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St Therese and roses

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by "Quis ut Deus", Jun 4, 2013.

  1. St Therese being my favourite saint :) I am always very aware when someone gives me flowers I always associate them coming from my friend St Therese,I always get over excited when someone gives me a rose as I dearly love the prayer..

    Little Therese, Little Therese I come with a whispered prayer; Little Therese, Little Therese Have you a rose to spare? No pale bud do I ask of you, But a bloom that is wondrous fair: Little Therese, Little Therese Have you a rose to spare?

    Too little your hands to hold them all: You are dropping them everywhere. That beautiful one so near your heart: Have you that rose to spare? Ah yes! I know for your Love’s dear sake Thorns were your hoarded share: Sometimes though, you asked your Love If He had a rose to spare.

    What do you whisper, Little Therese, As you smile from your picture there. Have you but thorny stems for me: Have you no rose to spare? Then teach me, like you, to prize the thorns With their hidden healing rare. And I shall be glad, because for me You had truly a rose to spare

    So you can imagine what I was thinking when this happened,,I was at a funeral and whilst we were at the grave side family members were throwing roses into the grave as the coffin was being lowered,one of the family members handed me a rose with no petals,I looked at it and my first thoughts were oh my yuk and I immediately said to Therese oh thanks a bunch I guess you have fell out with me,what a pitiful rose you have gave me today,,I left the graveyard in a bit of a huff and it bothered me all day in fact it bothered me for quite some time and I had to question why did I get a rose without petals,,Well the answer came a few weeks later and true to form St Therese my heavenly love and ever playing child was indeed playing with me ....A rose without petal poem below...

    A Rose Without Petals

    I come to You a tampered broken rose without petals,
    Decayed and rotten.
    But instead of turning me down,
    You take my beaten up stem into Your hands,
    And love me like a beautiful rose,
    And take care of me.
    Anyone else would have taken a glance,
    And looked the other way.
    For who could love a rose without petals?
    You love me,
    For my good qualities,
    Not for my past or for my sins,
    You see me in a way that I can’t see myself.

  2. Shauneen

    Shauneen New Member

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  3. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Years ago my husband and I felt called to sell our horse ranch in Florida and move to Hanceville, AL near the Shrine and Monastery of Mother Angelica's, but wanted to be sure of moving so we prayed a nine day Novena to St. Therese asking her for a sign of red roses. On the ninth day of the Novena, we were at Mass and a friend came up to us after Mass and said that she was going through some papers and felt she was to give this to us - it was a threaded card of St. Therese holding a bundle of red roses. Right after this, a realtor we met at one of our visits to Hanceville, called to say that she had just gotten a call from someone that wanted to sell her property just outside the gates of the Monastery (they called the road Purgatory road!). Needless to say, my horses got sold immediately and we moved to Hanceville. If we always pay attention, God will always answer. I thought the move would be so traumatic for me - loosing my horses and friends, but I was actually very joyful as I knew it was God's Will. Also, I was put in charge of taking care of Mother Angelica's three draft horses!
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  4. Fatima

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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    I am so sorry about the loss of your father but what a beautiful thing you did for him! I found the following but I am not sure that this is what you are looking for,

    https://search.catholiccompany.com/search?w=St therese of lisieux&view=grid

    May God bless you and your loved ones.
  6. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    About that horse farm: while we were in Hanceville to see the land that was for sale, our son, who was home on break from college, called us and told us there was a realtor at the door with a couple who "just wanted to see the house" as they were interested in possibly building one like it and wanted to see the floor plan. We vaguely knew the realtor, but told him that they could go through the house. Our house was not on the market and no one knew it was possibly going up for sale! The day we arrived home from Hanceville, the realtor called and told us the couple had put an offer on our house. Well, how does one disregard these things as not coming from God! Incredible miracles we have had through the intercession of this wonderful Saint.
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  7. Hi Shauneen I am sorry for your loss.. The rose to spare poem card from what I remember is quite old let me see if I can find you a copy...here is the full poem prayer which I think you are looking for..

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