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The one Will of the Trinity/Queen of the Kingdom

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by A&M, Sep 27, 2017.

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    The, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger released from the Vatican archives hand-written manuscripts, which had been held for over fifty years, to Archbishop Carmelo Cassati. Nine Priests had been confessors and spiritual advisers to the writer, Luisa Piccarreta. One of these Priests was the founder of a religious order who transcribed her writings. A short time after his death, he appeared to Luisa in his stunning glory. The Priest told her that his beauty resulted from his publishing these Divine truths. This Priest was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 16, 2004. The last Priest who guided Luisa was raised from the dead by her, prior to his funeral and he lived to bury Luisa on 3/1/1947. Five Italian Archbishops also assisted and approved of her writings. St. Pius X told the Priest who had transcribed her writings, that he was to read the writings of the Passion on his knees for these words came from Jesus. Four Priests and two lay persons went to the Vatican archives and photo-copied the manuscripts and they were subsequently published into the thirty-six volumes. One of these Priests spoke with Conchita concerning these writings. - These manuscripts reveal Divine truths that are fascinating, little known and/or realized and too numerous to count. A few are:
    greater knowledge of the Trinity / what is the prime act / what it means to be God / why God created us and what He wants from us / what awaits us in paradise / what does eternity mean / what is true light / why angels are angels and why different choirs / the new celestial hierarchy / origin of evil / origin of every true good / why Adam sinned / his first word / why the Celestial Empress is who She is / the best way to pray / the fulfillment of the "Our Father" / why man sins out of love / the ugliest sin / the sin against the Holy Spirit / the most beautiful and intimate part of each person / how one leaves all the Saints behind / what happens at death / the three eras(fiats) / three mortal enemies of man / three mortal wounds of Jesus / how to avoid purgatory / horrors of hell / three kingdoms of the soul / why Jesus had to die such a death / how the soul creates Divine lives / virtue which most resembles the Supreme Being

    These truths and knowledge of the Trinity will lead us through these turbulent times to the new and glorious era which Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, is preparing for His creatures
    These blogs reveal how this new era is evolving - talkluisadivinewill.blogspot.com / catholicdivinewill.blogspot.com
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