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    In the course of the last few days, HH has solicited us to pray rosaries in light of the 3rd promise from Our Lady, on behalf of members of MOG. Now there's something on which we all agree.

    3. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell, it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Just glad she (Josephite) told me which one was the "authorized" one and gave me its background! This one has something to do with the Blessed Mother and St. Dominic? And a thousand years old? Who would have guessed? Just who, again, are we praying for? All here who don't "understand the Truth of the Holy Catholic Church"?....that was the intention given.

    Okay, now I'm clear! Thanks. I pray as well, if I may, since after all, this IS lynnfiat's thread offering an abundance of truth itself to help those who are confused about this promised fullness of what was only explicitly given in scripture....that her intention, in all humility, finally gets an uninterrupted appreciation and respect. And that for the sake of charity to those who truly would like to learn.
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    Thank you for every Rosary you pray, my friend. :):notworthy:
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    Thank you, ETA. God bless you.
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    I too thank ETA and every Catholic for every rosary they pray, as Our Lady has stated in Akita 1973...The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayer of the Rosary.
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    Oria, October 15, 1926

    (Feast day of the glorious St. Teresa of Jesus)

    This very morning after finishing this letter, continuing to read volume 7, on page 80, October 13, I read: “As I heard Jesus pronounce the word ‘desires’, I said to Him: My Highest Good, my desire would be that of no longer writing – how much it weighs on me! If it wasn’t for the fear of going out of your Will and of displeasing You, I would do it. And He, interrupting me, added: You do not want it, and I do want it. Whatever I say to you – write it out of obedience. For now it serves as mirror for you and for those who take part in your direction; the time will come when it will serve as mirror for others. Therefore, everything you write which was said by Me, can be called: divine mirror. And you would want to take this divine mirror away from my creatures? Watch this seriously, my daughter, and do not want to restrict this mirror of Grace by not writing.”

    So, watch this seriously!…and do not be displeased with this most passionate Mother!…But execute her orders with gladness! Jesus wants it!
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    My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

    May Heaven reward you for the sacrifices you make, and for promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven. It seems to me that the Celestial Mama never stops saying to you, “Thank you, thank you, my daughter”, and that She is preparing for you more graces, especially the great grace of making you always do the Will of Her dear Son – grace which is bearer of peace, of graces, of intimate union, and also of temporal help.

    My daughter, by doing the Divine Will, we become true children of the great Lady, and we are transformed into Tabernacles, in which Jesus forms His residence; and then everything we do is sacred, everything is prayer, even the most indifferent things. By doing the Divine Will, the very natural things necessary to our life, are transformed into prayer, adoration and love for our sweet Jesus, because by doing His Will, everything we do is holy, everything is love, and so our being becomes.

    Now, considering all you have told me about your son, in my feeble opinion, it seems to me that he is still too young; let him mature, and he will get more practice of life. Marriage is cross – and to put him on the cross so young does not seem fair to me. You know that everything is written in Heaven; therefore, if it has been established by God, in His time the Lord will preserve the young lady for your son. Besides, what you should care about is whether they are pacific families, because peace is what constitutes happiness of families, not money. How many rich people are unhappy because peace does not reign in their families. Therefore, be attentive in this; furthermore, when the woman brings much more than the man, she wants to be superior to the man, and make of him a poor slave… In the end, do as you think best.

    I assure you of my prayers for your good mama, true martyr. Maybe the Lord will make her do her Purgatory in this life. Oh, if you could take her with you, how many blessings would you not draw upon yourself? Let them know that there are the maledictions of the Lord for those who do not respect and love their parents.

    I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart, I will do it for you. I will never forget what you are doing for dear Celestial Mama. And leaving you in the Divine Volition, so that It may protect you, help you and assist you, with a thousand regards, I say,

    The little daughter of the Divine Will
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    I would like to reply to your post above: There are perhaps not many more devoted to Our Blessed Mother than myself - everyone here excluded. Jesus told me years ago, "It was My Mother who took you from the gutter and brought you to Me." Previous to this I had been a Protestant, so these words of Jesus brought me to know and to love Our Lady very much. I have prayed the Dominican Rosary as many times as possible every day since even before becoming Catholic. You see, I was NOT trying to replace the Dominican Rosary with this Chaplet (or Little Rosary of the Divine Will as Saint Annibale called it), but I was just posting it as a beautiful Chaplet for anyone who wishes to pray for the coming of the Kingdom on earth as Jesus taught us to pray for in the Our Father. That being said, pray it as you desire or as Our Lady leads you, but please do not condemn this prayer that comes from a very holy Saint. Thank you. Lynne

    I wish you the peace of the Fiat that It may make the full day arise in you - always serene.
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    Lynne, I was not condemning your prayer, but I was referring to the manner in which you were apparently overriding my request, and inserting something else. Think about it. No hard feelings.
    So, are you in with us to pray a daily rosary for these intentions? I hope?
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    Of course I will. As I said, it was not my intention to override your request. I just happened to be posting Saint Annibale’s Chaplet, which I believe I had posted even before I read your post about praying the Rosary. Anyway, I am more than happy to pray another Rosary each day for this intention.
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    Thanks, Lynne.
    You did post the chaplet in response to my request. Your action prompted my response. I just want to be clear.
    Thank you for your rosaries.
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    Well, it certainly wasn’t meant to overshadow your Rosary post. Sorry you took it as that.
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    Thank you for your rosaries, Lynne.
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    My good daughter in the Divine Volition, Thank you for interesting yourself in promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven and that of the Passion: this is nothing less than calling back the Celestial Mama and the King of Sorrows into the midst of creatures, so that we may learn to live more from Heaven than from the earth. This would be the greatest fortune for us, so as to be able to live from the Divine Will. So it seems that Jesus and His Mama never stop repeating, “Thank you, thank you, my daughter! As a reward, We will form our Heaven in your soul; We will be always with you; your life and Ours will become one.” Therefore, what I recommend to you is to correspond to such a great good. Be attentive to listening to sweet Jesus, Who speaks in your heart. He wants to make of you a saint, but wants your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy of sanctity.

    Three things I recommend to you: firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust. Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need. They will tell you with facts: “Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers.” Aren’t you happy?

    You ask me whether your friends can write me. My daughter, it is hard for me to answer; it is better if they pay attention in reading the book of the Blessed Mother. Oh, how many things will the great Lady tell them of what they would like to hear from me! And then, there is the book of the Passion in which Jesus speaks heart to heart. In this fifth edition which I am sending you, you will find new things, and, doubled, the “Treaty on the Divine Will.” Read it, and you will be able to tell me the great good it does to you.
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    In the above letter of Lusia to a friend, she actually defends Catholic teaching! This is wonderful!

    Lusia states in the above letter .......He (Jesus) wants to make of you a saint, He wants, your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy of sanctity.

    How magnificently Catholic! additionally it is in line with Catholic Tradition and teaching!

    In this Lusia states that Jesus wants our beautiful little will, placed in His hands! as He Himself taught in the Garden of Gethsemane!

    This teaching of the Gospels has been followed by the saints of the Catholic Church down through the ages!

    The above words of Lusia make sense, which is strangely contrary to her words in the current English translations of Lusia' writings.

    I believe that Lusia like many today ( may have been confused) and are therefore comforted, when Jesus offers an explanation of the above Gospels in Luke 22:24 or Mark 14:36 Matthew 26:39 which they have innocently missed or misunderstood.

    May God bless all who are currently searching for greater clarity of doing Gods will, with an ability to understand the Holy Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; if this is not possible may they be directed to the many saintly writings of catholic saints but if unable to access these, than to read the letters of Lusia Piceretta, which are not contrary to Catholic faith!.

    Thank you Lynn,

    I hope you can post more of these actual gems where Lusia is in line with Catholic teachings!
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    This meditation from the diary of St. Faustina re: Divine Mercy and how this devotion fits into the Divine Will and was/is a preparation for the devotion to the Divine Will (she herself being called within these messages a "living host") shows the way that these mysteries present themselves within the timing of the Father's Divine Will. This one shows how a priest's participation in this ordered devotion for the Church covers far more than the priest's individual actions of one on one absolutions benefit. For the chaplet, esp. when said for the sick and dying, offers even the unrepentant soul, while on earth, the opportunity to experience the unfathomable Mercy of Jesus placed between the soul and the Father's due justice for that soul, at the moment of death. Ah, such Mercy indeed!

    A Priest after My Own Heart


    [August 30, 1937] Reverend Father Sopocko left this morning. When I was steeped in a prayer of thanksgiving for the great grace that I had received from God; namely, that of seeing Father, [Jesus said to me,] He is a priest after My own Heart; his efforts are pleasing to Me. You see, My daughter, that My will must be done and that which I had promised you, I shall do. Through him I spread comfort to suffering and careworn souls. Through him it pleased Me to proclaim the worship of My mercy. And through this work of mercy more souls will come close to Me than otherwise would have, even if he had kept giving absolution day and night for the rest of his life, because by so doing, he would have labored only for as long as he lived; whereas, thanks to this work of mercy, he will be laboring till the end of the world (Diary, 1256).

    And once one has such perfect Trust in Jesus, knowing now of this Unfathomable Mercy towards each soul, he/she can let go of all that is within the defective will, earthly attachments, and fuse one's self completely in the Will of Jesus w/o concern. And this is why we should pray and insist that our parish priests know the expected place they play in this Will through this devotion and worship of Jesus' Mercy, and learn more about and celebrate this Feast as ordered!
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    To Father Bernardo of the Most Holy Hearts from Assisi.

    Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

    Most esteemed one in the Lord,

    What I recommend to you is to look at the Divine Will in all things, both the favorable and the adverse – painful, sorrowful ones – and in the contrasts of life which no one lacks; rather, blessed Jesus allows them in order to form the little rocks on which to raise the building of sanctity within us, since without Cross we would lack the primary element to becoming saints… Saying, “I don’t mean to become a saint” means that you rely too much on yourself; you look at yourself instead of abandoning yourself in the arms of Jesus. Lean on Him, and you will see that all things – pains, crosses, miseries, weaknesses, the very defects, and illness – will lose their look and will all turn into messengers and bearers of sanctity. Sweet Jesus gave you everything to make of you a saint: call to religion, crosses, nourishment… And if you sin and are not holy, do you want to know the cause? Lack of union with Jesus. Union with Jesus floors all sins, love kills all passions, and abandonment in Him and trust are the nourishment in order to grow in sanctity. Here is the means to sin no more: to be united with Jesus, love Him, and always do His Will.

    Don’t think about the past, this harms you a great deal; rather, even today, begin your life with Jesus and you will find out for yourself how all things change for you; you will feel like another man, born again in all that is holy.

    Lastly, I tell you that if Jesus made me write as many as two times (which I do for almost no one), it is because He loves you and wants you a saint. Therefore I beg you to do the deeds. I leave you in the Divine Volition, clasped within the arms of Jesus.

    The little daughter of the Divine Will

    Corato, October 9, 1934
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    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua


    To Federico Abresch from Bologna
    In Voluntate Dei! – Fiat

    Most esteemed one in the Lord,
    You cannot imagine the contentment I feel when I hear that one wants to live in the Divine Will, because it is a victory of Jesus; and as He conquers our will, we conquer His Own. In the Kingdom of the Divine Will no one loses, we are all winners, both God and the creature.

    I am surprised by your doubts. How is it? Don’t you know that Redemption is preparation for the Kingdom of the Divine Will? And the Sacred Heart of Jesus is nothing other than the immense Reign of His Will. It is not the Heart that dominates; it is the Divine Will that dominates His Divine Heart. Poor Heart, if it did not have a Will to dominate it, it would be good at nothing. If the will is good, the heart is good; if the will is holy, the heart is holy. If our will gives place to the Divine, letting It raise Its throne in our will, the heart acquires the divine qualities by grace. Therefore, both in the Divine and in the human order, it is always the will that has the first place, the prime act, its rule. The heart and all the rest are in the secondary order… Therefore, to say that the Heart reigns, if the Divine Will does not reign, is absurd. They can be called devotions, pious practices…; if the Divine Will does not reign, the Kingdom does not exist. It exists in Heaven, but has no place on earth. However, the Holy Church, organ and messenger of the Supreme Fiat, through the Sacred Heart, through the Celestial Mama, beseeches the Kingdom of the Divine Will. She does not say it with words, but says it with facts. The Divine Volition is the King – His Heart, His wounds, His precious Blood, the sweet Queen, form the ministers that surround the King, and through them beseech the Kingdom of the Divine Will in souls.

    Now, how can one know It? All the necessary things, the different circumstances in which we may find ourselves, are Will of God for us. If we are really determined to live in It, God is so pleased that, if miracles are needed, He will make them in order not to let us use our will. It is up to us to truly decide, and be willing even to give our lives in order to live in It; and dear Jesus and the Sovereign Queen will take on the commitment, will be our sentries, and will surround us with such graces as to not let us be betrayed by our own wills. More so, since our Lord does not teach difficult things, nor does He impose them or want them, but He facilitates all that He wants from us in an admirable way; even more, He puts Himself in our place to make it easy for us, and does together with us all that He wants us to do.
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    I constantly marvel at how our Holy Blessed Mother is able to answer our prayers and questions in real time!

    Thanks to ETA we have Our Holy Mothers latest words from Medjugorje in the thread "Medjogorje"! which adressesd the will of God, Our Lady's will and our will, in her latest message at Medjugorje.

    Thank you Dearest Mother Mary of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace may we all be ready like you, to spread Jesus' words, the words of salvation, by our will . Amen.


    Dear children, by the act of "the decision" ( the Holy Will of God) and love of God, I am chosen to be the Mother of God and your mother.

    But also by my will and my immeasurable love for the Heavenly Father and my complete trust in Him, my body was the chalice of the God-man.

    I was in the service of truth, love and salvation, as I am now among you to call you, my children, apostles of my love, to be carriers of truth; to call you to spread His words, the words of salvation, by your will and love for my Son: that with your actions you may show, to all those who have not come to know my Son, His love.

    You will find strength in the Eucharist-my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. My children, fold your hands [in prayer] and look at the Cross in silence. In this way, you are drawing faith to be able to transmit it; you are drawing truth to be able to discern; you are drawing love that you may know to love truly. My children, apostles of my love, fold your hands [in prayer], look at the Cross. Only in the Cross is salvation. Thank you.

    ETA I believe our Blessed Mother thanks you for posting this word of hers and I thank you as well. God Bless.
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    Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

    My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

    I return to you the wishes for the new year. But my wishes are always the same – that in all things you may always do the Divine Will. It will be your breath, your heartbeat, your refuge. In It you will find true peace, and you will give it to others; more so, since by doing the Divine Will, a sweet blood will descend into your veins, which will put to flight all troubles of soul and body.

    My sister, the Cimadomos and Rosaria, return your greetings; and leaving you in the sea of the Divine Volition, I say,

    The little daughter of the Divine Will.

    PS. Return my greetings to Mother Superior, and kiss her hand for me.
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