself and are made aware that it is close to identical to a painting [above, right] by an artist named J. R. Wehle ("Jesus Among the Wheatfields"). Obviously, the famous mystic felt it was special, in whatever way, however (was it like what she saw in vision?), and it certainly carries an unusual quality to it. We're not experts on photographic/artistic manipulation, but it was snapped in the days long before digital cameras and "photo-
    shopping." Is it simply a photo of a picture? Perhaps. But it seems anointed. Most "miraculous" photographs are more ambiguous and even amorphous and have to do with reflections of light. While it seems obvious Who the bearded Man represents, some believe the man He is speaking to may be the Apostle Peter, while the younger man behind (near the middle of the picture) is thought to be the beloved Apostle John. Is the older man supposed to be Peter or someone who would have been older at the time, like Nicodemus? They all appear to be standing along a shoreline, which indeed might be the river of Bible fame. There is "water" (in the photo version) and hillside in the backdrop. But the water is the wheat field. Esperanza herself had many visions of Jesus and believed He was about to manifest in a special way. "He is going to come in silence," she said shortly before her death. "People will realize He is among us little by little. I'm seeing Him right now. He has a mantle covering His hair. He has a robe like white and black. He will disappear for some days and appear again. He will bilocate, He will multiply Himself, to assist everyone. He will come and knock on every door." She said "Jesus will be felt very clearly in our hearts and you will see Him just as on that great day of His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven. It will be in a way never before imagined by man, because the Light of His New Rising will be evident to everyone." We note next to the young man is a strange smoke-like configuration that seems to have a mysterious face in it (and maybe not a benevolent one). For years, many thought the photo to the right was miraculous (inexplicably appearing in a roll of film after a visit to Israel) -- but this may be a photo of a painting of the Lord at the Cave of the Milk in Bethany. (In one shot, you can see the frame.) Below are more typical "miraculous" photos.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [resources: The Bridge To Heaven and The Final Hour]

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