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St. Hildegard's prophecies: discussion thread

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by Vouthon, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Byron

    Byron Principalities

    And a very Merry Christmas to you! This is amazing! I believe it may just be the illumination of conscience that Garabandal explains.
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  2. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Byron, Thank you!

    Did you read visions 15 & 16? When she speaks of physicians I believe that she is speaking of the clergy, correct? I find it very interesting that she refers to the wolves in these two visions. I think of how Pope Benedict made her a Doctor of the Church but maybe I am reading into it too much.

    Pope Francis has tried to address some of the things that this Saint spoke about in vision 16 by demonstrating humbleness, http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcom...ncis-calls-on-priests-to-shun-fancy-cars.html . IMHO, he remains difficult to figure out - keep praying.

    In any case, I really like her prophecies the more I read them.

    I hope that Vouthon returns and comments since this his thread and he is truly our resident expert on Saint Hildegard.
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  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Her more recent popularity seems to be due to her history of being a botanist, really the earliest woman botanist of any consequence. Her work was difficult in that she had to perform it within the confines and limitations of a monastery. But with the interest today in holistic medicine, the kind that relies upon tested manufacture of supplemental medicine rather than merely the pharmaceutical protocol medications that are doing so much harm when treating alone only symptoms, she has become a source to go to. Although some may interpret her more according to the limitations of the "natural" foundations only, she does give the basis for "wellness" type of treatment, as in treating the underlying natural reasons for deteriorating health. And we hear more through various "messengers" of today about the need to learn more about these basics for coming times when the prescriptions of today will not be available, thus relying more on their herbal origins. Such a link example would be this:

  4. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    The following is a video from Father Ripperger which is entitled, "Our Times Part III: Spiritual Preparation".

    I am posting this video here because this priest imho is not only trying to help prepare us but he is also confirming the chronology of the end times as Saint Hildegard has stated, in brief, a minor chastisement, a period of peace, the time of the Antichrist and then what follows is Eschaton.

    At around the 24 min. mark, Fr. Ripperger states that the situation will be horrific when practically everything is lost but after this coming (minor) chastisement there will be primarily 25 yrs. of good harvest, a period of peace and then we will grow lax again. I think the prophecy that he is speaking of when he mentions 25yrs. etc. is the following prophecy from LaSalette, "This peace among men will not last long: 25 years of abundant harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the woes which happen on earth." I am not certain about this prophecy but I believe that this is what Fr. Ripperger is referring to.

    In addition, Fr. Ripperger states that theologians believe that after this era of peace (25 yrs.?) is when the Antichrist will come, "and it will be worse then it is now", this is affirmed at the 59min. mark.

    Then after 3.5 years of the Antichrist's cruel rule over the men/women who want to remain in the Faith the world will experience the Eschaton.

    IMHO, Fr. Ripperger is confirming what Saint Hildegard has stated in regards to the end times but I believe that Saint Hildegard did not provide a set amount of time for the period of peace. Instead, I think that she stated that man should not look forward to the period of the Antichrist but during the period of peace man should remain faithful to Christ & his teachings and to be thankful to God for the peace which he has granted mankind.
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  5. Byron

    Byron Principalities

    Yes I read it! Totally agree. "Wolves," I believe has always meant liberal, and we do have many liberal priests today.
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  6. BrianK

    BrianK Resident Kook, Crank, Curmudgeon - & Mod Staff Member

    Great, I had planned to point this out to you but forgot. I actually thought of your posts on this thread as I listened to it yesterday. I’m glad you picked up on it!
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  7. Byron

    Byron Principalities

    I just wish the chronology included dates. Father Gobbi's chronology is more clear.
  8. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    I already posted Saint Hildegard's vision 10:17 and 10:18 which are from the age of the Yellow Lion, they both can be found in post #60 on this thread. I believe that, vision 10:17 refers to a man-made minor chastisement which will be imposed on mankind as result of the minor apostasy and vision 10:18 includes the Warning/Illumination of Conscience.

    Here are two more visions, these are also from the age of Yellow Lion. In vision 10:19, I think that Saint Hildegard is reflecting on the difference between Christ and the Antichrist, along with the followers of both and the last judgment. In vision 10:20, I believe that Saint Hildegard further discusses the age of the Yellow Lion which, in my opinion, is the period of transition from the time of the minor apostasy and minor chastisement to the period of peace. Also in vision 10:20, she appears to state that there will be a conversion of those who have fallen away from the faith along with a conversion of the Jews.

    Vision 10:19 Therefore, he said to the people who were lamenting and weeping over him: “For if men use the green wood like this, what will happen when it is dry?” (Luke 23:31). This is to be understood in the following way: Jesus himself was the green wood because he caused all the greening power of the virtues. Yet he was rejected by unbelievers. The Antichrist, however, is the dry wood because he destroys all the living freshness of justice and causes things that should be green in their integrity to wither away, and for this reason they will be brought to nothingness. In addition, the green wood consists of the days when human beings were aware that they were healed from their suffering; on those days they no longer were afraid of the horrors of the future judgment. At the time of the separation about which Paul, my chosen vessel, has spoken, the dry wood will appear before the son of corruption when great suffering will befall you and heaven and Earth will be shaken. For heaven and Earth will be stirred up in the judgment that is to come, as was foretold by the green wood. The wheel of the firmament, along with all has collapsed and taken back the gleam of light, just as all these events were predicted in the aforesaid words of the prophets.

    Vision 10: 20 In these days sweet clouds will touch the Earth with a gentle breath and cause the Earth to overflow with the power of greenness and fertility. Then people will prepare themselves completely for justice, which was lacking in the above mentioned period of weakness, for the elements, harmed by the sins of men and women, had fallen totally into the service of disorder.

    The princes and everyone else will put God's decrees into proper practice. They will forbid all weapons used to kill people and only tolerate such iron tools as are needed in farming and for the benefit of humanity. Those who disobey this command will be killed by their own swords and cast away in some remote place. And just as clouds let down a mild rain suitable for the germination of seeds, the Holy Spirit will pour forth the dew of grace, along with wisdom, prophecy, and holiness, upon people so that, just as if turned around, they will lead different and good lives.

    The old Law was a shadow of spiritual life, for it was completely distinguished by its creativity. Thus in winter all the Earth's fruits are hidden and invisible because they have not had time to ripen. And thus this old Law had no summer because the Son of God had not yet appeared in the flesh. But at his coming the whole world was changed into a spiritual meaning, and everything displayed the fruit of eternal life through the commandments of the gospel, just as summer produces blossoms and fruits.

    In these days a true summer will reign through God's power because everyone will be steady in the truth: priests and monks, virgins and those who practice celibacy, as well as other classes of society will have their dignity by living well and honorably and by rejecting every kind of arrogance and excessive wealth.

    Then, just as through the balance of clouds and air the necessary conditions of life for fertility are created, the seed of spiritual life will sprout through God's grace. There will be prophecy; wisdom will be gentle and strong, and all believers will see themselves in it as in a mirror. The true angels will then cling to human beings in trust, for they will see in them a new and holy transformation so that human beings will shudder over their own rotten vices.

    Then there will be joy among the just, who will strive for the promised land and look for eternal life. And yet they will not be completely merry because they will see that the judgment is still to come. They will do all of this like pilgrims hastening toward their father's house but who, even though full of joy, cannot be happy so long as they are on the pilgrim's path. The Jews and heretics will be full of joy and will cry out: “Our glory is approaching, and those who have broken our spirits and scattered us will be ground down."

    Nevertheless, countless heathens will cling to the Christians, for the fullness of their honor and inner wealth will become apparent. The heathens will be baptized; united with Christians, they will announce how all this happened at the time of the apostles. They will cry out to the Jews and heretics, “What you call honor will be eternal death, and the one you call your prince will end his life before your very eyes under the most awful perils. Then you will be converted to us and look to the day that the offspring of the dawn—of Mary, the star of the sea—has shown to us.”

    These days will be strong and glorious, full of peace and stability, like armed soldiers lying on a cliff to waylay their enemies and accomplish their destruction. These days will announce the coming of the Day of Judgment. For whatever good and glorious event the prophets announced will be fulfilled in these days. Wisdom, piety, and holiness will be strengthened. For if the Son of God had not been predicted and if he had not come in a moment (in ictu oculi), we should have quickly forgotten him. Similarly, the depraved person who comes in secret, so to speak, will very quickly be destroyed.

    Happy New Year to all!
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  9. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

    I need to pray on this one more wow a lot of info! Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
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  10. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Claves Sancti Petri,

    Sorry, it is too much but I don't want to leave anything out because I can't always tell what is of greater interest.

    I think my main goal is to post the visions from a few of her ages on the end times and if people here would like to discuss them they can. In addition, I believe that Saint Hildegard's Five Ages of the end times confirms what the Church teaches us about the end times. I am not certain that these visions necessarily provide a lot of additional information or any minute details but I hope that some people find them helpful.

    I will probably post the visions from the age of the Pale Horse and then that will be it for awhile, I'm not certain though.
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  11. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    I wonder, if besides the fact it is right to not abuse the Earth in the ways in which we do and have in the past it is one reason for the constant drum beat by the Vatican for nations to embrace the climate change agenda put forth by people which we know to be lacking in the spiritual graces of the Truth. (This it seems is the big problem I keep coming up against.) To lessen the damage to the Earth and the sins committed specifically against it, not to mention the sin that is not related but which damages it. If that makes sense? It struck me after reading this;

    Vision 10: 20 In these days sweet clouds will touch the Earth with a gentle breath and cause the Earth to overflow with the power of greenness and fertility. Then people will prepare themselves completely for justice, which was lacking in the above mentioned period of weakness, for the elements, harmed by the sins of men and women, had fallen totally into the service of disorder.
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