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The interior castle

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by garabandal, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    True devotion to Mary/the Rosary/consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a means of imitating her - I have found that through contemplation of the mysteries and careful praying of the Hail Mary that I am taken inwards into the interior castle of the soul, a place of peace, a fortress where no person nor any circumstances can penetrate. We become like Mary 'pondering these things in our hearts'.

    Christ comes to dwell in this interior castle and we are illuminated by Divine Love. Here we praise, adore and worship the savior of the world. It is like a hidden tabernacle, a hidden church within where God is constantly adored.

    Devotion to Mary is Christological. I wished I had discovered this true path to Jesus much earlier in my life as it would have saved me a lot of pain. But God is good and has drawn me closer through His mother, Mary, mother of sweetness and light.

    True devotion to Mary leads to interior peace even in the most horrendous of persecutions even in a concentration camp.

    St Maximilian Kolbe pray for us.
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  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Why I will consecrate myself to Mary each Christmas
    Tom Hoopes | Dec 18, 2017
    Benedictine College | YouTube

    Have a hard time with the idea of a Marian consecration? So did Tom Hoopes. That has changed, and he shares how and why.
    A few years ago, I consecrated myself to Mary, following Father Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory. This year I renewed the consecration on the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

    I wish I didn’t. I wish I waited until Christmas.

    Consecration to Mary does not come naturally to me.

    The first time I read the book, I balked. I finished it but refused to be consecrated. The second time I read it, I struggled, demanding on my knees in the chapel that God explain to me why it’s okay to talk about someone being the “slave” or “property” of another person. Then, as if in answer to my prayer, someone opened the tabernacle and put consecrated hosts in a pix.

    Well, this year the old struggle came back. As I prepared for to renew my consecration, it suddenly made no sense to me. If Baptism gives us Christ’s life, the Eucharist incorporates us into his body, and the Scripture gives us his word — why would Mary want certain followers of Jesus to add “special relationship with Mary” on top of all of that?

    Intercessory prayer, I understood. “Entrustment” to Mary, I didn’t. Then, as if in answer to my prayer again, I went to a farm with a priest and sister to help film a living Nativity scene.

    The experience reminded me that God was the first to entrust himself to Mary.

    We had to separate the animals from the manger in the video, because otherwise they would knock over Baby Jesus. It was very difficult to accommodate a baby in a barn. It drove home just how risky the whole incarnation was. God didn’t just need Mary and Joseph to say Yes once – he needed them to protect the frail body he chose, minute by minute, day by day.

    Then, when our shepherds gathered around the manger, they naturally kept looking from the face of Jesus to the face of Mary and back. The angels sent the shepherds to find the baby – but what they found was the baby and Mary. You can’t separate the two. God intended it that way.

    When the shepherds came, I noticed another thing, too: The Nativity scene is dominated by one character.

    It never struck me before we filmed it how full of men the crèche is. It never struck me because you don’t focus on the men. You mostly just see Mary.

    We featured two consecrated people as Joseph and Mary: Benedictine College’s chaplain, Father Simon Baker OSB, and Sister Joan Kolbe of the Marian Sisters of Lincoln, Nebraska. She has no children, but Sister Joan Kolbe immediately had a motherly presence about her as we filmed. She was able to comfort the baby’s crying and lay the sleeping child in the hay. Joseph was just a guy in the background.

    But Mary’s presence filled the whole life of Christ in the same way — from Bethlehem to Calvary to the Upper Room at Pentecost.

    Christmas is a recommitment holiday — a day to enter Christ’s life all over again.

    The liturgy reminds us that Christmas makes our whole relationship with God new. We don’t just celebrate his birth — we celebrate our “rebirth and renewal” in him, on the day he “gave power to become children of God.”

    Christmas calls for us to closely identify with Jesus Christ — such that we become his body.

    And this is the big insight I had this year about Christmas and Marian consecration: When we consecrate ourselves to Mary, we are not taking on a new identity — we are committing to the identity we already have.

    If we are the body of Christ, then Mary is our mother. And she is utterly committed to us.

    If we want to identify with Christ in everything, we need to accept not just his words and his sacraments, but the mother he gave us.

    And she is not just our Blessed Mother — she is our mom. She is the one looking out for us in everything — noticing what is missing from our life, bringing us to him when we doubt, and keeping us focused on him when we he seems to have gone.

    Just watch her this Christmas and see.

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  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    The funny thing about the rosary is it seems so simple.. and it is. A little child could easily master it. This causes people often to despise it, yet it is the most powerful prayer form of them all. I am sure Our Lady must have used some early form of it, she loves it so much.

    How sad Catholics do not realize it is our greatest treasure of prayer. The saints and Popes exhausted themselves writing about it and heaping praise upon it; the Mother of God often appears with it in her Sacred Hands.

    I think when we say it we turn into little Churches.

    The Precious, precious, rosary.
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  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I saw a man yesterday praying after mass, he knelt bolt upright with eyes closed, Praying intently, like and angel. He had a large grey beard down to his chest. Very thin and fit looking like a modern day Moses. I have seen him several times running round the park. He has the most beautiful , spiritual face. He looked like an angel, praying, so devout and intent.

    We don't have to look hard for angels all around us. I love spotting them, especially at mass. I make it a little game trying to find them. They are in every single Church.

    It is a prayer just to watch them.

    Pope Pius x11 one time was looking out his window at Rome one day when his secretary asked him,

    'Holy Father do you think there are any saints in Rome today?'

    To which the Holy Father replied,

    'In every street!'

    There are saints in every Church; watch out for them.
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  6. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  7. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    The rosary according to our Blessed Mother, the saints and mystics have stated it is the only weapon that will remain against evil. It should be carried and prayed often every day. The 15 Promises of Our Lady made to St. Dominic and Bl. Alan de la Roche

    1) To all those who shall recite my Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection and very great graces.
    2) Those who shall persevere in the recitation of my Rosary shall receive some signal grace.
    3) The Rosary shall be a very powerful armor against hell; it will destroy vice, deliver from sin, and dispel heresy.
    4) The Rosary will make virtue and good works flourish, and will obtain for souls the most abundant divine mercies; it will substitute in hearts love of God for love of the world, and will lift them to the desire of heavenly and eternal things. How many souls shall sanctify themselves by this means!
    5) Those who trust themselves to me through the Rosary, shall not perish.
    6) Those who shall recite my Rosary devoutly, meditating on its mysteries, shall not be overwhelmed by misfortune. The sinner shall be converted; the just shall grow in grace and become worthy of eternal life.
    7) Those truly devoted to my Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church.
    8) Those who recite my Rosary shall find during their life and at their death the light of God, the fullness of His graces, and shall share in the merits of the blessed.
    9) I shall deliver very promptly from purgatory the souls devoted to my Rosary.
    10) The true children of my Rosary shall enjoy great glory in heaven.
    11) What you ask through my Rosary, you shall obtain.
    12) Those who propagate my Rosary shall be aided by me in all their necessities.
    13) I have obtained from my Son that all the members of the Rosary Confraternity shall have for their brethren the saints of heaven during their life and at the hour of death.
    14) Those who recite my Rosary faithfully are all my beloved children, the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.
    15) Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination
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  8. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes you can take the rosary anywhere just by using your ten fingers to count the beads. I have used in in prison with no rosary beads in Solitary Confinement for months at a time. It is the perfect recourse in times of persecution.
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  9. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    Beautiful, just beautiful
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  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I was reading a description of Our Lady by the visionary Melanie of La Salette (Church approved). I must have read this sublime account before but it strikes me to be the most gorgeous description of the Mother of God in all Marian literature.

    It's just breathtaking. Let me see if I can find it.


    On September 19, 1846, sixteen years after the Marian apparition in Rue du Bac, Paris, and twelve years before the famous appearances of Mary in Lourdes, France, Our Blessed Mother appeared weeping to two young shepherds at La Salette in the French Alps. Mary spoke to the children, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud, about many things that upset her Son. The following is Melanie's description of Our Lady:

    The Most Holy Virgin was tall and well-proportioned. She seemed so light that a mere breath could have stirred Her, yet She was motionless and perfectly balanced. Her face was majestic, imposing, but not imposing in the manner of the Lords here below. She compelled a respectful fear. At the same time as Her Majesty compelled respect mingled with love, She drew me to Her. Her gaze was soft and penetrating. Her eyes seemed to speak to mine, but the conversation came out of a deep and vivid feeling of love for this ravishing beauty who was liquefying me. The softness of Her gaze, Her air of incomprehensible goodness made me understand and feel that she was drawing me to Her and wanted to give Herself. It was an expression of love which cannot be expressed with the tongue of the flesh, nor with the letters of the alphabet.

    The clothing of the Most Holy Virgin was silver white and quite brilliant. It was quite intangible. It was made up of light and glory, sparkling and dazzling. There is no expression nor comparison to be found on earth.

    The Holy Virgin was all beauty and all love; the sight of Her overwhelmed me. In Her finery as in Her person, everything radiated the majesty, the splendor, the magnificence of a Queen beyond compare. She seemed as white, immaculate, crystallized, dazzling, heavenly, fresh and new as a virgin. The word LOVE seemed to slip from Her pure and silvery lips. She appeared to me like a good Mother, full of kindness, amiability, of love for us, of compassion and mercy.

    The crown of roses which She had placed on Her head was so beautiful, so brilliant, that it defies imagination. The different colored roses were not of this earth; it was a joining together of flowers which crowned the head of the Most Holy Virgin. But the roses kept changing and replacing each other, and then, from the heart of each rose, there shone a beautiful entrancing light, which gave the roses a shimmering beauty. From the crown of roses there seemed to arise golden branches and a number of little flowers mingled with the shining ones. The whole thing formed a most beautiful diadem, which alone shone brighter than our earth's sun.

    The Holy Virgin had a most beautiful cross hanging round Her neck. This cross seemed golden, (I say golden rather than gold-plated, for I have sometimes seen objects which were golden with varying shades of gold, which had a much more beautiful effect on my eyes than simple gold-plate). On this shining, beautiful cross, there was a Christ, it was Our Lord on the Cross. Near both ends of the cross there was a hammer, and at the other end, a pair of tongs. Christ was skin-colored, but He shone dazzlingly; and the light that shone forth from His holy body seemed like brightly shining darts which pierced my heart with the desire to melt inside Him. At times, Christ appeared to be dead. His head was bent forward and His body seemed to give way, as if about to fall, had He not been held back by the nails which held him to the Cross.

    I felt a deep compassion and would have liked to tell His unknown love to the whole world, and to let seep into mortal souls the most heartfelt love and gratitude towards a God who had no need whatsoever of us to be everything He is, was and always will be. And yet, O love that men cannot understand, He made Himself man, and wanted to die, yes, die, so as to better inscribe in our souls and in our memory, the passionate love He has for us! Oh, how wretched am I to find myself so poor in my expression of the love of our good Savior for us! But, in another way, how happy we are to be able to feel more deeply that which we cannot express!

    At other times, Christ appeared to be alive. His head was erect, His eyes open, and He seemed to be on the cross of His own accord. At times too, He appeared to speak: He seemed to show that He was on the cross for our sake, out of love for us, to draw us to His love, and that He always has more love to give us, that His love in the beginning and in the year 33 is always that of today and will be forever more.

    The Holy Virgin was crying nearly the whole time She was speaking to me. Her tears flowed gently, one by one, down to Her knees, then, like sparks of light, they disappeared. They were glittering and full of love. I would have liked to comfort Her and stop Her tears. But it seemed to me that She needed the tears to show better Her love forgotten by men. I would have liked to throw myself into Her arms and say to Her:
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  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    "My kind Mother, do not cry! I want to love You for all men on earth." But She seemed to be saying to me: "There are so many who know me not!"

    I was in between life and death, and on one side, I saw so much desire by this Mother to be loved, and on another side, so much cold and indifference... Oh! my Mother, most beautiful and lovable Mother, my love, heart of my heart!

    The tears of our sweet Mother, far from lessening her air of majesty, of a Queen and a Mistress, seemed, on the contrary, to embellish Her, to make Her more beautiful, more powerful, more filled with love, more maternal, more ravishing, and I could have wiped away Her tears which made my heart leap with compassion and love. To see a mother cry, and such a Mother, without doing everything possible to comfort Her and change Her grief to joy, is that possible? Oh! Mother, who is more than good, You have been formed with all the prerogatives God is able to make; You have married the power of God, so to speak; You are good, and more, You are good with the goodness of God Himself. God has extended Himself by making You His terrestrial and celestial masterpiece.

    The Most Holy Virgin had a yellow pinafore. What am I saying, yellow? She had a pinafore more brilliant than several suns put together. It was not a tangible material, it was composed of glory, and this glory was scintillating, and ravishingly beautiful. Everything in the Holy Virgin carried me firmly and made me kind of slide into the adoration and love of my Jesus in every state of His mortal life.

    The Most Holy Virgin had two chains, one a little wider than the other. From the narrower one hung the cross which I mentioned earlier. These chains (since they must be given the name of chains) were like rays of brightly shining glory, sparkling and dazzling. Her shoes (since they must be called shoes) were white, but a silvery brilliant white. There were roses around them. These roses were dazzlingly beautiful, and from the heart of each rose there shone forth a flame of very beautiful and pleasing light. On Her shoes there was a buckle of gold, not the gold of this earth, but rather the gold of paradise.

    The sight of the Holy Virgin was itself a perfect paradise. She had everything needed to satisfy, for earth had been forgotten. The Holy Virgin was surrounded by two lights. The first light, the nearer to the Most Holy Virgin, reached as far as us. It shone most beautifully and scintillatingly.

    The second light shone out a little around the Beautiful Lady and we found ourselves bathed in it. It was motionless (that is to say it wasn't scintillating) but much more brilliant than our poor sun on earth. All this light did not harm nor tire the eyes in any way.

    In addition to all these lights, all this splendor, there shone forth concentrations or beams of light and single rays of light from the body of the Holy Virgin, from her clothes and from all over Her.

    The voice of the Beautiful Lady was soft. It was enchanting, ravishing, warming to the heart. It satisfied, enhanced every obstacle, it soothed and softened. It seemed to me I could never stop eating up Her beautiful voice, and my heart seemed to dance or want to go towards Her and melt inside Her.

    The eyes of the most Holy Virgin, our Sweet Mother, cannot be described in human language. To speak of them, you would need a seraph, you would need more than that, you would need the language of God Himself, of the God who formed the Immaculate Virgin, the masterpiece of His omnipotence. The eyes of the majestic Mary appeared thousands of times more beautiful than the rarest brilliants, diamonds and precious stones. They shone like two suns; they were soft, softness itself, as clear as a mirror. In her eyes, you could see paradise. They drew you to Her, She seemed to want to draw and give Herself.

    The more I looked, the more I wanted to see; the more I saw, the more I loved Her and I loved Her with all my might.

    The eyes of the beautiful Immaculate One were like the door to God's Kingdom, from which you could see all that can elate the soul. When my eyes met those of the Mother of God and of myself, I felt inside me a happy revolution of love and a declaration that I love Her and am melting with love. As we looked at each other, our eyes spoke to each other in their fashion, and I loved Her so much I could have kissed Her in the middle of Her eyes, which touched my soul and seemed to draw it towards them and make it melt into Hers. Her eyes set up a sweet trembling in all my being; and I was afraid to make the slightest movement which might cause Her the smallest displeasure.

    Just the sight of the eyes of the purest of Virgins would have been enough to make the heaven of a blessed creature, enough to fill the soul with the will of the Most High amid the events which occur in the course of mortal life, enough to make the soul perform continual acts of praise, of thanksgiving, of atonement and expiation. Just this sight focuses the soul on God, and makes it like a living-death, looking upon all the things of this earth, even the things which seem the most serious, as nothing but children's playthings. The soul would want to hear no one speaking unless they spoke of God, and of that which affects His Glory.

    Sin is the only evil She sees on earth. She will die of grief unless God sustains Her.
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  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Two parts of the description especially touched me.

    The first was the Crown of Roses on Mary's head. The roses kept changing and moving and from their heart came streams of brilliant light. I wonder if each of these Roses were souls consecrated to Our Lady? Marian saints?:):)

    The second bit was the Cross round our Lady's neck . The figure of Jesus came alive and at one time seems to be dead, hung on a Cross and then as He was dying and looking straight ahead. This reminds me of a modern hologram but this is Divine, you actually look at Jesus dying when you look at this little Cross. How wonderful!!.

    But if you read the Prophesy of La Salette concerning the Church it seems clear this is actually coming to pass at this very moment!!


    On September 19, 1846, we saw a beautiful Lady. We never said that this lady was the Blessed Virgin but we always said that it was a beautiful Lady.

    I do not know if it is the Blessed Virgin or another person. As for me, I believe today that it is the Blessed Virgin.

    Here is what this Lady said to me:

    “If my people continue, what I will say to you will arrive earlier, if it changes a little, it will be a little later.

    France has corrupted the universe, one day it will be punished. The faith will die out in France: three quarters of France will not practice religion anymore, or almost no more, the other part will practice it without really practicing it. Then, after [that], nations will convert, the faith will be rekindled everywhere.

    A great country in the north of Europe, now Protestant, will be converted; by the support of this country all the other nations of the world will be converted.

    Before all that arrives, great disorders will arrive, in the Church, and everywhere. Then, after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted. His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects.

    Then, after [that], a great peace will come, but it will not last a long time. A monster will come to disturb it.

    All that I tell you here will arrive in the other century, at the latest in the year two thousand.”

    Maximin Giraud

    (She told me to say it some time before.)

    My Most Holy Father, your holy blessing to one of your sheep.

    Grenoble, July 3, 1851.

    'It will be a time of Darkness and the Church will go through a Great Crisis'

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  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  15. Mario

    Mario Powers


    What an indescribable joy this description causes in my heart. The highlighted line above is my favorite.

    Mary always points to Jesus: Do whatever he tells you!"

    To go to Our Lady leads to the adoration of Jesus!:notworthy::love::ROFLMAO:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I noticed most the Crucifix around Mary's Neck which was alive, Terry. I did not understand at the time I read this but the Crucifix was central to the entire vision. I also understand that as at Fatima and at Akita the State of the Church was central.

    Three different Bishops tried to squash these visions. Two died very sudden deaths, struck dead shortly afterwards. One of the Bishops coffins was pushed to the floor during the night in the Church.

    The third Bishop to try hard to stop these apparitions was the Archbishop of Paris and he was shot dead in Paris a couple of years later.

    We saw the same kind of thing at Fatima and the same kind of thing is taking place at Akita.

    The Church and those within the Church at high levels trying to stop them.

    Much to think about here.
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  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Iread the most beautiful thing about the Virgin Mary a few days ago which has me thinking ever since. I always regarded when we talk of Mary's Purity it refers to her sexuality. This is true but is not primarily I think to this the word applies.

    When we speak of Mary's purity it is to do with the fact that she was always turned totally to God in Word, thought and deed. No hesitation, no wandering off, just always, always, always totally God's.

    I find this in my own prayer life I try continually to turn my thoughts totally to God. Never to wander always to think of God 100%. Of course I keep on failing but keep on trying. But how wonderful to think of a women who never lost a moment at this. Whose whole life was a thought and a continual prayer to God.

    I thought of this a few hours ago when I was about to take the dogs a long walk. I have been having some trouble with some neighbours and on the way out I had a vexing moment of confrontation with one; a petty nasty thing. I kept trying to turn my thoughts wholly to God and kept failing. It took nearly the wheel walk to regain my peace. But then as I walked I thought of the Mother of God and how she would have reacted. She would not have missed a beat. Not lost a second of peace. How wonderful is this.

    What an example.

    Blessed indeed are the pure of Heart for they shall see God..Mary most pure, pray for us.


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