The Great Betrayal - The China-Vatican Deal

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    ‘China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine,’ says Vatican bishop

    Staff Reporter
    6 February, 2018

    Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese,” a senior Vatican official has said.

    Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, praised the Communist state as “extraordinary”, saying: “You do not have shantytowns, you do not have drugs, young people do not take drugs”. Instead, there is a “positive national conscience”.

    The bishop told the Spanish-language edition of Vatican Insider that in China “the economy does not dominate politics, as happens in the United States, something Americans themselves would say.”

    Bishop Sánchez Sorondo said that China was implementing Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ better than many other countries and praised it for defending Paris Climate Accord. “In that, it is assuming a moral leadership that others have abandoned”, he added.


    “My dream is China. I love the Chinese very much,” Pope Francis said. “Relations with China are good, very good.”

    “The other day two Chinese bishops came to me, one who came from the underground church and the other from the patriotic church, already recognized as brothers. They came here to visit us. This is an important step. They know that they must be good patriots and that they must take care of the Catholic flock,” he continued.

    When asked if some Catholics “felt sidelined” by the Sino-Vatican agreement signed in September 2018, the pope responded, “Catholics in general no. Catholics are happy to be united now.”
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    What is happening in China is so unprecedented and the suffering of Chinese dissenters so atrocious that the subject of the China-Vatican deal may deserve its own thread.

    As a father, my heart just shrank when I read this story about how Muslim children are being separated from their families. A horrible experiment in cultural re-engineering from the "best implementer of Catholic social doctrine".

    Is there any doubt that Christian families are being subject to similar, if not worse, harassment?

    God have mercy on those who, by signing deals with tyrants, help make all this possible.

    I urge you to watch this heartbreaking story from the BBC, especially the video:

    China Muslims: Xinjiang schools used to separate children from families
    By John Sudworth BBC News, Xinjiang

    China is deliberately separating Muslim children from their families, faith and language in its far western region of Xinjiang, according to new research.

    At the same time as hundreds of thousands of adults are being detained in giant camps, a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools is under way.

    Based on publicly available documents, and backed up by dozens of interviews with family members overseas, the BBC has gathered some of the most comprehensive evidence to date about what is happening to children in the region.

    Records show that in one township alone more than 400 children have lost not just one but both parents to some form of internment, either in the camps or in prison.

    Formal assessments are carried out to determine whether the children are in need of "centralised care".

    Alongside the efforts to transform the identity of Xinjiang's adults, the evidence points to a parallel campaign to systematically remove children from their roots.

    China's tight surveillance and control in Xinjiang, where foreign journalists are followed 24 hours a day, make it impossible to gather testimony there. But it can be found in Turkey.

    In a large hall in Istanbul, dozens of people queue to tell their stories, many of them clutching photographs of children, all now missing back home in Xinjiang.

    "I don't know who is looking after them," one mother says, pointing to a picture of her three young daughters, "there is no contact at all."

    Another mother, holding a photo of three sons and a daughter, wipes away her tears. "I heard that they've been taken to an orphanage," she says.

    In 60 separate interviews, in wave after wave of anxious, grief-ridden testimony, parents and other relatives give details of the disappearance in Xinjiang of more than 100 children.

    They are all Uighurs - members of Xinjiang's largest, predominantly Muslim ethnic group that has long had ties of language and faith to Turkey. Thousands have come to study or to do business, to visit family, or to escape China's birth control limits and the increasing religious repression.
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    So very sad. Unconscionable IMO.

    When I read the bishop's account above and read or listen to Vatican reports of China, I just don't buy it. I could be completely wrong but I just do not think it is happy skippy in China. I think the Vatican/China deal is bad for Catholics there. So I continue to pray for them and I continue to ask God to bless them and be with them in a special way.

    About 2 years ago, I was sitting in adoration and the thought came to my mind that I needed to read selections of the Bible and offer it up for the people who cannot read the Bible in China. I am not sure if it has any purpose and I forget sometimes but I do it when I remember because I was asked. Maybe I am crazy but I think China is bad, bad, bad to it's people. And I think there is huge abuses, especially to Catholics and so I pray.
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    Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it’s about money. The wealth has moved to Asia, and the Vatican won’t get distracted with China’s communism. Sad.
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    You are correct, correct, correct.
    Good efforts!
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    Cdl. Zen warns Pope Francis that Vatican directives for China church may lead to ‘death of true faith’
    catholic, china, chinese catholic patriotic association, chinese government, joseph zen, pietro parolin, pope francis

    HONG KONG, July 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong has spoken out forcefully against the Vatican’s newest “pastoral document” for the Chinese Church which gives reasons for why priests should register with the communist government. Cardinal Joseph Zen presented nine criticisms to Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin on a recent trip to Rome, July 1, that outline his concerns about the document.

    "A text is signed against the faith and it is stated that the intention is to promote the good of the community, a more suitable evangelisation, and the responsible management of Church assets. This general rule is obviously against all fundament[al] moral theology! If valid, [it] would justify even apostasy!" stated the Cardinal in his criticisms which were published on his website today.

    "This document has radically turned upside what is normal and what is abnormal, what is rightful and what is pitiable. Those who wrote it hope perhaps that the pitied minority will die a natural death. By this minority I mean not only underground priests, but also the many brothers in the official community who have worked with great tenacity to achieve change, hoping for the support of the Holy See," he stated later in his criticism of the pastoral document.

    Cardinal Zen had been deeply involved in the recent protests that opposed the Chinese State imposition of extradition laws in Hong Kong. Many believe these laws would continue the methodical takeover of the former British colony, now acting as an independent “Special Administrative Region”. His absence, however, was noted in the recent protests. In his statement, issued this morning, His Eminence explained what caused him to remain silent until this week.

    “On the evening of June 28, I received notice (that) the Holy See (had issued the newest pastoral document for the Church in China). As a bishop and a cardinal, I cannot accept this quietly. I must raise my doubts. It was (for this purpose) that I boarded a plane to Rome on the evening of the 29th.”

    He continues: “At noon on Sunday (June 30th), I handed a letter to the Pope, to the security guard at Santa Marta dormitory (the Papal Residence) asking the Pope to let me (and the author of the statement) discuss the (document) in front of him. As I had not received a response by 4 pm on Monday, (July 1) I wrote another letter to the private secretary of the Pope, where I also attached my 'dubia'. The secretary confirmed that my initial letter to the Pope had been received.”

    Cardinal Zen finally received a response from the office of the Secretary of State, the evening of Tuesday, July 2. His Eminence was told by an official that “the Pope said my question could be discussed with the Secretary of State. I said, 'Then it is (lost). I have absolutely no confidence that meeting him (Cardinal Parolin) will have any impact.'"

    Wednesday evening, however, Cardinal Zen received an invitation by Pope Francis, to have dinner with him and with Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State.

    He writes: “It is impolite to argue at dinner. We spoke (only) about the situation in Hong Kong. As for the pastoral document and my statement, I only mentioned it to the Pope in the last few minutes. The Pope said several times, 'I will pay attention to this matter.' This is the only sentence I (have) brought back to my people. I also handed my 'dubia' to the Secretary of State, who did not say anything at the dinner.”

    In his criticisms, listed below, Cardinal Zen provides commentary on why, section by section, the newest Sino-Vatican “pastoral document” falls well short of any real pastoral care of the members of Holy Mother Church, in China.

    "When brothers from China ask me what to do, I have always given the answer: respect the choices of others and to remain firm in the conviction of one’s conscience. This is because I have no authority to impose my views on others about what is right or wrong. But doesn’t the Holy See have the authority and therefore the duty to clarify precisely this to the members of the Church? Are the Pastoral Guidelines doing that?"

    Zen ends his criticisms with the following exhortation, “May the Lord not allow the fulfilment of the wishes of those who want the death of the true faith in my dear homeland.”

    The following are the English translation of the nine criticisms presented by Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong to Pope Francis. The English translation, Italian, and Chinese may be found on his website.

    LifeSite has reached out to Cardinal Joseph Zen, and will report on any developments or statements from him.

    Continue here:
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    More news from the "best implementer of Catholic social doctrine":

    Christian family details crackdown on church in China
    By MICHELLE YUNtoday
    1 of 8
    In this Sunday, July 7, 2019, photo, Liao Qiang, right, and his daughter Ren Ruiting speak during an interview with The Associated Press at a church in Taipei, Taiwan. Liao arrived in Taiwan last week after fleeing China with five family members. They plan to seek asylum in the United States. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying)

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — The Sunday service this week at an unassuming church in Taiwan was especially moving for one man. It was the first time Liao Qiang had worshipped publicly since authorities shut down his church in China seven months ago.

    The 49-year-old arrived in Taiwan last week after fleeing China with five family members. He and his 23-year-old daughter, Ren Ruiting, described living under constant surveillance for the past seven months after authorities detained them and dozens of other members of their prominent but not government-sanctioned church in December.

    China’s ruling Communist Party has carried out a widespread crackdown on all religious institutions in recent years, including bulldozing churches and mosques, barring Tibetan children from Buddhist religious studies and incarcerating more than a million members of Islamic ethnic minorities in what are termed “re-education centers.” President and party leader Xi Jinping has ordered that all religions must “Sinicize” to ensure they are loyal to the officially atheistic party.

    In contrast, Taiwan’s democratically elected government has long taken a hands-off approach to religion on the island, where most follow Buddhism and traditional Chinese beliefs, but where Christianity and other religions also thrive.

    Liao and Ren’s account is the first detailing what has happened since the detentions began at the Early Rain Covenant Church. It shows the determination of the Chinese government — and the lengths it has gone — to eradicate a congregation that has long been a thorn in its side.

    Early Rain’s pastor, Wang Yi, who remains detained, has been critical of Xi and the party. He has made a point of holding a prayer service on June 4 each year to commemorate the 1989 bloody crackdown on democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, an anniversary that China’s government has sought to wipe from memory.

    Ren told The Associated Press that she had to report her whereabouts to police using social media whenever she went out. She was told her safety couldn’t be guaranteed if she disobeyed.

    “That’s when I knew it was no longer safe for us here, and that my children were most in danger,” Liao said after Sunday’s service, attended by about 30 people, at the small Reformed Presbyterian Xinan Church in Taipei.

    Government officials in China did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    China’s government requires that Protestants worship only in churches recognized and regulated by the officially sanctioned Three-Self Patriotic Movement, although many more are part of independent congregations.

    More than 100 members of Early Rain were taken into custody from the church or their homes on Dec. 9 and 10, according to Human Rights Watch. Those detained included Wang, the pastor. His wife, Jiang Rong, was released on bail last month.

    Liao said the police tried to force him to sign a statement renouncing his church, but he refused.

    “If our elders decided to break up the church, then I can accept it,” he said. “But it’s not up to you to say it’s evil or illegal.”

    Liao and his family hope to stay in Taiwan while they seek asylum in the United States, but with a 15-day tourist visa, their future is unclear.

    “I’m not sure whether they can stay beyond the visa, unless the Taiwanese government is willing to make it a humanitarian case on the basis of religious persecution,” said Chiu Ling-yao, secretary-general of the Taiwan Association for China Human Rights, which is trying to help the family find a solution.

    The spokeswoman for the American Institute in Taiwan — the de facto U.S. embassy — could not be reached for comment.

    Ren hopes that one day she can return to her home.

    “One day when China opens up, we’ll go back,” she said. “Whether it’s five years, or even 10 years, we’ll eventually make our way back to where God wants us to serve.”
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    More news from the world´s "best implementer of Catholic social doctrine".

    Go to 7:40 mark for her take on the China-Vatican deal.

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    Communist Party uses Vatican deal to bludgeon the Catholic Church in China, activist says
    catholic, china, communist party, ignatius c. wang, mike pompeo, pope francis, reggie littlejohn, sam brownback, underground church, women's rights without frontiers

    July 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican’s secret deal with the Chinese communist government is being used to crush the Catholic Church in that country, making things worse for faithful Catholics in China, according to a women’s rights activist.

    Reggie Littljohn, president of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, explained to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo how the secretive nature of the Vatican’s agreement with the Communist Party-ruled government is being exploited by Chinese officials in a destructive manner.

    “Pope Francis says is he's trying to unify the two churches, of the underground church and the above-ground church,” said Littlejohn. “But what's happened in fact is that because that deal is secret, the Chinese Communist Party has been using it to bludgeon the Church, decimating churches, decimating Marian shrines, detaining priests.”

    “I think that the text of that deal should be made public, so that people will be able to defend themselves,” continued Littlejohn, “because what the Chinese Communist Party does, is they go on in and say, ‘Your own Pope told us that we should be able to do this.’”

    “I have no doubt that Pope Francis and that that deal does not authorize the things that are going on,” said Littlejohn. “But the fact that it’s secret leaves the people in China helpless.”

    Littlejohn scoffed when asked about San Francisco Auxiliary Bishop Ignatius C. Wang’s recent declaration that the Vatican’s China deal is very good and “I just hope it doesn't happen that they send bad (proposed bishops) on purpose for approval in Rome.”

    “Of course they're going to send bad ones to Rome on purpose,” she said. “I'm sorry, but I have no trust whatsoever for the Chinese Communist Party.”

    Littlejohn predicted that the Chinese government will submit three men for approval to Rome, “all of whom regard the Chinese Communist Party as God.”

    If the three people submitted “don't have any respect for the real Church, and that Jesus Christ needs to be the head of the Church and not the Chinese Communist Party, (the Pope) is not going to have any good choices to choose from,” said Littlejohn.

    “It's a recipe for disaster,” she added.

    Littlejohn claimed that Bishop Wang’s assertion that religious persecution in China is no worse than any other time is “Struthious,” no different from an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

    Littlejohn’s comments came in the wake of the publication of the State Department’s annual report on international religious freedom.

    “The Chinese Communist Party has exhibited extreme hostility to all religious faiths since its founding,” noted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “That party demands that it alone be called God. That's why in an effort to document the staggering scope of religious freedom abuses in Jinjiang we've added a special section to this year's China report.”

    “China has declared war on faith,” announced Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback in a press briefing. “We’ve seen increasing Chinese government abuse of believers of nearly all faiths and from all parts of the mainland.”

    “They’ve increased their repression of Christians, shutting down churches and arresting adherents for their peaceful religious practices,” said Brownback.

    Brownback said religious persecution in China used to be episodic and regional in nature, but that has changed.

    “Religious regulations have been taken over by the Communist Party instead of by the government, which may seem like a difference without a distinction,” continued Brownback, “but it turns out it’s quite different. And that’s what’s happening in China today, unfortunately.”
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    Lord have Mercy!
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    It would not have happened under any other past popes. Another red flag on the signs of the times to go with the mindless Amazon Synod this October. Our Lady of Fatima's prophecy of a "diabolical disorientation" is becoming more clear by the day.
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    China orders Ten Commandments replaced with Communist leader’s quotes

    September 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) -- China’s Communist regime has ordered some churches to replace the Ten Commandments with quotes from President Xi Jinping, reports say.

    The Ten Commandments provide the Christian moral code and the foundation of belief for Christians around the world. In atheist China, they are being eliminated from places of worship, according to Bitter Winter, an online magazine centered on religious liberty and human rights in China.

    Authorities issued orders to remove the Ten Commandments to every state-registered “Three-Self” church and meeting venue in one county of Luoyang, a prefecture-level city in the Henan province, according to a report from Barnabas Aid, an international Christian aid agency. The move was part of the government’s ongoing campaign to “Sinicize” (make Chinese) Christianity, the report said.

    The Three-Self Patriotic Movement is a state-sanctioned Protestant church in mainland China.

    Churches that refused to comply were shut down or told that their members will be “blacklisted,” meaning the Christians’ travel, education and employment will be restricted by authorities.

    Officials claimed that disobeying the orders equates to opposing the Communist Party, the Bitter Winter report said.

    The pastor of a state-registered church said the replacement of the Ten Commandments with excerpts from Xi Jinping’s speeches was another case of pressure against churches, which has included the forced replacement of crosses with the national flag and installation of surveillance cameras for monitoring congregations and religious activities.

    Last November, authorities ordered a registered church in Dongcun village of the Henan province to erase the First Commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me,” from the Ten Commandments displayed in front of the pulpit, calling it “national policy.”

    An official of the “patrol inspection team” told the church’s leaders and its members that “Xi Jinping opposes this statement. Who dares not to cooperate? If anyone doesn’t agree, they are fighting against the country.”

    “This is a national policy,” the official warned the believers. “You should have a clear understanding of the situation. Don’t go against the government.”

    “Back in August, the church’s cross was forcibly dismantled by the government,” an anonymous Christian believer said. “Now, the Ten Commandments have been converted into the ‘Nine Commandments.’ In China, practicing your faith is difficult.”

    “They are trying to corrupt our faith and make us betray God,” another lamented.

    Additionally, the words Bible, God, and Christ were removed from “Robinson Crusoe” and other classic novels featured in a new Chinese school textbook.

    The Pew Center estimated in 2011 that there are nine million Catholics on the mainland, 5.7 million of whom are affiliated with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CCPA).

    There are 93 million to 115 million Protestant Christians living in China, which has an overall population of 1.3 billion, and some estimates say by 2030 that China may have the largest Christian population in the world.

    The reports of churches being forced to replace the Ten Commandments with Jinping quotes came amid increasing reports of Christian oppression in the communist country

    Children under 18 years of age are barred from entering churches for religious services in China, and the regime has banned the sale of Bibles online.

    Catholic bishops and priests not subscribing to government’s CCPA can be taken into custody for interrogation and indoctrination.

    Last year’s Vatican-China deal, roundly denounced as a betrayal of Chinese Catholics who have suffered under the communist regime for years, concedes appointing bishops to the Chinese government with the pope retaining only a veto, and the Vatican agreeing to admit to communion and consecrate seven of the Chinese Communist Party’s bishops.

    Countless Chinese Catholics practice their faith in secret with the authentic Catholic Church, known as the underground Catholic Church, headed by Holy See-approved bishops.

    The Jinping quotes posted to replace The Ten Commandments included excerpts of the Communist leader’s May 2015 speech at a Central working meeting of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department:

    The core socialist values and Chinese culture will help to immerse various religions of China. Support religious community in interpreting religious thought, doctrines, and teachings in a way that conforms with the needs of the progress of the times. Resolutely guard against the infiltration of Western ideology, and consciously resist the influence of extremist thought.

    The Chinese state has a new version of the Bible revised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and have required that “core socialist values” be taught as doctrine in all churches.

    The Ten Commandments are also being replaced with portraits of Chinese Communist Party founder and Chairman Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping, along with Communist propaganda in other areas of the country, the Bitter Winter report said.
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    From Asia News:

    Xi Jinping and the pork crisis

    In the Year of the Pig, the price of pork grew by 46.7% until August. Fears for the economy and inflation. Many people point to Xi Jinping as the person responsible for this crisis: to counter the US, he opened to meat imports from Russia, known to be the most affected by swine fever. In a year at least 200 million animals were killed or died from illness. Sale of meat from strategic reserves.

    Beijing (AsiaNews) - According to some observers, the biggest concern of President Xi Jinping is not the war on duties with the US, nor the Hong Kong demonstrations, but the increasingly high price of pork.

    In 2019 - precisely in the Year of the Pig - the price of pork has grown by 46.7% until August, causing a three-point increase in the consumer price index, with a relative influence on inflation. The pig-related industry contributes 128 billion US dollars to the national economy and constitutes 60% of the Chinese meat diet.

    For over a year in the country there has been an epidemic of African swine fever. Started with an infection of cattle on a farm near the Russian border, it has now spread to all 31 provinces of China, decreeing death by disease or extermination of over 200 million pigs, almost half of the animals bred in Country.

    Many people point to Xi Jinping as responsible for this crisis. To avoid all dialogue on the trade war with the US, the president has preferred to impose taxes on pork coming from the USA (second producer in the world, after China) and open to imports from Russia, known to be the most affected by swine fever.

    To avoid heightened tensions over rising pork prices, yesterday the government decided to sell 10 thousand tons of frozen pork from its strategic reserves at auction.

    China created a strategic pork reserve in 2007, but its extent is unknown.

    The pig is a symbol of well-being: the ideogram of "home" is designed like a pig under a roof. Somehow, if pork is missing, you can't be happy. At the feast of October 1st, for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, the population will be able to witness one of the largest military parades, with ultra modern "made in China” weapons, but perhaps it will not have pork on the table.
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    I have been watching various videos over past months made by people knowledgeable about China and the CCCP (I recommend 'China Uncensored' for witty but pithy provision of accurate information). Several such sources, together with some recent press commentators, suspect that the repression in the Muslim majority area of Xinjiang is a rehearsal for government action if and when the general population shows discontent. Until now, the Communist Party has been able to literally 'get away with murder' (see Falun Gong and the repression of religions generally) without much reaction as people have been distracted by the government enabled and encouraged ability to enrich themselves by permitting private enterprise, massive building, cheap loans and so the creation of a property 'bubble'. Economies based on private enterprise are cyclical but the government has been able to intervene to 'keep the pot boiling' until now but they know that this cannot be done indefinitely and so, at some point, property values will fall and demand for goods and services will falter. At that point when discontent and riots occur, it is believed, the party will create a foreign 'enemy' who will be blamed both to distract and unify the nation and that that enemy will be physically attacked. It is clear that planners have selected the 'enemy' and the means by which it will be attacked when the party's grip is loosening.

    I believe it will be India, because enough destruction will also destroy the economy of its greatest competitor among the emerging economies and will enable China to take disputed, and strategically important, territories.

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    Actually, those trade duties with the US are directly related to pork and food for China. It is one of the reasons Trump has them over a barrel and they know it. China receives an immense amount of food and a great deal of pork from US grown livestock.
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    But how much of that is reported in the West? Western greed made China a threat to the world. It's in nobody's interests other than China's for that country to be an economic as well as a military power. Look at how influential companies in the West threaten to withhold investment or pull out of even US States over political or social issues yet the same companies have no problem doing business in China.

    There's a State approved Muslim religion in China just as there's a State sanctioned Catholic church and State sanctioned Protestant churches. The unofficial religious groups are illegal and persecuted. All those celebrities and social justice types who like to portray themselves in the West as the champions of supposedly marginalised Muslim minorities have no problem playing down what's going on in China. Many of them probably want Chinese style governance in Western democracies although they would never admit it. The Chinese policy of having a State approved Koran would be especially attractive to those who would re-write the Bible editing out or re-writing passages they don't approve of.

    Here's an excellent video showing how the Uyghurs in China are living Orwell's 1984. The documentary makers went first on an official tour of the region and returned later on an unofficial visit. The Chinese policy of resettling outsiders in the Uyghur province brings to mind the British plantations in Ireland, especially the Plantation of Ulster.

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  19. Blizzard

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    Poor Cardinal Zen.

    The voice crying in the wilderness.

    May the Lord reward him a thousand fold.

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    My heart goes out to Cardinal Zen. He must feel so betrayed after giving a lifetime of service to the Church. May God protect him from the enemy within.
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