The Great Betrayal - The China-Vatican Deal

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by Blizzard, Jul 5, 2019.

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    Poor Cardinal Zen still thinks that it's Cardinal Parolin and not Pope Francis who is responsible for the Vatican's betrayal of the Catholic faithful in China. Perhaps Cardinal Zen is being diplomatic, hoping that if he doesn't say outright where the buck stops then Pope Francis will listen to him. God help him. He must know by now that anyone, be he layperson, priest, bishop or cardinal, who doesn't do the bidding of Pope Francis is sidelined or sent packing post haste. Looks like Cardinal Parolin is the new fall guy for Pope Francis. It remains to be seen how long he will put up with it - probably until the Pope considers that he has outlasted his usefulness. Thus far, he has been blamed for the fiasco over the money from the US charity bailing out the hospital in Rome, passing the release of the book co-authored by Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sarah, and for the Vatican/China deal. He is supposedly being a good Company man because he has a good chance of being the next Pope.

    Why are so many Catholics, especially in our hierarchy, unwilling to face up to the fact that the Society of Jesus has earned its nickname the Society of Judas?

    Here are two videos uploaded to youtube in 2017. The first is a February interview with Cardinal Zen on EWTN. The second is a Jesuit documentary about the Church in China, uploaded in in September 2017. I'm almost certain that the churches shown in the video were under the supervision of the Communist Patriotic Church. The Vatican/China deal was signed in September 2018. It's McCarrick's deal. Sending McCarrick to China was the first thing Pope Francis did after Archbishop Vigano told him that McCarrick was a sexual predator of youn seminarians. The seminary was were McCarrick usually stayed in China. When will today's Jesuits learn that it's the Holy Spirit who converts? When will they accept that Jesus commissioned the Apostles to teach the Gospel and baptise all nations? Do they really think that wearing kimonos or feathers while impressing the natives will also impress the Holy Spirit? What Cardinal Zen described is really just a Chinese Communist version of the German Cafeteria Synodal Path whereby political activists posing as Catholics determine what and how the Church can and cannot teach or practice.

    We Irish are Catholic because better people than us starved sooner than take the Anglican soup. In 2018, the Church took a bowl full of Chinese Communist soup. Two years later, there's plenty of evidence of how that went down with the Holy Spirit. What would the ancesors of the Irish Jesuit in the America documentary make of their descendant?

    God help the faithful in China. And God help us all.

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    I pray every day for Cardinal Zen and Bishop Guo and all our Chinese brothers and sisters.
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    My heart went out to him when he talked about having a meal with the Pope but not getting a chance to have a one-to-one discussion with him. He must have felt so deflated. After all his years of service to the Church, surely he was entitled to as much time with the Pope as Melinda Gates. Yes, I pray for them too.
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