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    Well, I wear the Miraculous Medal and the Brown Scapular and I have my bees wax candles, holy water, crucifixes and many holy picutures. I have plenty of altar wine and can make the unleavened bread should I be visited by a priest, but I would not know where to get all the exotic plants to eat and I don't own any ciggarette paper to eat, so the rest will have to do :)
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    Not too long ago, our pastor gave permission to my beautiful wife, Geralyn, to take home the stubs left in the sacristy from the burned-down altar candles. So she melts down the wax, saves the wicks, and then pours the hot wax into candle molds. She's starting to gather a number of beautiful beeswax candles.
    Maybe we'll distribute them for the coming hard times!;):eek::)
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    I notice in the Light of Mary messages, reminders about END-DAYS REMEDIES. There was another one given by Our Lord on March 12, 2016:

    "Children, know Me so that you will be strengthened by My Spirit and so that you will be united forming a single wall of protection against the unbridled rage, against the unprecedented famine, against the incurable diseases that science cannot explain because it finds no answers. For this reason, cherish the medicines that My Mother reveals to you."

    Thanks for this thread. Best to believe, find the ingredients and follow the divine instruction for them.
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    Wow Denise P,

    No coincidences, you coming across your stash of holy items and remedies. I just saw your post in Is the Warning Imminent?...thread (pg 11).
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    I had never heard of Marie-Julie Jahenny until I joined this forum, so I did a web search for information about her and her prophesies. I came across this booklet While I have no doubt that she was a very devout and holy lady, I am relieved that we are not required to believe these private revelations.
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    There are some disturbing messages for sure. Inline with other approved ones .
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    Hasn't all that already happened in France?

    Anyway, it's the remedies on pages 66 and 67 of the book that make me glad we don't have to believe in this lady's apparitions. That stuff sounds more like it came from a witch doctor than the Son of the God. Sorry for any offence but reading the book left me with the impression that the lady wasn't quite right in the head.
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    Lol. Fair enough Dolours . Fair enough.
    No offence taken .
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    I keep a little travel pack in my car - blessed beeswax candle, matches, holy water, brown scapular, crucifix and rosaries and a mini new testament (which I seem to have lost) even though I am not convinced that the three days of darkness will come in my time. As far as I know they herald the end of the world and the parousia.
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    Mac is right that we haven't yet had the three days of darkness. I think that was also prophesied at Akita but I read on, I think, Catholic Answers that not all of the Akita prophesy was approved by the Church. Trouble is I don't know what was approved and what wasn't. All these prophesies could do your head in. I tend to steer clear of the unapproved ones although people very rarely say that locutions or prophesies are unapproved when they quote them.

    St. Faustina said that the darkness would be followed by the sign of the cross in the sky and that this would be shortly before the last day, yet some people here believe that it will herald a period of peace. St. Faustina doesn't mention herbal remedies, beeswax candles or dipping medals in holy water. I'm more inclined to believe St. Faustina.
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    I'm not pegging my hopes on any of them. Persecuted Catholics have probably expected the Second Coming many times over the past 2000 years, so I'm beginning to think that it is yet another symptom of this generation's selfishness and pride to expect God to rescue us before all the world has had the chance to learn and live the faith. Best to pray that God will sustain the Christians who are suffering real persecution in various parts of the world. While we're at it, we should double our prayers for the conversion of the persecutors.
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    I am not aware that the three days of darkness were ever mentioned in Akita. I simply adhere to what the local ordinary promoted. My faith comes in the context of where I have been led by Church authorities like Pope Paul VI re Garabandal and Bishops Ito and Punt re Akita and Amsterdam. If Akita or any other private revelation does not add to your life of faith or drives you insane then it may not be for you. The candles etc come from another source. Seek and you will find.....if you want. I am not here to convince you of anything. I just share what has neen given to me in the hope that it may be of help to someone else. Take or leave it. Ca m'est egal.
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    Sorry, Joe, if I gave the impression that I was having a dig at you. I know from your signature that you believe in the Akita apparition and I know from your posts that you would never let anything lead you astray from the Church. I think that we all are here to share and help each other, something that you do with tact and kindness. I get the different prophesies mixed up, and was feeling a little bit down having attended a funeral of a very devout person during Holy Week. My apologies to you and all those who are convinced by the prophesies of Marie-Julie.
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    I am wondering if anyone on MOG has fully studied MJJ's prophecies, preferably someone who speaks French and has read up on her original statements. The reason that I am asking is because I read that she also had prophesized about The Warning and it seems that she was told that it would happen in the beginning of the year. This document states that she was given the exact date of the Warning. I am curious if someone here has heard any of this before and what your opinions are. This link is where I read these things, if you look for the section The Warning can you find what I am referring to. All opinions are welcome.
    PS - I read through this thread and I am also a little suspicious about the remedies but I have also read that some of MJJ's prophecies were correct. So I am on the fence, I guess, so to speak.
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    What comes to mind when reading 'Remedies' - is Jesus' admonition to His disciples
    "Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will find it."
    Whom comes to mind are: Joan of Arc and other martyrs including Jesus of course and His Apostles whose strong Faith pulled them through those troubles..
    Our Spirit may be strong yet our Flesh can be weak (and) which will naturally seek no harm..
    To bolster our courage in Faith we can avail ourselves of God's Holy Spirits' Gifts - such as Fortitude - always There for the Asking.
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