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The Coming Chastisement.

Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by Mac, Nov 26, 2016.


You think a chastisement is upon us?

  1. You think it is decades away?

    7 vote(s)
  2. You think the church has never been better?

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  3. You think a chastisement is upon us?

    23 vote(s)
  4. You think a chastisement has been underway for decades?

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. djmoforegon

    djmoforegon Archangels

    Martina, may God have mercy on their souls and ours also for turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the Saudis' suffering. I have read much about the cruelty of the royal family. It makes me ill that our government receives them with such fanfare.

    Until Obama was snubbed recently by the the Saudi in April of 2016, here he is actually bowing to the king.

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  2. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

    They Basically admitted themselves they actually all governments do for oil. I do not know much of Venezuela but I know they have a lot of oil I know the politics there is not great either but why can't help be offered there to help them run their country put it in order in return for oil and let the Saudi protect their own oil. It is vile watching that video the utter greed of power and money.
    God help us all is true and he will.
  3. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

    Surprise surprise Saudi Arabia is cutting it's out put of oil driving the prices up........must be several new comers to the Saud family to provide for.
  4. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Sometimes I think we are living in the midst of those 70,000 people (including priests) at Fatima whom nearly all laughed at the 3 children, but out of curiosity they showed up on the foretold day of the miracle (10/13/1917) out of curiosity. What is it with prophecy, the very method that scripture said God would speak to us in the future, that puts such doubt in the minds of the faithful? I am not necessarily speaking of anyone on this forum, but has anyone tried to speak to good practicing Catholics about approved or alleged prophecy? Dead silence mostly. Not a clue that heaven is speaking, or has any desire to speak to us through prophets. Its as if prophets only lived in the Old Testament and God has no use for them today. I actually pity anyone who thinks God does not care to speak to his children today.

    Sometimes I think about how the people of Noah's time lived, thought and carried about their life as if there was no God, or at least a God that cared enough to speak to them through prophets. I really do not think that modern day prophecy is so hard to discern in the light of scripture, the Catholic Catechism, Papal documents, Church councils and writings and several approved Church apparitions and messages to help gauge how God speaks and and warns his children all over the world on consequences for ignoring his truth and warnings. Back in the time of Fatima hardly no one believed the children and they were persecuted by family members, neighbors and even their pastor. Some things never change. It looks certain that we will repeat history and have to be heavily chastised by God for our apathy and I gauge this by how very, very few people in ones own walk of life you can talk to about what God is revealing and prophecy in general. What could God do that he has not already done? Have you ever thought about this point>> Fatima is the only prophecy I know of to be pre-annonced in advance (3 months) to take place on a specific day, time and place. How quickly the Church forgets how God choses to communicate to his Church through prophecy.
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  5. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Sister Aiello gives plenty to think on...
    “My daughter, Rome will not be saved, because the Italian rulers have forsaken the Divine Light and because only a few people really love the Church. But the day is not far off when all the wicked shall perish, under the tremendous blows of Divine Justice.”
    “And all this fire,” concluded the Madonna, “is not that which will fall from the hands of men, but will be hurled directly from the Angels (at the time of the great chastisement or purification that will come upon the earth). Therefore I ask prayers, penance and sacrifice, so I may act as Mediatrix for my Son in order to save souls.”
  6. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

  7. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I've been expecting the Chastisement the last 50 years. One thing I learned is that God's time is not ours. I hope He holds off a little more till I'm safely dead. :)
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  8. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I was thinking about this the other day. If I had been alive since the time of Fatima I would have been "sure" that World War II was the beginning of the Chastisement, then again I would have been "sure" in 1960 because that date was the date of the "Third Secret", then again I would have been "sure" after the Akita miracles and warnings of fire falling from the sky, then I would have been "sure" that the year 2000 heralded something.

    Now we are in 2017 and it makes sense that people take notice, especially since it seems a 100 year timeline was alluded to by Our Lord to Sister Lucy. I indeed feel things are coming to a head now, but I don't think this will be the "quick fix" many think it will. I think we are in for a decade or two of interesting and increasingly terrible events. I think the tensions will ratchet up and the Church will slowly (or not so slowly) be driven "underground", along with a whole host of other calamities that have been predicted in prophecy.

    To compare this to the "Chastisement" of World War II, I think we are still in a period like the early 1930's when events began to take shape, but the true "war" was still a decade away.
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  9. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

    I too believe this, Padraig. I'm 65 this year, and I have seen the world becoming worse and worse as years pass, particularly since the 1970's. I do believe that we will see worse yet to come.
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  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Romans 3:5

    But if our unrighteousness highlights the righteousness of God, what shall we say? That God is unjust to inflict His wrath on us? I am speaking in human terms.

    God's ways are certainly not ours. Thank the Lord that this is so. In the Marian apparitions we are often told of the Chalice of Gods wrath filling up and then overflowing. It is as if their were a set of scales, on the one hand mercy and on the other Justice. When they tip enough then the action comes. But God is not slow to act as men see it.

    2 Peter 3:9

    The Day of the Lord
    …8Beloved, do not let this one thing escape your notice: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some understand slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will be dissolved in the fire, and the earth and its works will not be found.…

    The Chastisement when it comes will be terrible. The Chalice has to fill proportional, I think, to what is to come. When we look at the World around us we begin to realise how truly terrible that Chastisement will be.

    But the Day of the Lord will come as certainly as day follows night.

    Isaiah 13:9-11

    Behold, the day of the LORD is coming, Cruel, with fury and burning anger, To make the land a desolation; And He will exterminate its sinners from it. For the stars of heaven and their constellations Will not flash forth their light; The sun will be dark when it rises And the moon will not shed its light. Thus I will punish the world for its evil And the wicked for their iniquity; I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud And abase the haughtiness of the ruthless.

    God is patient, but He is utterly certain.


    “Many men in this world afflict the Lord. I desire souls to console Him to soften the anger of the Heavenly Father. I wish, with My Son, for souls who will repair, by their suffering and their poverty, for the sinners and ingrates.

    “In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With My Son, I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him and form a cohort of victim souls.

    “If men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the Bishops and the priests.

    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

    “The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them.

    “...Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able to still save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in Me will be saved.”

    ". . . if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests."

    The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them."

    ". . . Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."

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  11. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    What I find utterly amazing is that, compared to today, the world before the two world wars and the flu pandemic didn´t look all that bad. Certainly there wasn´t this open opposition to God and His Law; there was no cloning, genetic manipulation, atomic weapons ; abortion, euthanasia, same-sex "marriages", homossexuality etc. were by no means allowed or encouraged by governments. The Church leaders, for the most part, clearly warned against materialism, socialism and modernism in general.

    And yet, God allowed the horrors of two world wars and the flu pandemic.

    What might lay in store now?

    What a terrible, terrible mistake to cry "MERCY, MERCY" and completely ignore that God is a merciful Father but He is also a JUST JUDGE!

    The total number of military and civilian casualties in World WarI was more than 38 million: there were over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history. ... At least 2 million died from diseases and 6 million went missing, presumed dead.

    Over 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion). World War II fatality statistics vary, with estimates of total deaths ranging from 50 millionto more than 80 million.

    The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus.[1] It infected 500 million people across the world,[2] including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world's population[3]), making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history

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  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I had a dream last night about the Chastisement. I dreamt that two people a man and a woman were both being shown a vision of the Chastisement. I caught a glimpse of a little of it myself and it involved wars. Both these people were founders of religious orders. I must google and see if people are still founding religious orders in modern times, I hadn't realised.

    Did I learn anything from this? Well yes, it seems some people are being shown the future, not just visionaries in places like Medugorje I would guess they need this glimpse to prepare for their vocations in their orders. I find it reassuring that God is acting in this manner, preparing individuals for what is to come.
  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    The older I get the more pointless and useless and evil ot me wars seem. Not with chemical, biological, nuclear and smart weapons of every kind it looks even more stupid, evil and pointless. Pope St John xx11 was so wise when he pointed it out in Pacem in Terris prophetically that it can only lead to our mutual destruction:


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  16. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I wonder if God has been following the principal like companies follow when an employee is misconducting themselves in the workplace. There are three warnings followed by a written warning and then you are out the door. Sack = Chastisement.

    Fatima, for all intents and purposes was a verbal warning from Heaven to repent and turn back to God.

    Garabandal was a second verbal warning from Heaven to repent and turn back to God.

    Akita was surely a third verbal warning from Heaven to repent and turn back to God.

    Medjugorje is surely preparing us all for the 'Written Warning' from Heaven which will come; this time the warning will be Written on our hearts and we will not be able to ignore it.

    Now if we don't want to include Garabandal, we can still count Medjugorje as the third and final verbal warning; but I believe we are being prepared for the written (Illumination) warning from Heaven through Medjugorje.

    However we may feel about how things are in the world now, I believe we are just seeing what life will be like if God does not intervene. We are not being chastised, we are living in societies which have rejected God, and this is what it is like.

    The Chastisement is a very different matter, it will not come until mankind has a chance to repent through the Warning or Illumination; Then the rich and famous will not be able to buy their way out of trouble when God is ready to punish this sinful planet. The good will be martyred along with the bad. Priests and people alike will suffer on the day when the Lord Chastises. Fatima, Garabandal and Akita have described the horror of what a chastisement could mean.

    From what Conchita from Garabandal described, it would appear the Warning will be in my lifetime (69 now), and the Chastisement will be in my children's lifetime (they are mainly in their 40's now). I hope Our Lady succeeds in her plan to turn us all back to God in sincere repentance, and delay the Chastisement or mitigate it somehow for the sake of our descendants. Our job is to do our part while we are On Watch so to speak in our lifetime.
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  17. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Yes and only two short months before his death too. It is a very worthy read and gives one much to consider in relation to today's goings on in the church and the world as well as our individual nations and lives. America has been at war almost since its inception. It will be a fine day when we are able to live in peace.
  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Well , the way I think it will happen is this;

    We will reach the end of our rope. By that I mean we will deploy nuclear and other weapons and be on the very point of mutual annihilation. God will in a sense be forced to step in to save us. He will do this through the Illumination of Conscience. What will happen is we will see a Cross in the Sky with our Crucified Redeemer on it and as we do so we shall see ourselves as we really our. Besides the Cross will be Our Lady standing. After this we enter the Age of Peace, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    However there will be a lot of water under the Bridge between now and then.

    Behold, he is coming amid the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. All the peoples of the earth will lament him. Yes. Amen.

    (Rev 1:7)


    Last edited: Apr 6, 2017
  19. MMM

    MMM Principalities

    I always think of chastisement in reference to the final week of Daniel. The idea of 7 years is something I can get my head around. But this time will only become more obvious when the world is in such turmoil that a world leader comes on the scene to "fix" things.

    If the holy spirit gives us all the wisdom to recognize this time it will be a blessing (if we even live long enough to see it). From what I understand and I am open to correction is the illumination (separating the weeds from the wheat) comes at the 1/2 way point of this 7 years. Then this world leader or ac turns against God and all those choosing Him and creates havoc for 42 months killing many. Then God steps in as in Mac's post above and cleanses the earth of all evil during the 3 days of darkness (burning of the weeds). Then, time of rest for the whole world, no doubt much, much smaller in numbers. A remnant. Wow, if you made it this far and survived it would only be by a massive grace on God's part and the protection and guidance of Mary. I wonder if any of us will see this time. Maybe most of us will.

    I don't think this final week is going to happen for some time. As bad as things are getting it still isn't yet a worldwide calamity. This could happen fast in the coming years though especially with a world wide financial collapse which seems unavoidable, and with this a great war of global proportions.

    At 49, watching what is happening is painful and heartbreaking as it is. I can't imagine things getting progressively worse for the next 5-10-15-20 years and still managing a level of hope and joy. Is this test going to last that long? I'm feeling weary about the world now and I've got a roof over my head, food to eat, steady job, even time for recreation and rest. What if all that is taken away? I expect it will be at some point which helps in becoming too attached.

    I could see the 7 years starting in the next 5-10 years but as Padraig said he's been expecting it for 50 so who knows. I don't think we can keep things together for another 50 though so I expect most of us may see things actually go down during this final transition.
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  20. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Personally I think the nukes will fly. This may be one reason why we were told "The living will envy the dead".
    It is interesting that prophecy seems to depict the Chastisement starting with modern weapons of war being deployed, but as it progresses people are fighting with more primitive weaponry.
    Bows and arrows and such.
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