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The End Times & the Anti-Christ

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Fatima, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    I would like to start a discussion on the End Times. I would like to see a specific Topic area to discuss this in, rather than the Apparitions Topic I am posting on. Perhaps if one is started this topic can be moved there.

    I have studied what has been said about the End Times and Apparitions for 30 years now. The time and hour for events to be disclosed has not been revealed yet. When it happens we will all know. Most of what Our Blessed Mother has revealed in apparitions and locutions is well known. For me, there is still some light that needs to be shed on the anti-christ. Who is he, or what is he, needs further understanding and discernment.

    Seems that prophecy indicates that the anti-christ is both a person and a philisophical principle.

    For instance, you can read much about the anti-christ in the philisophical presence of Relativism, Atheism, Modernism, Freemasonry, Socialism, Communism etc.. This we can clearly see. An anti-christ peson in our times is not so evident. There are many person's in world power today, one could say has anti-christ behaviors, but they are not the anti-christ (maybe pawns of him, but not him).

    Could it be, that the anti-christ that is obviously present today, is the philisophical anti-christ, which is what Tripumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will crush? And could it be that the person of the anti-christ will come at the end of the world prior to the world being judged?

    Seems even on this site there are those that believe the anti-christ will come in person prior to the Triumph of the Immauclate Heart of Mary and other indicate not.
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  2. jerry

    jerry Guest

    I second that motion.:)
    My next 'project' was to do a bit of internet research on this topic because i am thoroughly confused with the various viewpoints and are they outside the teachings of the Church etc.
  3. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Building on the presence of the anti-christ, I have two prophecies, a year apart, that seem to indicate its presense today.

    "We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humannity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the Anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine Providence; it is a trial which the whole Church and the Polish Church in particular, must take up. It is a trial not only of our nation and the Church, but in a sense a test of 2,000 years of culture and Christian civilization, with all of its consequences for human dignity, individual rights, human rights and the rights of a nation".
    Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), Krakow Poland at the Eucharistic Confernence, Philidelphia, PA- August 13, 1976

    "Because I love you, I want to show you what I am doing in the world today. I want to prepare you for what is to come. Days of darkness are coming on the world, days of tribulation... Buildings that are now standing will not be standing. Supports that are there for my people will not be there. I want you to be prepared, my people, to know only me and to cleave to me and to have me in a way deeper than ever before. I will lead you into the desrert. I will strip you of everything that you are depending on now, so you depend just on me. A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for me people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit, I will perpare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen.... And when you have nothing but me, you will have everything: lands, fields, homes and brothers and sisters and love and joy and peace more than ever before. Be ready, my people, I want to prepare you."
    Prophecy received by Ralph Martin on Pentecost Sunday, 1975, at St. Peter's Square in the presense of Pope Paul VI.
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  4. jerry

    jerry Guest

    There we are two pieces of the puzzle that i/we don't need to go internet looking for.

    Thank you.

    I'm sure there have been many posts even within the forum giving similiar 'evidence' for and against but it will be a pain to search and find them.
    It will be good if they could all be read in one place, especially whenever someone brings up the topic somewhere else, and one has forgotten the 'arguments' for and against.
  5. Don't those quotes bring joy to your heart! Fatima, are you familiar with Fr. Gobbi's messages regarding the antichrist? I always turn back to those messages. Also, I've done an in depth study of Mr. 'M'. Maitraya---who I will only refer to as Mr. 'M'. This person along with the 'ism's' of our time are antichrist because the 'beast like a leopard and the beast like a lamb (freemasonry in the world and freemasonry in the church) are rampant and seek to feed the spirit of the Antichrist. What do you think?
  6. jerry

    jerry Guest

    You got me on a good day.:)
    Yes. A flash of holy joy.:) Best summed up by the words of a hymn for me. Something along the lines of "i want to be in that number"(ie a member of the army marching into heaven if i remember the imagery of the hymn correctly)

    I have an 'attachment' to JPII.(And thus rate highly any 'evidence' coming from him) My father studied at the same time as JPII at Warsaw university.
    When JPII was quite out of the blue announced as Pope i can remember my dad's joy and pride. Now apart from Copernicus he had something else to brag about his homeland.:)

    I would like to have the of the relevant messages of Fr Gobbi posted here.
  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I have to admit that I am a fan of Yves Dupont and his book Catholic Prophecy.

    There will come The Anti-Christ a real person but it seems that he comes near the end of the world. We are at the end of an age of sin & the world will be purified by God. This purification will be followed by a great period of peace as promised at Fatima. The anti-Christ comes after the long period of peace.

    Therefore, I conclude that the anti-Christ is not for this era and there are many centuries left before The the anti-Christ comes. I am certain that there are many centuries if not a few millennia before the end of time.
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  8. Oh that MUST have been exciting for him!! So you are Polish and have a great story to tell your grandchildren!
    I will post the messages Jerry. Just for you. They are long, and I have to type them out. I could also give you the # of the message and you could read them. I think I might make a thread just for them so all could read them.
  9. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    This is a great idea for a thread, Fatima. There is much confusion about the end of times{the end of the age}which we are living in now, and the end of the world, which is much later.
    MS7, I got interested in Father Gobbi from some of the other posts you have written about him and looked up his locutions and they are fascinating. Here's a page of them Jerry to read.


    I also remember a post you did MS7 on Mr. M, and it was pretty scary.

    Now, I'm going to date myself on this one, but I remember Jean Dixon. I read a book by her{I'm so old, I forget when} and in it she explained the difference between "her" predictions and when she was given a vision straight from God which was never wrong. She said in the sixties{as I recall it was the sixties} she received a vision from God in which he showed her THE ANTICHTRIST being born. Is it true? Heaven only knows, all these things take prayer and fasting to discern.
    I posted this scripture on the very scary thread, but I'll post it again:
    1John2:18...Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that the antichrist was coming, so now many antichrists have appeared. Thus we know it is the last hour.
  10. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Yes, I am familiar with all Father Gobbi's writings. Many years ago, I listened to him in person in Omaha.
  11. jerry

    jerry Guest

    How poor, how poor my memory is!
    Read the earthlink site with increasing surprise , the punch is at the end. the site offers evidence that there is a problem with the prophesies of Fr Gobbi.
    So surprised i was that i did a search on Fr Gobbi within this forum.
    Imagine my surprise when i turned up.

    The message #389 and those 'explanatory' messages why #389 has not been found false never did get posted to the marian movement of priests thread.
    SteveD said:
    The message 389 of September 1988 states that "Within 10 years all the secrets that I have revealed to some of my children (Medj/Garabandal?) will be fulfilled and all the events that have been foretold by me to you will have come to pass"
    This resulted in a large number of people dismissing the messages in 1998, however some people say that these things have come to pass in some sort of invisible way. I am just confused.​
    mothersuperior7 (or anybody else for that matter) is it possible to place in the forum the message 389 of September 1988 in full and then those messages which explain how that message has not been found false.
    I began seaching about Fr Gobbi having read the new Why Marian prayer groups thread. Came upon this thread and have hit on this unanswered puzzle.​
    jerry, Oct 25, 2012

    Pasted from <http://motheofgod.com/threads/the-marian-movement-of-priests.3073/#post-23854
  12. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Jerry, I went back to my book "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons" to look at the whole context of the message. I for one can not explain this message away. The only explaination I can give is Mary's message at Akita, Japan (approved by the Church), which states, " Wth my Son, I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father... Prayer, penance and couragous sacrifices can soften the Father's anger". August 3rd, 1973

    Perhaps what Father Gobbi received (message #389), has been delayed because of Our Blessed Mother and her Son's plea's to the Father. I know of no other answer, other then Father Gobbi's locutions were not authenic. I tend to believe they have been delayed.
  14. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

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  16. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    OOKAYY, found the actual quote of what the Virgin Mary said on Jan. 1'st, 2000. She did suprisingly call them up the mountain, through Marija at 10:30 PM when she had already given a message earlier in the day.
    "My dear children, now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. I bless you with my motherly blessing."
    Perhaps a little less dramatic, but the fact that Our Mother gave a second message in the first day of the New Millenium sayin satan is unchained desiring her children to be consecrated to Their Two Hearts strikes me.
  17. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    A few things trouble me about Fr. Gobbi's messages now, having once been a great supporter. The first thing that bothered me was that the MMP seem to exercise their copyright over the messages very strictly, you can only read them legally by buying the books. I know that one blogger (who was sympathetic to Fr Gobbi) was forced to remove some of the messages from his blog by the MMP. If the messages are so vital to humanity, surely they shouldn't be treated as private and valuable property.
    There is not only one apparently unfulfilled prophecy but many, indeed I can't find one that seems to have been fulfilled. I know that the usual explanation is that they were fulfilled in some sort of 'hidden' way and this might 'hold water' for some of them but not for all, some are very specific as to events and dates (now long passed) There are some supporters of recent and current Marian apparitions that Fr Gobbi supported (notably Medj) who say that he has done great damage to the credibility of those apparitions and I tend to agree. The more I re-read these messages the more troubled I become about them. I understand that the Bishop of Fatima banned him and the MMP from Fatima though I do not know why this occurred.
  18. Daniel

    Daniel Angels

    I was re-reading Fulton Sheen's "Life of Christ" and how the temptation in the desert is 3 attempts to get Jesus to take shortcuts from the cross when it occurred to me that the anti-christ will take all 3 shortcuts (this is how the observant Christian will recognize him).

    1. In trying to get Jesus to turn stones to bread, the devil is trying to get Jesus to be a mere social reformer or "Communist Commissar" who promises nothing but bread. Jesus rightly points to scripture to say man is more than a mere animal and needs spiritual food first. We have plenty of ministries even in the church that get lots of accolades for feeding the poor, building shelters, etc... while no one goes to confession or believes in the True Presence. Anti-christ will certainly be doing lots of these charitable acts that get applause but do not revere God first.

    2. In trying to get Jesus to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple he shows his own vanity and pride. With a display of wonders in the great city with plenty of spectators he could quickly get the masses to follow him. It is as if he is saying "Relieve the monotony of their lives and stimulate their jaded spirits but leave their guilty consciences alone." Jesus, however, proves His faith by struggling up Calvary in obedience to God's will not by effortless displays of power. Anti-christ will surely use effortless displays of power where they can be seen by the most people possible.

    3. The final attempted shortcut is to acknowledge the devil as ruler of the earth and give him homage in exchange for temporal power. It is safe to say that Anti-christ will do exactly that and will have vast temporal power either through the UN or other world government. The things he will not do is suffer for the sake of others or be obedient - in short he will do anything to avoid a cross.
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  19. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Satan was thrown out of heaven, long before God made man. We also know that Pope Leo XIII revealed, in his vision of God giving Satan reign over the earth, was for 100 years. So Satan was not thrown to earth from heaven at the jubilee year 2000. Satan has been unchained for many decades now.
  20. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Father Roux's comments did nothing to clear up Father Gobbi's message #389. In fact 13 years now after Father Roux's statement, it seems even what he said has not come to fruition. I still believe Father Gobbi messages, but I can only explain it as the period of time in question has been delayed, because of prayer, fasting and Our Blessed Mothers request to God for a little more time.

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