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St Jose Maria Escriva

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by padraig, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I am reading a really wonderful book at the moment (available free on Amazon Kindle) on St Jose Maria Escriba, the Founder of Opus Dei.

  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    It reminds me of the lives of the saints I used to read when I was young as it concentrates on the Holiness, the mystical reality of the spiritual journey the saint was on. For instance when young Jose had no desire at all to be a saint but one day he found the bare foot prints of a man in heavy snow in his town. Who could be walking in the snow barefoot? He followed the foot prints and found it was a local Carmelite priest. This penance stirred in the young saint a longing to be a saint.

    Josemaria had a huge love for the Sacrament of Confession. He called it the Sacrament of Joy. How true this is! Often it is the things that seem the most grim that bring huge joy, like Penance and Fasting. It is though things have been turned upside down by God.

    The saints life and that of his family seem to have been burdened by one Cross after an other, not small ones, often but sometimes crushing ones, like the death of his father and entry into huge poverty. They did not even have the money to pay for his fathers funeral. His uncle who was a priest turned against them and in what he said and did it seemed to be a litany of nastiness.

    Other priests made fun of Jose Maria , calling him , 'Mystical Rose',and so on the devil stirring up opposition at every turn.

    I love the way the young saint prayed so long in front of the Blessed Sacrament , sometimes staying awake all night. So like Padre Pio.

    You know so many of these people were consider saints in their own lifetimes yet it never seemed to give other people pause before treating them badly. Astonishing.

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  3. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    He also visited Garabandal in the summer of 1962, spent time talking to the girls, and had a very favorable opinion of the apparitions.
  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    A big plus, not only was he a saint , but sharp as a razor.
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  5. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    Well, I'm glad we can agree on the goodness of St Maria Escriva. I love him and learn so much from the videos of him answering questions in his meetings. Here is one:

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  6. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think one great thing about the life of the saint that really impresses me is this: not simply his own great holiness , I had expected this. No it is the holiness and sanctity of so many people he has to do with. His father for instance was most certainly a saint. The lady he Dona Luz was a saint and indeed her cause is going forward n Rome. Many of the priests he studied and worked with and died for the Faith as Martyrs. Saint after saint after saint.

    It is really amazing.

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  7. Jarg

    Jarg Archangels

    Interesting coincidence that you bring St Josemaria to the forum because yesterday and today infovaticana is publishing (as I mentioned in Muller thread) the last 3 letters ever written by him. They have never been published (only excerpts in some bios) because their content is quite frankly prophetic and in the current state of affairs (or in the midst of Vatican II at the time they were written), I think explosive. They are titled The Three Bell Chimes ( 'Las Tres Campanadas'). Because of copyright infringement issues that could confront infovaticana with Opus Dei, they are only publishing excerpts.

    28 of March, 1973, 'La Primera Campanada' (The First Bell Chime) [NOTE: of my own (poor) translation. The tone of the original version sounds much stronger/tougher but it is hard for me to translate it properly]:

    [Parece como si algunos se empeñaran en no recordar que, a lo largo de toda la historia, los que guían el rebaño han tenido que asumir la defensa de la fe con entereza, pensando en el juicio de Dios y en el bien de las almas, y no en el halago de los hombres. No faltaría hoy quien tachara a San Pablo de extremista cuando decía a Tito cómo debería tratar a los que pervertían la verdad cristiana con falsa! doctrinas: increpa illos dure, ut sani sint in fide (Tit. I, 13); repréndelos con dureza —le escribía el Apóstol—, para que se mantengan sanos en la fe. Es de justicia y de caridad, obrar así. Ahora, sin embargo, se facilita la agitación con un silencio que clama al cielo, cuando no se coloca a los saboteadores de la fe en puntos neurálgicos, desde los que pueden sembrar la confusión «con aprobación eclesiástica». Ahí están tantos nuevos catecismos y programas de «enseñanza religiosa» testimoniando la verdad de lo que afirmo. (…) Hijos de mi alma, pidamos a Nuestro Señor que ponga término a esta dura prueba. Mientras tanto, me considero obligado a advertiros de estos peligros, porque hay muchos también que confiesan a Dios con las palabras, pero lo niegan con los hechos (Tit. I, 16): es la actitud de los que, con discursitos espirituales, se buscan una coartada para sus acciones. El resultado es la ambigüedad: actitudes que anulan las palabras; palabras que, por su contradicción con las obras, admiten todo tipo de interpretaciones.
    No podemos dormirnos, ni tomarnos vacaciones, porque el diablo no tiene vacaciones nunca y ahora se demuestra bien activo. Satanás sigue su triste labor, incansable, induciendo al mal e invadiendo el mundo de indiferencia: de manera que muchas gentes que hubieran reaccionado, ya no reaccionan, se encogen de hombros o ni siquiera perciben la gravedad de la situación; poco a poco, se han ido acostumbrando. Tened presente que en los momentos de crisis profundas en la historia de la Iglesia, no han sido nunca muchos los que, permaneciendo fieles, han reunido además la preparación espiritual y doctrinal suficiente, los resortes morales e intelectuales, para oponer una decidida resistencia a los agentes de la maldad. Pero esos pocos han colmado de luz, de nuevo, la Iglesia y el mundo. Hijos míos, sintamos el deber de ser leales a cuanto hemos recibido de Dios, para transmitirlo con fidelidad. No podemos, no queremos capitular.]

    [TRANSLATION: Sometimes it seems some people insist on not remembering that, throughout the history of the Church, those who guided the flock have had to take on the responsibility to defend the faith with integrity, thinking about the judgment of God and the good of souls and not about the praise of men. Today, there is no shortage of the ones who would brand St Paul as an extremist when he told Titus how he had to treat those who perverted the Chritian truth with false doctrines: increpa ills dure, ut sani sint in fide (Tit I,13); “admonish them sharply - wrote the apostle- so that they may be sound in the faith.” It is an act of justice and mercy, to act in such a way. However now the agitation is facilitated with a silence which cries to heaven, by placing those who sabotage the faith in vital positions, from where they can sow confusion with “ecclesiastical approval.” You can find so many new catechisms and “religious studies” programs that witness to the truth of what I am saying. … My dear children, let’s ask Our Lord to put an end to this tough trial. In the meantime, I considered myself obliged to warn you against this dangers, because there are many that also confess their faith in God with their words, but deny him with their behavior (Tit. I, 16): it is the attitude of those who, with spiritual speeches, find an excuse for their actions. The result is ambiguity: attitudes that cancel the words; words that, because of their contradiction with the actions, admit all sorts of interpretations.

    We should not fall ‘asleep’, or go on ‘vacation’, because the devil never takes vacation and right now he is exceedingly active. Satan continues his sad labour, without rest, inducing evil and invading the world with indifference: in such a way that many people that should react, no longer react, they shrug their shoulders and they don’t event perceive the gravity of the situation; little by little, they have become used to it. Have well present that in times of profound crisis in the history of the Church, they have been but a few those who, staying faithful, have had both the spiritual and doctrinal preparation, and the moral and intellectual capability, to oppose a decided resistance to the agents of evil. But those few have fulfill with light, again, the Church and the world. My children, feel the obligation to be loyal to everything we have received from God, in order to pass it on with faithfulness. We cannot, we will not capitulate.]

    If you can read in spanish or you can google translate you can find more excerpts here - they are quite frankly unbelievable (feels like the rooster crying to Peter, but in current times):

    From the First Bell Chime

    From the Second Bell Chime

    The Third Bell Chime excerpt should be published tomorrow, according to the site.

    If I find time I will try to translate other excerpts
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  8. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Thank you to everyone for the information!

    Just something I have noticed; Anytime I bring up Opus Dei to anyone outside the Church I get a mouthful of condemnation but little to any reasons for such. My mother is extremely harsh towards it and says that bad priests are at it's core. I have no idea where she would get such a strong condemnation of something she has little to no knowledge of. It sure seems to be very controversial with many in the secular world who love Pope Francis.
  9. padraig

    padraig New Member

  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Anything good will always get kicked, its par for the course.

    I have never really had any dealings with Opus Dei as the are not in this part of Ireland. My father though was interested in them and visited their head quarters and came away with a bad impression because they were so lavish. However I think you often find this with religious houses, Bishops and Cardinals Mansions also are Palaces. But in fairness to Opus Dei they do not take a vow of poverty.

  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Although of course I knew Jose Maria was a saint reading the book for me is a continuous eye opener. Over and over again to be awed by his sanctiy, a holiness that found its source in his deep prayer life and Spirit of Mortfication.

    I always love stories of the devil attacking saints directly. The devil did so from the earliest days of his priesthood . The first seem to have been because of a lady who was mentally handicapped but had a love for the saint. He asked for her prayers to cause the collapse of a newspaper, 'The Sun' , which was violently anti Catholic. After 3 months of her prayers it collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly , for no observable reason. After more of this ladies prayers as the behest of Jose Maria two more rags folded.:):);)

    This of course drove Satan nuts. While JoseMaria was walking along the street he got wacked full on the face by a ball right on the lens of his glasses. The same the next day. It was miracle the glass did not shatter as it might have caused serious injury.

    But the most interesting attack and a really spooky one was this. Jose Maria had the habit of thinking of himself as God little donkey. Only he knew this. One day he was walking down the street when three young men walked rith up to him with very violent expressions on thier faces. One said to him, 'God's donkey!!' The other one warned him not to kill him and they went off.

    It is not just that St Jose Maria was attacked by the devil but that he could see it was the devil that impressed me.
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  12. AED

    AED Powers

    I had some books of his: one called something like "Fire and Forge" with lots of spiritual insight and advice for his seminarians and priests. Wonderful.
  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Apparently one of his books the , 'The Way' has been compared to the, 'Imitation of Christ'

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Can such things be? :D I note that it seems to be over £30 on Amazon which seems a quite extraordinary price. I will have to win the lottery. :);)



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  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Of all the questions and answers Jose Maria gave this touched me the most.

    It is from a Jewish girl. :):)

    aww so touching..
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  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I really love the way his spiritual sons and daughters love him so much and are so very, very attentive, so many smiles! Such laughter! Such joy!

    St Jose Maria pray for us!!:)
  16. Jarg

    Jarg Archangels

    This video is hilarious :ROFLMAO: (don't mean it in a disrespectful way). I have the way and furrow among my books. The way is not a book to read like a novel. I used it as help during personal prayer with the Lord. I have other books like this, made of short thoughts, by Cardinal van Thuan, St Therese the Lisieux and Mother Theresa, and they are great.

    I have never read Josemaria's biography but maybe I'll check out the book you recommend.

    PS Jose Maria Zavala (the writer on 'the best kept secret of fatima') in a recent video speaks of a connection between St Josemaria, Madre Esperanza and Padre Pio. Apparently she guided him during his young adult years as a priest and after founding Opus Dei, while he was in Madrid, does that come out in the book you are reading?

    What is interesting is that Madre Esperanza was really close to Padre Pio, she end up founding the congregation of the Handmaids of Merciful Love, based in Rome. Both were miracle workers while alive, but she is less well known. Zavala, who converted doing research for a secular critical major newspaper on Padre Pio, just published an extensive book about her miracles, with testimonies and documentation, and it is becoming a big hit in Spain and Italy (Mondadori bought the rights to publish it in Italy).
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  17. Jarg

    Jarg Archangels

    Interesting to hear a priest recommending 'to learn the doctrine of Christ'! it sounds more like sweet medicine when he says it. How many priests would still make such a recommendation today? But shouldn't such a recommendation be just the normal and usual thing to do for one who has been called to the work of saving souls.

    "Teach Them To Obey Everything I Have Commanded You" Mathew 28:20 (the 'rigid' Jesus)
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  18. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes that is one of the titles I had: the way the furrow and the forge. I think that is it. Lovely book. Sadly I gave it away to someone some years ago who seemed to need it. I can't believe it costs that much on amazon. Yikes.
  19. BrigidK

    BrigidK New Member

    Hello all. I don't have anything to add about this topic but I would just like to recommend www.abebooks.co.uk as you should be able to pick up decent second hand versions of those books there. I've used the website quite a bit as I simply can't afford to buy new all the time! Just be aware if you select a US seller the books will take ages to arrive. Not as fast as Amazon but better value!
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  20. Maolsheachlann

    Maolsheachlann New Member

    All St. Josemaria's books (as far as I know) are available for free on the internet, as e-books. (Of course, someone might prefer a physical copy.)


    You can randomize the entries, which I especially like.

    I love so many of his quotations, such as: "Don't say, that person annoys me. Say instead: That person sanctifies me." Also, "You have a spirit of contradiction? Very well, exercise it against yourself." (Both quoted from memory, doubtless not word perfect.)

    Some people mentioned him being accosted in the streets of Madrid by anti-clericals. I like the fact that he eventually reacted indignantly, on account of the dignity of the priesthood.

    I have a friend who is an Opus Dei priest and he's extremely humble and serious, an inspiration to me.
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