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The End Times & the Anti-Christ

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Fatima, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. It is my understanding that the MMP quite clearly requests that the messages when published by someone be published in its entirety. To take a sentence here and there brings things out of context as we know. I cannot comment on your trouble with the messages, I have read them backwards and forwards and do not know what you are referring to. As for Fatima, he was there recently before his death. I doubt that is a true statement about the Bishop of Fatima. I know many MMP's who continue to go to Fatima and celebrate Masses.

    What apparitions has Fr. Gobbi done great damage to???
  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I see Father Gobbi's messages as being entirely authentic. My reading of Fr Gobbi is that he sets out the picture of the future over both the short-term and long-term of Church history in the long-term - the next few millennia until the return of Christ in His second coming. So sometimes it is hard to judge which prophecies are for the more immediate period or those for the longer term picture.
  3. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    If it was just a matter of reading the messages in context, why don't the MMP publish all of them on their site. The Medj. visionaries don't ban anyone from publishing any one or several or all of their messages and they are widely published and I have not heard of anyone else doing so.

    You have to believe that the prophecies contained in some of the messages, which predict events for for dates that are now long past, have been fulfilled in some sort of 'hidden' or 'mystical' way' to continue to believe in him. One example only: that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart occurred before the year 2000. You may believe that this has happened, I see no evidence for it at all.
    When cults such as the JW's announced that the Second Coming would be in 1914 and it didn't happen, they explained this by saying that He had indeed come but His coming was in a hidden way rather than the open and expected way. Many JW's believed this explanation and stayed, many did not and left. I guess that we are in the same situation on this one and I will leave it there.
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  4. jerry

    jerry Guest

    I 'had enough' and decided to root out of the internet myself a complete un-shortened message #389 and post it here.
    No luck. And now i know why!
    I am happy to state here that i think that the MMP not posting the messages on the internet reflects very badly indeed on the MMP.
  5. The Marian Movement of Priests as I see it is a quiet movement. Our Lady says so herself. The book is free as is the concordance, which is on DVD now. Their 'manpower' consists of one secretary for all of Canada/USA and a director who travels. If you, in your spare time would like to put all the messages on the computer, I'm sure they would be thrilled. I have used my book and concordance so much they are almost worn out. I give away books to every newly ordained priest and Bishop I can. I don't know what you mean that you 'rooted out an un-shortened message ' Jerry. I post complete messages all the time. Everywhere...
  6. Steve, Have you ever met any priests who belonged to the MMP? They would be floored that you compared our Lady's messages to them to the Jehovah Witnesses! The book speaks for itself. The priests who belong to it and the lay people are solid, orthodox and prayerful and loyal to the Magisterium. You obviously haven't read it.
  7. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    I promise you that I have read the messages. I cannot confirm having read them all, I have the book containing messages up to no 440 (in front of me as I write). I do have a book with some of the later messages that I think I stored away in the loft. I don't know the number of the last message in the second book I have but believe that there were later messages that I have not read, I did read the very last message too. I didn't compare the MMP to the JW's, I compared their similar reactions to unfulfilled prophecy (such as that in no. 389 which is very clear and very clearly unfulfilled.
    Fr. Gobbi was asked by the Vatican to add a note to his books that these messages were 'private meditations' but refused to do so, this is on record and admitted by Fr. Gobbi, so saying that they are backed by the Magisterium is not correct.
    We must live with our differences on this one, I think.
  8. jerry

    jerry Guest

    Dear MS7. What i meant by 'root out' was 'find'. I used 'root out' because my attempt proved unsucessful.
    What i did find was what looked liked part quoted #389. Eg

    On the Catholic side, the Italian priest Fr. Stephano Gobbi claimed to have received a revelation from the Virgin Mary concerning a period beginning in 1988: "In this period of ten years there will come to completion that fullness of time which was pointed out to you by me [Mary], beginning with La Salette all the way to my most recent and present apparitions… In this period of ten years there will come to completion the time of the great tribulation, which has been foretold to you in Holy Scripture, before the second coming of Jesus… In this period of ten years all the secrets which I have revealed to some of my children will come to pass and all events which have been foretold to you by me will take place" (Message #389 d, f, and h; emphasis in the original).

    Pasted from <http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=2720>

    eg what it seems i have is only paragraphs d,f, and h.

    Yes, you do post complete messages.
    Please do this one as well. Here.
    Message #389.
  9. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    The full message is nearly two pages long (too long to type now) but what you have quoted above is the essence of the prophecy contained in the 'message' numbered 389 and dated 18 Sept 1988, there is also some spiritual advice that is also replicated in other messages.
  10. The book is now in its 18th printing. Over 1,800,000+ copies given away.

    In 1998 Donald W. Montrose, D.D. , Bishop of Stockton offered his Imprimatur. So did Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu, Philippines (known widely for his holiness), and Michael Cardinal Michai Kitbunchu, Archbishop of Bangkok, Thailand.

    Bernardino Cardinal Echeverria Ruiz OFM also gave his Imprimatur. There is a lengthy preface at
    the beginning of the book explaining it all.

    There are 604 messages along with numerous pictures of hundreds of priests, Bishops and Cardinals
    who have attended Cenacles all over the world, including pictures of Fr. Gobbi with JPII.

    Fr. Gobbi always was invited to the Pope's private Chapel for Mass with him.

    In July 2000, 300 bishops and priests attended the International retreat in Italy and even more every
    year after.

    In June 1998, 24 Achbishops and Bishops and 350 of their priests of Ecuador and their Cardinal attended Fr. Gobbi's Cenacle.

    He held several Cenacles with Mother Angelica and her sisters.

    In Guadalaharja he held Cenacles with 400 Seminarians.

    In Leon 1994, 20,000 faithful came for a Cenacle with him. Loreto-150 priests and 3000 faithful.
    In Managua 1992 He had a private audience with the Pres. of the Republic, who with Fr. Gobbi
    Consecrated her country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    I won't go on because the list goes on and on. He SPENT himself spreading our Lady's message of Fatima. His life was one of virtue and goodness and obedience. You have an old book. He was 100% obedient to the Magisterium.

    Father David Ricken who I knew as a priest in Colorado and who was the Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyo. and who started Wyo. Catholic College and who is now the Bishop of Green Bay and approved of the first AMERICAN APPARITION in WISCONSIN is a member of the Marian Movement of Priests. He and I spoke one night at dinner and he told me how he would love to go to Fr. Gobbi's Cenacles. He in fact received a statue of our Lady of Fatima which sits in his chapel in his home, from Fr. Gobbi as a gift. Our Lady told Fr. Gobbi that 7 priests in the United States were to receive these statues, and he was one of them. Bishop's statue, along with the others all weep tears.

    You have given me no reason to believe that you have done your homework on these messages. I frankly don't know what to tell you. You site the 2000 message and I have tried to explain it to you. You are welcome to go the website and look it up. The 'rumor' that circulated that the Church made an official pronouncement concerning Fr. Gobbi's messages is false. The HELL THAT FR. GOBBI HAS GONE THROUGH is incredible. I have the official statement dated Oct. 7, 1998 in front of me explaining it all.

    All is unfolding just as our Lady has said it would. The big picture is hard to take in, but once you see it---its bigger than life. I know you love our Lady and I beg you to get a newer book and take the time to gradually read it. All will unfold. The Holy Father said that "Surly he went straight to Heaven!" --so ask Fr. Gobbi's intercession and he will help you understand. I wish I could spend 100% of my time spreading these messages they move me so much.
  11. Mother Theresa approached Fr. Ronan Murphy of Dublin when he was a Seminarian and asked he was doing in that area with the other English speaking Seminarians and he told her they were all members of the MMP and were there for a Cenacle. She immediately took his hand and said ,"The MMP is wonderful! Our Lady's Army of Priests will bring in the Triumph." She gave him the information and said for him to contact the MMP headquarters and have them send her every single Seminarian, Priest, Bishop and Cardinal who was a member and that she and her sisters would pray for each and every one of them. This request was sent to Fr. Gobbi and it was the ONLY time the list of names were ever given to anyone.

    Fr. Ronan Murphy gave this testimony at a small Cenacles I attended in in Niagara Falls, NY.

  12. Feb. 11, 2008-Our Lady of Lourdes

    Dear MMP Family,

    I am pleased to share with you Fr. Gobbi's annual letter for 2008, translated into both English and Spanish. This years's letter focuses on unity with the Holy Father. Fr. Gobbi addresses himself especially to the clergy, stressing the necessity of following the Pope's directives. I urge you to pay close attention to what Fr. Gobbi is telling us, and to mediate upon and heed his words- they are truly prophetic.

    He speaks of dire circumstances in the Church which, as he puts it, is in a a state of "interior laceration and profound suffering." Much prayer is needed, but we have the assurance that the gates of hell will never prevail against it. In fact, the "resurrected" Church will be more beautiful than ever!

    In 1997, which marked the last year of her public messages to Fr. Gobbi, Our Lady told him:

    (The Message of Fatima is Reaching Its Fulfillment, Message #594c;l-n, May 8,1997, Fatima, Portugal)

    *N.B. I urge you to read the last sentence very carefully. Therein, our Lady is confirming what she told Fr. Gobbi in previous messages--that is, that her Triumph is not an instantaneous occurrence, but rather an ongoing event that happens each day in the world when her children live out the Fatima message.

    Rev. Albert G. Roux-National Director, U.S./Canada
  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I want to quote Mirjaana from Medjugorje August 2012 in a very insightful commentary to a journalist

    “As I understand it by looking at the messages, if someone are privileged for our Mother, it is our priests. She says: “They do not need your judgment or your criticism, but your prayers and your love, for God will judge them for how they were as priests, but He will judge you for your behavior with the priests.” Our Lady wants for us that we are recognized for love, only God can judge” she says.
    “I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about everything that Our Lady is preparing in all these years, but I can tell you one thing: there are the times we are living in now, and there will be the time of the Triumph of the Heart of our Mother.”
    Between these two times, there is a bridge, and that bridge is our priests. That is why Our Lady insists so much on prayer for them, because that bridge must be very strong to ensure that everyone can pass. Our Lady said: “With them, I will triumph.” What can we infer from this? So often our Lady uses the word time in her messages in Medjugorje so it is significant that Mirjana uses this too to confirm that there are three periods of time: We can work out two of these easily from her comments:
    1. The period we are in now which is the time of grace a preparatory time of conversion and living the messages.
    3. The time of the Triumph of the the Heart of the Mother [to be followed by a long period of peace].

    So what is the period in between? The period of the secrets? I think Mirjana gives us a vital clue about what happens in between because she talks about our priests - actually stating categorically that the priests will be our bridge. Note she says that we must pray for our priests - in fact insists that we pray for our priests because the bridge must be very strong to ensure that everyone can pass - and with & through her priests she will triumph. That is really an incredible statement that she will triumph through her priests. So we are to pray that priests will be strong to help us through the period of the secrets. By emphasising her priests and the importance of our priests it seems that during the second period the Church will pass through a very great trial that will test the faith of everyone including our priests - it is also during this period that the time of grace will have ended and we enter the time of justice of the Father -- but the real test appears to be what will happen to the Church - there are hints here of schism & persecution because we need our priests for the sacraments --- without the sacraments we would be like dried prunes;). This also ties in with Garabandal since the seers stated that a time would come when it would be very difficult to practise the faith and it would be difficult to find a public Mass. This great trial has been prophecised many times but it must be very, very great indeed:

    Before the chalice was filling now it is overflowing. Many Cardinals, many Bishops, and many Priests are on the path of perdition and they take many souls with them. To the Eucharist, there is given less and less importance.
    The work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees…churches and altars sacked, the Church will be full of those who accept compromise and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God
  14. jerry

    jerry Guest

    The 'mystery' of the MMP has pulled me to do further searching on the internet.

    I accessed the MMP site and 'looked around'. The documents which are there are the annual letters written by Fr Gobbi.

    The letter of June1996 i found of particular interest for it introduced me for the first time to the 'concept' of the Eucharistic Reign of Christ.
    This is very much End Times related. How it fits in with the Anti-christ i am unsure.

    It is a big letter , so as is my wont, i have cut and pasted the parts of particular interest to me and which at the very least allow others to get a flavour of the 'concept'.

    by Fr. Stefano Gobbi
    June 24, 1996
    This is a meditation I want to make, but I am a little apprehensive since this is a new theme. I myself was surprised to discover how Our Lady has revealed this to us in her messages. [This is] a theme on which perhaps, humanly speaking, I was not prepared, since this aspect was never a part of my theological studies; that is, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart comes about with Jesus' return in glory.
    Our Lady spoke of the 'triumph' of her Immaculate Heart. Strangely, she used this word - 'triumph' - in a century in which everything possible would be done against 'triumphalism' in the Church. Our Lady uses the word 'triumph'. She does not use 'joy', she does not use 'comfort', she does not use 'consolation' - but 'triumph'. Triumph is not only fullness of joy; triumph is a joy that comes from a great victory - this is triumph. When the great Roman condottieres won, they entered [the city] to receive their triumph; therefore, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart implies the idea of a great victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    But I ask myself: this is the Heart of a Mother. Where can the Immaculate Heart of Mary - the Mother - obtain her triumph? Only in the triumph of her Son. If the Son does not triumph, the Heart of the Mother does not triumph. Since the triumph is the culmination of a great victory, only when Christ obtains his great victory will the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph. And Christ will obtain his final and great victory with his return in glory. So now I understand why, in her messages, Our Lady says: "The triumph of my Immaculate Heart will coincide with the return of Christ in glory."
    But how should we interpret this return of Christ in glory?
    Traditionally, we have always identified the return of Christ in glory with the 'Parousia', when He will come as Judge, since there has never been any in-depth theological study on this topic. This is also the case for other truths which are believed, but about which no in-depth studies have ever been made. Of late, these messages which refer to Christ returning in glory to this world have given rise to a more serious theological study on this subject.
    A few years ago when I was in Spain, a priest, a theologian, gave me a book to have translated into Italian - unfortunately, I lost it somewhere along the way. In it, he showed how Sacred Scripture and the Fathers of the Church speak clearly of a glorious coming of the reign of Christ into this world, apart from the one at the end as Judge!
    Let us look at Sacred Scripture. Some passages therein are clearly of an eschatological nature - that is, they speak of the Last Judgment. In one of them, the Lord says: "You gave the hungry to eat, the thirsty to drink, you clothed the naked, you visited [the sick]. You who have done this to me - to my right. And you who have not done this - to my left." (cf. Mt 25: 35-41). This is the Judgment. It clearly refers to the Judgment. At the end, the conclusion is: "Come with me, blessed, into my Kingdom! And you, go to Gehenna!" This is the judgment - heaven or hell. Time is no more; the world is no more. But some passages of Sacred Scripture speak clearly of Christ's return on this earth. I would like to point them out briefly.
    First is the one I mentioned before: "When the Son of Man returns, will He still find faith on the earth?" (Lk 18:8). In order to find faith on earth, He must return on earth, brother priests! But with the Last Judgment, the earth will be no more. There is only Judgment, and there is only heaven and hell - the world will have disappeared.
    And also significant, brother priests, is the passage I mentioned before. (Rev 20:1-7) It talks about a great persecution. Many will be killed during this persecution, but in the end the power of Satan will be destroyed, because Satan will be bound with a chain and will be cast into the abyss. Then Scripture says: "The door of the abyss will be closed so that he may no longer harm the world." (cf. Rev 20:3) Therefore, his power is destroyed! Then, some of those who died during the persecution will rise again to reign with Christ. This is Scripture, not 'fanta-theology' [imaginary theology]!
    This will be the first resurrection, because the second one regards everyone. The first regards only some who died as martyrs, who will rise again to reign. The second will regard everyone - some, to reign; others, to be damned after the Last Judgment. Actually, Scripture says, "to reign for a thousand years" - 'a thousand years' is a biblical term; it can also be a symbolic expression. However, aside from the specification of time, a fact is clearly described: Christ will reign after the power of evil has been destroyed, because Satan will be rendered powerless. This is Sacred Scripture.
    I was told that the following question was addressed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: "Is the return of Christ in glory to be interpreted as his return for the Last Judgment, or rather on this earth?" The answer was as follows: "The Church has never taken an official stand on this subject, therefore one can interpret either way." I have shown you the reasons for which, according to Scripture and according to the teaching of the Church, we tend to support the second interpretation - that the return of Christ in glory will take place on this earth.
    Evidently, our weakened human nature will remain even with Christ's return in glory. It is not the weakness of our nature that is destroyed - destroyed is the power of Satan, which exercises a strong influence over the weakness of our human nature. Yes, in fact, by our human nature we are inclined to sin, but today everything drives us toward sin - the atheistic and pagan civilization in which we live, the influences coming from the mass media, which are all the abode of evil! Today the world is the dwelling place for the evil one! The evil one exercises a very powerful persuasive action, and so there are temptations, seductions, bad examples - everything leads us toward evil, because these [evil influences] exercise their power. But tomorrow, once this power is destroyed, everything will help us to go toward that which is good. So, our weakness remains, but it will be greatly helped to walk the path of good, in a way which is totally opposite to how it is today, when, because of Satan, it is influenced to walk along the path of evil. But hearts, souls, must be renewed [by a most special outpouring of the Holy Spirit: the Second Pentecost].
    Understand that the Second Pentecost, as the bishop said this morning, is not an invention of Don Stefano [Gobbi]. Pope Paul VI, John XXIII and the current pope have prophetically spoken about it. Why the second [Pentecost]? Because the first already took place in the cenacle of Jerusalem, and it transformed the apostles and the disciples to such a point that some thought: "Are they drunk at nine in the morning?" The second will take place on a worldwide scale; it will descend upon the whole world, not only on the cenacle! It will transform the hearts and the souls of all, and all will sing joyfully to the Lord, so much so, that perhaps the angels of heaven will ask themselves: "Are they drunk at nine in the morning?"
    Brother priests, [Jesus' return in glory] will coincide, then, with the miracle of the Second Pentecost, which will renew…[souls]. But do you understand that, by bringing the gift of the renewal into souls, it brings the gift of salvation?
    But, above all, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the return of Christ in glory will coincide with the advent of the Eucharistic Reign of Christ.

  15. jerry

    jerry Guest

    continued :

    But, above all, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the return of Christ in glory will coincide with the advent of the Eucharistic Reign of Christ.

    Imagine this! In this renewed world, where the Father is glorified, where Christ manifests his reign, where the will of creatures reflects that of the Father, where the Holy Spirit has renewed the people, where the prodigy of the divine mercy is fulfilled - in this world the Eucharistic Christ will be able to explode with all of his divine power! Brother priests, we believe that Christ is present in the Eucharist with his glorious body and with his divinity, on this earth as He is in heaven; it is only the veil of the species that keeps us from seeing Him, but his presence is the same.
    And so I ask myself: how is it that in heaven Jesus is the bliss and the joy of all the blessed, yet here on this earth, where He is present in the Eucharist, He cannot explode with his power and become our joy and greatest beatitude? Why doesn't this happen? The Eucharistic Christ cannot manifest his power because of the obstacles we put in the way. For example, let's take atomic energy - it is an extremely powerful energy, extremely strong, which, however, cannot be released until we create the necessary condition - the fusion of the atom. If we create this condition, the atomic energy explodes.
    And so I say that the power of the Eucharistic Christ is kept from manifesting itself by the obstacles we put in the way; and the obstacle is sin - individual sin, social sin, sin set as the norm of action. All of this sin is a rejection that we make; it is a barrier that we place, because of which the Eucharistic Christ cannot manifest his divine power. But when Satan is cast into hell, when the door of the abyss is closed and the power of Satan is destroyed, these obstacles will be removed.
    Then will Jesus in the Eucharist explode. He will manifest Himself in all his power; we will see Him beyond the species; we will feel Him because He will work within us most powerfully as God, because in the Eucharist Jesus is present with the fullness of his divinity in our midst! And as God, He will then succeed in transforming our hearts; He will succeed in transforming souls; He will succeed in transforming families; He will succeed in transforming nations… In a message, Our Lady says that through her Immaculate Heart, universal peace will take place and the unity of the Church will be achieved. Finally, after so many years of division, and after so many (almost useless) efforts of ecumenism, the unity of the Church will be achieved and we will truly have the Eucharistic Reign of Christ within us.

    Pasted from <http://www.mmp-usa.net/arc_triumph.html>

  16. Thank you Jerry for taking the time to print this. I don't know about anyone else, but I cried. Its so real, so possible, so plausible and so wonderful. COME LORD JESUS!!

    I believe the book he refers to is one of two books--THE END OF THE PRESENT AGE OR THE THIRD SPIRITUAL ALPHABET --both re translated and St. Therese the little flower went into ecstasy every time she read the end of the present age and it formed her spirituality for the convent.

    St. Theresa of Avilia I believe was totally taken by the book the Third Spiritual Alphabet. It taught her many things! The homily on audio sancto is excellent and is why I bought the book! A TREASURE TO BE SURE!!

  17. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Thanks for digging into and finding this letter from Father Gobbi. Very interesting to hear his interpretation of his messages. The last sentence "Finally, after so many years of division, and after so many (almost useless) efforts of ecumenism, the unity of the Church will be achieved and we will truly have the Eucharistic Reign of Christ within us" is so true. Ecumenism efforts have done little to nothing to persuade those outside the Church to enter in. To the contrary, ecumenism has lead many within the Church to leave and into a relativism of confusion (it doesn't matter what you beleive we are all going to heaven belief).
  18. josephite

    josephite Powers

    After much work and many sufferings that I have encounted in the past couple of weeks I have come here to my beloved mother of God site and all I can say is;
    I am in awe of you people!!
    You have studied so much and know so much with knowledge of past, present and future events and you are all leading good catholic lives doing so much good, even fellowshipping with others who have the same beliefs etc and so many of you are so versed in things I would love know or just investigate.
    I am in awe of Padraig who has commenced a 40 day fast and in awe of all those that pray before the Blessed Sacrament daily [My Love, My Want, My Dream].
    May God bless you all, in the many missions He has reserved for you all.
    I know you are all saints.
    I struggle with the mundane and have been left in a darkness that has engulfed me. I used to hear Gods word for me every day, I lived a very blessed life: but now His voice is silenced, His presence far from me and now I seek others that still hear His voice, that are close to Him, He who is my all.
    I know now, I am a very little cog, in the bowels of obscurity where doing my part means nothing more than supplying the oil to other very little cogs.
    This little cog that I am, is always rusted, worn out and is constantly in need of repair and I marvel at you, the great turbines that help God create His future world and bring in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of our Dearest Mother.
    May Our Dearest Mother, The Ever Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus of Nazareth, Be a mother to you now and Bless you and keep you all under her Mantle. Amen.
  19. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I can guarantee you that I am not a saint:)
  20. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Hi Garabandal
    You are a saint and so am I.
    Diamonds however far outshine the lowly quartz.

    Even though I am spiritually blind and deaf and suffer many other spiritual disabilities,
    I know I am not lost.
    God in His infinite Mercy sees my floundering effects and like a good father He has and does supply for all my weaknesses. I trust only in His infinite Mercy as I am In constant need of His Mercy

    I am however overcome with awe and gratitude to God, that little as I am, God has allowed me to be a participant on this forum where so many Diamonds are displayed.
    My Love Carolyn

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