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The Middle Coming - Mark Mallett

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by lynnfiat, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Good timing. I spent 3 hours on the phone last night talking with Verne Dagenais on his book God Speaks Will You Listen discussing this "middle coming" or "era of peace" that he was given and Mark Mallett expounds on. I believe God has unveiled this mystery for our time so we may ponder on its hope throughout the tribulation. This "middle coming" is what we pray in the Lord's Prayer, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". I think few have come to understand this mystery that heaven is unraveling in our time.
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  3. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Angels

    I always wanted to know if in the era of peace there will still be illnesses and if there will be people who have not been converted to Catholicism
  4. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Luan, There will only be true peace and no illness when Christ has returned in the flesh.

    PS- I forgot to say that many will convert but not all.
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  5. yes and yes, but will be different illnesses and there will be apostasy again
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  6. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    All who live to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and enter the era of peace will do so within the one and only true faith established by God the Son. Once the Warning takes place, all will know truth and there will be no need of other religions/denominations. All will either accept Christ's one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church or succumb to the antichrist. There will be no apostasy throughout the 1000 year period of peace, until Satan is released from hell one last time in the battle of Gog and Magog at the end of the world. Then comes the literal return of Christ to judge the living and the dead.
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  7. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    From the Book of Heaven, April 26, 1921
    “I continue in my painful state. My sweet Jesus came for just a little, and drawing me strongly to Himself, told me:
    ‘My daughter, I repeat it to you - do not look at the earth. Let them do what they want. They want to wage war - so be it; when they get tired, I too will wage My war… My war will be a war of love. My Will shall descend from Heaven and reign among them. All of your acts and those of others done in My Will shall wage war on the creatures - but not a war of blood; they will wage war with weapons of love, giving them gifts, graces and peace. They will give such surprising things as to astonish ungrateful man. This Will of Mine, a militia of Heaven, will confuse man with Divine weapons – it will overwhelm him and will give him the light to see, not evil, but the gifts and the riches with which I wish to enrich him. The acts done in My Will, carrying the Creative Power within themselves, will be the new salvation of man, and descending from Heaven, they will bring all goods upon earth. They will bring the New Era, and the triumph over human iniquity. Therefore, multiply your acts in My Will to form the weapons, the gift and the graces, so as to be able to descend in the midst of creatures and wage the war of love upon them.’
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  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Carol I understand that to believe Jesus will return in the flesh is not how the Roman Catholic Church understands it. When Jesus comes at the end of time in His Glorified body, it will be to Judge the living and the dead.

    The middle coming we hear about is I believe the coming of the Holy Spirit. We used to call this "The Second Pentecost." And this I believe is also how Mark Mallet sees it. We were taught sixty five years ago that there would one day be a 'Second Pentecost.' So I am not talking about some modern message or perceived understanding in recent years. It was always taught and believed by the Roman Catholic Church. The time when this would happen was not known in the two thousand years of Christianity; but it would certainly happen one day. I don't know if it will happen in our lifetime; but the way people talk nowadays they seem to expect it possibly in our lifetime.

    I believe 'The Second Pentecost' also describes the 'Illumination' of conscience, or correction of conscience, or even the 'Warning.' And I believe we will be confirmed in the certainty of the Real Presence of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist. In this way Jesus will Reign in our hearts. This describes a spiritual Reign, not a physical Reign. And I believe this spiritual Reign is what we hope for, according to what is written.

    I really don't know if all sickness or illness will end. We are taught that Jesus will overcome sickness and even death before the end of time. Now that would be something to live. No more death, or illness. And it seems that to live 'In The Divine Will' would be how it would all work, just like it is in Heaven. We are told that Adam and Eve lived like this before the fall.

    Since Jesus is the Prince of Peace, it would seem certain that those who were convicted of the True Presence of Jesus in Holy Eucharist would enjoy this Peace which Jesus gave and bequeathed after His Resurrection and before He Ascended into Heaven. "Peace I bequeath to you," He said. "My own Peace I give you." I think we have a way to go in the present world to achieve this promise, awesome as it is.
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  9. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Julia, I think that I am in agreement with everything that you have stated. I was referring to the time of the Second Coming, I should have been clearer. In all honesty, I think of two eras of peace. The one that Our Lady of Fatima spoke of and the one that I was referring to when I answered Luan's question, the one at the time of the Second Coming when Christ returns in his glorified body as you have stated. I should have been more specific when I stated flesh, I think that I should have stated "glorified flesh" as Mark Mallett stated in his opening paragraph:

    Yes, Jesus will come in His glorified flesh eventually, but His final coming is reserved for that literal “last day” on earth when time will cease.

    I found the following from ETWN to be helpful in relation to the Second Coming, those who have been given a glorified body will no longer get sick or ill. I apologize for not being clearer in my post. https://www.ewtn.com/faith/teachings/judga2.htm

    "He will give a new form to this lowly body of ours and remake it according to the pattern of His glorified body..." (Phil 3:21).

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  10. Just for curiosity.

    There are christian exegetes who understand that the world does not literally end, but it always transforms into another mode of existence,
    when purified by fire.

    There is even a message of Our Lady in Brazil that speaks something like this: http://www.valedaimaculadaconceicao.com.br/

    "Even because what God has built, God does not destroy. God is full construction. But the end of time is the time when mankind would be lost,
    in which the devil would reign in earth..."

    When I saw this I remembered the ancient Hindu doctrine of cycles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali_Yuga

    Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: कलियुग [kəli juɡə], lit. "age of Kali", or "age of vice") is the last of the four stages (or ages or yugas) the world goes through as part of a 'cycle of yugas' (i.e. Mahayuga) described in the Sanskrit scriptures. The other ages are called Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, and Dvapara Yuga.

    "Attributes of Kali Yuga
    Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God. Hinduism often symbolically represents morality (dharma) as an Indian bull. In Satya Yuga, the first stage of development, the bull has four legs, but in each age morality is reduced by one quarter. By the age of Kali, morality is reduced to only a quarter of that of the golden age, so that the bull of Dharma has only one leg."

    "Other usage
    The Italian Traditionalist thinker Julius Evola, drawing on the work of René Guénon, describes modern Western civilization as being in its Kali Yuga phase, in a state of degeneration and eventual collapse, in his seminal 1934 anti-modernist work on the world of Tradition, Revolt Against the Modern World."

    who am I to judge

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  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.


    And of course the jehovas witnesses expect to inherit the earth while the rest of us get kicked into hell for all eternity.

    I live in the hope that God will give me a pair of wings to fly off this God forsaken planet once I have done my time, so whoever wants it all to go on for ever is welcome to it. :rolleyes:

    And dear God, what an awesome job You do keeping it all together while the number of souls You have decreed are born here to complete their initial stage in the process of entering eternity as You decreed. Praised be Jesus and Mary.
  12. my language is not English, so I do not understand certain nuances, subtleties or ironies. But this subject is debated very deeply by Orthodox Christians ans is related with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocatastasis.

    and I said just for curiosity
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  13. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

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