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The Divine Will

Discussion in 'Consecration to Mary.' started by Border collie, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    "...I enjoy in seeing the interest that priests take in these writings which will form the Kingdom of my Will. This means that they appreciate the great good of them, and each one would want to keep such a great treasure with himself, to be the first to communicate it to others. And while the issue of who is going to win lasts, one approaches the other in order to consult one another on what to do. And I enjoy that more of my ministers get to know that there is this treasure so great, of making known the Kingdom of my Divine Will; and I use this to form the first priests of my coming Kingdom of my Fiat. My daughter, it is a great necessity to form the first priests; they will serve Me like the Apostles served Me to form my Church; and the ones who will occupy themselves with these writings in order to publish them, putting them out to print them - to make them known, will be the new evangelists of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will. And just as the ones who are most mentioned in my Gospel are the four evangelists who wrote It, to their highest honor and my glory, so it will be for those who will occupy themselves with writing the knowledges on my Will in order to publish them. Like new evangelists, there will be greater mention of them in the Kingdom of my Will, to their highest honor and my great glory in seeing the order of the creature, the life of Heaven on earth - the only purpose of Creation - return into my bosom. Therefore, in these circumstances I expand the circle, and, like a fisherman, I catch those who must serve Me for a Kingdom so holy." Jan.. 18, 1928
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  2. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Luisa: "Then, I was feeling very afflicted, not only because of the privations of my sweet Jesus, but also because I had received the unexpected news of the death of Reverend Father (Saint) Di Francia. He was the only one left to me, to whom I could open my poor soul. How well he could understand me – it was to a saint that I would entrust myself, who had very much comprehended all the value of what Jesus had told me about the Divine Will. He had so much interest in it that, with insistence, he had taken all the writings with himself in order to publish them."
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  3. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    “Now you should know that one who lives in the Divine Will will reacquire, between so many prerogatives, the gift of infused science, a gift that will be a guide for her in order to know our Divine Being, that will facilitate her carrying out of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in her soul. It will be as guide for her in the order of natural things, it will be as the hand that guides her in everything and it will make known the palpating life of the Divine Volition in all created things and the good that it continually brings her. This gift was given to Adam in the beginning of his creation, together with our Divine Will he possessed the gift of infused science, in a way that he knew with clarity Our divine truths. Not only this, but all the beneficial virtues that all created things possessed for the good of the creature, from the greatest thing, even to the littlest blade of grass. Now as he rejected our Divine Will with doing his, our Fiat withdrew his life and the gift with which he had been bearer of. therefore, he remained in the dark, without the true and pure light of the knowledge of all things. So with the life of my Will returning in the creature, his gift of the infused science will return. This gift is inseparable from my Divine Will as light from the heat is inseparable, and where It reigns It forms the eye full of light in the depth of the soul, which by looking with this Divine Eye she acquires the knowledge of God and of created things for how much it is possible for a creature." Vol. 30, May 22, 1932
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  4. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    "...since Adam was the first man to be created, it came as a consequence that, he being as though the root, the trunk of all the human generations, they would inherit, almost like branches, what the root and the trunk of the tree of man possessed. And just as all creatures, as though by nature, inherit the seed of original sin, so do they inherit his first acts done in Our Will, which constitute the beginning and the right of the Kingdom of Our Divine Will for creatures.
    To confirm this, came the humanity of the Immaculate Virgin, to operate and to follow the acts of Adam, in order to fulfill, whole and entire, the Kingdom of the Divine Will, to be the first heiress of a Kingdom so holy, and to give to Her dear children the rights for them to possess It. And to complete all this, came my Humanity which, by nature, possessed the Divine Will that Adam and the Sovereign Queen possessed by grace, in order to confirm with the seal of Its acts this Kingdom of the Divine Will. So, this Kingdom exists in reality, because living humanities have formed their acts in It, as the necessary materials in order to form this Kingdom, to give to other humanities the right to possess It. And in order to further confirm It, I taught the ‘Our Father’, so that, with prayer, they might dispose themselves and acquire the rights to receive It, and God might feel as though the duty to give It. By teaching the ‘Our Father’, I Myself placed in their hands the right to receive It, and I committed Myself to giving a Kingdom so holy; and every time the creature recites the ‘Our Father’, she acquires a sort of right to enter into this Kingdom."

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  5. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Jesus tells Luisa in Vol. 20 that we must “fight in order to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat” and that it is “the holiest fight that can exist; it is the most just and rightful battle that can be fought.” He goes on to tell her, “I fight when I manifest to you the knowledges about my eternal Fiat. So, each saying, each knowledge, each simile about It is one fight and one battle that I make with you in order to win your will, put it at its place, and call it, almost by dint of fighting, into the order of the Kingdom of my Divine Will…” “Each one of your acts done in my Will is a fight that you make with Me. In each round you do through all created things, to unite yourself to all the acts my Will does in all Creation, you call all Creation to wage battle in order to win my Kingdom."

    He tells Luisa that we have in His Will Itself all Creation and all the good He did in Redemption at our disposal in order to launch an army to wage battle and win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. He also tells Luisa that every word she writes (therefore, every word we read) is one more soldier that joins the army to win the battle.

    Now what would these soldiers need to fight? Weapons! What would the weapons be? The prayers of the Holy Rosary.

    Let us take up our weapons and form an army of soldiers to fight Jesus so that we will win the battle in order to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat!
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  6. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua


    “The Holy Spirit wants to give Christians a ‘new and divine holiness’
    at the Dawn of the Third Millennium”
    - Pope John Paul II


    “It is the grace of Incarnating Me, of living and growing in your soul, never to leave it, to possess you and to be possessed by you as one and the same substance, without obviously you give Me life: rather it is I who communicate to your soul in a compenetration which cannot be comprehended: It is the grace of graces. Jesus to Conchita Cabrera De Armida


    “I did not stop short at the desire to see or the desire to understand. I tried to make an act of more perfect abandonment, an act of more pure love, and I began a completely new life, I repeat, a completely new life.” Saint Dina Belanger

    “I wish to absorb you, my little spouse, to such a degree that I shall exist in your place, with all the attributes and perfections of my Divinity.” Jesus to Dina. (Saint Dina Belanger)


    “My daughter, there is a great difference between living united with me and living in My Will. And while He said that, He pulled me by the arms and said to me, Come in My Will even one single instant and you will see the great difference. I found myself in Jesus. My little atom swarm in the Eternal Will; and since this Will is a single Act that contains all the acts together, past, present and future, being in the Eternal Will, I took part in that single Act that contains all the acts which do not yet exist and which must exist unto the end of centuries, and as long as God will be God; and also for this did I love Him, thank Him, bless Him, and so on. There was no act that fled me; and nowI took the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and made It mine, as their Will was mine; and I gave It to them as mine. How content I was to be able to give them Their Love as mine, and how They found full contentment and complete vent in receiving from me their Love as mine. Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta
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  7. Hi lynnfiat, is the colored sentence above part of what Jesus said to Luisa?
  8. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Yes, it is from Jesus. I try not to put my own words too much as Jesus' Words are perfect and cut right to our hearts. Bless you.
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  9. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    From the Flame of Love (Elizabeth Kindelmann): "My daughter, I have a great deal to complain about because only a few are willing to listen. I complain in vain to those souls consecrated to Me; they do not want to listen to Me, although there would be many things I would like to discuss with them ABOUT THE COMING OF MY KINGDOM."
    "And you, my daughter, must desire with all your heart the coming of My Kingdom"
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  10. Just realised one could mistake the colored part as being black not red :).
  11. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    “The reason why the world has reduced itself to this sad state is that it has lost subordination to the leaders; and since the first leader is God, against whom they have rebelled, it happened as a consequence that they have lost any subjection to and dependence on the Church, the laws and all the others ones who are said to be leaders. Ah! my daughter, what will happen to so many members infected by this bad example given by those very ones who are said to be leaders – that is, by superiors, by parents, and many others? Ah! they will reach such a point that neither parents, nor brothers, nor kings, nor princes will be recognized any more. These members will be like many vipers that will poison one another. Therefore, see how necessary chastisements are in these times, and for death to almost destroy this sort of people, so that the few who will be left may learn at the expense of others to be humble and obedient. So, let Me do; do not want to oppose my chastising the people.”
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  12. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Therefore, see how necessary chastisements are in these times, and for death to almost destroy this sort of people, so that the few who will be left may learn at the expense of others to be humble and obedient. So, let Me do; do not want to oppose my chastising the people.”


    I am thinking out loud, so to speak: if our prayers and fasts can mitigate chastisements, how then is this not wanting to oppose [God] chastising the people? Is it wrong to desire an increase in the number of "few who will be left?" Just to clarify, I do believe that chastisements are a form of Mercy, since probably more souls can be saved by means of chastisement than if God otherwise stayed His Hand.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  13. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Jesus explains that His chastisements are mercy for the people - without which they would never repent and be saved. God only wishes to save souls. Our prayers and sacrifices prayed in the Divine Will and united to Jesus are prayed for all times - past, present and future - all with the intention of saving souls. If you read the Book of Heaven, you will see how many times Luisa prayed about things that Jesus showed her which would happen in the future, and she by her prayers and sufferings mitigated the chastisements. Let us continue to pray as the Queen of Peace has asked of us so many times, "Pray, pray, pray." God bless you.
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  14. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    “My daughter, you cry over the present times, and I cry over the future. Oh! in what a maze will the nations find themselves, to the point that one will become the terror and the massacre of the other, such that they will be unable to get out by themselves. They will do things as though crazy, as though blind, to the point of acting against themselves." Book of Heaven,1/12/1916
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  15. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    As we lead up to the Feast of Christ the King this weekend, during Mass this morning I felt interiorly that Jesus wanted me to share something with whomever reads this post: In Feb., 2003, while my husband and I were visiting the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville (This was just prior to our moving there - which is another story!), just after receiving Holy Communion, I saw within my soul Jesus sitting upon my heart as if on a throne, His back towards me looking outward with something like a large stick in His hand. (I call this a stick as I don't know what else to call it, but somewhere I read about Him holding a scepter in His hand, so perhaps this is what it was). He spoke to me saying, "It is from here I will reign." Jesus then turned into a little child, but remained sitting upon my heart with the stick(?) remaining in His hand. Little Jesus then turned towards me and said, "I will reign in those who love me."
    Jesus our King, come, live, reign in us!
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  16. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    This is what we need to hear. Take up the fight with heaven's weapons. It is the only thing that will gain us victory.
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  17. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Jesus speaks about Our Blessed Mother: Do you see, then, with what food this most loving Mother nourishes Her children? It cost Her all Her life, unheard-of pains, the very Life of Her Son, to form within Herself the abundant deposit of this food of my Will, and to keep It ready to nourish all Her children as tender and loving Mother. She could not love Her children more; by giving them this food, Her love had reached the ultimate degree. Therefore, among the many titles that She has, the most beautiful title that could be given to Her is that of ‘Mother and Queen of the Divine Will’.

    Immaculate Queen, my Celestial Mother, I come onto your maternal knees to abandon myself in your arms as your dear child, and to beg of You, with the most ardent sighs, the greatest of grace of all: that You will admit me to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

    Holy Mother, You who are the Queen of this Kingdom, admit me as your child to live in It, that It may no longer be deserted, but populated with your children. Therefore, my Sovereign Queen, I entrust myself to You, that You may guide my steps in the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and held tightly by your maternal hand, You will guide all my being to live perennial life in the Divine Will. You will be a Mother to me, and because of this I will consign my will to You that You may exchange it for me with the Divine Will. This way I may be sure of never going out of Its Kingdom. Therefore I beg You to illumine me to make me understand what ‘Will of God’ means.
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  18. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua


    Volume 6 - August 5, 1904

    Jesus, Ruler of kings and Lord of lords.

    Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little, in the act of ruling and dominating everything, and of reigning with the crown of King on His head and with the scepter of command in His hand. While I was seeing Him in this position, He told me (though in Latin, but I will say it according to what I understood): “My daughter, I am the Ruler of kings and the Lord of lords. To Me alone is this right of justice due, which the creature owes Me; and by not giving it to Me, she denies Me as Creator and Master of everything.” While saying this, He seemed to take the world in His hand and turn it upside down, so that creatures would submit to His regime and dominion. At the same time I could also see how the Lord ruled and dominated my soul, with such mastery that I felt all submerged in Him. From Him came the regime of my mind, of my affections, of my desires; many electric wires passed between me and Him, through which He directed and dominated everything."
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  19. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    October 28, 1928

    “My daughter, all that has been done by Our Divinity, both in Creation and in Redemption, has not all been absorbed by the creature, but is all in my Divine Will, in waiting, to give itself to creatures. If you could see everything in my Divine Fiat, you would find an army of acts of Ours, which came out of Us to be given to creatures; but because Our Will does not reign, they have neither the space in which to put them, nor the capacity to receive them. And this divine militia has been waiting for as long as twenty centuries to place itself in office of exercise, so as to bring to creatures the gifts, the clothings, the joys and the divine weapons which each of Our acts possesses, in order to form together with them one single divine army - a celestial militia. Now, so that the Kingdom of Our Divine Will may reign in the midst of creatures, it is necessary that the creature absorb into herself all of these acts of the Divinity done for love of them and absorb them so much into herself, as to enclose within herself everything that my Fiat possesses, interiorizing them and consummating them within herself. So, my Divine Will, consummated within the creature, will make this whole divine army reenter into her. All of Our acts which came out of Us for love of them, in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, will reenter into creatures, and my Divine Will, reentered and consummated within them, will feel triumphant and will reign, dominant, together with Our divine army. This is why I do nothing but make you sip, continuously, everything that was done by Us and that is done in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification - so as to be able to say once again, as I did on the Cross: ‘I have consummated everything - I have nothing left to do in order to redeem man.’ So shall my Will repeat: ‘I have consummated it in this creature, in a way that all Our acts have been enclosed in her - I have nothing left to add. I have consummated everything, so that man might be restored and the Kingdom of my Divine Will may have Its life and Its regime on earth as It does in Heaven.’

    “Oh! if you knew how many works I am doing in the depth of your soul in order to form this first Kingdom to my Divine Will.... In fact, once I have done the first, from one creature It will pass on to the next, in such a way that my Kingdom will be populated more than all others. Therefore, my love in forming this Kingdom of Mine is so great, that in the soul in whom my Divine Volition must reign, I want to enclose everything that I Myself did in Redemption, that which the Sovereign Queen did, adding what all the Saints have done and do. Nothing must be lacking in her of all Our works; and in order to do this, I put the whole of Our Power, Wisdom and Love in motion.

    After this I was thinking about today’s Feast - that is, the Feast of Christ the King; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:

    “My daughter, the Church does nothing but intuitively grasp what She must know on my Divine Will and how Its Kingdom must come. Therefore, this Feast is the prelude of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. Indeed, the Church is doing nothing other than honoring my Humanity with those titles which, by right, are due to It; and when She has given Me all the honors that befit Me, She will move on to honor and to institute the Feast to the Kingdom of my Divine Will, by which my Humanity was animated. The Church proceeds step by step, and now She institutes the Feast to my Heart, now She consecrates the century, in all solemnity, to Christ the Redeemer, and now She moves on, with greater solemnity, to institute the Feast to Christ the King. Christ the King means that He must have His Kingdom, He must have peoples worthy of such a King. And who will ever be able to form for Me this Kingdom if not my Will? Then, yes, will I be able to say: ‘I have my people - my Fiat has formed it for Me.’ Oh! if the leaders of the Church knew what I have manifested to you about my Divine Will, what I want to do, Its great prodigies, my yearnings, my sorrowful heartbeats, my anguishing sighs, for I want my Will to reign, to make everyone happy, to restore the human family - they would feel that in this Feast of Christ the King is nothing other than the secret echo of my Heart which, echoing in them, without their knowing it, has them institute for Me the Feast of Christ the King in order to call their attention and reflection. ‘Christ the King.... And His true people – where are they?’ And they would say: ‘Let us hasten to make His Divine Will known; let us let It reign, that we may give a people to Christ the King, whom we have called so. Otherwise, we have honored Him with words, but not with facts’.”
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  20. TaraLuisa

    TaraLuisa Guest

    Does anyone here know what writing NCM refers to? Fr. Iannuzzi references it in this thesis. I am looking for 'NCM July 15, 1926,' which appears to be Jesus speaking to Luisa, but it does not seem to match up with her 36 Volumes.

    I'm also wondering if someone can help clear up my confusion in regard to the 9 Excesses of Love that Jesus refers to in Luisa's writings... They are in Volume 1 (though he refers to them again in Volume 24 or 25, I believe).

    The 4th through the 9th Excesses are on pages 38-40, which Luisa said is a continuation of what she was writing on the 6th page of the Volume, but I can only see what may possibly be the first 3 Excesses beginning on page 8.

    My confusion lies in the fact that if these, on Page 8, are in fact the first 3 Excesses, they don't seem to fit with the others. These 3 passages seem to be more of instructions for Luisa on how to conduct herself in various states... Am I missing the first 3 Excesses, or are these them?

    Thanks! Fiat!

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